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by General James Green


Pious Frauds

TODAY'S CONTEMPORARY CHURCH hierarchical system is overrun with pious frauds, but it is certain that it all arose gradually. With all this religious pluralism nowadays, coupled with political pluralism, the hierarchical religious leadership stubbornly refuses to admit that Jesus is literally the ONLY WAY to the Father in Heaven. They think “epistemological goose-stepping” gets one into God's Kingdom “faster and better” (epistemology is the realm of philosophy that investigates the nature and origin of knowledge), but in reality the Church in this hour has only taken her dumb subjects into the very depths of Hell.


Theological Fornicators

“CHRISTIANS” PLAYING THE harlot with the other deities of the world has caused the Holy Spirit to completely depart from most churches and church organizations today. Now the harlot Church has given birth to literally millions of "bastards"—unsaved churchgoers.

     The distinction between “clergy” and “laity” gradually gave rise to episcopal power and the clerical order whereby both “clergy” and “laity” have actually claimed for themselves “the prerogatives, relations and authority of ‘pious frauds’." That is, they have put themselves in the position to be “pious frauds”. This departing from the original Spirit-controlled Church has been its demise—the Church has fallen.

     The clergy, by assuming their roles of power, were made independent of the laity as the laity was from the clergy. Both pretty much now “do their own thing", calling it "Christian", as they’re all heading for Hell. But the modern Church idolizes this darling maxim—“the powerful clergy and the independent laity”—with all zeal, and varied anti-Christ phraseologies can be heard in her sacred(?) assemblies throughout the land.


Entire Perversion

FEW AND SIMPLE were the offices instituted in the early New Testament Church or Ekklesia by the Apostles, but after the rise of religious episcopacy (government of a church by bishops), ecclesiastical non-Spirit appointed offices were multiplied with great rapidity ... and these man-appointed offices and officers still multiply today, with all "gay" pump, priss and power. Today, just about the whole Church system is nothing but an outward, vain, Spiritless religion, Christless, dead—a sick carnal perversion of the true idea the early Church that Jesus Himself and the Apostles set in divine motion.


Beginning in the Spirit

WITH ALL THIS PC (politically correct) and RC (religiously correct) BULL, today's Church is backslid as HELL. With all her outward worldly ceremonial to-dos, she seeks to be made perfect in the flesh.

     One history professor wrote, "The changes which the constitution of the Christian Church underwent is thus as follows: 1) The distinction of bishops from presbyters, and the gradual development of the monarchical-episcopal church government; 2) The distinction of the clergy from the laity, and the formation of a sacerdotal caste, as opposed to the evangelical idea of the priesthood; 3) The multiplication of church offices” (Prof. Neander, "Church History", vol. 1, p. 259. Neander takes his readers thru the early Church stage, thru the Roman Catholic stage and out of the Roman Catholic stage.).


Wicked Ambitions

THERE IS NO doubt in my mind that the ol’ serpent, Satan, not God, led the Church down “the yellow brick road”. Take the Roman Catholic papacy for illustration. The wicked ambition for leadership and lust for power that was cultivated in the satanic papacy, has provided a terrible example and given the (so-called) "Christian Church” the open invitation to do the same evils. Only in pretense do these modern "popes" care for the flock of God. In reality they fleece the flock and rape the lambs ... caring little to nothing for their souls and eternal destiny.

     This is not to say we do not need leadership. We do. BUT it must be God-ordained, God-anointed and God-appointed. Today’s leaders, for the most part (I use the word MOST), are not any of the above.


Spiritually Corrupted

THE CORRUPTION OF the government of the churches naturally led to spiritually corrupting everything connected with true Christianity. Take heed: A departure from the Divine government in one thing opens the way for other departures. And we have many, many departures nowadays—most historical cardinal Bible doctrines are either omitted or excused away as unnecessary doctrines, even including the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ the Lord, our Savior.

     Such a terrible departure, dear readers, will cause the sheep/lambs to lose sight of the Shepherd’s divine directions and will cause them, the sheep/lambs, to follow false shepherds. Why don’t you do your own research and count how many departures the Church has made from the original Apostolic teachings!? We can all agree that the Roman Catholic Church has added and subtracted, but what about the Protestants?


There Is Yet Hope!

AS CHRISTIANITY STANDS, few real Christians exist! Many once "on-fire" churches have been gutted-out by "PC-ism" and "GAY-ism". Languishing churches fill the graveyards worldwide. Many new ones have arisen but are built upon sand. Heresy unopposed will take any church to its grave, spiritually speaking. But God is raising up His voice in the earth once again.


Get Tough!

WE SHOULD HATE heresy. But if you DARE to raise your voice against it, get ready for WAR! These "pious frauds" will condemn you as they did Jesus, the early Apostles, the Church Fathers, etc.


A New Period Has Dawned

A NEW PERIOD has now dawned for God to raise up a new people out of the old people. Primitive (True) Christianity will rise again—modern Churchianity will be challenged. We here at ACMTC are realizing the tremendous importance of this occasion, and we're going to arise to the occasion.

     God will have only ONE people. He has given us ONE book, the Bible, to be our WAR MANUAL. He has given is ONE Spirit to be our Guide. Every Christian ought to desire to stand complete in the whole will of God. Jesus' prayer, indeed His whole tenor of teaching, clearly shows that it is God's will that His Ekklesia, His Holy Tribal Nation, be united.

     True, we're going to see the amalgamation of different sects, but this should not detour us in our efforts to be truly ONE with God. The Lord's Spirit will divinely deal with certain “abstruse and speculative matters”—and we must let the Holy Spirit take charge.


Be Resolved

I PERSONALLY HAVE the more cheerfully resolved to fully trust in and rely upon God and His Holy Word, both written and spoken.

     While there is but ONE faith, there are thousands of opinions; yet if the early Ekklesia stood upon God's Word and Spirit, why should we not too? Because men/women grew lazy spiritually, the rise of falseness and worldliness grew.

     After we have given up all manmade creeds/traditions, we can stand once again upon God's Holy Word. We should have a mutual resolution to meet on the Bible’s instructions and the Prophetic Word. We should resolve to restore God’s Word to its original purity and simplicity. I profoundly believe that we are going to see a mighty wave of aggressive spiritual power and purpose sweep the world. God is going to overrule in human affairs for His name’s sake, and for the establishment of His Holy Tribal Nation.

     We should zealously strive for the same dauntless heroism, the same pure and holy faith, the same aggressive fiery zeal that characterized the Church in the book of Acts. AMEN.


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