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The Gift of Normal Skin!

by Sgt. First Class Victoria River


I WANT TO TESTIFY of a wondrous miracle and Act of the Spirit God has done for me. For several years I had a very itchy red rash that was very inflamed on many parts of my body. It started on the inside faces of my arms and then it spread all over the place. It got really bad on the backs of my hands and fingers. It itched and burned so much that it was a trial to do the simplest thing—such as wash dishes, slice tomatoes or oranges, or mix any kind of dough or mixture that had salt or acid in it.

     It also appeared all over the inside and backs of my thighs, on the backs of my legs behind the knees down to the middle of my calves and on my chest, back, and neck. It was eating me up and I was always so itchy! I scratched and that made it worse.

     I had this rash for several years and I asked God many times to heal me, but it didn’t go away. Generals James and Deborah prayed for it to be healed and then General Deborah told me I needed to resist the urge to scratch because it was of the devil. She also told me I needed to believe God more. He told her I was healed—no matter what the circumstances looked like. I began to fight for my healing. I tried very hard not to scratch and I would many times a day remind myself and others that “by His stripes I am healed”, and I would thank God for the healing even though I was as itchy as ever.

     My husband and I prayed daily that God would manifest His healing power and heal the rash. Little by little as we hung on to God and His promises, the healing came. The rash started to disappear and now over a year later it is totally gone. I am completely healed!

     There are many witnesses who can testify that my testimony is true, for they saw how horribly ugly and itchy my skin was. Some of them were the ones who sought and thought endlessly for new ways and remedies and creams with which to relieve me. However, nothing really seemed to work. These same people gladly rejoiced with me and praised God for effectuating so wonderful a healing. Thank God for His wondrous mercies, for He hears our cries and cares for our well-being!

     Every day I thank God many times for the gift of normal skin. Thank God! Glory to his name!


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