General James Green

A S THE WORLD turns more “pink,” the “War” against God’s Word rages.


The “War Plan”

WE (CHRISTIANS) ARE THEIR TARGET! There is a new book called ‘The Marketing of Evil’ by David Kupelian, in which he describes the “War Plan” of the Homosexual Movement (HM): how Radicals, Elitists, and Pseudo-Experts sell us corruption disguised as ‘freedom’.


Now Hear This

BEFORE I get into today’s article on this subject, I must tell all my readers this: God is ANGRY with America! And I don’t just mean those nasty democrats/liberals/homos/commies/extreme Muslims etc., I mean many of the conservative/right-wing Bible carrying folks as well. WHAT?

God has, over the last 25 years or so, spoke to us very plainly about America’s idolatry. By this He means the “Worship of this nation—America, and ‘its’ FREEDOMS.” If you could see things the way He sees things, you would see that MOST Americans have/are WORSHIPING the constitution/things that apparently more sacred than Him; this is IDOLATRY. The reason I’m telling you this is because the “War” that now rages (and Islam/Homosexuality are two major players in this war) is the direct result of Christians not keeping their first estate—love for God and His Truth.

Even though the “right” espouses “God and Country,” their hearts are far from Him in personally letting Him be number One in their lives. Their “freedoms/rights/privileges” etc. have more place than heart service. Thusly, He has told us that He is allowing “evil” to become a whip upon the nation’s Red-White-and Blue back. I care not if you accept this or not; IDOLATRY IS A SIN AS WELL AS UNLAWFUL SEX-SINS OR AS WORSHIPING OTHER GODS (like the Islamic faith or any other unredeeming faith that could be mentioned).

Let’s face it, one of the greatest “idols” that Americans Worship is “STUFF AND THINGS;” another is “COMFORT;” another is “me-time.” These are major idols to Americans: both for the liberal and conservative.



THE BIBLE tells us that we (Christians) are to be the salt and light of the World—preservation and illumination...but the Church has lost these two things, therefore the Word is rotting and stumbling in Satanic darkness.

     There is no mistake in God’s way of handling this situation. He, like at other times in history, will bring the rod of punishment. Read all the accounts in your Bible where He punished His own people for idolatry/adultery. The same applies in our generation.


Ephesus: Right Wingers?

IF WE’RE TO make our comparison between the Ephesians of Ephesus, and the Christians (or right-wing conservatives) of America, we would have to point out two obvious things:


#1) Rev. 2:1-7: In verse 2, we see that God knew their works, labor, patience, “and how thou canst not bear them which are evil” (the phony cross: this certainly can apply to those who spout homosexuality is godly!).


#2) “Nevertheless I have somewhat against thee, because thou hast left thy first love” (v. 4). Hey, Christians, does this hit home? It should. This refers to the Ephesians first deep committed love for, and devotion to, Christ, not a political party, nor a national constitution, but Christ. It also refers to His Word (John 14:15, 21; 15:10). His Word condemns idolatry, adultery, homosexuality etc.. Adhering to some “political” ideology, or even some “Church” ideology.


May I tell it straight? American Christians (most) have lost their first love/have become idolaters, adulterers, and this brings the Wrath of God upon a nation. I’ve written dozens of articles along these lines, so I’ll now get into the present situation.



A CASE AND POINT is what I took off the internet just lately. This comes from the First Baptist Church of Berkeley, Calif.:



A. “We believe God’s love for all people: female and male, young and old, gay and straight, conservative and liberal, those who have a strong belief system and those who have doubt, and everyone in between. We believe God wants us to help others, not judge them, and that each person’s life is a journey toward becoming the person God created them to be. One of our roles as a community of faith is to encourage and enable others along that life path.”


Take heed Baptists: the “pink disease” is in your Church too!

NOTICE THE WORDS: “God wants us to help others, not judge them.” This is unscriptural through and through. I just wrote a lengthy article on this “Don’t Judge me, Just Love Me” business: don’t believe for one minute that we’re not to judge! We’re not to make hypocritical judgments, BUT WE ARE CERTAINLY TO JUDGE RIGHTEOUSLY ACCORDING TO THE HOLY BIBLE.

Notice it says: “…not judge them, and that each person’s life is a journey toward becoming the person God created them to be.” Here we have the Big Lie, “God created me this way.” Ha! Prove it! It can’t be proved scientifically, nor Biblically, so where do they come up with this oxymoronic bull? I have sound biblical teachings on this already in our 15 Gay Way booklets (free), so I won’t spend time here on this. Just prove it to me/to the world dear ol Baptist preacher...We’re all waiting for proof.



A. “By reading and studying the Bible! This is an extensive basis in the scriptures for a inclusive, compassionate God whose love embraces everyone:

Acts 10, Ruth (entire book), Jonah, Isaiah 49:6, Mark 5:21-43, Luke 11:37-12:3, John 4:1-42, Romans 2 (which turns the tables on Romans 1!), 1 Corinthians 10:23-31, 2 Corinthians 3:4-6, Galatians 3:23-29, Ephesians 2:13-17, 1 John 3:11-24, and many, many more.”


Here “Pastor Love” does the usual: gives only ½ the answer. He gives texts that show God’s positive side, which is good. God is love, and is compassionate, but He certainly expects, yea, even DEMANDS change! Jesus died for the ungodly, but the ungodly are expected to change their ungodly ways. But “Pastor Love” somehow misses this.

Why does he omit Lev. 18:20, 20:13; Rom. 1; 1 Cor. 6; 1 Tim. 1? And why miss the obvious in Gen. 1:27; 2:24? And what about Gen. 18, 19—Sodom and Gomorrah? What about Jude? I don’t see one reference to any the above, in which God condemns same-sex sex. “Pastor Love” does make an exception when he lists Romans 2, where he says it “turns the tables on Romans 1.” Ha! Even their camp of “scholars” doesn’t agree with that one!

Why did pastor miss John 8:1-11? On purpose? Jesus told the woman caught in adultery, “...go, and SIN NO MORE.” He would have said the same of homos/lesbians/transgenders/bisexuals/queers. And how does “Pastor Love” handle the “FORNICATION” problem? It is a sin just for heterosexuals? Guess so!

I need to carry this further. All this homo/pro-homo stuff is contrary to nature, unbiblical, unethical, SINFUL, and certainly oxymoronic!!


Did You Know?...

IN 1988, SOME 175 leading sex-perverts (activists) representing groups all over America held a “War Conference” in Virginia to map out their “pink” movement’s future. After this “pink, pink, you stink!” meeting, two war commanders came forth called Hunter Madsen and Marshall Kirk (hereafter Madsen and Kirk). These two put into a book called: After the Ball: How America Will Conquer Its Fear and Hatred of Gays in the 90s.

     These two Harvard-educated homos, “experts” in neuropsychiatry, public persuasion tactics, and social marketing, was asked to write a “gay manifesto for the 1990's” by editor Marshall De Bruhl...the result was After the Ball, a veritable blueprint for marketing the homo cultural revolution in America—which we now see in full force.


Propaganda Campaign

CALL NAMES, terrorize, use the Courts, Character assignation etc. etc. “Fear of the Queer” has just about stopped any and all opposition. There are still a few out there that are not intimidated though; I for one do not “fear the queer,” I HONESTLY FEEL SORRY FOR THEM—THEY WILL ALL GO TO HELL IF THEY DON’T REPENT, TURN AROUND, AND BE SAVED. I don’t believe for one minute that these people are “gay.” I have worked with them for over 30 years now; they are the ones that live in fear, anxiety, vexation, and sickness...not knowing when they will be put into a lonely grave.

     Not a few have confessed to me that they live in dread, unhappiness, and rejection. They tell me that they KNOW homosexuality is WRONG, but they can’t get free of it.

Does God make/create unhappy people? Why the Torments? Demons! It is demons. They can be cast out in Jesus’ name. All this “I’m going to MAKE America ACCEPT Me” is nothing but a cover-up of their phobias. And you who side with them do them a disservice; they need real freedom that only Christ can bring.



DO YOU REMEMBER what Paul wrote in 1 Cor. 6:9, 10? Read that! (I have articles already written). Notice verse 11: “And such (referring to vss. 9, 10) WERE (past tense) some of you: but ye ARE WASHED (present tense), but ye are sanctified, but ye are justified...” Nowhere did Jesus, nor any N.T. author condone homosexuality, nowhere. Neither should we. If we do, we help DAMN these already “damned” lost souls. I realize that this will urp most readers, but get into God’s Word, not politics, and help free these needy victims of demonic possession, obsession, and vexation.


Forced Acceptation

THINK! BY USING FEAR, Terror, Courts etc., will this really make their SIN acceptable to God? All this current “accept me or else!” stuff isn’t going to change a lot of people’s minds about the SIN of sex perversion, any more than the Christians facing the non-Christians to live righteously. It has to be from the heart, not the clinched fist.

“Forced acceptance of homosexual CULTure into the mainstream, to silence opposition, and ultimately to convert American society...” explains marketing expert Paul E. Rondeau of Regent Univ., in Madsen and Kirk’s “War goal.”

This nasty war, unlike true Christianity (genuine Biblical Christianity) is to get people to accept what God’s Word calls ABOMINATION! Christianity, on the other hand, is to get the lost/damned (see John 3:16-21) saved. Not by force, but by the love of Christ.

HOMOSEXUALITY IS NOT JUST “A SIN,” IT IS A SINGLED OUT AS AN ABOMINATION(see Lev. 18:22 in the Holiness Code. This Holiness Code is eternally binding upon all generations, in all Cultures—unlike some of Israel’s ceremonial codes/rituals).

We are commanded to preach/teach God’s Word no matter who it offends.



PERSUASION CAN be used rightfully, but in the case of the Homosexual Movement, it is used unlawfully and unrighteously. Madsen and Kirk both say that “lasting change only comes when people are persuaded.” That was in the 1990's setting; today they use the Hate Crime thing to TERRORIZE us. I believe in honest persuasion, but what is “honest”? when the sodomite camp can’t give me ONE verse out of the entire Bible where God “created them that way,” where He ever blesses homosexuality or condones it, and when they fail to produce any “honest” data that “it’s in their genes” stuff, all they are left with is FORCED ACCEPTANCE.

I have, for years, challenged them to produce ONE verse where God says “I made them homosexual” or where He says “I bless you.” And don’t throw at me the most silly idea about the Ruth and David proof. That has already been dealt with.



YES! YES! Is not their perverted way of “doing it” a form of worship? Yes! The WHOLE unlawful/unnatural thing is their idol, and God detests idolatry (look up the many times it is found in the Bible). Paul, in Romans 1, not only condemns the act, but also the actors/actresses. They want us to believe that the condemnation is directed (as a whole) at temple prostitution, or forced sex (man/boy), but the indictment is against all forms of perverted same-sex, not just one kind. (I cover all these arguments in our 15 Gay Way booklets).


Legitimize / Sanitize?

NICE THOUGHT, but it can’t be done. If we use their twisted ideas about homosexuality being normal (even superior to heterosexuality), what they go about to do is de-skunk the skunk. If this is true, then I guess we can Legitimize/sanitize: adulterers, liars, thieves, murderers, etc., etc., And just what camp do the fornicators belong to? Like “Pastor Love” said below:


Q. Are you a “gay church”?

A. GAY SINGLES and families, as well as straight singles and families, are part of our FBCB [First Baptist Church, Berkeley] fellowship.


Note the words “Gay singles.” He means unmarried sodomites, lesbians, the homosexuals (male/female/other) that “do it.” So, when Paul lists “fornicators” in 1 Cor. 6:9, does he have in mind only heterosexual fornicators? Verse 9 certainly points out homosexuals.

Before queers could marry (whatever that means???), weren’t they all fornicators? Pray tell me how a queer pastor, or even a pro-queer one could teach or preach on fornication? Now that many are getting “married,” will those married ones tell the fornicators that it is sin? I would just love to hear one of those “pink sermons.” So far, I’m yet to have my curiosity satisfied. Ho, hum.


Pink ‘Standard-Bearers’

THESE DARLINGS within the “gay-rights” movement are on the cutting edge of the sexual revelation (against God!) today. They are relentless, mean-spirited, and are bent on preparing society to accept and follow their anti-Christ, anti-Bible, promiscuous, and abnormal/unnatural forms of behavior.

Remember, it was the 1960's sexual revolution that gave rise to the feminist/lesbian revolution, followed up by the male homosexual revolution. You might want to read Plinio Correa de Oliveria’s “Revolution and Counter-Revolution.” Unless we Christians GET SERIOUS WITH OUR CHRISTIANITY, put away our pet idols, and stop playing around with Politics (as the only means to win this war!) we will continue to lose. You see, if God’s people had got right/stayed right in their relationship with the Lord, much of this we face would still be in the closet, not in our face.

Again, let me express this, it is the Lord that is allowing the HM to be a weapon against His own people; because His own people are basically backslid as hell. You have made your constitutional rights higher than Biblical law. NOW REPENT!!

Overturning Truth

PEOPLE ASK me “Why are you against sexual freedoms?” I’m not against the freedoms prescribed lawfully in God’s Word. In fact I believe that the heart of the Bible’s Core message is freedom or liberation. But I see no reference to any kind of freedoms...freedom to kill?, to lie?, to steal?, commit adultery?, etc. Biblical freedom is more noble/honorable that tolerance/permissiveness of mere human passions.

So, to overturn clear hermeneutical Biblical texts is dishonest. We can’t use the old and out-of-date “love your neighbor as yourself” thing to endorse homosexuality. One must prove that the Bible (if we’re using the Bible as our resource) condemned such practices-which the “homosexual Christians” (oxymoronic altogether!) cannot do. At best they twist, pervert, trash all those “clobber Scriptures.”

We’ve got to go beyond “God loves all people” or “Jesus never condemned homosexuality,” or the old worn-out argument “God created me Gay.” I say PROVE IT by honest exegesis/hermeneutical witness. The core teaching of both Testaments is to FORSAKE SIN AND EMBRACE RIGHTEOUSNESS: THIS IS BIBLICAL FREEDOM.

The “gay rights” people want to drag souls into the very sins the Bible condemns, and that Jesus gave His life to free men from. Christianity goes about to liberate/free souls from those vices, and to come unto holiness and final perfection.

The Bible condemns both exploitative, pederastic forms of homosexuality, and mutual same-sex sex; it is foolish to think that God does not judge the “loving partners” too.


Pink-Lavender Veneration

NOT ONLY do the “gay rights” revolutionaries demand legitimization, they are even pushing for society’s veneration of them as charming heroes/heroines: this is hopefully to be done by and thru the media campaigns. The already demonized and bamboozled Americans are ripe for the harvest...with their already restructured consciousness, the media moves in for the kill: to turn their homophobia into love, their rejection into acceptance.

With years of T.V. watching, music worship, course talk etc, America is ready for the bizarre. Years of brain washing, via T.V./radio/printed page/now internet, America has grown cold towards God, the Gospel of Jesus, and the Biblical teachings of the N.T. authors; now we have queer folk in every aspects of the American society. These very strange folks think that a butt is made for poking, a mouth for sucking etc. etc. This is the IDOL they want all of us to worship.



Lest You Forget-

REMEMBER, IT was the “patchouli oiled revolutionaries” of the 60's that brought the sexual revolution to fruition (see my article in Battle Cry #201 called “Flower Power- how the 60's revolution changed the World”; see also BC #207 under “Masking Mischief” pt. one- to be continued).

After the revolution was well under way, another moment of note in the history of America was the “Coming Out” of the sex-perverts (not that the 60's wasn’t perverted, but mostly it was “free sex” between heterosexuals, 25 years after the Alfred Kinsey research on homosexuality, a “historical” impact that forever changed the position of homosexuality and homo individuals. This was done in 1948. A empirically based study of American sexual behavior made public. It was reported (now we know those reports were biased and mostly untrue!) that 37 percent of the American male population had engaged in homo acts after the age of puberty. Those figures later proved to be fixed/false so as to make the public believe that homo behavior wasn’t so “blasphemous, sick, perverted and illegal.” None the less that report stuck.

This, in the course of time, 25 years later, in 1973, The American Psychiatric Association (APA) was attacked by gay liberation activists (actually it was attacked in the late 60's/early 70's but came to a head in 1973). These queer revolutionaries challenged the APA’s dominant negative social attitudes towards them and their lifestyle. Before, the APA held that homosexuality was a mental disease (I believe it is demons). Then, as now, they used terror and intimidation (where in their “tolerance/love”?). The outcome was victory for the “pinks” and defeat for the straights.

The net effect of both Kinsey’s studies, and the APA’s removal of any form of homosexuality as a mental disorder, is to depathologize homosexuality once and for all. Ha! It worked for years but the APA now still believes homosexuality to be a Mental Disease.


Trials and Temptations

THE ISSUE OF same-sex sex is a task of no mean measure to settle. I can certainly see their struggle. The heterosexuals likewise have their struggles against sex-sins (that is, if they don’t want to be a sex-offender). As I started my Christian life, I still encountered sexual feelings (for the opposite sex), thus encountering traps and snares that could have killed my life in Christ, had I fell into temptation/fornication (I use this to include all unlawful sex acts). The bottom line is this: WE ALL HAVE OUR TROUBLES, BUT DO WE WANT TO OBEY GOD’S WORD OR SHUN IT? Do we want to face hell for our rebellious behaviors, or do we want to deny ourselves, as the Bible says, and carry our Crosses to the end?

This individual and personal task must be answered one way or another. God’s Word lays on the doorstep of both gay and straight people a challenge; a task that ultimately will not be solved by political action, or social agitation: the task of uncovering and realizing the meaning of, and reason for, being gay or straight. We all must wage a personal war against things that assail us, vex us, torment us, make us unhappy, or rejected. This individual task will remain for both hetero and homo people...for active gays, even after their lives have been prolonged by drugs to combat AIDS, even after homosexuality is legal in all 50 states (same-sex marriages to boot!), even after social prejudices have been utterly suppressed by law, THE SEX OFFENDER MUST GIVE AN ACCOUNT TO THEIR CREATOR. Social tolerance will not matter, but obedience or disobedience will be the crucial factor.


Persuasion is the Key

AT LEAST THIS is what marketing experts tell us: “Persuade the public by hook or crook, by smile or frown, by a hug or a slap...just make sure you see the idea of ‘normalizing homosexuality.’ Get the people to accept, even embrace ‘gayness.’”

Now we have a new “darling” on the “gay rights” fighting team: Former British P.M. Tony Blair. This guy has already used state power to promote the “acceptance” of homosexuality in the U.K, now Blair is working to make Christianity “gay-affirming.” How nice of you Mr. Blair.

You will remember that when Tony Blair left the role of Prime Minister, he got religious—he became a Roman Catholic. How will the Roman Catholic church deal with this new darling? Seeing how Tony made Britain safe for same-sex immorality, he helped establish a legal anti-discrimination system that led inexorably to Christians and non-Christians that know “pink, pink, you stink!” being investigated, even jailed for their “non-acceptance.” Here we have it, the persecuted becomes the persecutor.

It is reported, by homo writer Johann Hari, that Blair counts his pro-“gay-rights” work as one of his singular achievements (see British gay magazine Attitude, 2009). Blair confesses that he met religious people who were very much open and liberal towards homosexuals (the RCC [Roman Catholic church] is full of such folks!). Below is a short excerpt of that interview:


Hari: You are a very rare example of a person who is publicly very religious, and very pro-gay. Did you ever see a conflict between the two?

Blair: No. Not for me. Because I came to a religious faith through people who were themselves very much open and liberal on all these issues, and who would have regarded it as bizarre to have attitudes of hostility to gay people. I think it would have been, actually, the other way around. If in the end I’d felt that my religious faith was pulling me in an opposite direction, I’d have had real difficulties with it. I think that for all religions, the challenge is how do you extract the essential values of the faith from a vast accumulation of doctrine and practice? For many people, the reason for their religious faith is less to do with the doctrine and practice, and more to do with the values like love of God, and love of your neighbour. And one of the things I do though my Foundation, through trying to bring different religious faiths together, to show how, actually, there is a huge common space around these values between the different religious faiths.


Like Obama, Blair conveniently ignores or dismisses Biblical texts that might interfere with the noble sense of good that he wants to do.


Feelings VS logic

MADSEN AND KIRK targeted the heart, not the head! They suggested manipulating the masses’ emotions and not addressing them with rational logic or Biblical truth. Sentimentalism!: “My feelings!, My feelings!.”

In this subversive war for the hearts (and minds) of the nation, homos MUST convince themselves, and society, that their perversions are good and moral, even of divine origin: this is homo propaganda.

John Corvino, in his article The Virtue of Homosexuality, illustrates his ethics and justification for the perversion:

“...I have spent my last five columns-and a good deal of my career-defending homosexuality against various moral attacks...can I offer any reasons for thinking of homosexuality as, not morally tolerate, but morally beneficial?...”

This writer certainly didn’t use Scripture, for there aren’t ANY, he narrows it down to PLEASURE. He writes: “...any moral system that doesn’t value pleasure is defective for that reason.”

Well now, if Corvino was to do a Word study (Hebrew/Greek) from the Bible, he would see that even God has pleasure, pleasure in an obedient people, but [GOD] DESPISES DISOBEDIENCE AND THE WHOLE HOMOSEXUAL MOVEMENT IS ONE BIG MESS OF DISOBEDIENCE.


Hey guys, there is more to life than how you can “do it” the “unnatural way.”

ONE HAS TO DISCERN what Paul meant in Romans 1 where we find (in translations) “beyond nature,” and “contrary to nature” (para physin-I’ve already done a Word study on this). “Nature,” the way Paul uses it, has little to do with desire/lust. The Greek “para”=“beyond” (scholars point out this is the general meaning of “para” with the accusative) and “contrary to, against, in opposition to” (a specific sense of this general meaning) are not necessarily mutually exclusive.


Heterosexuals or Homosexuals?

WE ALL ARE aware of how the “Christian homosexuals” (oxymoronic!) have twisted Romans Chapter One. They claim that Paul was condemning “oversexed heterosexuals” not homosexual men/women, or even bisexuals. Bernadette Brooten would have us believe that Paul did not oppose homoeroticism BECAUSE it constituted excessive heterosexual passion, but at most interpreted homoeroticism as excessive passion in view of his prior opposition to such behavior. The whole objection that we no longer perceive of homoeroticism as due to excessive passion is largely irrelevant to the hermeneutical debate.

Pink darlings like Brooten are on the rise, trying to CONVINCE the straight world that Paul only condemns heterosexuals committing homo-sex, and NOT homos committing homo sex, and that the distinction between sexual orientation, and sexual acts, would have made no sense to Paul. Ha! Good try Brooten: your “Pink Twist” can be torn to shreds!

Prof. R. A. J. Gagnon refutes her unbiblical interpretation, he writes:

Same-sex intercourse is "beyond" or "in excess of" nature in the sense that it transgresses the boundaries for sexuality both established by God and transparent in nature even to gentiles. Only a woman possesses the complementary opening for insertion by the male member, a point confirmed by the procreative capacity of male "seed" when it enters through the vagina into the female womb. That is what nature refers to when para physin is used in connection with discussions of same-sex intercourse. That is the means by which one should be able to discern in the creation that same-sex passion is excess (i.e., transgressing) passion. Thus the principal point is that same-sex intercourse is "in transgression or violation of" natural boundaries/"law(s)" [Note: LSJ uses the meaning "in transgression or violation of” rather than "contrary to, against" (s.v. para, III.4, citing numerous examples with this sense, including para physin).], perceptible in the way males and females are made, not that the passion for same-sex intercourse is "too much sex" (Martin, Heterosexism) or urges experienced only by "constitutional" heterosexuals. In the same way, idolatry is implicitly "contrary to nature," not because people are "constitutional monotheists," but because simple observation of the cosmos should make clear that, as great as the vast and glorious cosmos is, greater still must be the Artisan who fashioned it, greater certainly than a carved block of wood or stone shaped in the image of one of God's creations (1:19-23). Not the innateness of one's passions, which in Paul’s understanding were perverted by the fall, shows us how to behave, but rather the material creation around human beings and the bodily design of humans themselves, guiding us into the truth about the nature of God and the nature of human sexuality respectively. Otherwise, many (if not all) of the vices in-1:29-31 would be kata physin, "in accordance with nature, natural." To suppose that Paul was condemning only the participation in homosexual acts by those who are "naturally" attracted to the opposite sex "is equivalent to saying that scriptural condemnations of adultery refer only to such relationships among those who are ‘naturally' monogamous” (Robert A. J. Gagnon, The Bible and Homosexual Practice, 2001, pgs. 390 & 391).