First of all, this article is not another piece of “Hate Literature”. As true followers of Jesus, it is our duty to care enough about all men and women, including homosexuals, to tell them the truth. Having known many homosexuals we have found so many trapped in lifestyles of depression, self-hatred, bitterness, accusation, addiction, sickness and despair. It is the cry of our heart to offer a helping hand to those really looking for a way out. We fully realize that there are many who will choose to remain as they are, but then again, we also believe that there will be those who are sick and tired of their “lifestyle” and will gladly accept the liberating truth. It is for these ones that we are writing. Also, the information that God has given us can be valuable for others who are not homosexuals. It can prove to be a great help to others who are reaching out to the homosexual community. Anyone who works with homosexuals will face the same attitudes, reactions and arguments from those still convinced they cannot change, but when you have something valuable to share, with real power to help, it can make all the difference. With this said, it is our hope that those who have the chance to read this will do so with an open mind, realizing that there may be other angles to the homosexual question which they haven’t yet discovered.


Whether you are a homosexual, or you deal with homosexuals, this short article intends to help you understand some little known facts about homosexuality. What very few fail to realize is that homosexuality is basically a parasite problem --the parasites being DEMONS!!! Yes, the truth is that demons always have been and always will be a very real threat to mankind. It is a fact that the vast majority of the world’s population recognizes and admits the reality and existence of demons. Virtually every culture and every major religion believes in the existence of demons -or some kind of evil spiritual force, their literature, art, customs and religious rituals bearing witness to the truth that demons are a very real force. Even the most basic research on the subject will bring back a large amount of information. Once you accept the fact that demons are real, you naturally come to the next question in unraveling this puzzle. Are there different kinds of demons, and if so, what kinds are there? The subject of demonology is a vast one in itself, and we do not intend to treat it in depth. Let it suffice to say that there are many different types of demons, homosexuality being just one of them. Demons can be grouped together into several major categories, and Homosexuality falls into the category of sexual perversion and lust. Shocking as it may seem, homosexuality is nothing more than a very powerful form of lust. It is not something special, different, or unusual, it is just perverse sexual lust.FACTS ABOUT DEMONS

1. Demons can enter a person whether they believe in demons or not.

2. By committing sin you give demons the legal right to enter and remain in you.

3. Once demons are in, their #1 strategy is to hide, manipulating and motivating their victim to continue in sin.

4. Demons work hard to convince you they are not even real or that only people in mental wards have demons.

5. Demons are as common and abundant as the sins people commit.

6. More people are infested with demons than they think. Very few will admit it.

7. Christians can and do have demons in them just like everybody else.

8. Demons will not leave on their own accord. They must be driven out in order to be removed.

9. GOOD NEWS!! Demons can be driven out and forced to leave by the power of the Lord Jesus Christ working in your life. WHAT MAKES YOU A HOMOSEXUAL

Homosexuality is an extremely ancient and powerful form of sexual perversion. It is important to remember that just having homosexual urges or feelings does not make you a homosexual. The only thing that qualifies you as a homosexual is when you accept the urges as your own and cooperate with them. The truth is that many fight a bitter battle for years trying to resist their homosexual feelings and urges, not realizing that there is a force beyond themselves at work trying to destroy them. Unfortunately, the demons can keep up such continual harassment with homosexual thoughts and feelings that it is virtually impossible for many to resist. Finally, the unwitting victim gives in and accepts the thoughts being forced on them as their own. After the demons gain this much ground, the harassment seems to diminish and the victim may even feel a release or that a victory has been won. Little do they realize this is just stage one. Next the demons move towards taking full possession of their victim, leading them into actual homosexual behavior which strengthens their hold and further convinces the victim that homosexual activity is normal and acceptable. Once this stage is reached many throw off all restraints and sink to the lowest depths of degradation, doing things they never imagined. The demons also use those who reach this stage as vectors to spread the disease to others through all possible communication channels. The key to defining a homosexual is the acceptance and practice of the sin. What this means is that you can be a homosexual in your thought life, living in homosexual fantasies, even though you never act them out. The determining factor is that you have accepted them in your heart and mind, and according to Jesus in Matthew 5:28 this qualifies you as a homosexual. “But I say unto you, that whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.” Also those who practice homosexual behavior purely for sexual gratification, like many in the prison system, are also homosexuals even though they refuse to admit the fact.

HOW demons GET IN

Once a person understands that homosexuality is a demonic problem and that there are actual demons of homosexuality, the question we then ask is How do they get in? To begin with, homosexuals fall into two main categories: 1) Those who have inherited demons from their parents or past relatives and are born with homosexual demons. 2) Those who become infested during the course of their lives. To help the reader understand the first group we want to refer to the principle found in Exodus 20:5, (Bible) “for I the Lord thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me;”. What this means is that if the parents are practicing sins of sexual perversion and lust, and then a baby is conceived, that child can be born with demons of sexual perversion and homosexuality in them. Just as so many babies are born today with AIDS, homosexuality passes from mother to child because of sin. Note: these people are NOT born homosexual, they are just born with the demons. Another point is that children whose parents participate in sexual perversion after they are born can become infested at a very early age. This important principle accounts for those who have had homosexual urges for as long as they can remember. We bring these little known facts to the forefront to effectively counter the primary argument of the homosexual community -they were born homosexual and therefore they cannot change. What they ask is if no one is born a homosexual, then why have so many had homosexual urges and feelings for as long as they can remember, even far back into their childhood. What they fail to understand is that homosexual urges and feelings can be forced upon you by demons, especially upon children who are very impressionable. Demons are child molesters and will stop at nothing to gain new victims. Those who inherit homosexual demons and are therefore born with them, plus those who are infested with them at a very early age, are actually victims of the sins of their parents or past relatives. As we have already mentioned, the Bible plainly tells us in Exodus 20:5 that the sins of the parents are visited upon the children up to the 4th generation. The great disadvantage of this group is that they are plagued with unexplainable homosexual urges and feelings from a very young age. This group is easily convinced by demons that they are born AS homosexuals and therefore they cannot change.

The second group are those who take in homosexual demons from outside influences. With this group an interesting analogy can be made comparing homosexuality with a deadly contagious disease. Just as you can contact a contagious disease from an infected carrier, you can likewise become infested with homosexual demons by contact with other sources, or channels, through which the demons can come. You can also become infected by contact with others already infected. Some of the more obvious carriers in our modern society are: music, movies, TV, as well as printed materials. You may be wondering how demons can come through these channels. A little known and carefully disguised fact is that demonic forces can use many different ways to gain access to their victims. Your ears and eyes are like door ways or gates into your mind and heart, and the demons know this. Another fact is that whatever spiritual forces dominate the creators and producers go directly into what they create and are effectively transmitted to those who open themselves up to them. This one spiritual principle is accountable for the torrential rise of homosexuality, along with numerous other sins, in our electronic society over the last 4 decades. But again, everything hinges on the victim’s openness and acceptance. It is virtually impossible in our modern death culture to completely avoid contact with demonically controlled media. Nevertheless, if you keep your heart and mind focused and stayed upon Jesus, not allowing them to wander and dwell on the filth, then you can effectively resist and remain clean from infection. But, as soon as you open up and begin playing with those demonic forces, you WILL BE invaded. Most are not at all aware of how the things they take in through their ears and eyes can affect them and change the courses of their lives, but Satan is very much aware, and has been working feverishly to recruit multitudes into his ranks through this very means. Most of the time the message is a covert spiritual force, working under the surface to infect the listeners. Like AIDS, the signs and symptoms of the disease don’t usually show up until a later date, nevertheless, the person is infected. Upon entering, the demons set up camp and begin to manipulate the victim through thoughts and feelings. The ultimate goal being to harass the victim into actual homosexual activity, converting them into an effective carrier to be used in continuing the cycle of infecting others.

Probably the most virulent and contagious source of homosexual demons is the entertainment industry. This mainly includes music, movies and TV -the big 3, along with other lesser sources. These 3 channels infect literally millions each year with demonic filth, homosexuality being just one of many diseases that flow from this open sewer. Let’s take music for example. If a group of musicians are homosexuals (which many openly confess to be), then what they produce is going to carry the message of homosexuality. If the truth was known, probably the majority of modern musicians, especially in the rock and roll and “alternative”crowd, are either homosexual, bisexual, or some other type of perverted sexual deviate. Worldwide, millions of youth daily feed on what these musicians produce. The result has been an explosion of homosexuality reaching all the way down into high school age youth and even lower.

Another area that most would easily recognize as a source of infection is the pornography industry. Worldwide, standards of morality are being lowered, and what is commonly accepted today as normal entertainment was labeled as pornography just 20-30 years ago. In a land where pornography dealers used to be routinely shut down and jailed, where sodomy was a criminal offense, now every major city is plagued with dozens of pornography shops, sidewalk stands that openly display their filth, XXX movie theaters, and numerous bars and nightclubs where both men and women strip off and dance in the nude to entertain crowds of drooling demons. To get back to our subject, it should be noted that a large portion of the pornography industry caters exclusively to the homosexual community, and countless multitudes are exposed yearly to this powerful form of demonic disease. Many young people just “out to have a little fun” (?) are hopelessly infested with demons through pornography. As many have confessed, pornography is extremely addicting -just like a drug, and it drives its victims like slaves to depths of degradation they never dreamed possible. Most, if not all, of those in prison for violent sex crimes can trace their problem back to pornography addiction.

It is a widely known fact that a major portion of the TV/movie industry is controlled by homosexuals. This includes actors, producers, owners, financiers and even many behind the scenes workers. It is safe to say that it is “their industry.” Since TV and movies are pumped straight into the homes of virtually all Americans, not to mention the world in general, they have proven to be one of the most powerful tools is the moral breakdown of society. They have also worked hard to increase the acceptance by the general public that homosexuality is acceptable and not really “that bad”.

Printed material, besides pornography, is another channel that Satan uses to infect people with Homosexual demons and also alter their views about homosexuality. Homosexual books and magazines are liberally sprinkled through the bookstores, just waiting for some unsuspecting victim to open up their mind to the demonic forces that seek to infest them. An important segment of society which is strongly affected by the printed page is the educational system (industry). Satan knows that the more he can get into the minds of young people that the more converts (victims) he can secure. Over the last 2 to 3 decades Satan has worked extremely hard to infiltrate the educational system, bombarding the minds of millions with materials that portray homosexuality in a favorable light. The goal being to create an atmosphere of acceptance towards homosexuals and their behavior. Starting at the university level, militant homosexuals have fought a winning battle to capture the youth of America. Homosexual propaganda is now reaching down even to the elementary and high school levels. Homosexual professors, teachers and administrators make sure that anything throwing a bad light on homosexuality is quickly labeled as “hate literature” and removed from the curriculum, being replaced with pro-homosexual materials to “counteract” any damage done to their agenda.


One very important key in understanding demonic activity is that demons have the ability to subtly inject thoughts into the human mind. Working behind the scenes, the demons favorite trick is to convince unsuspecting, gullible, people that the thoughts they are forcing upon them are actually the people’s very own thoughts. It is true that a person can become infected with homosexual demons solely through the thought realm, however Satan chooses to use the already mentioned channels because they are much more effective and can be easily disguised and portrayed as just innocent, harmless forms of entertainment. The claim “Freedom of expression” is also widely used to justify and defend many things that are nothing more than pornography. Unbelievable as it may seem, pornography is often labeled as “art” by those who push it in order to give it an air of respectability. This is the equivalent of calling a bowel movement a “creative expression”.

Probably the biggest single advantage the demon forces have is that by far the majority of people think that demons are just something they see in horror movies or inhabit mental wards and could never have any influence in their lives. The shocking truth is that few, if any, escape some degree of demonic infestation. Satan knows that the battleground is the mind, and that once he can get rooted and established in someone’s mental terrain that he stands a good chance of manipulating that soul and leading them into eternal destruction.


We want to pause here to remind the reader that this essay is not just some “vicious slander” aimed at a group of people that we hate. NO! We view homosexuals as humans who have souls just like everyone else, and who will burn for eternity in Hell if they don’t repent. It is our intention to offer homosexuals a helping hand up and out of a destructive, degrading lifestyle. The truth that homosexual thoughts and behavior are motivated by demons, combined with the knowledge that one can be free from demonic bondage through dedication to Jesus Christ, is a powerfully liberating force that can rescue even the most hopeless and helpless victim of homosexuality.

Yes, whether you believe it or not, if you are a practicing homosexual, YOU CAN CHANGE. Another little known fact is that there are thousands of ex-homosexuals who are no longer held captive by the demonic forces of lust and perversion. They have gained their freedom, and so can you! Why don’t you start out on the road to freedom today? You have everything to gain, and nothing to lose except a future of demonic oppression, depression, eventual sickness and death. This is how you get started.

First, you have to come to grips with the fact that there is only one source of power strong enough to deliver you from this force that rules your life. This source is the Living God -The Lord Jesus Christ. Don’t expect to pull a spike driven into a block of wood with a pair of tweezers. You need the right tool to do the job. Jesus is the only one who can set you free. All other attempts to get free using man-made methods like psychology or new-age philosophies will fail. You are dealing with a force that only responds to the name of Jesus. Second, you have to face the fact that God has a moral standard, and all forms of lust and sexual perversion, including homosexuality, violate that standard and fall into the category of sin. When it comes to sin, homosexuality is just one more on the list that will separate you from God. And like all other sins, it will keep you out of Heaven and send you to Hell. Spiritually speaking you are filthy, covered with the ugliness of your sin. Jesus wants to make you clean, but you have to let Him.

We won’t try to tell you that getting free from your sins is easy. On the contrary, you are facing a life and death struggle against demonic forces that will not willingly relinquish their position. One thing you will learn about demons is that they must be forcefully driven out by the Spirit of God. They will not leave any other way. The operation of casting out demons is called deliverance and many instances of it can be found throughout the New Testament. Unfortunately, there are very few Christians today who can help you. But don’t despair, the powerful prayer at the end of this article will give you a guideline that you can follow as you seek to be free of demonic control. If you feel you need more help and additional prayer, don’t be afraid to contact us at the address given on the back of this booklet.

You will also face the challenge of mastering your own human will and emotions. This will probably be the most crucial decision you will make, and when you enter into the battle it will take a tremendous exertion of your will combined with a fierce determination to win. Whether you gain your freedom and become a new person, or remain a miserable slave, the outcome hinges on you and how much you truly want to be free. If you want to be free you are going to have to fight for it.

Above all, it will take the power of God working in your life to liberate you and give you the strength you need to stand your ground. Now, the only way you will ever receive this liberating power is by believing that God is a very real force, by admitting that you have violated and broken His moral laws, and by confessing that you are a sinner in His eyes and you NEED GOD’S HELP. God’s provision for all your sins is the blood of Jesus. Talk to Jesus, in your heart or out loud, and ask Him to come into your life, forgive your sins, and help you to change. Jesus will hear you, just as He has heard the cry of millions before you, and if you sincerely mean it, you can count on His help. In fact, JESUS IS THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN HELP YOU! In other words, you must submit your life to Jesus and let Him take control. You can no longer be your own boss and “do your own thing”. You must willingly ask Jesus to be your leader and then follow His plan for your life. If you do this, the power of God will miraculously change you into a new person.

The spiritual truth you are facing is that you are nothing but a PRISONER: a prisoner of your sins, and a prisoner of the demons who have invaded your life. After reading this article you now have the key to freedom. It is your choice. If YOU want you can be permanently free from the demonic disease of homosexuality. Or you can remain in your sins, a slave to demon powers, and face eternity in a burning Hell. Regardless of your background or the things you may have done, Jesus Christ has the power to save you from your sins and give you a new life. It is our prayer that you will choose Jesus.

A special note to those with AIDS. It is possible that God can cure you of AIDS, and there are many testimonies to this effect. But whether God chooses to heal you or not, if you confess your sins and give your life to Jesus, God has promised to save you from an eternity in Hell, which is a fate far worse than AIDS. Repent today! Give your life to Jesus, turn from your sinful ways and live!!



Dear Jesus, I come to you and confess all the sins I’ve committed and I beg you to forgive me. I confess that I am a sinner and that I cannot save myself. I thank you that you died on the cross to pay the price for my sins. Please cleanse my body, soul and spirit with your precious blood. I need your help and I ask you to come and live in my heart. I want to serve you, obey your commands and do what is right. I want to live for you everyday, please lead and guide me by your Spirit into all truth and righteousness. Thank you Jesus for hearing and answering my prayer. Amen!


The following prayer can be a guideline to help you in your struggle for freedom. Heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, I confess and repent of all sins of homosexuality and lesbianism and I ask your forgiveness in Jesus’s name. I now renounce and break the curse of the sodomite over myself and my family. I renounce, break and loose myself from all curses and causes of homosexuality and lesbianism by the authority of Jesus Christ. I renounce and break any and all curses and demons I may have inherited related to homosexuality and lesbianism from either side of my family up to seven generations back. I command the demons of homosexuality and lesbianism to be bound and leave me right now in the name of Jesus. You have no grounds or legal rights to remain in me for I have been purchased by the Blood of Jesus Christ. I reject and renounce all uncleanness, perversion and sickness or disease caused by or related to the sin of homosexuality and lesbianism and I thank you Jesus for cleansing me of all these things. I praise you Jesus for being my redeemer, deliverer and savior, and I thank you for setting me free. Amen!