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GET TOUGH Series, #2

by General James Green


DOROTHEA SCARBOROUGH WRITES, "Do you know how many times the word ‘Tolerance’ is used in the Bible? I looked into my old KJV Bible, but I could not find the word anywhere. The only words I could find which were similar were 'grace', 'forbearance', ‘patience', 'longsuffering', 'compassion', 'peace', and 'kindness'” (taken from Is Tolerance A Christian Virtue? in Christian Action from Cape Town, S. Africa).

     If we turn to the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, we find that "tolerance" means “1) The capacity for or practice of allowing or respecting the nature, belief, or behavior of others. 2) Leeway from a specified value of a structural dimension. 3) The capacity to endure. 4) forbearing 5) tolerate ... allow without prohibiting or opposing; permit. 5) To recognize and respect, as the rights, opinions, or practices of others, whether agreeing with them or not.” From all the above definitions we surely see why the Christians are being challenged to abandon their Bible beliefs for the sake of tolerating others' beliefs. There is a whole list of foundational Christian beliefs that have now been forsaken. The list is getting longer.



HERE IS SATAN'S GRAND strategy: to get Christians to tolerate what God's Word DOES NOT!! We’re now told that ALL cultures are good and that ALL religions are equally good.

     As for me I will only recognize God's Word as authority. If you want to backslide, go ahead, I'll stick with God's time-tested Word. I am most INTOLERANT! and I plan on staying this way. TO HELL with all this Politically Correct (PC) and Religiously Correct BULL! Equality of religion is not Biblical. Today's Church is so darkened that it cannot judge right from wrong...so we're led along like cattle and sheep to the slaughterhouse.


Lest Thou Fall

BE CAREFUL, BE VIGILANT, be not deceived! Take all possible care to keep yourself FREE from inordinate affections, from all this worldly "tolerance" stuff.


Thou Shalt Be Tolerant?

WHERE, DEAR LIBERAL, BACKSLID hypocrites do we find this in God's Word? I don’t find this. "Ye shall have NO OTHER Gods before me" (Exodus 20:3). What this verse seems to say is that God allows other gods or deities because of the rebellion of those who had fallen away from the Lord God, but, and I say BUT we, His people, are not to have other gods or tolerate them.

     "...before me" is better translated "besides me"; thus there are to be NO OTHER gods for the Hebrews EXCEPT YAHWEH. The strong theological lesson undergirding this clear mandate is that God is ONE, rather than many. But in our current generation there is a perpetual conflict between God's true Kingdom people and the fake ones. We're faced with this: “Which side will progressively become victorious in world civilization?” If we don't put up a good fight, I'm afraid the phoney Church will win.


Unequally Yoked

SECOND CORINTHIANS 6:14 IS explicit: "Be ye (Christians) not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?" NONE!!! According to God's Word, He is never going to be tolerant with unrighteousness or darkness. Yes, they exist, but He does not, DOES NOT condone them.


Covenant Breakers

COVENANT BREAKERS HAVE ACCEPTED both religious and political polytheism (the belief in many gods), and have assimilated the two systems (i.e., religion and worldly politics). As for me, I acknowledge the “inherent incompatibility” of these two systems. Ideological synthesis (the blending of ideas, even conflicting ones) has, no doubt, molded and transformed both the political and religious consciousness of this world, and has done so with “remarkable and astonishing success”—at least in the sight of the anti-Christ humanist mind.


Get Tough!

IF YOU DON'T, EXPECT to be pushed into a dark corner with tape over your mouth. We MUST speak out NOW! Not only will humanist man shove you out of the political/religious arena, but God Himself "will cast you off for ever" (I Chronicles 28:9). Get tough on false religions. We're not to tolerate falseness in any way. (Read the Westminster Catechism.) Reread II Corinthians 6:14-18 again very slowly. What does it tell you?


We're In A Culture War!

RELIGIOUS AND POLITICAL PLURALISTS write and speak as though they would rather serve Satan than a strict “intolerant” God under an explicitly Biblical theocracy. These traitors implicitly assume that “the world would be better off” if anti-pluralists would join their camp. COLD DAY IN HELL if I do! Religious and political pluralists categorically deny, by and large, God's Holy Word for our current times.


Face The Facts

THE BACKSLID CHURCH DOES not want to face the inescapable FACT that we will give an account to God for what we did and did not do ... God's law and justice demands it. The fallen Church wants to “have her cake and eat it too”—they love their ideological synthesis of religious pluralism.


No Middle Ground

FORGET IT! EITHER WE are or are not on the Lord Jesus' side in this culture war ... there is no neutrality, NONE.



YES, PAGANISM AND HUMANISM do have some common values with Christianity, but ALL good came from God to begin with. We're not to give up our spiritual identity for the sake of unity. Dear "Christian", we are challenging the predominance of humanism/paganism. I believe in God Almighty, the Biblical God, the transcendent God, the God who is sovereign, the ethical God who uses sanctions (blessings and cursings) whenever and for whatever reason when needed.


Jesus Was Intolerant

MARK 3:1-6 RECORDS AN event in which I wish to put forth to my readers. Here we find Jesus entering a synagogue on the sabbath day. As usual, the Pharisees were there to "accuse Him" (v. 2). Jesus has compassion on a man with a withered hand, and He asked the "religious" if "...it is lawful on the sabbath to do good or to do evil, to save life or to kill?" Mark records that "they kept silent" (v. 4). Verse 5 records what Jesus did: "And when He had looked around at them WITH ANGER, being grieved by the HARDNESS OF THEIR HEARTS, He said to the man, 'Stretch out your hand.’" Jesus healed the hand right then and there. The phrase "with anger" indicated “a settled disposition against all evil and hypocrisy”. Jesus was not a very "tolerant" man.

     The context does not indicate a sudden, uncontrollable impulsive outburst or the wild, malicious, impetuous seeking of vengeance. Jesus’ anger was “controlled, righteous, and justly responsive to sin”—the sin of intolerance that the Pharisees were wholly clothed in towards the tender mercy Jesus had for the needy. You see, anger can be righteous, per se, as well as unrighteous.

     My point here is that Jesus was not tolerant towards those whose hearts were hard towards the workings of God. This attitude of Jesus should be that of all born-again Spirit-filled believers.


To Be Like Jesus?

OH, WE SING THIS beautiful song but very, very few really strive to be like Jesus. Jesus had His Father’s characteristics; we ought to have Jesus’! Should we tolerate sodomy, suicide, evolution, porno, anti-Christ movies/books , abortion ...? I don't read anywhere in either the Old or New Testament that God's people are to condone or tolerate sin. Sure it exists, but we should not say it is okay.


Sin By Omission

OUR FREEDOMS HAVE NOT been taken from us, dear friends, the Church has handed them over to the humanists. Our great sin is sinning by omission as well as by commission. Unchained passions (lust for the world) has literally put the Church into the dark ages once again. Modernity has destroyed the Church's foundation—the building is falling fast. Jesus tried to whip the destroyers (money changers, etc.) out of His father's house of prayer (the temple of His day), but the Church of today protects these perverts and God-haters with vicious zeal.


Matthew 4:10

HAVE WE FORGOTTEN TO do this—"Worship the Lord your God and serve ONLY Him"? We are told to be "more loving and tolerant". Oh sure! To hear these perverts tell it, we who teach and preach out of the Bible are guilty of "hate speech". Really?


Do You Hear The Call To Revolution?

I'M NOT TALKING ABOUT playing Church but real spiritual revolution—the overthrowing of the ecclesiastical government! Don't let the religious/political perverts "zip your lip". Sound the Battle Cry! "GET TOUGH"! Become more intolerant towards the sins that surround us. Let us love in both Word and deed.


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