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Dawning of a New Era


God is doing it! Make no mistake, His “Holy War” has BEGUN ... America is at the END of reason, thus we have the REASON for the DESTRUCTION of the LEFT. Hurrah!

     With the utter DEFEAT of Queen Jezebel Hellary R. Clinton, the spectacle of “leftism” slips into the abyss. Consensus for reality has cracked at last. America is SICK of these One World Order (ODOR!) psychos. ‘Bout time, too.

     Pink Terrorism: the agenda under psycho homo Barak Obama, wherein PERVERTED sex BECAME A WEAPON. The WHOLE cross-section — GLBTQP — needs to go back into the closet, and have the door SHUT FOREVER, along with the Left-inspired pagan professionals who think they know HOW to run a nation! ABOMINATION, yes, but a nation, NO! And I need to add to this list these schizophrenic church liberals who serve the “Candy Store Jesus.” These shamanic nugatories are a disgrace to the human race.


Under Obama’s America, there was little passion for patriotism and Christian freedom. He and his transy, Michelle, did everything to spit on the name of Biblical Christianity, and did everything to praise (BLOODY) Islam.


Now the (Black Government) controlled media will also have to deal with Prez D. Trump. They are so used to brainwashing the dumb-dumbs of America, their propaganda apparatus will no doubt have a nervous breakdown. Good!

     Now America has to deal with these yahoos in the Supreme Court system — who HATE anything that smells of Godliness. In fact, this nation is overflowing with all kinds of TERRORISTS, namely, the ones who use the LAW against us ... the ones who would not recognize a “democracy” IF IT BIT THEM ON THE BUTT. These institutionalized crazies must go!

     The crimes against America and Americans cannot be counted. The entire conglomeration of chaos innovators (the U.S. military complex) is another “evil” that has tons of BLOOD on its hands ... fully exploiting the dynamics of “War on Terror.” HA! America (under the Clintons, Bushes, and the Obamas) has spawned its very own “TERRORIST” organization under the guise of helping other nations become a “democracy.” All this has been done with the guidance of the CIA / MOSSAD / MI6.

     Look up how many Christians were MURDERED by ISIS in 2016 (ISIS, a group created partly by the U.S. government!) STAGGERING!! And there are dozens of ISIS psychos here on American soil ... just waiting.

America, America

America has been One Nation Under Stress, Unconstitutional, Without Democracy, Sick as a Poisoned Dog!! The “Democrats” wanted “Op. Endgame” so bad they could taste it. Sorry about that, you are not in power any more. Thank God! Your satanic agenda of steering the future has FAILED.

     But we don’t expect you God-hating / Christ-hating rebels to quit the field. Oh, no! We expect you to keep making lots of Hell, for you are full of HELL!

     But this WAR is the LORD of Hosts’ WAR. You WILL LOSE. Period.

     What you (far Left) psychos have done under the captains of the NWO is your undoing. All your agenda consisted of was war, poverty, corruption of every sort, slavery, rape and robbery — all in the name of your god, Lucifer.

     We do not expect America to become a Theocracy, but we do expect some sort of law and order to be established again.

     Your sick kind of political globalization has been forced upon the world, resulting in a growing democratic deficit. Governments around the globe have been squeezed by transnational corporations into submitting to “free trade” practices that benefit only the elites. The sickos wielding these powers are elected by NO ONE and, in practical terms, are accountable to NO ONE! But God is NOW HOLDING THEM ACCOUNTABLE.

What’s the Solution?

The solution to this Luciferian pollution is Holy (WAR) Revolution! The Christians and the citizens of this defunked nation of America must revitalize morality. Either we repent of our selfish ways and get a good dose of reality or we’ll continue to eat off the table of delusions.

     By the help of our great God, we can free ourselves of this false elysium, i.e., fake ideal happiness. And by the help of the Lord, we can free ourselves from this current political / religious / military quagmire that we’ve been STUCK in for generations.

     Let the old democracy die; build a new direct form of government where Godly principles are its foundation.

Shattered Dreams!

Oh, now this must hurt the radical Left. America has just experienced 8 years of emasculation and demonization. Eight years of far Left liberal “politically correct” policies, damning and dominating the American political / social scene. YUK!

     No one knows what Prez. Trump will really be like or actually do. Yet Donald Trump literally SHATTERED the Left’s DREAM.

     I think America is well fed-up with criminal politics. I know God is!! The power elites are going to put up one-hell-of-a-fight though. They can’t stand the thought of their hyper-liberal agendas (that are at WAR with traditional Christian values) being destroyed. Sorry, we’re not sorry!

     These hyper-liberal psychos have worked overtime on deconstructing the little-remaining Godly principles that keep any society sane. The pro-Islam, pro-GLBTQP, “pro-progressive” Obama regime wanted to convert and PERVERT every American to fit the mold of PINKO’s extremely sick and vile way of thinking and doing. Their goal, their dream, was to have ONE culture for America — the “culture of Death.

     Trump crashed their party. With all the crap being brought out on Queen Jezebel Hellary, her misdeeds and crimes, Americans were repulsed ... AT LAST.

     There is no way (at least for the moment) to tell HOW MUCH DAMAGE these power elites have done to America. God will, in His time, reveal the real damage.

     Let us not do what the (so-called) “Christians” did in the past: fall into idolizing America, the Constitution, its leaders, etc. Learn from the past. God hates idolatry / adultery. May the Church REPENT of its crimes against God.

     The war of words is well underway. The “Old Left” will continue to put out disinformation / misinformation in order to counter “True News.” America has been brainwashed for many years into believing that the “news” is the “real news.” HA! Most is NOT!!

     America’s blind nationalist faith has landed her in the lap of the BEAST! We have been led to believe that America is an exceptional nation, whose leaders — Church and State — never deliberately do anything truly EVIL or “undemocratic” ... at least not to their own citizens and congregations. Better sober up, drunkards. This is EXACTLY what they do.

     America has tons of blood on its hands. What used to be called MURDER is now called virtue. And virtue has been redefined as patriotism. Christianity has been reduced to Churchianity where any and all are welcome WITHOUT repenting of their sins. The focus has refocused: National loyalty replaced Christ-centered loyalty. Now we call America a fundamentally virtuous nation ... while MOST live like HELL!

Back to God

The time has come for America to get back to God. Forget Church. We need a rebirth. Our “faith” has turned to “fear,” but Biblical faith is fidelity or loyalty to Jesus the Christ. Pistis.

     We cannot go on any longer, hiding from the UGLY truth that America has fallen from grace. We have turned from the power of God unto salvation to the power of politics. Lord Acton’s dictum rings so true: “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”


Holy War

An idea whose time has come. Write for our DVDs explaining what Holy War is and why it is NEEDED. Also, go to our homepage, scroll down the center and click on the “Prophetic Word for 2017” link, just below the graphic of the cross and flag; or go to: