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Cult Hysteria!

By: General James Green

RECENTLY OUR CAMP WAS INVADED by a famous TV show camera crew and interviewer (such is common with us over the years, but most of us were out on mission, so the BIG "SCARE" had NO effect!!). Without going into too much detail about what was said and done, the interviewer asked one of our officers something like this: "You know people call you (ACMTC) a cult. Don't you think that is the worst thing you can be called?" Of course our people have been taught properly about what a cult is, so we always answer that being a cult or being called a cult does not bother us. We've learned to become impervious to that term. Sorry, "cult- catchers"!


Some (usually self-appointed/self-righteous “Christians”) think that the quickest way to DESTROY any group (be it religious or secular) is to label it a "cult". In reality, this term has gone thru many changes over the years, as we have taken note. Once attacked by "cult-catchers" or branded a "cult", a group is marked as a THING to be feared and hated! We can certainly testify to this. And those in a "cult" are automatically judged as misguided, brainwashed, deceived, and usually dangerous. And, of course, the leader or leaders of a "cult" are assumed to have power-lust and devious motives and satanic intentions. Therefore, the majority usually and generally take it for granted that he, she, or they are a danger to society and must be stopped at all costs or killed!

Wow! That Sounds Like Jesus!

Yes, my dear scared "Christians", by the standards of all this "cult labeling", Jesus was a "cult" leader and His disciples were "cult" followers. Were not Jesus and troops labeled as such? They were! Was not Jesus hunted, slandered and finally killed by misguided and HATE-FILLED "cult-hunters"? He was. So were many of His disciples. So it is today.

It Is A Privilege

We count it a privilege to be called a "cult"-WE ARE A CULT OF THE LIVING GOD! Does that scare you? And we ARE armed and dangerous! I have a right arm and a left arm, and I have God's Sword of the Spirit as my weapon. Furthermore, I obediently follow my "cult" leader, Jesus Christ the Lord, and take His teachings seriously.

Oh, Yes, Let Us Not Forget Secrecy

We find it humorous that the folks (usually the insecure church folks) out there think we are so secretive. Sure! We've been public as a group since 1981, have gone to 50 countries (some many times over), have been seen on local/national/international TV, heard on radio, been seen and written about in newspapers and publications, have teams constantly working-OPENLY-all over the whole wide world; we publish what we believe, what we do and how we live, in millions of tracts/booklets, and also give out radio tapes and teaching videos; for years we never had a gate where we live, so any and all could visit (we currently have closed our camp to keep out vicious and hateful media folks); we've let family members visit (if they come in the right spirit-most do not!); and so on. So, my dear SCARED "cult catchers", where is our secrecy? There is NONE!

It erps our enemies that we do not allow them to come in and cause us trouble. But it is a concern to our well-being-we despise troublemakers!-and there are plenty of troublemakers out there that have NOTHING BETTER TO DO than monitor us and call us a "secret cult"-which means we won't allow the unwanted swine to run over us at will. The latest attack (TV show) was aimed to do just that--run over us and destroy us. When told to remove themselves from our peaceful camp, they scream that we are dangerous and aggressive!! So it be! Learn some manners before you pay us a visit.

Their Tactics

Mistrust and hostility usually escalates between the accusers and the accused-this is, of course, one of the Devil's tactics. All the harassment of a group is done in the name of "You are dangerous; we are good!"-you are good for nothing, my dear enemy, if you do not have better things to do, like live the Christian life and show better Christian fruit. You are no better than the enemies of old that hated Jesus and followers.

We DARE To Be Different!

Get used to it-we are not like the average church slave. We believe in being AGGRESSIVE ("active" is a better word so as not to scare our already frightened enemies!). We believe in living and doing the Gospel thing.

We dare to defy the backslid Church, especially here in the USA, and this does not sit well with the dull and dumb leadership or their backslid "saints".

Rewards Of Persecution

Oh, yes, there are blessed rewards for being persecuted for Jesus' sake. (You look up all the Biblical passages.) This latest attack caused a great interest in our organization. Our website was visited by lots and lots of curious folks-this is good!

For those of you who wrote and asked to visit/join, we are out on missions right now: please understand and be patient. Also, we are not an open community for everyone. We have a limited capacity here, for we are an International Headquarters only! We recommend you to start an ACMTC branch in your area/state/country. Our main task is to publish free reading/visual/audio materials, not to increase our camp by numbers. We do not play the "numbers" game. We have camps/libraries all around the world. You can start one of these; we'll supply freely.

Noble And Honest

Despite all the HATE that is aimed at us, we do try to be noble and honest in our work. But, again, we do not allow just anybody (or thing!) to come among us to cause trouble. Conversely, we make enemies because of our strong convictions. GET USED TO IT!! We realize, all too well, that this generates an enormous force of suspicious and judgmental folks, both in and out of the Church. We can't apologize.

Singled Out

Because we dare to dress, act, and do differently than the dull and dumb syndrome, we are constantly singled out and attacked. Read the life story of Jesus, His TRUE followers, the Church Fathers, and so on.

The Mob Behavior

Oh, yes, we've had the mobs, lots of them, trying to stop us. Sorry, we're still here! (Smile.)

It is no new thing. We still have Satan-inspired folks that cry out for our blood. All I can say is that we'll do God's work till He is finished with us. Until then, scream, cry, beg, curse on. Crazed mobs do not frighten us. Salem witch trials are common against us, but we still operate freely. The mob mentality just proves that the Devil is MAD at our stand and that he uses dupes that call themselves "Christian" to do his dirty-work.

Did You Know...

Many spiritual/religious movements in times past that were called "cults", today are actually part of the accepted Church? Such is REVOLUTION. America has been full of "cults" and revolutions.

FOR YOUR INFORMATION: adapted from Cults: Origin of our Culture, by Steven Fuson

A FASCINATING WORD STUDY can be done involving the words CULT, CULTIVATE, and CULTURE. Take this short semantic journey. It will provide some "eye-openers."

All three terms are derived from Latin. CULT comes from "cultus," which means "worship," and this primitive root evolved to "colere," which means "to cultivate." Right away some intriguing possibilities become obvious. Juxtaposing "worship" and "cultivate" opens the door to the origins of all religious movements. One cannot help but to reflect on the Garden of Eden imagery wherein man and woman experienced their sacred worship as an integral aspect of cultivating the Garden. In respect to the Garden, the man was instructed to "dress it" and to "keep it". His sense of worship and his walk with Deity were inextricably united with his responsibilities to cultivate his Edenic estate. Here was the birth of religion. If there had existed a status quo [status quo-"the existing condition: state of affairs"; see COLLEGE DICTIONARY, Houghton-Mifflin Company, Boston, 1984] in Eden, then certainly this original religious endeavor would have been viewed as a cult.

In a strictly spiritual dimension, there must be a sowing of seed-ideas into other earthen vessels of flesh and blood. After the seed is sown into open, fertile minds, then begins the cultivation, bringing the seed to germination, tender young plants to be watered and tended-"to dress it and keep it." Eventually a mature crop is harvested. Mature members of the religious movement, in like manner, sow seed-ideas in others, keeping the growth cycle alive and their religion on the increase.

If every religion has its start according to this universal pattern, then each and every religion, in its origin, could be referred to as a cult. Each religious cult had its founder, leader, father, the master seed-sower-and to this dynamic mentor came an original group of disciples and followers. This original group was the first planting. Their spiritual lives were watered and cultivated. In time they became seed-sowers producing a geometric increase in their religious movement: generations of believers, harvest after harvest.

This extended metaphor, if universally true of the growth of religious movements, can also be applied to other "fields" of human endeavor. For it appears that all movements, whether they be political, religious, economic or scientific "in nature," fit the reproductive cycle implied by the "root meaning" of the word cult. Does this mean that all new movements can be considered cults in their beginning stages?

One of the dictionary meanings cult-"OBSESSIVE DEVOTION TO A PERSON, PRINCIPLE, OR IDEAL"-is often construed as a negative aspect of groups deemed as cults. Using the garden analogy again, one can reasonably question whether or not the gardener shows excessive devotion by spending long hours in the hot sun weeding his precious plants...on his knees, head bowed, a worshipful pose. Were the founding fathers of America obsessive in their devotion to the "ideal" of a new nation according to the "principle" of democratic freedom? These founding fathers pledged not only their worldly goods but their lives for this cause. Excessive? Maybe to the English authorities. Certainly not to history.

Were the disciples of Ghandi excessive in their loyalty to their mentor and his "principle" of pacifistic resistance to status quo tyrannies? Maybe they were excessive to the capitalistic overlords. It was this "excessive devotion" that helped create political hostilities and bloodshed and so much pain, and yet this same devotion was key to the success of India's ultimate independence.

Shall one conclude that the "obsessive devotion" is part of the negative tag that goes along with the smear-word "cult"? A group's devotion is only obsessive to those comfortable and satisfied with the way things are. To those who are well-conformed to the status quo, the obsessive quality of each new cult is something to destroy.

Another dictionary meaning of cult-"AN EXCLUSIVE GROUP OF PERSONS SHARING AN ESOTERIC INTEREST"-is also used in a derogatory manner. Howbeit, physicists who study the origins of the universe form an "exclusive group." And with unusual intensity they explore the invisible world of neutrinos and quarks. This appears to be an "esoteric interest." Such scientists speak to one another in their own secret code, using terminology foreign to all except true initiates. They exchange documents filled with indecipherable symbols and equations. Is there a devious plot here? How can anyone know for sure? If it's exclusive and it's esoteric, it most obviously must mark the physicists as a cultist group. They manifest the markings of a cult. How dare they be different from the general run of humanity!

And this same suspicion, by the law of association, must also be applied to cults of scientists known by their aliases:

BIOLOGISTS: their exclusive conventions arouse suspicion.

PALEONTOLOGISTS: what are they really doing with those old bones?

ZOOLOGISTS: no normal person cares that much about animals!

CHEMISTS: everyone knows how dangerous chemicals are, don't they?

ASTRONOMERS: anyone that is obsessed with outer space must be strange. et cetera....

Politicians are another exclusive lot. Even the Conformed Masses realize that politicians are possessed by "esoteric interests"-their agendas are obviously not in the interest of normal folk-and their inclination to do much hurt gives rise to suspicion. Their incomprehensible speeches...their secret committee meetings. . .wonder why no one has called the politicians a cult? Or are they the status quo?

Much suspicion is due the preachers with their rabid devotees, their exclusive sects, their esoteric interpretation of the unfathomables....

Enough! Such tongue-in-cheek examples are only meant to stir the mind to think beyond the stereotypes.

Referring again to the semantic study of CULT, CULTIVATE, and CULTURE, one can see that the original planting of any new movement is a cult. It's newness sets it apart as different.

But the planting will not grow without proper care and nourishment. Hence the need to cultivate. Interestingly, the word "cultivate" derives from the same Latin roots as "cult"-cultus and colere-meaning "to till." When reading the definitions for CULTIVATE, keep in mind their symbolic implications.

* To prepare and improve land, as by fertilizing or plowing for raising crops: TILL.1 Or for raising political and religious movements....

* To nurture

This applies to all aspects of life. Everything in its infancy must be nurtured if it is to sustain growth.

* To form and refine, as by education.

Here the agrarian symbolism yields to the development of social institutions. The original birth, the planting, the cult, is not enough. As a movement grows it gains acceptance by the status quo. In time it becomes a part of the Istatus quo. To reach this point the movement develops methods of education to more efficiently inculcate its beliefs and practices. It is ironic that total success by a cult means total inter-meshing with status quo society. Tenets of the cult, once offensive to the establishment, are adopted into the mainstream. Enculturalization, accomplished through various blendings and compromises by the cult and the dominant culture, eventually produces a true synthesis of the two.

NOTE 1: TO CULTIVATE and TO TILL: once again the terminology hearkens back to Eden's Garden. After mans default, it is written: "Therefore the Lord God sent him forth from the Garden of Eden, to till the ground from whence he was taken" (Gen. 3:23).

The Hebrew words for TO TILL mean: to work, to serve, ENSLAVE, KEEP IN BONDAGE. Was mankind's destiny herein sealed to the ceaseless endeavors of the starting of cults? Looking back, history says, Yes indeed, humans are forever locked in the reproductive cycle of movements that have an origin (planted), are cultivated (tilled), reach maturity, then die and fade away. Man is apparently enslaved in these magnificent endeavors. The Conformed Masses of all ages are kept in perpetual bondage in this effort to till, to till, to till religiously, politically, economically, ad infinitum.

This leads to the third part of the semantic study, that of CULTURE. Again, the root word for "culture" is the Latin "cultus"-identical to its usage in "cult" and "cultivate." Cult refers to any dynamic movement in its initial stages of growth. This is the period of its greatest nonconformity and uniqueness. Cultivation refers to the particular methods used to nurture the developing cult. If the efforts in cultivation are successful, this implies a gradual acceptance by society. To some important degree, large or small, the cult has made a lasting influence upon the status quo. At this point the cult has become an integral feature of culture, and is indeed accepted and recognized part-and-parcel with the culture in question.

* CULTURE: The totality of socially transmitted behavior patterns, arts, beliefs, institutions, and all other products of human work and thought typical of a population or community at a given time. (Refer to dictionary.)

This broad definition leaves plenty of room for the specific contributions of manifold cults. The profound impacts of cults upon evolving society make up the composite wholeness referred to as culture.

Notice again the semantic association with agriculture (literally, culture of the field):

* Cultivation of soil: tillage

*The growing of plants or breeding of animals, especially to produce improved stock (author's italics).

Horticulturists introduce radically genetic hybrids with the hope of producing improved stock. It is common practice to "cross" two varieties of extremely unlike characteristics. Out of such dynamic genetic crosses emerge the marvelous assortment of fruits and vegetables available to the modern consumer. This blending of vegetative extremes and its resultant cornucopia of improved stock is an analogy to the vast possibilities set in motion when conformed culture meets non- conformed cult. The blending of such "crosses" produces the on-going saga of societal development.

Cults, therefore, have proven to be invaluable in the evolution of every culture. Our American culture is indeed the grand syntheses of cult influences. Let it suffice for now to illustrate the positive potential of cults and to issue an admonition to beware the negative stereotypes.

Raging Controversy

Raging controversy surrounded Jesus and His followers way before the word "cult" was used in. excess. Raging controversy has always surrounded true followers of Christ.

Derogatory "news" travels fast. Had there been mass media in Jesus' day like there is today, the word of the accusers could have been spread faster-along with lots of "blessed persecution".

When people are scared of a cult, they naturally exaggerate (following Satan's inspiration), imagine evil, have confounded suspicions, spread false rumors, etc. True, there are real, dangerous "cults" and groups out there, but let the fruit speak for itself, not what someone merely says about them.

Revolutionary Change

Revolutionary change has literally transformed the whole American society. Get used to more change-both good and bad. Tradition and conformity have taken on new dimensions. Practices and teachings have changed. Echelons of demonic powers are re-imaging the family unit, the State, and certainly the Church.

The American establishment has been challenged and changed by militant homosexuals and numerous other bad and sinful elements.

Revolutionary Zeal

Jesus was a true REVOLUTIONARY in His day. Should not we be the same? Why are we afraid to stand for sound Biblical teachings today? Were not Jesus and His troops innovators and non- conformists? Did not He challenge the backslid generation of His day? Were not He and they persecuted for doing good, not evil? Did not the "religious" of His day give Him/them lots of derision and ridicule? So, dear frightened churchites, WHY DO YOU CLAIM HIS NAME YET REFUSE TO FELLOWSHIP HIS/THEIR PERSECUTIONS AND SUFFERINGS? Are you a coward?

Wrath Of The Authorities

Again, we have faced the wrath of both secular and religious authorities. I could tell you plenty of "scary" true stories here, but space limits it. No matter what,

we must still stand for what we believe is true, pure, and noble.

We just refuse to succumb to the wishes of our enemies. Sorry about that! We have a tremendous conviction in which we live and operate by. We believe it is our duty to be committed and courageous in our service to our Master and King. We will not, I repeat, WILL NOT BE BOUGHT OFF!

How Offensive!

Trying to live according to the Bible in an evil and adulterous generation is highly offensive. In fact, it offends the modern sensibility of both Churchianity and State-ism (Political-Correctism). This of course puts people like us in a despicable and dangerous situation. For both the religious people and the State see us in view of THEIR PREJUDICES, PERCEPTIONS and MISCONCEPTIONS. But we can only say, "We are committed to following Jesus and His teachings."

"They Hated Me..." (John 15:25)


If Jesus was HATED, and He was, it goes to reason His followers will be hated-even today. Why should It is a we think being labeled a "cult" is evil? privilege.

Jesus' calm, unwavering resolve, in the face of wrathful, hateful hierarchical leaders, ought to give us hope for our own trials.

If Jesus' accusers ritualistically chanted "Crucify Him!", should not we expect the same today to come against His people? Frankly, I'm amazed at the LACK of persecution directed towards the Church today. For the most part, the modern Church is BACKSLID AS HELL!-this is the reason for the lack of persecution.

Sin is accepted, holiness hated. By modern religious and psychiatric standards, if you're not a sick pervert of some kind, you are abnormal.

Labeled As "Hatemongers"

This is laughable for sure! Most, and I say most of our accusers label us as "hatemongers"; but they, like the religious of Jesus' day, are the ones who are full of hatred and murder. I'm not exaggerating. We've had our share of life threats by so-called "Christians".

"Group Dependency"

Our accusers accuse us of wanting "power over people". If we wanted this, we would not use religion. There are other means out there to have "power over people".

We turn away thousands of people who want to come here to live. And we do not extort $$ out of them as do churches. In fact, we make it HARD on the flesh to live the way we live, knowing full well that most people will NOT want to live as we do.

However, we do demand group unity for the Gospel's sake. The Bible demands that. Read it yourself. We work as a team (read John 17:21). We strive for" oneness" and we do not need to use guilt manipulation or threats of Hell as we're accused of doing. Jesus was dependent upon His Father (see John 8:28; 5:19). Is it a sin to be dependent upon His Spirit today?

Obsessed With Control

If we were guilty of the above, why do we DISMISS sinning members (as some of our ex-members well know, and this is why they are mad as Hell against us!!), and why do we REFUSE unrepentant or sinning inquirers? In reality, most of our enemies are guilty of wanting to control others, not us. We are looking for a FEW GOOD SOLDIERS.

All this Cult Hysteria proves one thing: the status quo and Churchianity fear and despise that which they CANNOT CONTROL. Try that one on.

If the fearful cannot get us all to bow to their sickly and fearful ways (and they do try), they will always form a conspiracy against the leadership. This conspiracy against the leadership aims at accusing the leaders (and the whole group) of conspiracy. Pretty neat, hugh?

Once a group is labeled a "cult", this necessitates the attempt to discredit and destroy it. Thank God we have been kept over the years. The ways and means to destroy us have been numerous, but we are still here by the grace of our great God.

Since You Can't Destroy Us...

Since you can't destroy us, why not join us? You too can become rabid devotees in an exclusive cult...and learn esoteric interpretations of Scripture. You too can become obsessed with reaching the lost with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. You too can proudly wear the ACMTC uniform. You too can explore the neutrinos and quarks of aggressive truth and expose this sin-sick world.


"Smear and Fear… the Generals"

By: Gen. Jim -- 12/22/18

It all started in 1983 when the BIG stuff started coming down. Fort Freedom (ACMTC’s Fire Base for missions outreach in downtown Sacramento, CA.) had been established and missions planning was underway when the local media (later, national media) started their “campaign,” a better word for it was “crusade,” a hostile/zealous crusade, headed up by the Sacramento Bee Newspaper and Ch.13 TV. et al. We were singled out above the 300 plus churches in the area as a “dangerous cult!”

What caused this outrageous crusade? One word: FASTING! (Look it up in your Bible, see how many times it is used). It was not new to us (me and Gen. Deborah, my wife). In our previous church organization of 5 years, we fasted every week. Even before we joined a church (1972) we fasted every Saturday and read the bible. During our Organization pastoral/missionary training we were required to fast – only water – once a week. But there were other fasts we did in those 5 years: the Daniel’s Fast = 10 days on one sparse meal of a few vegetables a day with nothing but water to drink. No meat, no bread, no sweets of any kind (see the Biblical Daniel’s fast); the Ezekiel's fast = 21 days of only 12 oz bread for the men and 10 oz for the women, with water only!

As stated in other articles, my wife had a tremendous (Spirit) prayer life in which she spent hours each day in hard intercession/travail. This brought the presence of God into our midst in a most profound way. She would share with me many things the Holy Spirit was telling her that was going to happen, who, what, when, where and how. We both were amazed at the way the Spirit was moving. We were warned of many things that later came to pass. I could write a book on how the Spirit moved in those days (later continued to move on as we moved to other locations throughout the years).

It was fasting and prayer (by both of us and many of our soldiers/officers who did the same) that brought such “miracle power” in our corps, and, naturally much painful persecutions.

As my title says, “Smear and Fear!” We were smeared by the media/local churches and this rippled down to the local populations. Fort Freedom became THE TARGET in the 1980’s. We were branded as a “dangerous cult” by CAN (Cult Awareness Network) headed up by such Christ hating people as Rick Ross (Jewish) who later became famous for the Waco, Texas burn down in the 1990’s. It was his input that caused the US government to destroy the Waco compound – murdering dozens of men/women/children – shot and burned alive. He carried his crusade against the ACMTC, me and my wife especially, up to Oregon and here to New Mexico. His tyrannical, despotic attacks were aimed at us to DESTROY us.

But back to Sacramento CA, the stigma a “cult” cause the city (eventually a nation) to fear us. Smear and Fear! Many media outlets climbed aboard the “kill-the-cult train! Their machination crusade was the propulsive exacerbation that has led to where we are today – jail/prison. The media to this very day maligns and vilifys us. ACMTC’s altruism is mocked as if evil.

Because we were “Biblically Correct,” we were branded as being intolerant, bigoted, and biased. True! If were compared to “Political Correctness” of both (liberal) church and state. When we stood against the sin of Sodomy, even adultery, we had just gone too far. So, Sacramento (and the state of CA.) said they would not tolerate intolerance. Period! Hence, we were placed on the “misguided ideologue” list.

Well, this WAR aganist us only increased the power of God in our midst and our zeal for the Lord Jesus who saved us and commissioned us (Matthew 28:19). When we knew that God had spoken to us to take the “Army” message to the Philippines (Luzon; later to the remote areas where the (communist) New People’s Army was holding out, in which our engineer corps built a camp), we, Gen. Deborah and myself prepared ourselves by going on a long fast.

We stared with a 7 day cleansing fast of certain herbs with water only; no food. From there we went into the 21 day Ezekiel fast. Next we went onto water only – I went 21 days and Gen. Deborah went, I think, 10 days more on water. We both dropped weight as expected. When I finished my 21 day water fast I went onto the 10 day Daniel fast; Deborah did the same 10 days later. I can’t even begin to describe to you the presence of the Spirit in our personal lives and in our corps. Many of our soldiers/officers did some fasting at this time.

Gen. Deborah’s fame (I can’t think of a better word) spread abroad. We had people coming from all over the state to get prayed for – for (demonic) deliverance and physical healings. We saw dozens and dozens of supernatural miracles. Unbelievable ones! The local TV./radio/newspapers picked up on this as did the local (dead) churches. The persecution mounted – into mobs that surrounded Ft. Freedom for weeks at a time.

(See the many newspaper articles in our possession). Gen. Deborah often gave a personal word/prophecy over a person when they submitted to prayer/deliverance. She said things to them that they only knew about (see 1 Corinthians 12). This in turn caused a backlash. The enemies of the supernatural gifts and of us in particular, started the “Deborah is a witch” crusade. They claimed she was a witch who used witchcraft (meaning the spirit in her was real!) She was called a soothsayer, a sorcerer, spell caster, or medium, a spiritist, a diviner, even a nec-romancer! But the miracles could not be explained or refuted by the mob. Deborah only used the names Jesus, Jesus Christ, and the Lord Jesus in her prayers. To this day she has this gift.

As the years rolled on the persecutions grew. We were later told by the Sacramento police that they were assigned to watch over us. One officer told me that every time we took our (converted Greyhound) bus out of town they followed us. But the violence against us increased. In one night alone 17 tires were slashed on our vehicles. That bus I mentioned, someone poured a 5 gallon of paint on it – after we had just had it painted. Curses, rocks thrown, members threatened, windows broken etc. This went on from 1983 (when the first Sacramento Bee article was written until we left CA. in 1989.

The Spirit of God told Deborah to stop driving for her life was in danger. She never drove again.

So, dear readers, you want to be a “no compromise” Christian? You want a spirit prayer life? You want to stand-in-the-gap for Jesus? You want to preach against the sins that engulf societies? You want to fast and pray for souls? If you embrace the cross you’ll certainly embrace death!

Do you really want to hear what the Spirit says? What if the Holy Spirit told you to take Jesus to all the world? Would you go? Would you risk your life, your family, your reputation?

Is opposition a good or bad sign for Christians? For sure one will find a way of the Spirit very unpleasant to the flesh. Such aggressive, determined warfare will raise HELL’s demons against you. Once the WAR has commenced there should be no turning back!!!



"Stars Won: Blood in the Mud"


By: Gen. Jim — Written In Prison -- 12/21/18

When God spoke to us (Deborah and me) in the early 1980’s, He challenged us to go outside the church box, i.e. “Churchianity,” and build an Army of God. We both had gone through a 4 year (local church denomination) training. At the end of our 4th year we were sent to Mexico as missionaries (at the church’s orphanage outside Mexico City) where we helped supply the orphanage with goods needed. We basically were smugglers! Most of the items were not allowed unless large sums of money was spent. We did this 2 times before we left our local Kentucky church and moved up to our church H.Q. in Indiana. There we spent a bit more training before we were sent to the orphanage to become directors. Our mission: to move the orphanage from one location to another location several hundred miles away.

In executing our duties we went through a lot of physical/mental sufferings which later on (1977) we left the organization. God had us strike out on our own. Our next big move was, at God’s command, to go to Venezuela, South America – by truck, we left Montana and drove all the way thru Central America until we reached Panama. We had to pass thru Nicaragua, where a revolution had been going on for several years, we encountered much trouble on both sides of their border – searches, killings etc. My wife spoke good Spanish so she bore the brunt of much communications.

Reaching Panama we were told we could not drive all the way to Columbia because the road was incomplete. We ended up putting several hundred US dollars towards a ship that would take us to Columbia where we could then proceed to Venezuela. We had no idea that that ship was a transport carrying illegal alcohol/drugs. We were told – thru the cook – that we were going to be killed and thrown overboard. We spend 5 days/nights sea-sick (myself, Deborah and our two children).

After all this we ended up in Miami, Florida becoming counselors in a large rehab center where we learned a lot about the lives of William and Catherine Booth, founders and Generals of the Salvation Army. In 1980 we went to Sacramento, California and in 1981 we started the “Army of God.” This adventure took us all around the world many times – facing hardships, mainly from communists and militant Muslims.

To be clear, Deborah worked her way up in rank, from colonel to major General (2 stars). Her stars won came by blood-in-the-mud warfare. She was in all respects the “Point Woman” in Aggressive Christianity Missions Training Corps's International work/war. She went with “If I die on this mission I’ve pleased Jesus” stance. I’ve seen her suffer things that would have and have had killed others. She was not one to complain no matter the hardships… and hardships were plenty!!

Her prayer life is like no other I have heard of or seen, past or present. She prayed so hard at times that purple spots appeared on her neck and face. She never shunned praying for those who hated her and those who betrayed her.

Gen. Deborah loves people. Period. Yet she was/is stern when the issue of sin has/had to be dealt with. This of course earned her many enemies, especially in the liberal church and media.

We were giving an international lecture to a group of soldiers in the Philippines (in a remote jungle location were the New People's Army (communists) hid out.). It had rained and she slid down a slope in the mud. Her whole clothing was covered, yet she continued to teach.

Many arm chair authors love to romanticize mission work. True mission work is literally HELL-on-EARTH at times. One sees the worse of humankind – blood, guts, and gore. Death! Death at times is so near one can smell it.

Cross-cultural friendship/comradeship is not easy most of the time. Going to different cultures, landscapes and customs takes adjustments. People and politics of nations can be vexing. Strange, often satanic traditions have to be dealt with. Crucial issues which require sensitivity has to be dealt with. World’s faiths will clash with Biblical Christianity. But Gen. Deborah knew how to deal with all this. The Spirit of God was at work BIG TIME in her life. She was ever willing to go down low so as to let the Holy Spirit work.

Gen. Deborah was never one to waste money or time, 4 or 5 star accommodation and world-class cuisines were out of the question. She never exalted her “Americanism” over the poor. She ate their food and walked their paths. She has always lived parsimoniously, i.e. frugal. Many here in the US hate her for this, making up lies that she hoarded money and took people’s possessions. The truth is, she gave and rarely took, I know. I’ve lived with her for 48 years now. I guess I’m just plain ole prejudice, but I think I’m married to the most wonderful Christian woman in the world. No apology.

Always remember her in your prayers. She is in prison for her faith. But she never complains. She won her stars in blood and mud.


Your enemies make an uproar, and those who HATE you have lifted up their heads. They have given crafty (lies!) counsel against your people, and have consulted against your treasured ones. They have said, ‘Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation, that the name of Israel (Shim Ra Na) may be no more remembered.’ They have conspired together; they make a covenant against you” (Psalms 83:2-5).



By: Gen. Jim -- 4/28/19

Revenge! A very nasty word. Yet revenge is practiced each and every day against the righteous. Terrorism is in the news every week – jihadists, Christians, Jews etc. What a mess!

As far as “R” is concerned, we’re very familiar with it. As far as General Deborah is concerned, her enemies once were part of this family, mostly females… all have an ax to grind against her because of THEIR SEX SINS!!

Let me digress a bit on the profile of sex-offenders. (Sodomy – lesbianism – adultery – fornication etc). These “ladies” literally hate Deborah for the correction/admonition she gave to each (see 1 Timothy 5:20). In doing this she incurred their wrath, hence, their mounting resentment of retribution against her (and me too). One retaliated by launching a 20 million dollar lawsuit, hoping to destroy her and all of us as well. All launched a crusade of LIES that were/is very vindictive in nature, hoping to cover up their sins and ease their pain of being corrected (which the Bible tells us to do when needed).

“R,” fantasies or realities, acts to help the aggressors feel less like a “victim” and more like a FORCE to be reckoned with – even using the police and courts and, especially, the anti-Christian media to do their dirty work for them – SMEAR/CONDEMN. Retaliatory acts, violent or otherwise, is a form of defense against Biblical judgment. These “ladies” who have lied against Gen. Deborah have spent lots of energy in pursuit of “R.” But this is not unique, Christians have always suffered at the hands of those who cover their sins. Legal action against the innocent may knock one down on their knees, but it will not vanquish us (her).

Rage and revenge are power surges that can kill (emotionally and or physically). “R” can become murderous. Lust (sexual) can come in other forms as James 4 tells us. In the case of the 20M$ “lady” she was guilty of adultery (several times over), so she went after possessions (a lust!). This WAR (James 4:1) has lasted 32 years now. The lies grow BIGGER (now she admits they were “lies”) aided by crooked lawyers (greedy also) and a court that sided with the “victim.” It’s not over ladies.


Jesus: For All!


By: J.M.G. -- 9/15/22

We have read where Jesus died for all men (i.e. the human race). He was/is called “Savior” many times in the New Testament (N.T.). John 4:42 (especially) says “… for we have heard for ourselves and know that this Man is indeed the Christ, the SAVIOR of the world.” 1Timothy 4:10 says, “… we trust in the living God, who is the SAVIOR of ALL men, especially of those who believe.”

However, in the Old Testament (O.T.) the LORD God/Father was/is called “Savior” as well: [see 2 Samuel 22:3; 2 Kings 13:5; Isaiah 43:3, 11, 45:15, 21, 49:26, 60:16, 63:8; Jeremiah 14:8; Hosea 13:4].

Savior: Hebrew, (Strong’s Concordance #3467) yasha (a prim root) = “to be safe, free, deliver, help, rescue, get victory.”

[Note: some texts speak of men as “saviors,” sent by God, so God is the “Savior:” example is 2 Kings 13:5, “So the LORD gave Israel a savior…” Isaiah 19:20 “… He shall send them a savior…” these are Hebrew words taken from 3467 – that can mean “The Savior” or “a savior.” Isaiah 43:3: “For I AM the LORD your God, the Holy One of Israel your Savior…” Isaiah 45: 14;15 says, “… surely God is with you, there is no other; there is no other God. Truly you are a God who hides yourself, O God of Israel, the SAVIOR.” Isaiah says in v.5, “I AM the LORD and there is not other; there is no God besides Me…” Isaiah 44:6 says, “Thus says the LORD the King of Israel, and his REDEEMER” (Hebrews gaal) = “deliverer, avenger, purchase, ransom”). In Isaiah 60:16 we find both “Savior” and “Redeemer,” also in Isaiah 49:26. Isaiah 44:6 continues with “… I AM the first, and I AM the last; besides ME there is no God.”

God the Father/LORD was the SAVIOR in the O.T., but He raised up saviors to redeem/deliver/avenge His people:

Double Deliverance:

“… But they (Israel) committed terrible provocations. Therefore you (God) delivered them into the hand of their enemies, who afflicted them. When they cried to you in the time of their affliction, you heard from Heaven, and, according to your abundant mercy, you DELIVERED them out of the hand of their enemies” (Nehemiah 9:26, 27). Some translations read “thou gavest them saviors.”

Obadiah wrote also about “saviors:” “Saviors shall go up to Mt. Zion to rule Esau, and the kingdom shall be the LORD’S.”



And what to do about it!

By: General James Green

THE LORD recently spoke to our prayer group during communion time and said that PAGANISM WILL INCREASE AT A TREMENDOUS RATE HERE IN THE U.S.A.! I think most Americans still consider the U.S.A. to be "Christian," at least more so than any other nation on earth.

This reminds me about what I read in one of Hudson Taylor's biographies. Taylor had spent his very early years of manhood in China. Upon return to London, on furlough, some years later, he was greatly burdened for all the millions who would be and were perishing without the saving knowledge of God. His soul agonized over paganism's hold on souls. He went about church to church, mission to mission, trying to recruit Christian soldiers--any available souls--who would go to China.

At one church Taylor visited, the pastor, a friend of his, delivered a sermon and the congregation rose in song. Taylor wrote this in response to the experience:

"At the moment it seemed to worsen the situation. As the full congregation rose to sing the last hymn, I looked around...pew upon pew of prosperous...merchants, shopkeepers, visitors; demure wives in bonnet and crinolines, scrubbed children trained to hide their impatience; the atmosphere of smug piety sickened me. I seized my hat and left, unable to bear the sight of a congregation of a thousand or more Christian people rejoicing in their own security, while millions are perishing for lack of knowledge. I wandered out on the sands alone, in great spiritual agony."

Christian, have we not become SMUG in our securities? Have we not built bigger and more expensive churches, universities, and more, while the whole world lies in utter darkness and is being engulfed in damnation all around us? Have we not given our best years to the accumulation of wealth and degrees and not given even a tenth of pure time, money, and energies for the sake of saving the lost? Is not the "Church," as I write, giving their condolences to the GAY Movement--a disgusting abomination! --rather than seeking to redeem the wretched lost souls who are trapped in that movement? Is not the "Church" spending more money on "church equipment," entertainments, preferred foods and drink, than on reaching the lost with the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Do not many churchgoers arise and sing (and swing) to their lovely songs, in their lovely churches to their well-fed, well-educated, well-off congregations?

On another occasion, Hudson Taylor visited a church in Scotland, still trying to recruit missionaries for China. The church was noted for only having honorary, leading evangelicals from Scotland and England grace its platform. Only those whose credentials were impeccable, backed up by years of grave public speaking, would speak there. Mr. Taylor hardly fit that profile, for he was, to the world and "Church" alike, a feeble creature of weekly physique, without powerful friends, almost a pauper. But he was a man of prayer, loyal, and was in touch with the Divine.

At that Scotland church he requested to speak about the needs of China. At first the convener was taken aback by his simple request and told him about the character of the conference, saying, "these meetings are for spiritual edification." Well, that is the very reason Taylor wanted to speak!

They eventually agreed to give him opportunity to speak of China. He took it gladly. In simplicity and in fervor of prayer he left the people blessed. The following excerpt is taken from J.C. Pollock's book entitled Hudson Taylor and Maria, Pioneers in China (1962), pp. 133-134, and it tells of that very event.

"He [Hudson Taylor] told them about a newly married young Chinese who fell overboard from a coastal junk [boat] into shallow water and deep mud. Taylor had rushed on deck at the splash and cry, found the crew looking helplessly at the spot where the man had disappeared. 'I leapt overboard and waded about in the hope of finding him. Unsuccessful, I looked around in agonizing suspense, and saw close to me a fishing boat with a pecular dragnet furnished with hooks, which I knew would bring him up.

"Come and drag this spot directly; a man is drowning just here!"

"It is not convenient."

"Don't talk of convenience! A man is drowning, I tell you!"

"We are busy fishing, and cannot come."

"Never mind your fishing," I said, "I will give you more money than many a day's fishing will bring; only come--come at once!"

"How much money will you give us?"

"We cannot stay to discuss that now! Come, or it will be too late. I will give you five dollars" (then worth about thirty shillings in English money).

"We won't do it for that," replied the men. "Give us twenty dollars, and we will drag."

"I do not possess so much; do come quickly, and I will give you all I have!"

"How much may that be?"

"I don't know exactly, about fourteen dollars."

At last, but even then slowly enough, the boat was paddled over and the net let down. Less than a minute sufficed to bring up the body of the missing man. The fishermen were clamorous and indignant because their exorbitant demand was delayed while efforts at resuscitation were being made. But all was in vain. Life was extinct.'

Taylor paused. He could sense hot indignation sweep the Scots at such callous indifference. Quietly he continued, 'Is the body, then, of so much more value than the soul? We condemn those heathen fishermen. We say they were guilty of the man's death--because they could easily have saved him, and did not do it. But what of the millions whom we leave to perish, and that eternally? What of the plain command, "Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature?"'

He dilated on the value of a soul, spoke of 'a million a month...' and swiftly arrayed the mass of facts at his finger tips, to murmurs of amazement at this stark unfolding. The beliefs of his audience on heaven and hell, on the uniqueness of Christ as Savior, on the awfulness of separation from God in this world and in eternity, were his. They knew the terms, the Biblical allusions, accepted the speaker's premises; were genuine in piety but unaware that 'spiritual sanctification' springs from unselfish action.

Taylor passed to the story of an ex-Buddhist merchant, an educated man, who had been baptized after attending the little church in Ningpo. 'He asked me soon afterwards, "How long have you known this Good News in your own country?"

"Hundreds of years."

"Hundreds of years! And yet never came to tell us! My father sought the truth, sought it long, and died without finding it. Oh, why did you not come sooner?"'

Taylor began his conclusion. 'Shall we say that the way was not open? At any rate it is open now. Before the next Perth Conference twelve millions more, in China, will have passed forever beyond our reach. What are we doing to bring them the tidings of Redeeming Love? It is no use singing waft, waft ye winds, the story. The winds will never waft the story. But they may waft us.'"

Readers, has not the Western Church become less and less concerned about the millions of lost souls? The numbers of lost souls are too large to count. Shall we not quickly REPENT of our hardheartedness and lack of vision? Shall we not ask FORGIVENESS for our lack of love for perishing multitudes? Shall we not BEG God to give us souls in the harvest?

Should we not honor the Lord Jesus with the first fruits of our time, energy and money? Will we be content to offer Him the fragments that remain after our own supposed needs are met?

Reader, are you afraid to lay your life down for the one who did it for you? Are you afraid to plant the blood-stained banner of the cross even in your neighborhood? How about in your state? nation? or across all the world? The Pagan Invasion is here, and what are you going to do about it? What are you doing about it?

We do not need to be overeducated for this great task. We need to be available. If you are "dry" in spirit, pray to receive a fresh stimulus to work for the Lord. Pray that the Lord will enlarge your heart to include the lost and dying. Some of the greatest missionaries have been common folks with limited educations, low funds and ill health; yet God richly blessed their services! All they had was a willing heart, a persistent vision of the lost, and confidence in their knowledge of God's will and of His care, even in the shadow of death . . . which was ever present. Are you willing to take Jesus to ALL THE WORLD?




As of March 21, 2000, by inspiration of the Holy Ghost, we are declaring before God and men that we are under command of our Father God, Jehovah, to make the following truths to be known. We are a sovereign people, called out from the governments of men, under the direct rulership and domain of Almighty God. As His tribal people, we are aware of our citizenship by heavenly or divine calling and we regard the Kingdom of our God as the highest order, therefore superseding all previous orders, kingdoms, governments and nations. In this declaration we are stating our express desire to serve our God as our supreme ruler. Although we realize that this declaration will cause tribulation to men in their power schemes, we are not seeking to undermine nor degrade earthly orders for those who are subject unto them. We are simply stating that we are under the commandship and authority of God Almighty. It is our determination to continue in our divine calling as witnesses and to befriend those who are in need of the Saviour. We will continue to provide refuge for the fatherless, for the poor who cry out to God, for the strangers, for the widows who dedicate themselves unto God. We determine likewise this day that we are now God’s Holy Tribal Nation and we are subject indeed to the Higher Order who has brought us forth by the commandship of His Divinely inspired revelation. We firmly believe in the Divine Inspiration and Revelation of the Living God and we see ourselves as a people set apart by Him for His purposes and His glory manifest in this earth.

We are His Tribe, His Nation, His Chosen, His Priesthood. It is our commission and duty to declare His Prophetic Messages as they are given unto us to all who have an ear to hear and who receive with gladness the engrafted Word of the Living God. It is likewise our duty to declare His Lordship and Redemptive Grace shed abroad through Jesus Christ the Lord to all who have an ear to hear. Likewise, if there be those who reject these truths and turn aside seeking to destroy, devastate, or disprove these truths, it is still our obligation to declare them nonetheless.

Let it be known that all adherents to the Tribe are accountable to God Almighty as their Sovereign ruler, to Jesus Christ the Son as their Lord and Saviour, and to the Holy Ghost as their source of inspiration and revelation. We are the ancient order, chosen by God, ordained of Him in times of antiquity, and the fulfillment of prophecy brought forth. Likewise, we are under command to separate ourselves from the kingdom of darkness unto God as His Holy Tribal Nation that we be not partakers of the plagues sent by God against the unbelieving. In God’s eyes we are formed and brought forth for His use, for His glory, for His desire to have a people who will seek to know Him, obey Him, and serve Him all of their days.

All of those who will enter into this Tribalation will do so by Spirit Birth and by heart and mind assent to the calling, the purpose and the work of the Holy Ghost in their lives. Those who will keep this covenant will remain in active and full citizenship with God Almighty and will receive the accompanying blessedness prepared by Him. Likewise, those who shall choose to deviate from the standard set forth by the Tribe and continue in a state of unrepentance will be excommunicated from The Tribe. Those who are moved upon to enter into citizenship of the Tribe will do so of their own accord, having satisfied themselves that their election and calling are sure. Likewise those who depart from their covenant of citizenship with the Tribe will accept the consequences for their choices and will not have the right to consider others responsible for their decisions.

The Tribe is under the direct sovereign rulership of Almighty God and they indeed will follow Him as He leads. They will remain true to the commitment unto Him as their King and will obey His commands unto them. Citizenship in the Tribe is a lasting one, and one chosen by those who will be members of the Tribal Nation. Furthermore, no law of man or the governments of men is able to revoke this declaration which is put forth at the command of the Holy Ghost this day of our Lord, March 21, 2000. This document is signed and sealed in Heaven in obedience to the commands of God our Maker, for He is the I AM GOD AND AS THIS WORD IS SPOKEN FORTH THIS DAY, THE TRUTH REMAINS, BECAUSE HE IS AND HIS WORD DECLARES US TO BE HIS TRIBALATION—HIS SPIRIT PEOPLE, HIS CHOSEN ONES. Truly this is the time of SHIM RA NA—God’s goodness has come!

“Behold, how good and pleasant [it is] for brethren to dwell together in unity.” Psalm 133:1


Continually Community

By: General Deborah Green

I speak unto thee this day and I say that I the Living God will tell you why that I desire community, I say that I will tell you why that I desire my own Holy Tribal Nation. I say that it is because my people are meant to live in me continually. I say that my people are not meant to visit me, but they are meant to live in me. I say they are meant to live in the fellowship one with another that comes of knowing me. I say that is why I the Living God desire community, I desire my own Holy Tribal Nation because my people are meant to abide continually in me. I say thank me, praise me, thank me, praise me that you have been given the privilege to fulfill me, to fulfill my desire for my people.

—Word of the Lord 2-8-07

WE ARE LIVING IN A TIME when men and women have neglected the desires of God to go after their own desires. No longer do men and women earnestly cry out for the will of God in their lives, tarry before the altar, and seek His face and His counsel. Far too many are seeking merely their own way, realizing not that it is satan who has given them the thoughts and the desires for their own way.

     If we go back to the original sin, Eve took in the suggestion of the devil, then she thought that she could come to her own conclusions and really become something of herself. What she became was a cursed fool, for God is not mocked and because she and her husband chose to “use their own minds” rather than obeying the mind of the Lord. They played right into the devil’s hand and became the slaves of sin because they were no longer blessed but became cursed through their independence from the Word or command of God.

     How stupid we can become when we yield ourselves to darkness under the guise of being “enlightened” or simply “independent”. God does not want His people independent nor does He want them enlightened with false light, but He wants His people to cling to the truth and rejoice in the same.

  God did not call His people to be living as they please, where they please, how they please, but He called them to be living to be pleasing unto Him. Now where God puts a man is obviously not where a man would put himself. But men left to themselves will self destruct because they will only act out the intentions of the devil and be fulfilling that which is the destination of damnation. God does not want His people separated from one another and from Him, but He wants His people as one, moving and living in Him continually. He never calls us to have visiting rights with Him on Sundays, or even possibly Wednesdays, but He calls us to seek to be continually abiding in the strength, the power, the glory of who He is. He wants us to walk in the truth continually, not just receive a small dose here and there.

     It is strange that in this wicked and perverse generation that God’s own people, or at least the ones who are saying that they are His, are so conformed to the world—in their dress, their language, their lifestyles, their appetites, their attitudes. They see absolutely nothing wrong with taking on the attributes and attitudes of worldly entertainers and celebrities. They do not in any way seek to be conformed to Jesus Christ other than in name only. Then these same ones will be the first to mock those ones whom they consider to be the extremists who take God at His Word and seek to be pleasing Him. The worst enemies of the real believers are the professing religious who make a show of their Christianity but do not live, nor work, nor sacrifice, nor love according to Christ’s commands.

     Now I myself was not born a community person, in fact I was far from that. But as I have sought the Lord I have been led into a lifestyle whereby my life is not my own but it is a part of a whole, in fact, God’s Holy Tribal Nation, and because my citizenship is above and not below, I have learned to love His way.

     Of ourselves we are as easily deceived as was Eve in the original sin, accepting the devil’s suggestion and thinking that it is our own thought, our own way, our own will. Reality proves differently, for what we buy from the devil has an extremely high price tag and we never seem to make the payments on time. Therefore we are in a place of slavishly trying to please ourselves instead of pleasing the Lord. Reality again is that it is not ourselves but really Satan posing and working through the mechanism of self to lead us right into the trap he had set all along.

     God intends that His people would be as sheep led forth in His flock, not straggling and struggling “on their own”. When we will go God’s way we will find His Shepherd’s love is ever present to lead, to guide, to direct, to protect. God does not want us to be a cursed people but a blessed people who are ever seeking for His life to be lived in us and in our midst. When we live in the community way that God intends for us, we actually regain the place of communion that was lost in the Garden because it is God who dwells in our midst. It is a blessed thing to obey God and to go His way, and let Him have the control of our lives that we can be well pleasing unto Him as our master.

     If we are His people then we should yield all of our lives to Him that He can use us as He pleases and we can live our lives according to His will and not our own. God’s way is always best, and blessed; the only thing that makes us think contrary is the suggestion of the devil that we accept as our own opinion. We have learned to yield to His way and find His blessedness poured out day by day. We have found the blessedness that comes of communion with the Lord on a daily basis. We have found that the Lord does dwell among His people as we are willing to be His completely.

     God has said it that He desires His people to be His community, to be His Holy Tribal Nation. That call is given by God to fulfill His heart, His desire, His longing. How many will yield themselves to Him rather than the devil? Stop and examine your life, are you living for the Lord or are you living for the devil while you think you are doing what you want to do? Life is too short to be lived for one’s self. We need to live fully, completely and totally for God. Because what we think we keep for ourselves will kill us, but what we give to God will enrich us and others likewise.

     Is it true that God wants community for His people? What flock could be led forth by the shepherd that is divided and separated in physical location by blocks, and even miles, each sheep living as it pleases? No, the sheep know His voice and another they will not follow. Let us be what God wants us to be and we will find the joy of the Lord fully brought forth in our lives. As it says in His Word many times, we are to serve Him with gladness and rejoicing all of our days, dwelling together in the presence, the goodness, the mercy of the Lord. Amen.


High and Holy,
He's calling us to be.
The Aggressive Vision, can you see it?

Those who love Him will hear the call.
A chosen people will give their all and follow.

When God speaks we are never the same.
Lord speak to our heart;
Set it aflame.

For love His blood was spilled.
Love had our Savior killed.
It is Love that will draw, Love that will call.
Dare you take the nail-pierced hand and give Him all?
Do you dare?