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Captivity or Freedom?

To begin, let me briefly quote the following (emphasis added), taken from the Dr. Phil (McGraw) TV Show aired Sept. 21st, 2006.

—General Jim



“Thank you very much.

I want you to imagine, just imagine you’re growing up in the US, right? I mean, that’s the dream where we have freedom. But instead choosing to live in ISOLATION with a group ruled by generals that call themselves God’s Army. Well, today we’re talking to people who ESCAPED from what they say is a BIZARRE RELIGIOUS COMMUNITY. They say they had no money, no TV, no cars and no contact with family on the outside. They also say they lived under the eyes, the WATCHFUL EYES of these so-called trusted leaders who made sure a high standard of holiness was maintained. Now [MS] was one of the first to sign up, and she brought her 12-year-old daughter Rebekah with her...”


If I’m not mistaken, isn’t it Dr. Phil who has houses for people to come and stay in while he KEEPS A “WATCHFUL EYE” on them? Does he also watch their bedroom and bathrooms too? Maybe? Well, anyway, he is not the subject of this discussion. MS and her daughter are.

          Please read the following letter written—handwritten—by MS to the Generals while the Generals were in India back in Feb. 1986. We were Colonels back then, so she addresses us as such.

Dear Colonels and Sergeants

           All is well back at Fort Freedom. About the time that you entered into India we began having onslaughts of attacks, however the troops are united and holding there [sic] own.

           Sarah and Joshua are doing exceptionally well. As usual Sarah’s been baking (and sewing) and taking care of little ones. Joshua’s his usual warm friendly self.

           Helen is a delight, very precious to Steve and me (very precious to the Lord!) A woman of many fine qualities—very gifted, a proper woman, humble, knowledgeful, eager to serve, very hungry and sincere toward our God Almighty. It’s a priviledge [sic] to have her around and to have God break down those cultural beariers [sic] which Satan would try to build up.

           A little kindness, concern + love have uplifted Don and Brenda. Last nite Don confessed and asked forgiveness before the body for his slackness, and with a spirit of brokenness confessed also that he was going to push forward and give it his all. He + Brenda have become like our kids. Again I thank God for the opportunity to serve others with the love which he has so graciously poured out to us. It’s a joy to Steve + myself to see Don + Brenda coming up again. They are most receptive to our suggestions and vey [sic] quick to act upon them.

           Last night while discussing the work here, our personal responsibilities for our children, and the work in Africa, Steve and I came to feel that perhaps it might not be Gods [sic] will that we go to Africa at this time. Although we both deeply desire to serve another part of Gods [sic] body and to have our horizons, visions expanded, we are also feeling the burden of the camp. In my own carnality I don’t want to work another day at the Art Shop, I want to experience new things in God, but I am surrendered if God says stay.

           Steve and Brad (and soon Rudy) are battling the Basement—they dig, it rains (hard!) and then they have more work than they did to start with.

           We had very good results with the add [sic] in the paper for needed clothes. We’ve collected many, many boxes of clothes, many of them childrens [sic]. Tomorrow (Sunday) we go about once again sorting thru + organizing clothes. I have taken some money out of quarter master funds to buy needed shelving.

           Tonite Helen is cooking Chinese food for everyone.

           Many prayers and much love goes to you all.

           In His Servise [sic]

           Lt. [MS]


May I ask, how could we have a “watchful eye” on MS, her daughter or anyone else back at Fort Freedom if we were in India? This missions trip started out in the Philippines, then went to India, and ended in Nepal—a total of 8 plus weeks. Over 8 weeks away from our camp back in Sacramento, CA!

          MS and her husband, Lt. Steve S., were put in charge of Fort Freedom while several of us were away.

          Note her mention of Africa. She states that “...perhaps it might not be God’s will that we go to Africa at this time.” Don’t sound like the ol’ mean Generals (Colonels then) told them they could or could not go to Africa—she spoke of God! This, my dear readers, was written by the same woman who claims everybody is “brainwashed” and under the “watchful eyes” of the mean ol’ Generals.

          By the way, both her and her husband, and her daughter and her daughter’s husband, did end up deciding to go to Africa with several more of us later on. I have hours of video for ALL to see this “CAPTIVE” woman and her daughter IN AFRICA. In fact, they stayed weeks longer in Africa after my wife and I came back to California. All alone...in Africa? Yep! All alone.


- A letter from MS’s daughter, inserted in MS’s original letter cited above -

(emphasis added)


Dear Jim and Lila [Deborah],

           I just want to let you know that I appreciate you both. I have truly felt and I really can say that I have felt your love and care as parents of the Lord. I have grown to really love you both in the Lord, for I know that if you two were not serving God, I wouldn’t of been either. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THE CORRECTION THAT YOU HAVE HAD TO GIVE ME AT TIMES. Thank you for obeying God’s will. You know, you are always right when you correct me. I have seen MY ROTTEN SIDES, as we all have. I NEED TO BE PUSHED TO GROW. If you wouldn’t of corrected me that one time around January, I would still be an emotional wreck, but God is changing me to be a better person and I really appreciate all the Love, care, and patience that you’ve had with me. I hope to become better yet, for I know that I will be corrected many times ahead, but I look forward to growing more. Keep up the good work, for your labor is not in vain!

           Love in Christ Jesus,

                                 Corporal [I. S.]


[Corporal I.S. later went by the name R.S., which is the name she is more commonly known by.]


Our “love and care as parents”? Really? What made you change your mind, dear daughter? Did your mother promise you $$ if you would LIE on the Dr. Phil Show? Why have you waited this many years to “expose” our evil?

          “Thank you so much for all the correction that you have had to give me at times.” Correction? What kind? Maybe beating you like you stated on national TV about your son whom we supposedly ordered to be beaten? No. Or could it have been correcting you on your loose moral habits with the man you eventually chose to marry? You said that General Deborah MADE you marry your husband, which wasn't true. I was there, I know what you were corrected on: either change your loose moral habits or leave the camp, because we do not allow the appearance of evil in our ministry (that's Biblical!). Don’t you remember, dear daughter?

          We both corrected you, as the Bible instructs shepherds to do, not just for the above reasons, but you were a real brat in other ways, for your mother never corrected you, did she? She pushed all you kids off on us to correct. Then we get sued!


- The following letter was written by I.S.’s boyfriend, who later became her husband -

(emphasis added; original written in all caps)



Nov. 01, 1985

Dear Colonels Jim and Lila Green,

           I just wanted to write this short note to convey my feelings of love and appreciation towards you both. I do [original is double underlined] sincerely love you both. I also thank God for your sacrifices and obedience in fulfilling the will of God. I am not writing this letter for flattery or anything else like that. It is sometimes hard for me to show or express my feelings or emotions. I believe it is because God has allowed me to grow up in that area. However, I stand behind you both, the ministry, and the vision that God has called us to in this hour that we live. I am so thankful that GOD has delivered me from the clutches of natural family lineage and replaced it with something far more beautiful. I feel priveledged [sic] and am very thankful that God has led me here to be submitted and trained.

           I have clearly seen by prior experience as to the folly of many church goers. They have idolized their leadership and were knocked down in sin because of their spiritual examples who themselves, were not truly walking it straight with God. I thank GOD for the walk of holiness that HE has placed within us. A while back, the Lord showed me a vision of you both as though you were both like our spiritual coaches under ownership of God. I was, along with several others, on a huge field playing against an opposing force. We were constantly fighting to maintain our position on the field while ultimately striving and contending to reach our goal. While you both were coaching us along, from the sidelines, I saw the owner and manager up high atop the surrounding stadium. He was calling down strategies to the coaches. They in turn would thence inform us on how to win the game. Praise God! It was a beautiful vision. God has been really quickening my understanding of the Scripture in Proverbs 22:6, “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. Amen!”

           Three years ago, tonight, November 01, 1982; marks the time I first met you folks. I am overwhelmed with joy and thanksgiving as I look back on the different lessons and tests that God has brought me through. I want thank [sic] you both sincerely for your patience and care for me as God has been testing me. It would seem that I would keep failing my tests that God put in front of me, but I am determined to keep on pressing on for the mark of the high calling in Christ Jesus. Praise God!

                                                                  Your son in the Lord,

                                                                  Mike S.


Dear Mike S.,

          What do you think of your ex-wife's statements on Phil's TV show? Haven't heard from you since Oregon days (early 1990's).


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