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“A New Holy Tribal Army”

by General James Green


GOD IS RAISING UP an army—an army that will not be of the old and cold Church as we know it today. Christ's soldiers will be of a new breed, excited to hate sin and love discipline and holiness. Honor and glory will be given to the Lord God of Hosts and supreme majesty, by those under His command—not like the rebellious sons of Eli; not like the cowardly priesthood of Eli; but a dedicated, separated, consecrated people.

     How long God has hungered for a people who will love Him! obey Him! serve Him! God is raising up a new army, a holy people who will KNOW the Lord, walk after the Spirit, be full of the Holy Ghost and Divine Essence—not as the Church of today, full of all manner of worldliness and satanic stench.


God Dishonored

FRIENDS, this present generation is an abomination! We've taken our salvation way too lightly. Have you considered the greatness of God's love (which surpasses our feeble conception, no doubt), His love that sent His only Son to die for us, so that we can KNOW Him? This present generation has no conception of how heavy and bitter was the pain and sorrow our crucified Lord endured so as to raise up a new people (which He had to do, for Israel had long fallen away). Christ has unspeakable love, He grieved for every mortal sin committed by men—for by every sin the soul of sinner-man is separated further and further from the Living God.


We Owe It to Him

CHRISTIANS, we OWE it to our Lord to be faithful and fruitful. Our lack of real love and obedience insults the Lord Jesus, causing Him more piercing sorrow of heart, deep anguish of Spirit; and the sinning Church rips open afresh and anew His interior wounds. The Church's lack of respect and dedication sends, as it were, sharp fiery darts into the very heart of God the Father and the Son, Jesus Christ, who endured a "living hell of voluntary pain" to purchase our sinful souls. Does the Church mourn over this offence? No! Does the Church see her backslidings? NO! No, she has stupefied herself on lies, taking herself away from true (I mean TRUE!) Evangelical/Pentecostal virtues and has put on strange garments.


Some of You

SOME of you out there are in this condition. You've left your first love and you've grown cold, critical, and you're backslid as well as Hell is HOT! You've sat under or supported false teachers and prophets who were and are no better than spiritualists, magicians, necromancers, witches, wizards and plain ol’ liars. REPENT! Get your heart right with God NOW!

     Some of you who are reading this are nothing but hypocrites and YOU KNOW IT. Quit playing the game called "religion". You like the ball-room church atmosphere, the fashionable concerts. You may even be one of those formal professors with several degrees—BUT YOUR DEGREES ARE DOING YOU NO GOOD. You're on the way to HELLFIRE, but I earnestly entreat you to STOP, TURN AROUND and GO BACK TO YOUR FIRST LOVE immediately. Touch not, taste not, handle not the unclean things. Have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of Satan's gross darkness. Pick up your sword that cuts and embrace the fire that burns the HELL OUT OF YOU!! Get re-saved. Watch with all perseverance; be steadfast, unmovable, always ABOUNDING in the work and way of the Lord Jesus. Soldier up!


Don't Be Another Eli,

HOPHNI or Phinehas—don't be another casualty on the battlefield of life. Be active in Spirit-led benevolence, labor for other lost souls. Imitate Christ and the Apostles.


Stop Playing the Whore!

ADULTERY, spiritual or natural, is a gross sin in God's sight, yet churches breed adulterers by the MILLIONS! The Church, the true bride of Christ, should be holy, chaste, and a "living epistle", known not only by the Holy Lord, but by ALL men.


Chaff and Husks

THESE modern day ministers of Baal feed God's lambs and sheep chaff and husks—food that belongs to the filthy pigs. Where is the angels’ food—the delightful bread from Heaven, the real sincere milk of the Word, the strong meat—that God's children may grow thereby? Food offered unto pagan gods and goddesses is what is being dished out to the “Christians” these days.


Doctrines of Devils or Doctrines of the Divine?

CHURCH people in this hour are stuffed on the world's food, which neither nourishes the soul nor strengthens the spirit of the believer.

     Does not the Bible tell us to come out from among the world and be separate? Yes! Does God’s Word tell us to abstain from ALL appearances of evil? YES! And is not the Church sick, nigh unto death? YES! Are not these "Dazzling Darlings" and "Strutting Studs" mocking the very sacrifice of Christ? Yes! “Trifling criticisms” in and out of the pulpit, foolish and vain talking, jesting and jet-setting make up the large portion of activities for today's backslid clergy who stand for nothing but doctrines of devils.


Dirty Birds

VULTURES ... picking the flesh off the very bones of their dead congregations, making the doves “fly away in disgust”. (Read 1 Peter 5:1-4.) Beware, dear Christian. Beware of these "dirty birds" that devour both fancies and filth—they are of the 2 Corinthians 11:13-14 coven. Oh, you see them on TV, you see their cheap books in the marketplace, you see them at conventions and concerts, etc., etc.


Get Tough!

GET tough on "self". After all, we are our worst enemy. Let us pray!—


"Dear God, we cannot genuinely love you unless we love the things that you love and absolutely HATE the things you hate. Make us a Holy People: a people with a real burning heart for truth ... for the lost. Set us aflame with passion to see a transformed world where presently SIN—DAMNED SIN—rules over humankind. Empower us to banish sin from our lives so we can be a bright and shining light. May we glorify our Lord Jesus Christ in earth. May we be a real part of your New Holy Tribal Army. AMEN.”


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