Is Homosexuality Wrong?

General James Green

“Homophobia works effectively as a weapon of sexism because it is joined with a powerful arm, ‘heterosexism’. Heterosexism and homophobia (fear of the queer!) work together to enforce compulsory heterosexuality, and that bastion of patriarchal power, the nuclear family” (Lesbian Suzanne Pharr in Homophobia, 1988).


T HE ABOVE QUOTE is out-of-step with the Homosexual Movement and with society in general. Society in general now accepts homosexuality as an “alternative lifestyle.” Now we have same-sex unions/marriages. Nevertheless, let us see if God accepts this vile perversion or not.

Pharr writes that the: “sin theory is a particularly curious is expressed so often and with such HATEFUL emotion both from the pulpit and from coy people who rely heavily upon the Bible for evidence.” She then goes on to tell us that all the Scripture references (at least she admits there are some!) are “frequently read incorrectly.” I assume Ms. Pharr is an “expert” in Biblical Theology? Her book does not make that clear, so we can count her as a non-Christian lesbian. Funny how those who don’t know God, or His Word, can tell us “all about it!”

She does quote “Christian” lesbian Dr. Virginia R. Mollenkott (I mention her in my critique of “Christian” lesbian Candace Chellew-Hodge’s book, Bulletproof Faith).


Established Opinion

DR. JAMES B. De Young says that “every person comes to the matter of homosexuality with an established opinion, which has been shaped by a worldview. By ‘worldview’ I mean a person’s concept of self, the world, and everything else.”

A worldview, as Dr. De Young says, encompasses what one views as REAL, the nature of TRUTH, how we came to know what is TRUE, and how we define what is GOOD in an ethical sense. MOST HOMOSEXUALS REJECT THE BIBLE AS THE ONLY TRUTH. Where are we to find TRUTH, if not in God’s Word?

Of course, “Christian queers” use the Bible for their textbook but have a PINK TWIST that shapes their opinions about sexuality, i.e., hetero and homo.

Trust me, I’m not new to all this “Pink Twisting;” I’ve read their books and studied their twisted ideas/concepts about homosexuality: I find them dishonest and disgusting. They misinterpret the Hebrew/Greek language texts. I’ll get into this later on.

Ms. Hodge writes, in her book, that anyone who takes the Bible seriously could never take it literally. She also writes that God had revealed a “new thing” to her and her Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender “Christians”; God now ACCEPTS them! Could not a murderer, thief, adulterer, liar etc. all make this claim? Of course, if they wanted to PROTECT their damning sin/sins.

“I’m Born This Way!”

REALLY NOW, SAYS WHO? You? And let me say that almost all the scientific World/Political World believe that men/women EVOLVED! HOW IS IT WHEN IT COMES TO HOMOSEXUALITY, THAT THEY USE THE WORD “CREATED/BORN” AND NOT “EVOLVED? When was the last, or first, time you ever heard the pro-homo/homo camp say “you evolved that way!”? Creation involves a Creator; God is that Creator, His Word is His account of who, why, what, when and where man/woman was CREATED.

I cover all this “creation” aspect in my critique articles against Bulletproof Faith.

What God’s Word reveals about reality, ethics, Truth, etc. is authoritative of the whole world, not just for the Christians. So, what His Word reveals about sexual perversions, homo/hetero, is authoritative and crucial. The scope of God’s moral/ethical laws are universal.


His Condemnation

GOD’S WORD condemns all sexual perversions; it makes no allowance for homosexuality. Incest, adultery, pederasty, prostitution (cultic or other)—all forms of perversion included in the term “fornication” are condemned. The HM tries to convince any and all that the restrictions against sex-sins was cultural (for Israel only), not universal: WRONG! While it is true that not all nations were obligated to keep the non-moral laws that Israel had to keep, nevertheless, the Gentiles/Pagans were, and are, obligated to keep God’s moral laws...they are still binding today.

           While the homo camp contests their binding obligation, they, as Romans one tells us, “...who in their wickedness repress and hinder the truth and make it inoperative” (Rom. 1:18, Amplified Bible). I cover all this in other articles; you may write for our free booklets on this subject.



HOMOSEXUALITY IN NO way can represent God; male/female were created in His image and likeness. I’ve already written about this. Man/woman are theomorphisms—forms or images that proclaim God. Male and female, not an “it” (like transgender!), and stand at the apex of the LORD’S good creation, formed and made in His very own likeness/image. These human beings have sexuality or gender; we are to be His “image-bearers.” It is male/female that reflect the LORD’S Divine nature, not male only, but both male and female.

Not Adequate Representation

HOMOSEXUALITY IN the strict sense is not adequate to represent His Divine image. Homosexuality is REBELLION against God’s perfect created order. The homosexual community search for answers to their philosophical and theological questions about their life.

In order to satisfy their sexual lusts, they must establish or adopt some sort of philosophy, even a theology, for themselves. Their worldview, as one theologian put it, “may be rudimentary or even embryonic, but man’s relentless rational nature does not rest until it possesses this explanation.” True, at least for so many people.

Homosexuality and its “pink moral revolution” leads inevitably to a clash with God’s Word; their intrinsically anti-Christian beliefs (at least anti what the Bible really says about their abominations) will clash with Biblical truth.


Sin of Sodom

THE BIBLE links pride, wickedness, and arrogance, with homosexuality. One can read Isaiah 1:1-17 to understand how pride (“Gay Pride!”) is linked to Sodom, even Gomorrah! “Hear (O Jerusalem) the Word of the Lord, your rulers or judges of (mother) Sodom! Give ear to the law and the teaching of our God, you people of (mother) Gomorrah” (v. 10, Amp.). Here God is rebuking His backslid people; He likens them to Sodom and Gomorrah. Why would God compare His people to those two cities? (you may want to look up Zeph. 2:9; Ezek. 16:46-58, 56; Isa. 3:8-10; and in the N.T., 2 Peter 2:8-10 and Jude 7, 8).


Extra-Biblical References

IF YOU CARE to research this deeper, you can look into rabbinical literature such as: (Bab. Sanh., 109 a-b), it is described by Josephus in his Antiq. 1.194-95, and it is also linked to the early Church fathers in 1 Clem. 30.1. We read in 1 Clement:

“Seeing then that we are the portion of one who is holy, let us do all the deeds of sanctification, fleeing from evil speaking, and abominable and impure embraces, drunkenness and youthful lusts, and abominable passion, detestable adultery, and abominable pride (bdelyktas epithymias...bdelykten hyperephonian).



ALSO, AS BIBLE scholars point out, it also appears in the intertestamental literature of the Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha (Ecclus. 10:12, 13-18; 16:8; T. Levi 17:11; 2 Enoch 10:4, 5a [rec. P, J, and A); 3 Macc. 2:3-6; 4 Ezra 2:8, 9; Letter of Aristeas, 152.


Still Other References

Homosexuality is equated to pride in Plato (in Phaedrus 232a): “Consider that lovers (in a homo affair), believing that others would be as envious of them as they are of others, are likely to be excited by possession and in their pride to show everybody that they have not toiled in vain.”


Gay Pride!

THIS ABOMINATION is a world-wide plague. Why do “gays” insist on using the word “pride”? Because of their arrogance of same-gender perversions, they violate the ethical code of obedience to God. Homosexuality redefines (for God) what is good and bad, moral and immoral. So these “lost” souls flaunt their perversions—as did those of Sodom and Gomorrah.


Lot’s Wife

YOU KNOW the story: God sent two Angels to Sodom to rescue Lot and his family from God’s pending judgment. His judgment was to be executed after Lot and family left. Despite the ridiculous interpretation put forth by the “gay” community, God was not going to destroy Sodom because of inhospitality, but because of their sex sins. Some think that Lot’s wife was a lesbian, for she looked back to her beloved city of perversion, and died.


“Sin City!”

THIS COULD HAVE well described Sodom. I don’t think personally that Sodom was entirely a homosexual hang-out. I think all kinds of sexual sins were committed there—hetero/homo. I believe that greed, pride, exploitation of all kinds, murder, hatred—the usual vices/sins that plague cities.



EVER SINCE the Homosexual Movement (HM) got underway, the “gays” had to explain their vile actions to society that society would accept. For “Christian” America, which was far from idyllic for the “gays,” the “gay” community had to come up with something, anything, that would remove their stigma. They began to put forth the romantic image of homosexual “love,” not just raw sex, but “love.” “This ought to do it, because everybody responds to love,” so they said. Sadly, but realistically though, their camp was and is plagued with violence, infidelity and trauma. Heterosexuals did not cause this, this is all part of their “loving” community. “Cold hard facts,” as the committee on American Issues writes, “prove that erotic and neurotic sentimentality between people of the same sex has nothing of the conjugal love uniting a man and woman in legitimate traditional marriage contracted in accordance with God’s plan and natural law.” No amount of window dressing (even in pink!) can veil the Truth!


You See...

YOU SEE, for homosexuality to be received, believed, and accepted as the “norm,” it needs to appear like heterosexuality; hence, “homosexual monogamy.” Now we (society) paint “couples” with matrimonial-like “fidelity.” The fact is, all this BULL about same-sex marriage is only to mock God and Christianity. THE FACT IS THAT MOST HOMOS DO NOT CHERISH MONOGAMY. Psychologist Gerald Vonden Aardweg says that “homosexual restlessness cannot be appeased, much less so by having one partner, because these persons are propelled by an insatiable pining for the unattainable fantasy figure.” Few no doubt are the exceptions.


Old Biblical Interpretation

DR. J. B. De Young lists 3 old Biblical interpretations replaced by 3 new approaches:


Lie #1: “REFERENCES TO homosexuality do not occur in passages where they traditionally have been seen (Gen. 19:1-8; Judg. 19:16-30; Ezek. 16:44-50; 1 Cor. 6:9-11; 1 Tim. 1:8-10; 2 Pet. 2:6-8; and Jude 6-8.)”

They tell us that the identification of homosexuality in these passages is “improper interpretation of Scripture.” What else could they say since they have to protect their pride, and their idol—SEX PERVERSIONS.

I mentioned in Bulletproof Faith refutation where lesbian Dr. Virginia Mollenkott in her essay Christianity and Crisis said that misinterpreting the Bible is common. She throws a fit when our English Bibles use the words “homosexual/ homosexuality.” She lets us straight folks know that the word “homosexual” does not occur anywhere in the Bible! Duh! Neither does “heterosexual,” nor does the word “Bible” appear in the Bible. Does this mean there are no heterosexuals or Bibles?


Lie #2: “HOMOSEXUALITY IS in the context of certain passages, but these texts concern Israel’s special ritual or sacred relationship to God (e.g., Lev. 18:22; 20:13). They are irrelevant to the Christian.”

           Is that right? They think so. What these perverts are telling us is that ‘You can commit forbidden and sinful sex acts AS A CHRISTIAN with no consequences’! Wow! How nice. First off, whoever heard of a “Christian Homosexual”? Biblically speaking, there is no such “thing.” What won’t they come up with to protect their pride and perverted idols?!


Lie #3: “WHATEVER REFERENCES to homo-sexuality are in Scripture may be deemed outdated and irrelevant. They concern a form of homosexuality unlike the modern practice and have nothing to contribute to contemporary discussion (e.g., Rom. 1:26, 27).”

           There you have it from “queer” Bible experts! I must say, today’s sex perversions are no doubt more vile and harmful than back then, if that is what they mean...visit any hospital and see the violent result of homo “love.”


Who Are We To Believe?

GOD’S WORD, or sex perverts? Here is what it all amounts to: Liberal, but straight, pro-homo theologians and homosexual theologians make “freedom in love” the heart and soul/the chief criterion for deciding the morality of homosexuality (I include all forms of such perversions). I’ve said this for years: HOMOSEXUALS DON’T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT GODLY MORALITY, or other wise, but they must attack the Bible’s standards of conduct; so now we have an entourage of “Christian” theologians, Bible experts, and Church leaders—all claiming to know what God’s Word REALLY says about sex.

           Promiscuity is the center of their existence, not loving God or one another, this is but a smoke screen, a deceit. The abysmal social and public health consequences point to a CURSE, not a blessing.


Tree is Known By Its Fruit

JESUS SAID in Matt. 12:33: “Either make the tree good, and his fruit good; or else make the tree corrupt, and his fruit corrupt: for the tree is known by his fruit.” All one has to do is read their sexual trash, and hear their vile conversations, and see their abominational displays of filth; one with half a brain will see that homosexuality is a mixture of anti-Bible sexual aberrations with blasphemies and sacrilegious sadisms thrown into the pot of puke!

           Sodomite and pro-sodomite organizations exist solely for the purpose of affirming their sexual perversions as legitimate; the Metropolitan Community Church is a case and point. The whole political homo’s sole purpose is to DEMAND “gay rights.” The Gay Rights Movement exists to DEMAND that society remove ALL civil restrictions on their perversions so as to count them as “normal,” even “above normal”—the ‘we’ll open up jobs, acceptance, etc.’. They DEMAND civil protection as if they somehow are “special.” Should not the murderer, the thief, the adulterer, the whatever-kind of criminal demand the same? Why do we need jails and prisons anyways; hasn’t God created the law breakers as well? Now they DEMAND marriage to be redefined and changed so they can have civil rights as “married couples,” with rights to ADOPT CHILDREN (do they have child-sex in mind?).


Church Destroyers

I SAID BACK in the early 1980s that the Homo Movement would infiltrate, educate, and dominate the Church if the Church did not guard it’s door. Well, as you can see, I was 100% right.

Their “pink twist” on Biblical exegesis was only a start. “Christian” queers sprang up everywhere, getting degrees in universities all across the land. (I use the word “queer” in the true sense of the word; “strange; out of health, injure some enterprise, counterfeit”).

As already stated, a new context of theology now determines how much weight to give to the Bible’s passages on homosexuality. The WHAT of morality is now supplied by anti-Christian and “pink theologians” on moral education, critical thinking, and of course rational/humanistic argumentation.

So, what we have today is that the world decides what constitutes good and evil.

Pim Pronk, in his book, Against Nature?, asserts: “there is every reason to REMOVE the homosexuality issue PERMANENTLY from the Church’s agendas as a moral and religious, i.e., as a scientific, problem.” Thank you Dr. Pronk, you really show your true color- PINK! I really feel sorry for all the Churches who have done what Mr. Pim “Pink” Pronk suggest.


Enter Nissinen

MARTTI NISSINEN asserts that Biblical authors were people of their times, with limited knowledge; therefore he tells us that modern changes in worldview force us to diverge from the clear Word of the Bible. I don’t need to remind my readers that GOD’S WORD IS ETERNAL AND DIVINE, NOT MORTAL AND HUMAN. The human authors wrote under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit (2 Tim. 3:16, 17 N.T.).

Nissinen, along with practically all others in the “pink” camp, see “love” as the central hermeneutical principle of Biblical commands. He can’t mean agape, for God’s love does not tolerate sexual sins, be they homo or heterosexual. That leaves “eras love,” i.e.: human love. I think we can use and abuse “love your neighbor as thyself.” Does this mean I can commit adultery with my neighbor’s wife or daughter? Get serious here.


Be Informed!

OUR CONTEMPORARY culture allows, even promotes all kinds of things the Bible denounces. Are you telling me a “pink” revisionist interpretation of morality surpasses God’s time-tested TRUTHS!?

Christian thinkers think like this: “If religion (Christianity especially) has a direct effect on morality, and morality, in turn, has a direct effect on law or legislation, then the new interpretations of Scripture have serious consequences for society, and we must answer them.” This is exactly what I’m doing, and will continue to do.


The Bridge

“MORALITY IS the bridge between Theology and culture” is a common view held among historians, and even agnostics. Alexis de Tocqueville has said, “No liberty without morality, no morality without religion.”

           Both O.T. and the N.T. affirm that religion (Judaism/Christianity particularly) determines morality...for God is wholly holy and He expects His children to be holy (see 1 Peter 1:16 in the N.T. See Lev. 11:44, 45; 19:2; 20:7; Prov. 29:18 in the O.T.).


To HELL with Morality!

THIS IS BASICALLY how the larger percent of the homosexual camp believes. Read some of their publications, essays, etc., the ugly language and disgusting pejorative tones used about the anti-homosexual camp is proof enough to let one know that THE TREE’S ROOTS ARE ROTTEN, AND THE FRUITS ARE THE SAME.

Dignity USA spokesperson loves to hurl accusations at any and all who don’t see eye to eye (body to body may be a better way of stating it!) with their deviant behavior. Bull-dog tactics are common nowadays; TERRORISM!

These misguided folks want us, the straight community, to overlook God’s eternal truth about sodomy et al. They tell us that we must speak of the legitimacy of homosexuality and its good effects on morality and law within and without the Church. “Legitimacy”? This is like saying that a vulture is a dove; a devil a saint.

How can one sanitize evil? By hijacking the word “gay,” they have placed an acceptance label upon their lifestyle. Etymologically, “gay” meant “merry, full of spirits, cheerful.” In the negative sense, it meant “inflamed with liquor; merry or happy being intoxicated.” In more modern times, “gay” came to mean “a homosexual” (may be because of the bright and merry clothing?).


New Theology

NOT ONLY are the homosexuals guilty of liberal and dishonest Biblical scholarship, the straight camp is guilty as well—to protect their sins. Many Biblical doctrines have been trashed (shelved is a softer word), being replaced with humanistic doctrines that aren’t so “harsh, judgmental and unloving.” But, let me stick to the issue at hand, homosexuality.

In the 1987 issue of the New Dictionary of Theology it states in reference to “homosexuality”:

“Homosexual activity when encountered or referred in the O.T. and N.T. is condemned. Modern Biblical scholarship, however, suggests that the condemnation in the O.T. is often directed against homosexual acts by heterosexual persons, especially when the situation suggests rape (see Gen. 19), or against acts in context with idolatrous connotations (see Lev. 18-22; 20:13, the Lev. Holiness Code), or which are seen as violations of social justice demands for hospitality (see Isa. 1:9; Ezek. 16:46-51; Jer. 23:14).”

Did you see how the focus got away from God’s condemnation of sodomy, to mere men condemning it? The same holds true for the NT. Romans 1:25-27; 1 Cor. 6:9, 10 and 1 Tim. 9, 10 are passages that condemn sodomy: male and female; but TDNT state: “...most modern exegetes acknowledge the difficulty of determining the precise meaning of these texts, and the consequent problem of applying them ethically to condemn homosexuals or their genital acts.”

The real problem, dear ones, is that the Christian camp backed away from standing upon known truths about homosexuality...the homo camp advanced, thus, a new “pink twist” to God’s established Word. No doubt, “fear of the queer” had a lot to do with it all.


Dignity USA

TELL ME, what dignity is there in homosexual “love making”? Some things these men/men, women/women, men/boys, women/girls, men/women/beasts perform is is pure filth in the first degree. It goes beyond human dignity.

Two books, “The Joy of Gay Sex,” and “The Joy of Sex”, are particularly filthy, except to the filthy-minded! “The Joy of Gay Sex” is said to contain very real and graphic pictures which leave nothing to the imagination. It is said to show every variety of homosexual sex imaginable. One chapter is titled “Daddy/Son Fantasies;” another is titled “Exhibitionism and Voyeurism;” “Sex With Animals” and “Tearooms and Back Rooms” are also in the book.


Open To New Revelations

THIS “NEW REVELATIONS” bull is growing fast. By this, the homo camp means that: “Now God is accepting them and their sins without change. God now accepts the homosexual, the person, the homosexuality, and their vile acts.” This is nothing but wishful thinking at best.

Be informed! The Bible warns us of such (read Gal. 1:6-9). Verse 7 says, “...there be some that trouble you, and would PERVERT the Gospel of Christ.” This is exactly what the religious wing of the homo camp has, and is, doing. Verse 9 tells us if any preach “another Gospel” than what the Apostle Paul, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, preached “...let him (or her) be ACCURSED.” All one has to do today is compare what the Bible teaches, to what men/women teach. We have the blind leading the blind.


Case In Point

WHEN BARACK O’BOMINATION, pardon me, I mean Obama was interviewed by (heretic) Rick Warren (in late fall, 2008), he said that Jesus Christ was his Lord and Savior. But in reality, he believes that all religions are legitimate paths to God. He stated: “I am rooted in the Christian faith (tradition);” but he also said, “I believe there are many paths to the same place and that is a belief there is a higher power, a belief that we are connected as a people.” Obama also believes in communism, and Islam, and is a Champion for “gay rights;” all these things go hand-in-hand. He also believes in Hinduism and New Age philosophy. Here is my point, he stated (in Audacity of Hope, p. 224) “When I read the Bible, I do so with the belief that it is not a static (stable) text but the Living Word and that I must continually be open to NEW REVELATIONS.” Barack Obama parrots other perverts. The Bible never speaks of “new revelations” that will contradict God’s Eternal and Immutable Word and nature. This is the work of demons!



IN HEB. 6:17, 18 we find the words “immutability” and “immutable,” which mean “unchangeable.” When God’s Word states that homosexuality is an abomination, He meant that...this will not change. According to the verse above, in principle, the nature of God is involved in His promises. The same holds true to the creation order of man/woman: there is not a hint of homosexuality in the creation order for sex, NONE! If God were to lie, He would cease to be the Holy God. GOD CAN CHANGE HIS MIND ON CERTAIN MATTERS, BUT THIS IS QUITE DIFFERENT THAN CHANGING HIS IMMUTABLE CHARACTER.

The “two immutable things” (v. 18) are the promise and oath of God. Because it is impossible for God to lie, His Word and promises to Abraham are true (v. 14). This truthfulness of God applies not only to His Word to Abraham, but also to His Word in all Scripture. That is, because Scripture is inspired by God, it is completely true and trustworthy. God’s Word was written down by men who were inspired and guided by His Holy Spirit. This is not to say that men haven’t tampered with His Word over the centuries, just as they do today. But we can be sure He has not changed His mind on sex perversions: hetero or homo.

All this “new revelation” BULL is just that: BULL! When He said homosexuality was an abomination, He meant it for all times, for all peoples. Amen.