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Dear Generals James & Deborah Green,

Greetings to you in the Almighty name of our Commander-in-Chief, the Lord Jesus Christ. Hallelujah!!

It is with sincerity we feel pity for the poor souls, (some through ignorance, negligence, desperation, lack of Christian counseling, deceit, etc) and the victims on whose bodies these crimes against the Creator are being perpetrated and contempt for laws in each state and nation where Satan is in control through Planned Parenthood. Our earthly governments have serious charges to answer before God on judgment day, considering the articles you are always expounding about: ABORTION-THE SILENT HOLOCAUST; THE CRY OF THE UNBORN.

I am astounded at the ignorance of some Pentecostal Assemblies of today if you point at their error in beliefs. (Exodus 20:13; Deut. 5:17; Jer. 1:5; Luke 1:41-45) When it comes to planning families why should we dumb and blind Christians, spiritual as we claim to be, look to the world’s “New Start” counseling centers instead of seeking directives from Heaven? We even have the audacity to testify about how wonderful God is working and blessing us in our lives. What an abominable shame. Christian women are gobbling contraceptive pills by the pounds, with the consent of the husbands of course. Condoms are being used in Christian homes. Talk to the dumb, dull, and compromising shepherds and what will you hear? “That’s the way of the modern world.” is their reply. But is that what the Lord accepts? (Matt. 5:17-19; Rev. 22:16-19) Since when has light and darkness shared the same space? Why don’t our floosy Christians check themselves to see the destruction to God’s temple they are doing. (I Cor. 3:11-14, 16-20; II Cor. 6:14-18; 7:1).

In conclusion, Christians hold worldly academic diplomas, degrees, certificates, doctorates, etc. when in reality they are the most ignorant of all nincompoops. Heading the list are the theological circus masters. When I raised this issue before a certain denomination it was as if I had broken into some honorable person’s vault of money. I wonder, if the Lord were to come for inspection, how many would stand it in today’s church?

Dear Generals, United we stand & divided we fall. I thank God for your being my human spiritual teachers. More ammo please to crack the serpent’s head in my Zimbabwe wasteland, because who authorized the destruction of God’s seed of creation in the human body but him??? Talking about sin in the proper/Biblical sense, today’s Christian, who in reality is only planted theologically, can’t identify what it is. All they know is that no one should interfere with their privacy. Good works are what they term “love.” They give food or clothing or money, then the Theologicals say they have shown godly love. If you talk to them about statutes, commandments, ordinances of God you will be talking in hieroglyphics—It’s like an unknown language to them.

When I spoke to my wife about contraception, General, you can’t imagine how bitter she was towards me that day. I had to explain scripturally for her to understand. Thank our Lord Jesus that these days she is becoming an understanding woman through my persistance. My brother’s wife also joined in the argument. Another woman, an elder in her congregation, went as far as telling me I was now more argumentative than I was before conversion, as if she had lived with me any time at all.

Dear Generals, let’s ask our Commander, The Lord Jesus, to give us spiritual reinforcements in this war through prayer, study and fasting. Today’s generation is dead. In our schools in Zimbabwe there is no longer any teaching of the scriptures, but those pertaining to African traditional religions and the history of the armed struggle for freedom. In all the areas I am getting into they say I am too critical of other denominations, hard as I try to explain. Most of my country folk have been so bound to these so called spiritual & Pentecostal denominations that trying to shed some light on them is like you are taking away one of the rooms of their house. If Christianity was a car, it would need a complete engine overhaul. If it were a building, demolition and a fresh start is what it would need. Renovation alone wouldn’t be adequate.

Brothers and sisters in Christ, fellow soldiers of the cross, let us not tire but let us toil to the end. According to prophecy we will conquer and rule with our Lord forever. The bitterest moments in any battle are those moments close to victory. Onward forever, so marches the Lord’s dedicated and committed army. Give the devil a cry and make him run for his life. Calvary greetings to the ACMTC fighting force. Pray for us as we also pray for you.

Yours in the Army that sheds no blood,

Soldier Andrew John Muponda



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