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Aggressive Christianity

Missions Training Corps


25 Glorious Years1982-2007


TWENTY-FIVE YEARS AGO we started out with 5 committed adult members; now we have grown to over several million men and women who have joined the ranks with us. It has been an interesting and trying journey.

     The years of trial and error are primarily a story of a people with a vision—God’s vision of an Aggressive Missionary Army ... individualistic, opinionated, common but dedicated to the cause—who had and have courage and faith to work and war energetically to realize a vision for God’s purpose and a vision of quality and equality for everyone who joins the “Army that sheds no blood!”

     With the medium of shortwave radio, Internet, mail-outs of millions of ACMTC materials and having personally gone to many nations, we have, by God’s grace, gone into over 200 nations of this world.

     Today, 2007, ACMTC remains a voluntary, unregistered organization, dedicated to the same basic goals that we five founders expressed in 1982: Taking Jesus to ALL the world!

     Today, 25 years later, ACMTC works to represent its membership (voluntary enlistees and a larger auxiliary corps) with all the Godly teachings and skill a small leadership and staff can muster. We here at Headquarters know that our resources and willpower lie in cooperation and mutual trust/understanding with each other thru the miracle power of the Holy Spirit.

     We try to take a careful and considered note of the suffering and lost world around us, and acknowledge that without constant efforts to teach and preach the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ—in whom redemption, justification and sanctification lie—many will perish in their sins everlastingly. So, human souls, no matter what race or color, are paramount to our vision—which is the LORD’s vision. We must and we do toil in both favorable and unfavorable environments.

     We are a “grassroots” corps of individuals with varied backgrounds who have come together in free choice—and that is one of our great strengths. The advancement of fruitfulness in the Spirit is central to all we say and do. We are not a 501(c)3 church, but we work with literally several million church folks from many, many different denominations and organizations. We also work with and give freely of our free ACMTC materials to secular organizations—the military and prison systems worldwide, along with schools, colleges and universities (both secular and religious). We do this at our personal expense, for freely we have received, freely we give—this is our primary responsibility, to teach others the way of God, and we welcome it. It is our obligation to take the Light to the blind and food to the hungry—hungry in the spiritual sense.

     We are pledged to fight the good fight of faith and fight all those evil forces which undermine the Christian faith, AND WE SHALL DO THIS YEAR AFTER YEAR, UNTIL THE VOICES OF BIGOTRY AND HATRED ARE SILENCED.

     The generations that came before us struggled with the demons of their day, and cut a clear path for us to follow in their wake. Missions and missionaries have been planted in every nation of the globe—globally we must maintain the front lines of battle. Soldiers of Jesus Christ have made our job easier, often by a great a personal sacrifice—martyrdom! With the resurgence of militant Islam, it looks like we will see the martyrdom of Christians develop more rapidly.

     Today’s churches have the same challenge as the true Christians had in times past—some have taken it, others stay in the safe zone. As for us, we have taken the challenge to preserve what our dear brothers and sisters in the faith fought for, and, above all, to continue to present Christ to any and all in a world gone MAD!

     ACMTC—servants to all, diverse yet in union, growing and going—is, by God’s grace, challenged for the challenge. Amen.

—Gen. Jim

     If you want to know more about us, just write to one of the addresses below, and we’ll be happy to send you a pack of material, no obligation, nothing to buy.


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