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Dear Generals,

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. I believe the Living God is greatly mounting up an offensive against the enemy there in New Mexico. Equally here, with the Revolutionary Message of Jehovah gone on the winds of the Spirit, the battle is heavy.

Since March 2004, I have been reading ACMTC materials and getting much help from them. I thank God, the Living One, for giving me the privilege to be called unto Him and to take part in the great move of the Spirit in this hour. In the same year I started reading ACMTC materials I took to heart the Revolutionary Messages (I took it so personal that it forced me to come out of the religious prisonhouses of men called churches and to press forward into the true Living God.) Jesus laid the foundation deep in me that even this day, despite Satan’s opposition, hinderance, criticism, people’s accusations and suspicions, I am DETERMINED to fulfill God’s desire for a separated, consecrated, dedicated people in this land!

I believe God is raising up my fellow Spirit-soldiers here and there (Isaiah 59:19)—a people raised as redeemers, warriors, to fight against the powers of darkness as weapons in the hand of the Living God! The Lord has been speaking to me concerning His desire for a Spirit people to be brought forth.

For this reason I seriously seek for advice on how I can go forward to do His will. You wrote in “The Aggressive Vision” booklet, page 14, that all it takes is prayer and determination to fulfill the desire of God for a separated, consecrated, dedicated people who will show the world they belong to God. AMEN. You also wrote a very important warning and encouragement: 1) It won’t be easy, and the enemy will do his best to stop you; 2) But with God’s merciful, miraculous help it can be done. ALLELUJAH!! I am unable to arrange a visit, thus I am contacting you for advice.

Despite the enemy’s incessant attacks, I have made up my mind to work with Jesus so that I can make a difference right here where I am. I joined the Army That Sheds No Blood and I have learned from the Holy Spirit how to engage the enemy in battle. To learn more and more, I want to join forces with you at ACMTC HQ. I have dedicated my life 100% to the service of Jesus. I would like you to supply me with booklets on many subjects so that I may be trained for action in serving the Lord. I am able to pass out literature and witness. Souls are thirsty and hungry, please send tracts and booklets for evangelism.

May God continue to send His troops into the field to bring in the harvest, even from the ends of the earth. Aggressive Youth Command—I am hot for battle! The big 4 should not breath! Lovely greetings to all ACMTC soldiers. May the Holy Ghost continue to train, arm, and determine (TAD) you to deal with more attacks, oppositions, and deceptions of the enemy as the militant band of Jehovah’s Army marches ahead. Amen.

Your fellow soldier in the war for souls,

Chifumu Ngoma



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