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CRY BULLIES! CRY BABIES! Hillary Clinton,” as Irish Ian O’Doherty wrote after the 2016 election, “has DAMNED her party to IRRELEVANCE!” She has also ensured that homo-Muslim-progressive Obama’s legacy will now be a FOOTNOTE rather than a chapter. Queen Jezebel spent over one billion on the campaign to win. Well, sorry ‘bout that HELLary, God defeated you (of course, working through D. Trump). Not only are Americans SICK of your abysmally sinister politics, God is SICK as well. Your “progressive idiosyncracies” turn most Americans OFF! Mephitic!


Nov. 8, 2016

This date will live in INFAMY!! (It’s the moment when America was SET FREE from the NWO psychos!) GAME OVER!

     Defeat of the “elite” is the best thing that has happened to America for, well, I don’t know how long. We’re ecstatic! Your rule and reign (speaking to the hidden government) has been POISONOUS, TOXIC, DAMNING.

     Now, all your stupid and irrelevant protesting will not change a thing. At least we can breathe a breath of fresh air.

     All your ranting and raving won’t change a thing. The people wanted real CHANGE, not the perverted CHANGE homo-Muslim-progressive Obama spewed out ... like PUKE over this nation. As Ian wrote, “...the people began to speak. And they began to speak in a voice which, for the first time in years in the American heartland, would not be ignored.”

     All the New World Order sickos, hubris psychos, represent the worst form of humanity, the apex of smug privilege. You thought you could BUY the presidency. You basket of deplorables need to REPENT and make restitution.

     Your queen — HELLary — operated in the perfumed air of the rich and powerful, who are obsessed with GLBTQP crap ... pandering to “identity” and “feelings” rather than contributing even an ounce of worth to the American public life.

     Your king (big ‘O’) and your queen (HELLary) received undue respect and undeserving praise and adoration. For what? Tell me, what did they really do that was ethical and moral?



It has been said that this past election wasn’t a battle for the White House (formerly “The PINK House” under ‘O’) — this became a desperate battle for America’s future: Was it going to be utterly destroyed under Clinton or rebuilt under Trump?

     America has been going through a cultural paroxysm for years now: we’ve had to endure political correctness, “identity” politics, GLBTQP sexuality, or what have you — its all been part of the agenda of the NWO elite group of anti-America, anti-Christ conspirators who work and war behind the scenes. These are the Diaboligarchy (Deep State, Totalitarian World Government).



Yes! We HOPE that all this PC BULL will become archaic.

     It is well noted that Trump gives Americans real hope (but be cautious not to worship him or America, PLEASE!!). Trump keeps the satanic-inspired mass media at bay. He represents a repudiation of the smelly crap that has been spread all over this nation for years. He represents the “Old America,” where people could speak their hearts ... scorn those who are sheer idiots, disdain those who are of the “Hollywood fashionable group” that is highly STUCK UP!

     We’re all sick of being called homophobes, bigots, racists, etc., just because we call a spade a spade.

     To HELL with all these “thought police” who don’t know their left hand from their right. TO HELL with the left’s nomenclature that is forever on the LEFT side of life. Spare us of all your incontinent babble that is laced with hysterical spite and spit. As said after Clinton lost, the media and the chin-stroking moral arbiters of the liberal agenda are so spectacularly WROTH, even as a MAD dog; their sheer hateful RAGE knows no bounds. But they’ll have to calm down, won’t they?

     Clinton and her diaper-filled CRY BULLIES are now claiming to be poor mistreated VICTIMS.

     Enough of this BS! America needs a real caring captain now, who will take action to revolution. Our Irish columnist has it right, “Most Americans don’t care about transgender bathrooms, or safe spaces, or government speech laws.” Get serious, perverts! We don’t need anyone telling us that we can’t use contrasts like “man / woman,” “boy / girl,” or that these contrasts must be erased from our English language. Erase these distinctions — what then?


Diaper-Filled Toddlers

Pathetic! Really now, are we to take seriously Obama’s / Clinton’s TODDLER TANTRUMS? Are we to take seriously some TRANSY NUT-CASES who don’t know if they are male or female? ... pushed into all this wickedness by prissy and spoiled millennials?

     The “Pink Stink” is suffocating! The BS is deep! We don’t have to apologize for having a sane mind. All this political perverted nonsense needs flushing ... and fast.

     We don’t need a self-elected language cop shouting, arresting, just because we exercise free speech. Get a life!


Fascist America?

No one knows (yet) how America will fare under Trump. For sure, Trump won’t take the BS from the NWO Left! Calling for Trump to “step down” is babyish indeed. He won, fair and square. Get over it! And I don’t see that America has “Trump Anxiety.” The left has that disease.


Trumpian Revolution?

All one has to do is go over the prophetic “Words of the Lord” (given by General Deborah), given over the last several months. We have them all posted. Read, see, hear for yourselves. God has declared WAR / REVOLUTION against this God-hating nation of America. It’s not Trump doing this. (Although it is obvious that God is the hidden hand behind Trump.)

     Where has all this NWO crap landed America? All your babble about diversity, democracy, equality, etc., is just that — BABBLE! And it has been shoved down our throats by the liberal court system. But moral and cultural liberalism will not work in a true democracy. It has been pointed out that Hegel taught, “in the dialectic of history, the thesis calls into existence the antithesis.” Hey, the 1960s is over. But we could use a counterculture REVOLUTION ... and we’ve got one. All this PC Bull that presents itself today was birthed in the 60s: radical feminism, gay (whatever that word means!) activism, and sexual anarchy.

     Progressivism, aka, socialism, has had its day — its now in the DYING mode.


Alinsky Style

Well, you’ve tried that filth; now you get a taste of God’s HOLY REVOLUTION. Reveille for Radicals — battle for the overthrow of America — has failed. Your mentor, Saul Alinsky, did reproduce political relativists. But this “revolution” (now past!) was really about nihilism — a destructive ASSAULT on morals in the name of “the people” (who are really mini dictators themselves). Hubris Barack Obama said a mouthful at the height of his campaign: “We are the ONES we’ve been waiting for.” Well, homo-Muslim-progressive B.O. has come and GONE .

     We all know that HELLary Rodham submitted her 92 page senior thesis on Alinsky’s theories. Her title was, “There Is Only the Fight: An Analysis of the Alinsky Model.” Well, the “fight” is over. T.K.O.!!! “The issue is never the issue. The issue is always the revolution,” so their views state. And this has been their position all along: an all-consuming focus on Alinsky and his misguided radicals.

     Trump may or may not deal with the GLBTQP puke, but at least these perverts will not have the lion’s share of publicity. One thing is for sure: Americans are really SICK of all this “hate-crimes legislation” and “marriage equality.” We pray that Trump will take seriously the injunctions of Leviticus 18, along with the New Testament prohibitions and condemnations against all forms of perversion (see our free Gay Way booklet series). Americans are really SICK of having a tiny minority rule the vast majority on moral issues. They are SICK of PC-ism and cultural-Leftist intimidation.

     “Progressive” sickos have forced Americans into accepting propaganda about homophobia, Islamophobia, and xenophobia. This “identity politics” agenda was needed to bring about the Left’s desired policies. They are not American and never have been. To HELL with them ALL! Their endless attacks on our religious freedoms and free speech have caused many in the population to REBEL like HELL, declaring, “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!”

     The ridiculous perverts have gone so far as to OUTLAW contrasts like “ladies and gentlemen,” “man and woman,” “boy and girl” — claiming these are transphobic and sexist contrasts. Trump, sooner or later, will have to deal with this BS. On with God’s HOLY WAR AND REVOLUTION!

Gen. Jim
P.S. — “War a good WARFARE” — 1 Timothy 1:18.