America: Nihilistic Nightmare!

Gen. James Green


“A virtual stroll reveals that nothingness is in full flower” wrote one author who quite obviously was depressed (in a real way) as he beheld the new America… “dysfunctional.”



T HERE IS SOMETHING about “nihilism” that gets to us. What does it mean? The dictionary says that it is a:

1) doctrine that all values are baseless and that nothing is knowable or can be communicated;

2) rejection of all distinctions in moral value, constituting a willingness to refute all previous theories of morality;

3) the belief that destruction of existing political or social institutions is necessary for future improvement;

4) the doctrine of a 19th century Russian movement that advocated assassination and terrorism.


Well, this could, and it does, describe modern Babylon, aka, Amerika.

Nihilism, which raises the possibility that existence LACKS VALUE and PURPOSE!! to the extent that nihilism has a human face to Americans, that face certainly belongs to B. Obama (and most of his criminal cronies: male, female, and transgender!), Your “pink pimp” prez and friends are telling us that making same-sex-marriage the law of the land is somehow a “little more perfect” as he describes that ABOMINATION. “Nihilism”=the “ABSURD.” Telling Americans that God’s marital law was “less-than-perfect”?! NO, Obama is not a brooding self-absorbed existential poseur, but a man(?) of political, social, and tyrannical commitment whose primary value is GLBTQ stuff—which America CAN LIVE WITHOUT!! His excessive cultivation of the GLBTQ STINK knows no boundaries…he truly is in the grip of “pink insanity.”

Biblical Christianity means NOTHING to this man(?). He has, by all observations, leaped into the black hole of meaninglessness.

When it comes to his pet idol—GLBTQ stuff, he unflinchingly and uncompromisingly stands up against opposition. He is trying to push this sick “pink” trash off on the WHOLE WORLD. In the history of human intelligence, (and the LACK of it), Obama wins the prize. There is, thus far, no equivalent to his “love affair” with homosexuality.


NIETZSCHE (“there is no God!!”) argued, “morality requires people to be truthful, to look honestly at themselves and their faults.” But, “truth” for Nietzsche did not come from God, or his Word—the Bible.

Going back further, Plato and Socrates both agreed with the ancient Israelites/Hebrews (and their successors—the Christians): all made claims for true absolute value, and all imposed ironclad moral systems. Look at America’s “moral” system today: it is whatever you want it to be. America has come to RESIST, and even HATE godliness, Biblical morality, and virtuous ideas, for they were, America concluded: “too harsh, too unloving, and too judgmental.” And, look at the HELL-OF-A-MESS this nation is in.

Nietzsche once remarked: “We esteem the lies we should like to tell others.” Lies? Lies about rewards and punishments in the hereafter...which he did not believe in.

The Bible says in Ps. 14:1: “The (empty-headed) fool has said in his heart, ‘there is no God.’ They are corrupt, they have done abominable deeds; there is none that does good or right” (Amp. Bible). All “fools” are the same—they are corrupt.

It Has Been Said…

THE EPISTEMOLOGICAL gangrene of nihilism gathers in the gap between the made-up world of ideal moral virtues, and the actual world that we live in. What one wishes for is to prove that the world is meaningful, and that the things that happen are all part of a grand scheme.

Well, for me, I do believe that God is in control, and man is “out of control,” or “out of order.” I believe that Jesus Christ is what the world needs, but it does not perceive that need. The values that America needs are what is missing. Some of us have those missing needs in our lives; some live a better life; joy and peace are the things the nihilists need.

Free To Create?

WHY YES! Isn’t this what man/woman without God does? Create a world they like? But, like all fools, these poor wretched souls create their own Hell as well. Look at these poor lost souls, thinking themselves to be “God.” They have created themselves a noble being-for-oneself.

What Obama wants to do is create a new America that has no morals and no sexual restraints. He refuses to take God at His Word. Instead, he convinces himself that God’s eternal Word is not really eternal, but evolving. Really Mr. Obama? Says who? You? This demented and deranged man(?) needs to reassess the limits of ABSURDITY. This lavender-lipped-liar actually believes his own delusions.


Is king (or is it queen?) Obama trying to conquer or impose? Is his disposition madness or equipoise. It depends on what he has been smoking, drinking, sniffing, or injecting. Many, no doubt, dismiss this fake president as mere grandiloquence disguising as a president, but in reality, a fluke and fraud.

Name calling could cover pages, but the thing that Obama has pushed for—with all his might—is law. But this ABOMINATION has been in the shadows for a long time. In 1953, one homo magazine cover story headline read: “Homosexual Marriage” (in Illinois).

Look, as far as the U.S. Constitution goes, the first Amendment, which was: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion,” outlawed biblical Christianity, but it did give we Bible-believing believers a say-so on what Christianity is, and what it believes in. But, we can’t expect Christianity to be “law” when “We the People” are the “new god” of America (preamble). What we can do, and I’m doing it here, is plead for the lost to find Jesus as Savior and Lord.

AS MUCH AS WE MAY HATE IT, OUR FOUNDING FATHERS COMPROMISED. They made the United States a government-sanctioned polytheistic nation. They allowed ALL religions to be equal.

So, with that said, Obama has the right to say and do what he is saying and doing. We can protest, and we should, but Christianity is only ONE religion, not THE ONLY ONE.

Bye-Bye America

UNLESS CHRISTIANS get off their lazy behinds and get to the front lines, Biblical Christianity may be OUTLAWED.

So, here we stand: pluralism and polytheism=sedition and treason against the LORD. If the framers had heeded Ps. 78:1-8, America would not be in this “pink stink” she finds herself in today. We must continue to be a true witness to this lost generation—not just here in America—but in ALL the world. We can use freedom of speech and press to witness about the saving power of the Lord Jesus. Let’s do our best; God will do the rest!

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