Whose Fingerprints?

Zionist Black Ops

Gen. James Green

Zionists DID 9-11! With all the evidence collected since that BLACK day, the Zionist crime evidence, and the "Jewish" influence, Massod, with the cooperation of certain U.S. agencies, pulled off this GREAT American DECEPTION. THESE AMERICAN/ISRAEL DASTARDS PLANNED AND EXECUTED THIS 9-11 HOLOCAUST.

It is known that in 1979, 21 years before Sept. 11, 2001, Isser Harel predicted with accuracy the 9-11 events to a Michael D. Evans, an American supporter of Zionist extremists. Not only this, in an editorial entitled: "America the Target" (published on Sept. 30, 2001 in the Jerusalem Post), Evans (a Khazar Jew) asked Harel about "Arab terrorism," and if it would come to America. So, the "plan" had already been planned! Harel said that the "terrorists" would "hit" the "tallest building in NYC." Of course the whole "attack" or "act of terrorism" by Israel/America, was to blame the Arabs. But this was the right thing to do—for the Arab terrorists were/are just that!

If one watches the DVD we have put together, one will see, and believe!, this to be true.

Security in Zionist Hands

IT IS A WELL KNOWN FACT that the World Trade Center (WTC complex) was in the hands of Kroll Association, aka, "Wall street's CIA." The owners of Kroll were two Israelis, Jules and Jeremy Kroll. How nice! The managing director of the Kroll Association at that time was Jerome M. Hauer. Hauer is also Jewish and a staunch Zionist (look up his family and associates).

Airport Security

GUESS WHO? Yes!, in Israeli hands. Passenger screening was handled by Zionist operatives. Security was owned by Ezra Harel and Manachem Atzmon—both Israeli nationalists (these were experts in security/intelligence). Most employees were ex-Shin Bet agents.

U.S. Army Study

IT IS NO SECRET that nations involved in this kind of stuff USE their own citizens, agencies, and military. When the U.S. Army did their study on Massod (Israel's intelligence), here is what was stated: "Wildcard, ruthless, and cunning. Has capability to target U.S. forces and make it look like a Palestinian/Arab act" (this was done prior to the first year of a peace-enforcement op.). This was reported in the Washington Post on Sept. 10, 2001…Israeli espionage around 9-11. This of course, led to many arrests and detentions. But the MURDER had already been done, 3,000 died, and only God knows how many have died since 9-11 in the middle East…and the MURDER continues by Israel, America, and Muslims of all nationalities.

Fox in Henhouse!

HERE IS THE RUB: the 9-11 investigation was/is in Zionist hands! Sure!, like the Zionists are going to implicate themselves? Give me a break here…when all appointed chief judges were…guess? ...Zionists. How thoughtful!

Bush's Buddies

WE FORGET, The Bush Administration was extremely over-represented by Israelis...this says one thing: They were in COMPLETE CONTROL of the U.S. gov. before and after 9-11.

Lest we also forget, it was Rabbi Dov Zakheim who was the co-author of the PNAC paper on rebuilding America's defenses advocating the "Necessity" of a Pearl Harbor-like incident (planned!!) to mobilize America. Boy, what a miracle…worked like a (devil's) charm. Oh, by the way, this guy also served as a pentagon comptroller (May 4, 2001-Mar. 10, 2004)…ZAP! 2.3 trillion (with a capital 'T') missing while on his guard. Hmmm… That's not all, dear deceived and duped Americans, later, this same Zionist devil was unable to account for another trillion. This guy won't go hungry!

Name After Name,=all Jewish

IT WOULD TAKE lots of time to go thru all the Zionists (and others) involved in 9-11 and afterwards.

Play Acting

IN CONSPIRACIES vs. conspiracies and nation vs. nation, lies, deceit, and propaganda etc. are all part of the WAR.

We have militant Muslims (Al Qaida, ISIS/IS, CIA, and Mossad etc. all working at deceiving each other. These individuals or groups "dress up" like the enemy/enemies they are at war with—false flagging, play acting etc. Over time, some of these "actors" have been exposed as frauds…"Arabs" posing as Mossad operatives; Mossad operatives posing as "Arabs." War is DECEIT!

We know, without any problem that Zionists have been, and still are masters at manipulation. Anything they do, they blame the Muslims; that will generate SYMPATHY for Israel, so they do it. The same goes the other way round.

I Believe…

I BELIEVE, after years of study, that both Zionists and Islamic terrorists are equally insane. We here support neither.

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