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Dear Generals,

I have the honor, most respectfully, of thanking you for the wonderful spiritual materials you sent to me. Thanks also for the prayer cloths sent to me, for they have helped a lot. God bless you more! My right arm was paining me for many years. When I placed the prayer cloth on the arm and prayed, it was healed. No more pain again. Praise God for that! When I place the prayer cloth at the head of my bed, when I sleep it will be a sweet sleep. My dreams will only be about God’s work and seeing men of God who served for long time advising me. My chairwoman also gave the same testimony. The prayer cloth helped her very much. WE NEED MORE PRAYER CLOTHS for healing!!!

We are behind you in our daily prayers. General James and Deborah—may God bless you with more wisdom from above. You are doing wonderful work for the Lord in this world. Sir, I wish to join the army that sheds no blood. My heart is with you. I need new selections and more material regularly. Please count me as one of your distributors.

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Abraham Wablak Mekwi



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