AFTER WHAT PREZ TRUMP HAS DONE (BOMBING SYRIA) and what he is talking about doing (declaring WAR on Syria, Russia and Iran), God will certainly change His plan for Trump. He wanted Trump to clean up America.

     I don’t want to make an article out of this, for things can change, within hours. Soon we will release to our readers the current Prophetic Words relating to the UNFOLDING events in the Middle East.

     There is no doubt that Trump will lose many supporters over what he’s done (obeying Israel’s demand to TAKE OUT Syria and go to war against Russia and Iran). We here have made a last desperate plea to God in Trump’s behalf — that Trump will humble himself and control his HUBRIS PRIDE in order to avert a NASTY, UNNECESSARY war! We hope our readers will pray this same way. If we obey God by praying, and Trump still refuses to humble himself, we will have no blood on our hands.

— April 9, 2017



Some may protest: “Why would God choose a Mason and a Zionist-Jew-controlled man like Donald Trump to run America?” It’s like what I’ve said many times before: Why would GOD choose a totally PAGAN, idol-worshiping, occult-oriented king / military leader to be “the rod of Mine anger ... indignation” (Isa 10:5, speaking of the king of Assyria); to be “My servant” (Jer 25:9, speaking of Babylon’s Nebuchadnezzar) and “My battle axe and weapons of war” (Isa 51:20, speaking of Cyrus, king of the Persians)? Not to mention Titus (son of Vespasian), the Roman commander who utterly demolished Jerusalem in AD 70 (see Matt 24:1-8; Luke 19:44; 21:5-6).

     Donald Trump is a Mason — so is Assad (of Syria), Putin (of Russia), as were many former presidents of the U.S. Let’s not forget that many Muslims are Masons also. Finally, I will add, many current “Christian” leaders are Masons. Billy Graham is a high-ranking Mason; has been for years.

     So, God can call both the righteous and the unrighteous for whatever purpose and at whatever time He wants, to use them. And this, of course, does NOT mean they will be received into Heaven at the end. Many times God will use the unrighteous for judgment, but later makes sure they receive their just judgments likewise.  

     In case you don’t know, Bush 1 and 2, the Clintons and Obama have ALL been part of the Bohemian Grove, where occult rites and rituals take place ... including pedophilia and human sacrifices.


ADDENDUM #2: 180!

The President has done a 180 degree turnaround, stunning all those who elected him. They feel betrayed!

     Folks, we have discussed over and over again the possibility that Trump, under pressure, could “jump ship” and betray his supporters. We have prayed that he would not, for the sake of God’s Own Purposes. But this “gassing” escapade — FALSE FLAG OP — and his capitulation to the “elite” is evidence that he has “turned a 180.”

     I don’t believe for a moment that Assad gassed those civilians. I smell a pre-Gulf War #1 and pre-Gulf War #2 scenario. The script is almost the same.

     The force behind those attacks and this present attack is the Zionists. The “Propaganda Machine” — Main Stream Media (MSM) — kicked into high gear to DEMONIZE Sadaam, ending up with the invasion of Iraq and the MURDER of its leader. The same thing is taking place right now. Either Trump is totally in the dark about WHO murdered those civilians, or he changed sides and has become part of the “False Flag” Op.

     There are several explanations being discussed, trying to make sense of this whole scenario. Time will eventually show what part Trump played and why.

     I never voted for Trump. Neither I nor anyone here put much credence in him, knowing his background; but God did tell us that Trump was His “choice.” Remember, God has things in mind that we humans may not perceive at the time. Clearly, it may be that God is allowing all this in order to finally punish nations for their crimes and sins . . . and America is certainly GUILTY OF PLENTY.

     Trump bombs Syria over a few “beautiful” children. Really? I think that act against the children was a crime, whoever is responsible. BUT, lest Mr. Trump forgets, we have the horrible stains of ABORTION soaking American soil, with numbers mounting over 60 MILLION MURDERED BABIES. Not just a “few.” 60 MILLION!! And according to some staggering inside statistics from former FBI agents and investigators, it is said there are over 700,000 children sold and used in sex rings — IN AMERICA ALONE!every year. WHAT IS BEING DONE ABOUT THIS?! Who of the “Left” has wept? Who is RAGING about nearly 3/4 MILLION children being sexually molested, abused, tortured and BUTCHERED???


     Now Trump wants to bomb Syria: not just a Syrian Air Base, but Syria itself. To be sure, many “innocent” men / women, boys / girls and babies will DIE at the hand of Trump.

     How long will this nation be ruled by the Global (Zionist) elite and other reptilian bloodsucking villains? America voted for a real CHANGE by electing Trump. His 180 degree turnaround is repulsive and hubris.

     There may or may not be a change of heart on his part. He is surrounded by hawks who want WAR at any cost.

     Oh, by the way, we must remember that ISIS was created and is funded by the United States, Israel, and Saudi Arabia. So, every time a child or baby is blown apart, decapitated, or gassed by ISIS . . . America is doing it. Do we hear an OUTCRY from this nation — “Left” or “Right” — over the thousands of children, including many Christian children, SLAUGHTERED by ISIS and other jihadists? And Trump is upset over a few children supposedly gassed by Assad?

     This bombing campaign is just one more attempt to OVERTHROW another country. America (CIA Ops) has, under its blood-stained belt, over 80 nations to date that it has overthrown in order to “liberate” the people from those “brutal dictators” who kill “their own people.” ALL PC PROPAGANDA!!!

     CIA, FBI, NSA — there are insiders who go deeper and higher than the above institutions themselves; it is these who control the Deep State (DS) and Shadow Government. The militarized police, i.e., the corporate law enforcement, is the arm of the DS. It is the DS Ops that cover for child sex trafficking / ritual abuse ops. This is something that we don’t wish to know about, but it is all too true.

     Americans who voted for Trump have been BETRAYED! This is deeper than “Left” and “Right.” This is “Satanic Globalism.” Trump’s daughter is close friends with those gone before us — the Clintons’ daughter, people of Obama’s administration, John Podesta (PEDO), and many hardcore Demos who are enemies of America.

     The real enemies of America we can rightly call “The Manhattan Elite”; and they are being directly controlled by other hardcore American haters.

     The Spirit of God has told us that things will come to light and surface that have been hidden for years by these sick demon-inspired people.

     Don’t lose heart! Keep your eyes on Jesus. Don’t put your trust in man, no matter what position anyone holds. This could turn very NASTY, folks. This could even turn into a civil war or WW3. These people who work against God’s will and purposes, will stop at nothing to get their way — the DESTRUCTION OF AMERICA.

     Let’s not forget that Jared Kushner (Trump’s son-in-law) is a hardcore Zionist Jew who takes his orders from Israel. And Ivanka Trump has converted to Judaism. Hmmm.

     I’m not covering for Prez D. Trump, but there is NO DOUBT that he is being compromised by these 2 Jews! We all know that Israel wants the Middle East “out of the way” for the sake of the Zionists / Globalists . . . using American military might to do their DIRTY work.

     Remember, it was Israel, along with the U.S. (and Saudi Arabia) that created ISIS in order to TAKE OUT Syria so an oil pipeline could cross that nation, deprive Russia of its winter Navy station and allow America to build ONE MORE Air/Military base (as if the U.S. does not have enough bases around the world, supported by our tax dollars!). Hey, this is WAR! This is the “Make America Great Again” stuff.

— April 12, 2017


The whole scenario at present is such a BIG MESS. Senator John McCain and Lieutenant General H. R. McMaster (national security adviser who replaced Michael Flynn) were players, on this side, in the Syrian chemical attack. Some even doubt that there were children killed. The photos don’t prove much, they say. We’ve all got to be on the alert for “deceit” sent out to “fool.” If that chemical attack was real, I don’t believe for a moment that Assad purposely ordered it upon civilians. Why would he? It’s like shooting one’s own foot.

     Now there is a “plan” to give Trump disinformation in order to place 150,000 American troops in Syria. This is an act of TREASON by all officials involved. Saudi Arabia and Israel (along with insiders in this nation) are all in agreement to further deceive Trump.

     But was / is Trump really in the dark about the current “False Flag” Op? Or was he in on it from the beginning? Again, this is being debated. Don’t matter, Trump has double-crossed America by siding with “Israel First”!!

     Senator John McCain is complicit for sure in this False Flag Op, along with McMaster. Only God knows who else is complicit in this treasonous plan to take America into war with Syria / Russia. Before we write Trump totally off as a psycho case, let’s pray that he sees thru the plot to further take him deeper into the rabbit hole. Trump is certainly erratic enough to do some pretty stupid things. He is capable of murdering men, women, boys, girls and “beautiful” babies.

     To save face, D. Trump could take this stupid act as his “Bay of Pigs” fiasco and learn from it. But will his pride allow it?



Ok, here is what it looks like: Trump has a BAD staff of workers around him that have a NWO agenda, not a “Make America Great Again” agenda. He has been influenced by these NWO criminals, doing what they want him to do. I believe, at least at this point, he has committed a grave mistake and may commit even greater mistakes — “crimes” is a better word.

     As I write this, Prez D.J. Trump has been (willingly or deceitfully) CAPTURED by Israel! America needs to get the HELL out of the Middle East, NATO, and stop supporting Israel and Saudi Arabia. Unless America does this, America will never prosper.

     Israel is a “master” at deceit. This is known worldwide. I’m not referring to all Jews who live in Israel or elsewhere, for most of the Jews are USED and ABUSED by the Zionists. Period!

     A word about Mossad — these are professionals who take their job seriously (they are like the “CIA” of Israel). It is known that they distrust, even hate, Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu (Prime Minister of Israel). Mossad and the Zionists are not always on the same page, just like the CIA and the President of the US.

     In the Jewish / Zionist mindset, America and Americans are the “enemy.” They have zero, ZERO love for America; and zero, ZERO love for Christianity. Period!

     The depth of DISDAIN for the U.S. cannot be exaggerated, and should not be underestimated. The Jewish Zionists have, like true Muslims, a “world domination” agenda. They do not wish to share the globe with non-Jews (goyim) and non-Zionists. Period!

     In finishing, the Israelite State specializes in BLACKMAIL, especially in the sex category — pedophilia being at the top of their “tools.” Now a question for consideration:

     We’ve heard that Israel is blackmailing Trump ... and could it be that Trump has some pedo-sex skeletons in his own closet?

     Pray against witchcraft over this nation, the Ephesians 6 type.

     By the time this is posted, there will be new “revelations” about what happened and what is about to happen. We expect this. To be sure, there are Dark Forces working to prevent the “Swamp” from being drained here at home. It is possible, even probable that Trump will turn on his supporters (the ones who got him elected) and turn against Christians and Christianity. After all, the NWO sickos / psychos have been working on the “plan” to DE-CHRISTIANIZE America, for the sake of Israel, for years now.

— April 13, 2017


Britain’s Foreign Policy

Britain worked along with Israel, who laid out a “plan” years ago — to “TAKE OUT” 7 Middle Eastern Nations in 5 years, as retired General Wesley Clark reported. So Britain has also been a player in all this Middle East crap!

     “The Brits foreign policy is to destroy any chance of the U.S. and Russia working together.” This was said forcefully on April 12, 2017, by Russian Deputy envoy to the Security Council, Vladimir Safronkov. He spoke directly to British Ambassador Matt Rycroft, who had just denounced Russia for backing Bashar al-Assad of Syria.

     It appears that this brave Russian diplomat NAILED the EVIL nature of that ol’ British Empire, which has been dying for years and years now.

     Britain was also a player in the creation ISIS to overthrow Assad. It is rumored that the Brits orchestrated lies about Assad gassing his people.

     Time will tell “Who is who in the criminal zoo!”

— April 14, 2017