“Gay” Suicides

General James Green

T HERE ARE “GAY” suicides, and then there are “gay suicides!” “Hold on General Jim, you’re confusing us.” What I mean by this is that there are “gays” doing the suicide thing for various reasons—supposedly over persecution, that is what this article is about. And then we have “gays” literally committing suicide because of their “gay” activities, like catching AIDS. Not only this, but they have “murderers” in their camp—infected people spreading this killer purposefully. Knowing they have AIDS, but “sexing” anyway. When a person plays around with homosexuality (and it has spread, of course, to the straight camp), knowing full well they could be infected, to me this is suicide: plain and simple.


Where Is the Outrage?

WELL, WE just don’t hear much about what I just wrote, do we? Sure, there are books on “How to Have Safe Sex” blah, blah, blah. But get serious, when was the first time you’ve ever heard from their camp that Gay-So-and-So suicided themselves by sexing? Why, it would be an outrage to think such a thing. Yep! It sure would! Nevertheless, AIDS are taking the lives of millions and millions; BUT NOT EVEN A WORD ABOUT THE SIN OF TAKING ONE’S VERY OWN LIFE. Not a word!


“Is ‘gay’ agenda to blame for teen suicides?”

I HAVE before me an article taken off the net (Oct. 6, 2010) with that title. The writer is relating the recent suicides by gay teens: in MN, 7 students killed themselves, 3 were reported to be gay, that leaves 4 that must be straight. Why not mention the cause of those poor 4 straight students? Can’t do that, for that would take away the “fun” of blaming someone, or someones, who caused the suicide of the 3 gays! This is how the gay agenda experts think. You see, already the “gay” lobby is READY to EXPLOIT American children one more time.

In Texas and California, two teens killed themselves following student taunts about homosexuality. Another one hanged himself over being harassed in Indiana. Then we hear of a 19- year-old Rhode Island college student who hanged himself; he was “believed” to be gay.


Wait A Minute!

I DO HATE to hear about all this, I truly do. We have worked with all kinds of people over our 40 years of ministry including all kinds of sex perverts.

When we worked with the Salvation Army in Florida in the early 1980's, we had a troubled young woman come to us: she was a lesbian and lost! We spent time with her, loving her, praying over her. She had at least a dozen nasty scars on her arm where she had hacked herself in order to bleed to death: they were really large and ugly. After one meeting with her, she went to a nearby motel room and cut her wrist. She called 911, but they were just too late this time. She died.

My point in the above true story is this: SHE COMMITTED SUICIDE BECAUSE SHE HATED LIFE, NOT BECAUSE SOMEONE HARASSED HER. We’ve seen this over and over—over the years. Yet, to hear the homosexual lobbyists tell it, all suicides are because of harassments. Pure lies!

Listen Up!

WHILE THE homo camp manipulates the “bullying” thing, literally thousands of youth kill themselves each year, and that has absolutely nothing to do with homosexuality. The number of kids doing this that are “gay” is tiny—very tiny in comparison to the heterosexuals. And I might add, homosexuals who kill themselves for various reasons not related to being harassed, or for being gay, many are fearful, many are lonely, many are angry, but few, FEW kill themselves because they are bullied! Get serious you guys.


HOW MANY youth die by drug/alcohol-related deaths? How many kill themselves because of the influence of music/movies they listen to and view? How many youth kill themselves because they are depressed? Come to where we live: the Native American youth die like flies out here, but hardly any because of homosexuality.


Operandi of Homosexual Activism

LINDA HARVEY of Mission America writes: “In trying to prevent such devastating events in the future (ref. to gay bullying that ‘causes’ suicides), emotional manipulation can lead schools and communities to implement wrong headed, harmful plans of action.” This homosexual operandi is none other than the “force” to embrace their sick and abominable agenda...gender-switching being the latest “pink perversion.”

How utterly stupid! They think forcing communities, America/Americans to embrace their way of life will prevent suicides! HA! Those poor confused kids who are taught this destructive lifestyle by older perverts is nothing short of murder and suicide itself. Get serious here. This is like saying if we legalize all drugs, that people won’t die on drugs. Or if we ban all guns, people won’t get killed by guns.


Misinformation= Destruction

THERE IS NO doubt that misinformation about homosexuality is a contributor to the despair embedded in the tragedies.

Now, with a few suicides under the belt, the homo lobby has shoved the peddle to the metal—speeding to full demand mode. Arne Duncan, Obama’s Education Secretary, hasted a national summit on bullying. The Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, and the Human Rights Campaign have “partnered” up to press the passage of H.R. 4530, a National legislation that goes beyond stronger anti-bullying measures to incorporate mandatory pro-“gay” propaganda. How would the homos like it if we Bible believing Christians demand mandatory pro-“Bible” teachings? HA! These very ones would have a pink fit!

What if we demanded these poor deluded and brainwashed gay kids to be taught what the Bible/what God says about their sin?



I BELIEVE that a lot of disinformation is being propagated by the homo camp in order to keep the cutting edge on this issue. There is no doubt that they LIE like pink demons, and their so-called survey results are false! For years these people have convinced the American populace that the homos make up around 10 percent of the population. In reality, by real count, by honest people they, are no more than 2 to 3 percent. When any professional research is done, the facts come out.

           And why doesn’t their camp ever put forth statistics about how many murders, rapes, bashings, etc. occur within their camp? When one gay or lesbian murders one another, the media never mentions it. Why? Because THEIR CAMP HAS PLENTY OF BULLYING, HARASSMENTS, RAPES AND MURDERS. All is not pink roses in their lifestyle.


Intolerant to the Core

PRESSURE GROUPS demand pro-homo policies, demanding their pinkness to go unchecked. They demand silence from our side, but our side wishes to see homos saved, not destroyed. It would be murder on my part if I saw a person burning to death and not help, if I had the means to save that soul. But these hateful people take offense at our attempts to love. And love is not always letting someone kill themselves. Why should I keep silent about what God’s Word says, WHICH CALLS FOR REPENTANCE, turning away from behaviors that damn a soul. Not only this my friends, but also, homosexuality is extremely dangerous as a lifestyle; AIDS KILLS, don’t forget this. Why should I zip the lip when kids are being indoctrinated into the death culture?

           What schools need is not compulsory re-education about the homo lifestyle, but sound Bible teachings about the love of God. God takes no pleasure in death, and the homo lifestyle is a death culture whether they want to admit it or not; millions have died, millions are dying, millions will die! This is FACT!!

Just Say NO!

WHY IS IT SO hard for homosexuals to say NO?! We straights have to say no to our lusts, impulses, sexual desires, etc.. Why are you better than us? Give me a straight and honest answer please. You say that saying “no” to homosexuality leads to tragedy. HA! Prove that please. This is really dumb! Saying no to your lifestyle will lead you away from tragedy and death. Let’s be honest here.

           It is utmost silly and dangerous for the youth to listen to these child/kid corruption advocates. They are the real bullies. I love the youth. I hate to see the young get told they are born gay. NO! They may have urges just like us, but God never created them that way. He never created one a fornicator, but I was one in my pre-Christian days. I’m yet to hear the argument from the straights that God created them fornicators, adulterers, incestuous etc., NO! They realize that they have a sin nature to deal with. How long are you folks going to push this lie on the public?

           Why it is true that there are bullies that harass gays, not all of us need to be scolded like little children, from you!, we seek to save that which is erring and lost. Not everyone who stands against your death culture is evil and mean-spirited. STANDING AGAINST SEXUAL DEVIANCE, BE IT HOMO OR HETERO, IS OUR DUTY AS CHRISTIANS. Even non-Christians have a conscience that tells them homosexuality is WRONG...why try to silence a good conscience?

           And for the record, let’s say all finally embraced your death culture, would this really stop the AIDS plague, STD’s, suicides, murders, rapes etc. in your own camp?! I don’t believe for a minute it would. All this bull you folks are pushing off on us is in itself evil.

           According to your minds, heterosexual culture is GUILTY for believing homosexuality is negative, harmful, and destructive to the point of death. Why should I believe this, it is you people that infect each other. As a Christian I don’t do the unlawful sex thing.

           I’ve known communities in San Francisco (when we worked in Calif.) which were “gay,” no outside persecution at all, but within there was plenty of stuff—unkindness, even hatred between gay men, gay women, and gay men and men, gay women and women. No one was there pointing the finger, I also know that suicides were common.



YES! We’ve all done exploring as youths. But exploring within the confines of the homosexual lifestyle, one can end up dead very early. Yet, there are thousands of “gay” advocacy groups (run by older perverts) that urge little children, teens, and young adults, to EXPLORE alternative sexual behavior. Schools are welcoming this junk. Shame on the teachers. Shame on the schools. When Bible reading is prohibited, this junk is welcomed, and pushed...all to normalize their abominable lifestyles. Don’t forget that sins and sinners will not go unpunished by God. Laugh all you want, wait and see.

           If homosexuality is so great where is God’s blessing? Where is His approval? Hey, we don’t need man’s, we need His...yet we find it not. I have had plenty of both gay men/women and bisexuals tell me they never have inner peace; they tell me they are tormented; they tell me they know what they are doing is wrong, they want to be loved, yet love evades them. This is not funny, this is tragic. I wish I could change their minds, but most have given up hope inwardly. They see no way out, even though they confess that God’s Word is right, yet they can’t break free. I grant you, demons have a hold on them. They are under the curse of disobedience. Most don’t even get offended at this, for they confess that it is true. Some kill themselves, I testify to this; what a tragedy. I have seen some give their lives to God, some in this ministry are testimonies to this fact: Jesus can set you free!


Old Perverts

IT IS ONE THING for these older homos to do their own thing, but it is another thing for them to recruit innocent youth into a KNOWN risky behavior, one associated with, as Linda Harvey points out, “Much higher rates of HIV and other STD’s, they simultaneously suppress, marginalize or mischaracterize traditional views that discourage homosexuality.” Thank you Linda. This hits the bull’s eye.

Unclean and Cruel

THE OLDER PERVERTS are bent on recruiting the youth, even pre-school children, into this unclean and cruel lifestyle. They are targets of cruel sexual manipulation, and they are paying the ultimate price. The dirty little secret is “OUT;” the infections are spreading like wildfire. Many of the teens will die before they reach age 20.

If the schools and colleges would spend one-half of the time they spend on pro-homo diversity lessons, errands like the “Day of Silence,” and other pink things, these youth could at least have a CHOICE between Biblical godliness and secular sexual perversions.

If Christianity could be taught alongside homosexuality, the kids could have another side of life, rather than being brainwashed into believing that perversion was an inevitable destiny, and convinced of a godless yet CHANGEABLE sexual inclination. These children and young adults are under CONTINUOUS PRESSURE to believe and accept this abominable lie from Satan. Is it any wonder so many of them are confused, live in despair, are unhappy, unloved and unlovable: too often resulting in suicide? This is true. Many, many live under a dark cloud, not because of persecution, but because of persuasion.


Be Born Again!

HEREIN LIES the truth: Jesus said that we must be born again (see Jn. 3:3, 5). First off, today’s homosexuals, and potential homos, should be told “You are not born gay!” No one is purposely born a certain way—such as: gay, a liar, a murderer, an adulterer, or a thief; people are born with fallen and corrupt natures, but God never created one a special type of sinner. This is why we must be born from above (by God’s Holy Spirit making alive our human spirit), to escape the prison house of unregenerated human kind.

Why can’t we teach this beautiful truth in our schools and colleges? No way! This would give the potential converts to the “gay way” at least a CHOICE. The gay lobbyists actively prevent this at all costs! THE TRUTH REMAINS: THERE IS A WAY “OUT” OF THE GAY WAY. These perverts thrive on terrorism—they terrorize any and all who would tell the truth. Yet, these same lost souls speak about “tolerance.” BULL! The only tolerance they know about is that the straight community “tolerates” them. Period! They are the TRUE BIGOTS! They are the TRUE HATE-MONGERS! They are the TRUE murders of souls and bodies. Why can’t they be “pro-choice” regarding homosexuality, like the abortionists?


I agree

LINDA HARVEY says that bullies need swift and public punishment. I never agree that homosexuals need bullying, or physical harm done to them. Don’t forget: they are only human. They need the truth presented to them. They need to be corrected. While it was law to kill homosexuals in the O.T. (adulterers, kids that were disobedient to parents were also included- WOW! Most kids today would die, and the people who had sex with animals…read Lev. Cpt. 18 and 20).

           What is not needed is more pro-homo protection laws, nor beefed up bullying prevention policies. This only enrages the straight folks.


Political Correctness

THIS DEVIL needs to be DESTROYED! BIBLICAL CORRECTNESS needs to reign once again in America. And yes, the Bible teaches that homosexuality is wrong, but take a pencil and paper and write down all the “evils” listed in the Bible and see if the Bible is oh, so anti-homosexual. Get serious, straight-sex-sins far outweigh the few passages against unlawful and unnatural sex-sins. Why don’t you homo “Christians” (oxymoronic!) present to the straight community your findings? You wouldn’t only turn pink, you would turn red from embarrassment. Frankly, the homo camp is extremely hateful, dishonest and bigoted!

           All this PC demon-inspired propaganda is ruining America/the world. You homos need to repent and change YOUR WAYS, not try to make, by law, America change her ways. There are 97% percent of folks here that are not of your camp. Not all are “gay bashing” freaks, I would dare say that most would love to see homos free from their dark and oppressive bondages.


Be Comfortable!

WELL, I’M NOT! I’m not comfortable with you people trying to FORCE me to be comfortable, any more that you would be if we tried (by law) to make you be Christian. There are no laws in America like this: Yet you folks have plenty of laws (and laws in the wings) against what we believe and do. I have a revulsion, not personally against the people themselves, but against your unlawful, unnatural, and unhealthy lifestyle: it is WRONG! Even your parades are repulsive. Your sickening show of “raw” flesh is disgusting; doing your displays in public, in front of little children. This is degrading to any society. Hey, we all know there are privates on males and females, maybe you think you’re teaching something new? HA! Your kind of indecent behavior is not even done by the lowest beasts.

           All this PC re-imaged “gay” utopia is from hell, not heaven; from a lie, not from truth!

           Comfort does not = goodness. Recruiting young people for the “gay way” is brutal violation of childhood innocence, natural gender, and heterosexual identity, yes, it is.

           Authentic goodness is not to be found in FORCE! Nor can it be good if we are forced to suppress our consciences. We Christians present the Gospel of Christ, we do not go and boo-hoo to the government to get laws enacted in our behalf to force you sodomites to obey God. God’s law IS! It is up to men and women, boys and girls, to accept or reject it. But to reject God’s ways is certain eternal death. We only present this, we do not force this.


God’s Love VS Human Love

TAKE JOHN 3:16 for an example of God’s love; take Romans 5:8 for an example of where both God and Christ, Father and Son (as in Jn. 3:16) depict a Godly love toward each other. Also, “God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ DIED for us.” God’s love and man’s love are very different. “Homosexual love” is a myth which homo activists use to justify their twisted ideology, and now stake their claim to same-sex marriage.

Listen to what Prof. Chai Feldblum said about “homo love”: “Real change will come when the public recognizes ‘gay love’ not just as morally neutral, but morally good, to the same extent that straight love is good” (quoted in Laura Secor’s, “Rainbow Warriors”).

Tell me professor, if I am straight, a Christian, and am married the covenant way, the Biblical way, and love my wife, which all the above is true, how am I going to know anything about homosexual love? Get serious. And if you are a homo, love your partner, and married the secular way, how are you going to know anything about straight, godly love? You teach a myth. By whose measuring stick are you to measure what is “morally good”? Our Bible teaches contrary to your myth. How do you know about moral love—like that of God the Father, and Jesus Christ, if you’ve never experienced it?

Can there be a variant on par with Biblical true love? True love must be defined. Sticking your penis in another man’s butt (which was never built for this!!—it was built for waste elimination), and saying “I love you, let’s get married” will not, and can not convince the public of anything.

I’m not saying that men/men can’t have mutual attractions, or even straights, but when one speaks of marriage as “moral,” what do you mean? The Bible never, never, EVER, even hints at such a thing as a homo marriage; one man-male, one woman- female under God! I have all these arguments in our 15 Gay Way booklets if you dare to read them. And I’ll debate any and all who think the Bible condones such unnatural, unethical, unhealthy, unBiblical things.

AND SHOW ME WHERE GOD FROWNS UP HIS TRUE PEOPLE FOR BEING “INTOLERANT” AGAINST SIN OR EVIL! And show me where God smiles upon those who pervert the minds and bodies of the young. Hey, I’m waiting.

What did Jesus say about little children? He said, “But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea” (Matt. 18:6). If Jesus feels this way about those who believe on Him, he naturally feels anger towards those who offend other children too.

Take heed you child molesters, you pedophiles! Take heed all you perverted educators. Take heed all you pro-homo churchites that teach acceptance of this grave sin. You are in danger.

It is the parent’s job to teach and train up their children, especially Christian parents. And for “Christian” leaders to entertain, in any way, the “gay way,” it is sin!, especially if you allow the children and youth to hear about it being ok/accepted.

Public educators will not escape God’s displeasure. What is worse, is to allow homo couples to adopt straight children in order to pervert their minds and bodies. You folks that allow, even push this sin will give an account to God too.


My Point-

IN WRITING this article, my point is to warn and witness. I don’t think the Lord is pleased in “gay bashing” (physically), but He certainly wants us to warn them, and witness to them about what God’s Word says on this matter of homosexuality.

It pains us to hear of homosexuals who commit suicide for whatever reasons. But trust me, we hear of many, many more straights doing this for whatever reasons. But, to take a few suicides from the homo camp and make a national crisis out of it is utterly stupid. As if other straight kids don’t get bullied over things such as the music they do or do not listen to, the kind of clothes they do or do not wear, the kind of tattoos/piercings they do or do not have etc.! Why make a big stink over someone(s) who might have taken their lives because they were gay? Some of those mentioned were gay, but the facts do not point that they committed suicide because of bullying per se. This is said by homo advocates, not by proof itself. Let’s be honest here: like I said, many homos—male/female take their own lives because they are just plain depressed, not because someone hit them or called them “fag!.” This kind of youthful thing has always been part of America. To pass pro-homo/anti-straight laws is BIGOTRY and INTOLERANCE.