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Attn: These files do not follow a sharp chronological order.



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by General James Green


ONE CAN DISCERN the shadowing of her crafty criminal lawyer in her Testimony Under Oath (TUO, as I call it). He is the eminent guise, the person who “wields the power behind the scenes”; he is the one who masterminded this whole PLOT to DESTROY a people of God!

          MS had her faults alright, but after Mr. Bob B. got hold of her, she changed tremendously, even transmogrifyingly. Since that time, REVENGE is her raison d’etre, her “reason to exist” ... along with, of course, money!

          In the Px2 Files we want our readers to:


consider the motive.

consider the source.

consider the context.

consider the content.

consider the Scriptures.

consider the hate.

consider the intent.


          We do not and have never considered MS to be “non compos mentis”, that is, “out of her right mind” and therefore not legally or spiritually responsible for her actions. Quite the contrary. She KNEW what she was and is doing but refuses to repent. She could rightly be called “enfant terrible”—“a person who stirs things up in an irresponsible and indiscrete way”!

          As it goes, with all this said and done, “quod erat demonstrandum”, a proof has just been completed. Amen.



title 1 Px2.gif


ACMTC HEREBY PRESENTS, to all our readers, critics and friends alike, the Double P Files.

          The warp and woof of our enemies’ camp is the malicious intent to DESTROY us as a community, and we are exposing this fact in these files.

          MS’s ex post facto (her explanation concocted after the “imprisonment” event) is deceitful, unjust, unrighteous; full of hypocrisy and lies; a distortion of facts and of truth—and it’s all presented here for you to read.

          After her self-inflicted abuse, MS and Bob B., her attorney, set about to “take care of ACMTC once and for all!” There is no doubt that she struck a “Faustian bargain”* with Bob B. in order to justify her gross personal sins and to divert any attention away from her guilty self and put it upon all of us.

          Double P Files are ad hoc (“created especially for a particular occasion”). The occasion is to let our readers see for themselves what terrifyingly unjust things have been done over the years.

          So many have asked why we defaulted in her first lawsuit and why haven’t we, over the passing years, exposed MS and Bob B. Well, we’ll explain all this in the Px2 Files.

          Frankly, MS’s ad hominem can easily be discerned in these files—just read the files for yourself.

*To strike a “Faustian bargain” is “to be willing to sacrifice anything and everything to satisfy a limitless desire for power”. A “Faustian bargain” is “a bargain with the Devil to gain an end”.



“X Street Files to the Present”


A Timeline-Essay covering 1970 to 2004

written by General Deborah Green

[Certain figures and information reflect the date this document was written.]


MS CAME INTO MY LIFE many years ago. In fact, in 1970, my brother, who was two years younger than me, 21 years of age at that time, was dying of cancer. He had been diagnosed as having cancer in 1969 and had a large tumor removed from one of his lungs. He fought a very hard battle to defeat the disease, but because of the surgery on his lung, the cancer spread to his liver. During the time he was in the hospital, in the year 1970, was the time that we became acquainted with MS. In those days her name was MA. She was working at that time on a training program at a local hospital. The program that she was on was to train unwed mothers in order that they could be working mothers.

     MS was an unwed mother with a young girl child born out of wedlock, and she lived with her parents in their home. She worked at the hospital and became quite infatuated with my brother who was a patient at the time. She thought that I was his wife and was quite jealous; then she learned I was his sister and she began to establish a relationship with him by visiting him frequently, and so on. Consequently she and I established a relationship based primarily on my brother as I devoted a lot of time and attention to him at that time since I knew that he was dying. I was 23 years old and hardly prepared for the misery that I would see him undergo as his young life slipped away in the hands of cancer the killer.

     MS seemed devoted to him and to me as his sister. She often remarked that she wished she had met him earlier so that they could have gotten married. She even asked him to accept her daughter as his own child. Of course he was very sick and sometimes would complain to me that she was too overbearing and possessive of him in her affections. But nonetheless, she was faithful to visit him and talk with him during the last several months of his life. Time passed and so did his young life as he was eaten alive by the cancer. The incision from the liver cancer never healed and his insides were visible when we changed the bandage. He developed bed sores and MS and I used to work on him to help him with those ulcerations of his skin. Finally, one morning very early, she called me from the hospital, as she had gone in early to work, to report that he was unconscious. I immediately went to the hospital where I held his body in my arms and he breathed his last breath of life...then departed to a better place. MS and I consoled one another in our loss and remained good friends in the months following his death.

     Then grief stricken, I chose, by January of the next year, to leave my job and join a group of people who were intent on "going back to the land and learning the Indian way." I joined them mainly as a means of escape from the terrible weight of grief that I could not cope with. I would go to the mountains and learn a new way of life.

     A week before I was to leave, I told MS of my decision to leave. She argued with me, telling me that I could not leave her. I told her I had to go for my own sanity and peace of mind. She left very angry with me for my decision. The night before I was to leave, she showed up on my doorstep. She had two sleeping bags and her little girl. She said I could not leave and that she was coming with me. We agreed that she could but I told her it would be difficult for her child. She agreed to stay in Sacramento with her child at the house where the leader of the group was staying. She did so and quickly became the lover of the older man who was a Native American. He was 54 years old and she was 22 years old.

     I was actually shocked at the transition which apparently took place in her during my absence. Many people who traveled back and forth would come telling me terrible things about her behaviour, which I did not want to believe. I heard that her child had been used with her permission as a group sex object and had contacted gonorrhea. The child was a little over two-years old at the time. She was taken for medical attention at which time the diagnosis was given and that is how the whole thing was told to me.

     By the time I saw MS again, she was living in an adulterous affair with another man in the group who had a wife and two young sons. One of their sons had died from drinking kerosene and he and his wife were having problems as a consequence of their loss. MS made herself available to the man and fast became his lover and dope-smoking partner. They would spend hours in dope, sex, and talk. He loved to talk and she would listen. She was quite changed from the way that I had thought I had known her. But then again, perhaps I did not know her after all.



AFTER A FEW MONTHS, I left that group with the man who later became my husband, and so I lost contact with MS. After that, she had another girl child that was born to her without clear knowledge as to whom the father was. Later it was decided that the father was indeed someone different than was originally determined. In the meantime, my husband and I became born-again Christians and chose to live a totally different lifestyle than we had lived before. I wrote to MS after tracking down her address through old friends but she did not want to hear about Jesus so I saw no reason to continue the relationship as she had drifted into a life of transit meaninglessness.

     Then, several years later, in approximately 1979, I had contact with MS again after my husband and I returned to Montana where we had lived earlier in our marriage. At that time I met an old acquaintance who informed me that MS was looking everywhere for me and that if anyone saw me they were to give me her address. Of course I took the address and wrote her a letter. She immediately wrote back—this time ready to hear about Jesus. She was married to a man and they lived in the mountains of northern California. It sounded as though they lived in poverty, hardship and the false euphoria of long-term marijuana users. They were both "dope smokers" and lived on a subsistence level in a small house in a northern California town. Later they moved to some land that they had put a down payment on along with another individual and had set up housekeeping in a tent as they were going to build themselves a cabin on the land. Her letters were full of euphoric descriptions of their life as well as grim realities as to their poverty and hardship. Apparently her husband was a marijuana grower without too much success and they seemed to be in deprivation continually.

     As time passed and our correspondence had become regular, my husband and I moved to Sacramento where my family lived. After we had been there for a few weeks, MS showed up on our doorstep. She had come to plead with us to visit them and to see her husband as they were in serious marital problems by this time. My husband did go alone to see them as I was working at the time and their camp was several hours away from Sacramento. My husband found them in terrible shape, with hardly any food, their newborn baby sick and not even food to eat on. My husband prayed with them, gave MS money for food and prayed for the baby who was very sick. The baby immediately got healed and the husband was uplifted in his spirits and asked him to return. MS was, at that time, thankful for the help that she received and asked my husband to return.

     A few weeks later, my husband and I along with our two children returned to their rough abode. They were again out of food and destitute. The husband was very troubled and when I prayed for him, he was released by the Lord and came forth rejoicing in the goodness of God. From that night onward he was a changed man. He no longer lived in the same dreariness and despair but a new hope had been born in his heart. He quit his marijuana habit and began to work very hard, determined that he could have a new start in life.

     They soon had purchased a car and came to visit us as he earned sufficient money to buy gas. Then he began to pray to move out of their mountain camp and to be able to move to Sacramento where we lived.



THE LORD MADE A WAY and they moved to the city as he was given a job with sufficient pay to rent a house and provide food for his family in the city. He was so glad to leave the nest of his former sinfulness and to come forth in the light and the new life that was before him. MS was more reluctant to leave as she had grown accustomed to the hard life and did not even own a pair of shoes prior to her move to the city. In fact, we bought her first pair of shoes for her. Her feet were rough and tough, as she had been used to chopping wood, hauling water, and generally working hard and roughing it in order to survive. Many times she and her children and husband had gone hungry and known cold and discomfort in an effort to live out their drug-induced, euphoric imaginations.

     After they moved to the city, the S. family gradually learned to function again in civilization. Initially their children were very unruly and rude, having never received discipline nor training. MS did not like to train her children, as she seemed to think that they served themselves best through disruption and disturbance. Her husband was of a different mindset, as he began to abhor the former lifestyle which had taken him into captivity. He struggled to bring a semblance of order to his home and family life.

     A short time after they had moved to Sacramento, MS became pregnant again. This would be her fifth child. She had two daughters which were not her husband's children and then two children by him and expecting another.

     After a while they moved closer to us and we had more frequent Christian fellowship. The husband flourished and MS went along for the ride as she was very dependent upon him and still quite mentally spaced out from years of marijuana and other drug usage and careless living. She was given to moods of despair and accusation and would oftentimes complain viciously about her husband and children. She was envious of the fact that I was at that time a working mother and made many remarks about how much she wanted to work outside the home. However, she never made any effort to get a job or get herself ready to have a job; just griped a lot. I noticed around that time that MS was given to self-pity and envy and that when she was feeling sorry for herself that she was capable of lying about others to make her own position look good. I figured that she would come out of these characteristics as she spent a longer time as a Christian.



AFTER A YEAR OR SO passed, it was 1982 and we purchased what was to be called Fort Freedom. At first we bought three older houses and then later got the fourth house and opened the ministry in the large older house in which my husband and I and our two children lived. We rented from the ministry, Free Love Ministries, three rooms in the house. I kept working for a while after we had moved in to help pay the expenses. MS's husband kept on working, and they rented one of the other houses for themselves to live in . The other remaining house was rented by David G. of the Art Shops. We all sought to live peaceably and in cooperation with each other, although at times we were all given indications that the marital problems between MS and her husband Steve had not been resolved but merely submerged.

     At times, MS would ventilate in wild yelling and crying out against her horrid conditions when really she had it much better than she had for years. Her husband was no longer a drug addict, her children had adequate shelter, food and clothing, yet she would have imaginations as to how bad she had it. Eventually, because she was so envious since I had worked outside of the home, she was given a job at the Art Shops.

     MS was not really outstanding at anything, including her work. She did not like managing her children as she seemed to be put out at taking care of her own children. Her second daughter had left home and moved in with the man who was purportedly her father who lived in another part of the state. She blamed her mother for a lack of love and concern for her.



AS TIME PROGRESSED, more and more people became interested in what we were doing as the Lord was moving by His Spirit's power. Many more people moved into the complex and became members of the movement. MS was delegated by my husband some responsibilities as her husband was quite active and dependable and in an effort to bring her along. At her work she was lazy and procrastinating, not throwing herself into the tasks at hand but offering continual excuses for her lack of performance. She also reflected some questionable behaviors at times with reference to the opposite sex. We kept our observations to ourselves and quietly and lovingly tried to correct her and instruct her in the way of righteousness that she could adapt from the wild, irresponsible hippy-life to the new life in Christ.

     More and more people joined in and I noticed that MS was continually jealous whenever I spent time with any of the other women in the ministry, as though she thought that she had special rights to me. However, I tried to placate her in order to keep her happy since I was seeing that her basic personality was that of a person who was selfish, jealous and complaining. It seemed as though she had a constant complaint over one thing or another. She took every opportunity to complain against her husband that she could, and she was verbally abusive against him behind his back. In fact, she was teaching the younger women that it was not necessary to respect the authority of godly husbands. This was opposite of what the Bible teaches us.



WE FOUND SEVERAL OTHER INSTANCES of MS teaching her own mixed-up beliefs which did not conform with the Bible at all. She was trying to convert many to her twisted theories of permissive sexuality, hatred for authority, and more. We corrected her many times on these issues and even though she would appear to repent, she did not really change.

     Several incidents of her misbehavior around the opposite sex were reported to us from time to time. It did not seem to register with her that as a married Christian woman, she needed to walk according to a new standard rather than according to the former lifestyle. Several times we talked with her over these sensitive issues and she appeared to want to change. Then she admitted that she was a perpetual masturbator and that she was more satisfied with herself than with her own husband. Of course, these actions on her part served to further alienate her husband and the estrangement between them kept growing despite our efforts to instruct them in Christian marriage.



AS TIME PROGRESSED, in 1984, we began to emphasize the missionary program and many were blessed by the same. Many of the young people got very enthusiastic over the aspect of missionary training and out of that was born the concept of Aggressive Christianity Missions Training Corps (ACMTC). Part of the ACMTC was to learn to survive in environments that were not so perfect or ideal as many of the places where missionaries are sent require an inward toughness and commitment to survive despite physical difficulties. So in a very minimal way we tried to instill these principles of sacrifice and endurance into the people. MS, having been experienced in all of her years in the counter-culture, had lived in holes in the earth, tepees, shacks, shelters built from branches, and other challenging places. She had experience cooking over fire pits, hauling water and chopping wood, and so she enjoyed this outdoor training and seemed right at home with the activities. She expressed an earnest desire to go to the mission field as a missionary. We were really very glad for her ambition.

     It was during the years 1983-84 that we met the man who was to become MS's co-conspirator. His name is Robert (Bob) B. How he became involved is explained in the following paragraphs.



FOR SEVERAL YEARS we have been subject to "judgment terrorism," brought forth through the schemes of Robert B. and MS. Mr. Bob B. had contact with us as a "juvenile lawyer" back in Sacramento in the mid-1980's. He represented some parents whose son joined us in Sacramento after he had dropped out of the university. This family was from another city located in the bay area. We were in Sacramento. They engaged Mr. Bob B. to check on their son who had chosen to leave the Roman Catholic Church and become a member of our group. At that time, this man was 20 or 21 years old, but his family did not want to see him choose another lifestyle, and so they hired Mr. Bob B. to check up on him.

     At that time, Mr. Bob B. would come and visit with the son, and we would allow him to do so. Then, apparently, he would report back to the parents on the condition of their son. Then the son decided he did not want to see Mr. Bob B. any more and cut off contact with him. The next contact we had with Mr. Bob B. was when a young man of seventeen decided he wanted to live with us after his own father beat him up for coming to meetings. These parents were wealthy and paid Mr. Bob B. to harass and threaten us; however, we had received a permission slip from the individual's parents, and so Mr. Bob B.'s threats were meaningless. Apparently, the parents had not informed him that they had given the boy written permission to live with us.

     Mr. Bob B. called us many times with anger and accusations against us. He said that we were doing all kinds of things; then we asked him for the criminal charges and he said there were none. So we told him to shut up then. This apparently angered him. Then he was very polite and told us that we needed a good PR (Public Relations) man to help us out so that people would not think evil of us.

     There did not seem to be any real connection between MS and Mr. Bob B. in those days, although Mr. Bob B. had attached himself to the PAC (Parents Against Cults) group which was picketing our place, claiming that we were “a dangerous cult.” At that time, Mr. Bob B. was approached by a member who was posing as a reporter. Mr. Bob B. said that the whole demonstration was merely a religious dispute and nothing more serious than that. So Mr. Bob B. again involved himself in our lives without invitation.



IN 1986 WE TOOK A NUMBER of people on a missionary trip to Malawi, Africa. The people who went were: my husband and I; MS and her husband, Steve; her daughter and son in law; and our two children, Sarah and Joshua; and Brad Rankin (who later died there of malaria). During this trip, MS exhibited strange behavior more than once, actually proving to be quite burdensome to others on the journey. As our son became quite ill with malaria and nearly died, we took him and Brad Rankin, who was also ill, to a hostel to stay for a few days. Brad recovered very well while our son seem to languish. It came time for us to return and we left Brad Rankin with MS and her husband, admonishing them that if he needed any additional medical attention, to be sure to secure it for him ASAP.

     MS's oldest daughter and her husband stayed on to help with the missionary project. MS and her husband Steve were scheduled to return a few weeks later with Brad. However, Brad took a severe bout of malaria and became quite ill. He was hospitalized and MS and her husband were left in charge to make whatever decisions were necessary both with the project and concerning his condition as we had already arrived states-side when we were notified of his illness. As it turns out, even though he was given the best medical aid available, he passed away and died a young man of 28 years old. When MS and her husband returned, they both were convinced that Brad had gone on to be with the Lord and that he had died in peace. MS said that he was surrendered and praying as long as he was conscious.




THE FOLLOWING YEAR, 1987, came the time when MS was continually undermining and causing troubles to others through her complaining. Additionally, the reports of her sexual misconduct continued. It was early that year that she confessed to myself and others that the only impact she had gained out of the entire missionary trip, including the death of our dear brother Brad Rankin, is that she had wanted to have sex with a black man while in Africa. She seemed obsessed with her impression and disappointed that it had not happened (at least as far as we know!). Now consider that she was a married woman, supposedly representing the standard of Christ, and given a position of authority whereby she was instructing others. As these things were stacking up, we cried out earnestly to the Lord as to what we should do about the situation. We believe that the Lord instructed us to merely remove her from her position of authority, which we did with full explanation to her as to why we were doing so. She seemed to accept the decision well enough and in fact seemed relieved as she honestly was not the leadership type. Her husband, when he heard of the situation, took it as his opportunity and kicked her out of the house. She had nowhere to go so I told her that she could sleep in the Chop Shop which was a building that we had on the back of the property that included a bathroom with a flush toilet, a telephone with two lines to the "outside world," and a door that went to the alley way that provided easy access for leaving.

     MS at that time was thankful to receive such accommodation. We had no knowledge as to her clothing situation as she lived in a separate house with her husband and children up until this point and bought her own clothing. We merely offered the place to her so that she could have a resting place other than the city streets. We were not sure that the argument between them would continue for they had many disputes during their years with us.



AFTER MS HAD BEEN THERE for a few days, another woman, Jacque Rankin, determined to put herself with MS in her situation as she imagined that she could help her. So the two of them were in the Chop Shop basically doing nothing. Then they asked for some work and they expressed a preference for outdoor work. They were given some “menial tasks,” at their request, to occupy their time.

     MS had, for some time, been infatuated with a book about an ex- Roman Catholic nun named Sister Charlotte. Sister Charlotte told the story of brutality and severity which she had experienced in the Roman Catholic convent and how that she had escaped from the cloistered convent and told of her subsequent conversion to Christ. MS even took Sister Charlotte to the Chop Shop with her. She seemed obsessed with the book as though she were memorizing lines for a play. Little did we realize at the time that she was literally allowing Satan to convince her that her plight was as bad as that of Sister Charlotte.

     In the meantime, another woman joined the ladies in the Chop Shop, and so there were three of them in the way of the work projects going on there. It was recommended by them that they move into the children's clubhouse (the supposed “shed”) which was a smaller building that had a window, doors, electricity and a wood stove. It was fully carpeted and we were assured, especially by MS, that they would be fine in there and that it was a nice place to stay.

     During their stay in the smaller building, the other woman went out the back and called the police, claiming that she was in captivity. The police came over, talked to her and concluded that there was no captivity because obviously she had the free will to leave and call them to her rescue. She left that night with the police. MS avowed over and over that night that she was not a captive but rather was homeless, thankful for a place to stay.

     After a few weeks, as we made room in the camp, the two women were moved out of the small room and given accommodations in one of the houses just as the others living there were given. They were given much time to themselves to pray, to read their Bibles, to meditate on the Word of God. They seemed to be benefitting from this and wrote many letters expressing their gratitude for our kindness towards them in allowing them to stay inside the facility instead of putting them out on the streets.



MS AT THIS POINT requested that her food portion be cut as she said that she was not getting enough exercise and was getting fat. So, as I inquired what she wanted to eat, she said she would like peanutbutter sandwiches. We accommodated her with peanutbutter sandwiches for lunch. For her breakfast and dinner she was allowed to eat of the provision that everyone else had. It was her choice to eat the sandwiches for lunch. But the provision for lunch often included fresh fruits and sometimes cookies or carrots also, as I did not want them to get bored eating the peanutbutter sandwiches. Several times I asked them if they wanted something else. They replied, no, they loved their peanutbutter.

     During this time, MS and the other woman, Jacque Rankin, often asked for work outside, declaring that they wanted to do those things that would benefit others. MS insisted that she wash her clothing in a bucket and take her showers with a bucket as she said that it was good training and that she had the opportunity to be a missionary during this time. After a while we thought it better to arrange for both of the women to work in the Art Shops where they could receive pay checks for their labors. We felt this better as MS would spend hours in the yard pulling a few weeds and sitting in positions that were unbecoming, with her legs spread open while she was wearing skirts, behaving in lewd manners, hoping some of the young men would come and talk to her. During this time, she and her husband talked about and agreed upon a divorce. She willingly signed the papers and excitedly commented to another young man, "At last, I am free!” MS exclaimed, “I am free!"

     We did not know of the divorce plans until after the papers were signed and the husband reported it to me. I was literally shocked because I had hoped they would reconcile the relationship and that they would be accepting of each other again. But he assured me that they had come to a mutual agreement and that he was to have custody of their children, which seemed right inasmuch as she was at times very neglectful of them.



WE THEN SENT MS HOME to her mother, thinking that perhaps she could live apart from the group for a while and things would improve between her and her husband. She lasted two days, during which time she was calling continually and begging me to return. She had taken her youngest son with her and she was threatening to walk the streets with him in a shopping cart if I did not allow her to return. Finally, I gave in and allowed her to return. We suspected that she had contact with Mr. Bob B., who probably advised her what to do in order to finish us off and be able to sue us for the 20 million dollars that both of them imagined we had.

     MS was to later claim that we held her in captivity, which is not true, for we did not want to keep her from her natural family. She chose to return with many pleadings for mercy from us. How absurd her claims of captivity when one realizes that we sent her to her mother to stay with her youngest son and that it was our intention that perhaps the time with her mother and father would do some good; and if there was any hope for the marriage, which by this time was evidently in its dying throes, that MS and her husband could possibly be reconciled through absence from each other. But she was insistent on being readmitted to the camp.

     After her return, MS was given a private room with her son Steven and they were allowed to basically have the run of the mess hall as one of her jobs was to clean up the tables after the meal. She was given the same food as everyone else and in fact she and her son made it their habit to eat up all of the leftovers that were around. They seemed to be fine as far as we could determine. Then Steven started stealing and vandalizing things for no apparent reason. Mostly he would do these things when others were gone out of the houses, and more than once he left tremendous messes as his trail or else items disappeared, because he was stealing. His mother, in her usual way, lived in denial and refused to believe that her child could do anything wrong. Soon it became evident that she could not allow him to have the free run of the camp as he was causing lots of trouble to others. So we tried to adjust her time so that she could have him with her whenever she was doing anything. She did not like this and so she decided that perhaps she needed to tie him to her in order to keep better track of his comings and goings. It was suggested that perhaps she could get a child’s leash as many parents in the ‘80's were buying leashes in order to keep tabs on their children. So we gave instructions for someone to buy her a leash as she seemed to like that idea in order to keep him more well-behaved.

     Then she requested that she did not want to clean up the tables any more as she was getting too fat, and it was true. She looked as though she had gained some weight. She requested if she and Steven could go on peanutbutter sandwiches so that she could curtail her eating. We refused because we felt that the boy needed a more balanced diet and that he did not have a problem with weight gain.

     At no time during her stay with us did MS lose weight; in fact she actually gained weight and requested us to cut her portions of food, which we did not. We just suggested she quit eating up all of the leftover food.

     Every day, from that time on, she had a new complaint to murmur and gripe about. It seemed as though she could not be satisfied about anything and she was continually and perpetually complaining. It seemed as though she were displeased with everything at hand. At this point my husband felt that he was directed of the Lord to ask her to leave and get a job whereby she could learn some responsibility as she had literally found everything to complain about even though we were providing her with free food and shelter as well as clothing and only expecting about two to four hours of work from her a day. In the meantime, the other woman, Jacque Rankin, who had been with her initially, was reinstated into the ministry and was full of joy and thanksgiving unto God for His administration of correction in her life.



MY HUSBAND TALKED WITH MS about leaving and we all had tears in our eyes as we wanted her to make progress in her spiritual development. She said that she understood and she refused to take any money, any food, any clothing other than what she was wearing. She did not take her son as he was in the custody of her husband officially, although her husband had allowed her to keep him for a couple of months as her companion. She said that she would call her mother and get a job and would be back in contact with us. She lasted a few weeks at working. Then she became the obvious dupe and cohort of Mr. Bob B. and was re-programed by him. From all observations made by those of us who knew her, Bob did a thorough job of revamping MS to appear to be what he wanted her to be so that he could put forth his scheme of fraud, lies, destruction and devastation against us as the people of God. We believe that Mr. Bob B. operated out of motives of greed, jealousy, covetousness, and evil imagination. The two of them then set out to bring forth their story, the theme of which was almost exactly like the Sister Charlotte book that MS must have read ten to twenty times.

     In a month or two after she left, MS came back by to pick up her children as she had requested custody of them and at the beginning was granted visiting rights. During that time she got into a vile verbal exchange with her ex-husband and told him and those who were listening that she intended to sue my husband and myself and the ministry for the evil we had done against her. That was the beginning of a sixteen-year oppression and undermining in which we are still unfortunately involved.



WELL, TRUE TO HER THREATS, Mr. Bob B. and MS engineered a terrible lie and made scandalous accusations against us as individuals and as a group. The lies were so outlandish that we could not even fathom such a thing being accepted in court. Did we ever have a lot to learn! So we became the victims of continual harassment which has lasted for 16 years, as well becoming the objects of their never-ending slander.

     MS, with Bob's coaching and directing, became a half-way good actress as she played the part of a poor, abandoned Christian mother of small children, treated cruelly and inhumanely by all of us. Truthfully, nothing could have been farther from the truth. We treated her with gentleness and kindness, allowing her to stay approximately six months after she was kicked out of the house by her husband. We spent hours praying for her and counseling her and encouraging her without ever charging her for our services. We all helped to care for her small children and never presented her a bill for childcare. We put up with her perpetual complaints and backbitings against everyone, including the husband she claimed she loved so much. We patiently endured her sexual lewdness in an effort to see her soul come forth through the chastening of God. We gave to her and she took and took and took, never stopping to thank us for keeping her and giving her a free home during those months. She became increasingly embittered as the media got hold of her story of “captivity and depravation.” She became a "star," or so she thought, with her money-lusting, greedy-fingered lawyer behind her, counting up the fortune he estimated and imagined to be worth twenty million dollars.

     MS got to tell her tale of woe and literally basked in the pity she was able to illicit from others. She talked herself into believing that we had held her physically in captivity and that she had suffered more than any woman on earth at our hands. Now, mind you, this was her imagination and Bob's direction in order for her to collect “the big ransom money” they were extracting from us via the vehicle of a civil lawsuit. She was later to declare that she was never held physically captive, just mentally bound, as we had “brainwashed” her. What the truth was is that Bob B. had cloned her into his dupe, totally and completely, and she had fallen for his deception to the extent that she turned on the people who had loved her, cherished her soul, and sought to bring her forth in Christ. She completely ignored the prayers and vows she had made publically and privately to the Lord. She ignored the letters she had written to us, repenting for her misconduct and wanting to be right with Jesus. She ignored the fact that through her lies she was affecting the lives of her children as well as the other children in the group. But she did not care because her inherent ability as a complainer and a whiner had at last found its expression as Bob continued in his well-orchestrated scheme of lust for money.

     MS and Bob became thicker and thicker in their relationship and Bob's marriage broke up during this time. He had been married and had children, but apparently the marriage did not stand the test of “the 20 Million Dollar Lie” that he and MS had brought forth. After MS got her children back, she and the children frequented Bob's apartment and her children swam in the apartment pool. Just one big happy family soon to be rich off of our blood!



MR. BOB B., being the criminal lawyer that he was, soon organized some local toughs to discourage us and harass us continually. They were led by a woman who had a big mouth full of lies and the streets were her turf. She had a daughter who had joined us and she was angered because her daughter had chosen to abandon the family traditions of drug addiction and trafficking, welfare fraud and illegitimate children. So this woman, empowered by MS's lies and Bob B.'s schemes, became the ringleader of a gang of thugs that worked at making our lives miserable. They threw terrible things on our houses and lawns (for example: rotten eggs, human excrement, and worse). They slashed 16 tires on our vehicles in one night. They threw wet paint on a large bus that we had recently had repainted. Then, as they continued in the terrorization of us, they would walk in front of our dwellings and businesses for hours harassing any and all who happened to walk by, with slanderous reports of how horrible we were and how we had held this poor woman (MS) in captivity.

     After a few months of this, my husband and myself and a few others moved to another location in the country where we had secured another place to live where we hoped we could go on in peace and quiet as we were so tired of the continual harassments that we had to undergo on a daily basis. We knew a measure of peace in our new locality until one of Mr. Bob B.'s paid informants, who was one of our members, disclosed where we were living. The torments started all over again.

     It was a continual bombardment on both fronts: the media, steeped in Mr. Bob B.'s deceits, and MS's pity party continued to harass us and we were never left alone. We tried to keep going on in spite of turmoil and lies swirling on every hand, causing us much disturbance and unrest.

     During those dark hours we sought the Lord continually, wondering how we would live through this ordeal. Then it started up again—the violence and vandalism. Several of our members received life threats and some were even shot at and had full beer cans hurled at their heads by drunken men incited by the media-hype against us. It seemed as though life had turned into a nightmare.

     Then as Mr. Bob B. pushed his greatest show on earth to a climax, he got his judgment as we defaulted on the thing because, as we prayed, we felt that the Lord did not want us to appear in court and be dragged into years of costly and emotionally damaging litigations as we had children to raise and a worldwide ministry to continue. During this time we prayed most earnestly for MS that she would see the error of her ways and come to her senses. Little did we know the pact that she had entered into with Mr. Bob B. to destroy us completely—physically, financially, spiritually, and emotionally.



FINALLY, IT BECAME EVIDENT to us that we must leave California if we were ever to find any peace and safety. So we moved to Klamath Falls, Oregon. We had very little money as we had been robbed by Bob B. and MS of our homes, and all else, and we were left destitute.

     When we reached Klamath Falls, we lived in vehicles and a couple of travel trailers. We had to stay in a mobile RV park until we were able to situate again. Life was disoriented, torn with turmoil. We knew poverty first hand. Yet we kept praying and looking to God, expecting Him to move for us miraculously.

     We looked for some place to live and knew what it was to be virtually homeless. We kept contact with those who were now at the country camp in California; who were waiting on us to find a place to live. Every day was hardship and fear harassing us continually. We tried to keep ourselves above all that was against us and believe in the Lord.

     The Lord did many miracles for us as a people. We finally secured a house in Klamath Falls through the benevolence of one of our member's parents. And so, by this time we moved everyone from the other camp in California to Klamath Falls.

     We knew deep pain as the night that we were to move into the house, MS's oldest daughter, who had gone through all of these terrible months with us, defected with her husband in the middle of the night. They had two small children and took off with their children and did not even leave us a note. Of course, we were heartbroken over this loss as we had loved both of them deeply. But they were only two of many who were to wear down from the persecutions, the insecurity, the threatenings of those days.



WHEN WE FACED THE ECONOMY of Klamath Falls, we saw that we had left the abundance of California and were faced with economic hardship in our new locality. We did every kind of work imaginable to survive. There was at that time 50 of us living in one house and every day we had to have money for food, for the utilities, and to keep up our commission to feed the spiritually hungry around the world. Those were desperate days, but the Lord was unbelievably good to us and provided for us time and again. We appreciated Him so much for His tenderness and provision to us were evident. Many times I would find myself weeping hot tears in the night for the mercies of our God's provision to us for the day just passed.

     We had by this time become aware of our need for more space. The Lord then provided us with a building which was an old Moose Lodge and we set to work on it, converting it from a dark, dingy hole, to a beautiful restaurant and sanctuary. Our daughter Sarah was recovering from the loss of a California Art Shop, owned by David G., called Gallery Productions. She had been given the privilege to personally design and set it up, only to have it confiscated a short time after it opened. She had watched as a young girl the things that she labored to decorate as they were toted off the premises for a sheriff's auction so that MS and Bob could collect the profit. Our daughter's heart was deeply scarred by that terrible scene and she was literally traumatized by that for years afterward. She always lived with a cold dread that everything would be taken all over again. However, as her young heart was broken, yet so tender towards God, she volunteered to run a restaurant if we would be willing to try and open one in the old building.

     We all worked very hard at the refurbishing of the old building, scraping and plastering, putting in floors, and painting all with excitement and enthusiasm, and most of all determination to trust the Lord.



AS WE KEPT UP the hard work, we were finally ready to open the restaurant. We had not been opened very long until the gang of toughs, instigated by Bob B., showed up again to cause us trouble and more trouble. They started in with their California-technique harassments, violence, vandalism. They kept this up week after week until we literally became prisoners of our own home.

     We would not open the restaurant during the days they were around, for the customers were few enough in that impoverished town and we could not afford to lose any of the few who had the courage to come into the "cult's” restaurant.

     Thanks to Mr. Bob B. and MS, we had received more than a lion's share of bad publicity, which followed us, at their instigation, to Oregon. Because of that, my daughter knew much anguish and sorrow as she worked herself to exhaustion many times and would end up weeping in my arms, wondering why such a thing had befallen her at her young age. And yet she was brave to pioneer the management of a restaurant which had a seating capacity of 100 people.

     Needless to say, with all of the bad publicity, trying to make a go of the restaurant was near to impossible and we suffered a lot of economic deprivation in those days. We often remarked to ourselves how that MS and Bob seemed bent on our destruction as they sought to arouse animosity and hatred towards us in our new home.



LATE IN 1991, we took a missionary trip through many nations in Africa, as the Lord had miraculously provided, with our son and our daughter, who was married by this time. My husband and I traveled through several countries in central and western Africa. The results were, for the most part, encouraging.

     After the last few years of hellish persecutions, we were glad to return to the fields of service and it was so wonderful to be received by those whose hearts were hungry for God. Even though we underwent the usual hardships of third-world travel, we came home rejoicing as we had seen God do many miracles. It was indeed a refresher to know that no matter how they cursed, our God continued to bless.

     During those years, MS's oldest son, Nate, lived with his father and stepmother as his dad had remarried. He did well and his father taught him many skills in the construction trade. He seemed to have a zeal for God and had avowed himself to never end up like his mother—embittered and hateful.

     During the time we were in Klamath Falls, even though we had continual persecutions, there were periods when we had a breather and we were able to seek the Lord with zeal and desire for His will. We all did a lot of praying and crying out to God, desiring His mercies afresh and anew. We sought for reconciliation with several of those who had been estranged during the California days, which were so filled with oppression and despair at the end, as the enemy sought to destroy us as a people. We even prayed a lot for MS. Many times I fasted and prayed for her soul, praying that God would bring her through her bitterness, anger and false accusation, and bring her back into the fold. Of course, our overtures were rejected by her in her bitter state of hatred and self-pity. My husband Jim even wrote a letter to Bob B., to which Mr. B. replied to our Oregon address.




THEN ON THE FIRST DAY of January, 1992, several of us left Klamath Falls, Oregon, to take a missionary trip through the Southwest and visit some reservations on the way. We did, and perhaps the most interesting people we witnessed to were the Hopis. We were stranded on their reservation in the middle of a blizzard! However, despite the hardships, we were glad to bear witness of the truth.

     Once we reached New Mexico, we kept feeling to establish here, and even though we considered what all the Lord had done for us in Oregon, we still felt that the Lord wanted us to do something in New Mexico. So finally, on the sixth of February, 1992, we rented an old schoolhouse, in southern New Mexico, that was in terrible shape, with falling-in doors and no windows. The place was filthy, unliveable, and an overall mess. But we were elated to have a job to tackle and we all worked feverishly to bring the thing into a state of liveableness. Soon it was the talk of the neighborhood as it changed from a haunt of evil into a place of life. God was merciful to us and we thought that perhaps we would get the building liveable then return to Oregon and send a few people to man the place as a mission.

     Well, as the spring came forth, the beautiful weather welcomed our bodies and spirits. We enjoyed the springtime weather and worked diligently at getting a new start. Soon, however, the plague was to follow us. The local sheriffs began parking in our parking lot for hours. We could only figure that the news from California had reached them and they were investigating us. We did not know at the time but we had settled in one of the major drug corridors in the world. Needless to say, we were to find that the troubles started by MS and Bob B. were to follow us and attempt to plague us one more time and cause us distress all over again.

     We lived several years in southern New Mexico and had many witnesses and souls won for Christ. We also moved the remainder of the camp to New Mexico within a year or two from our first arrival to Berino, the small town where the schoolhouse was located. MS's son, Nate, moved with us and settled into a northern New Mexico camp where we had been given the use of some land. During the time we were in Berino, we had a young man to join us who was virtually useless and lost. He got converted to Christ and was really zealous for the Lord. He contacted his parents and let them know his whereabouts, but soon they turned against us and him for they had contacted MS, Bob B., and Rick R.—the self-proclaimed “cult catcher.”

     By this time, Bob B. was calling himself a "cult expert" too, and was giving interviews about us. MS also knew our whereabouts and made sure that she gave her bitter story to whoever would lend an ear to her lies. Despite all of these things, we kept pushing onward, trusting the Lord to somehow keep us in His mercies. As we continued and while we were working in the southern New Mexico area, our two grandsons, who were a tremendous blessing to us, were born and brought a real healing to all of us as we were able to love them without restraint. We saw the wonderful goodness of God revealed even though we were still the victims of vicious attacks and slander via MS and Bob B..



THE BATTLE FOR THE YOUNG MAN who had joined us escalated as his mother came under MS's spell and settled herself to be a self-appointed cult expert. She carried on incessantly, convinced by MS's spooky fairy tale that her son was trapped in “a brain washing cult.” Of course, the young man’s mother never cared anything about her son when he was strung out on dope in the streets of Chicago, but after he joined us, then he became the object of her entire life.

     The persecution continued through this family and other families who networked through MS who now had become a “cult queen,” telling her fabricated tale to anyone who would listen and insisting that we were the cause of every trouble in her life. Her continuing pattern was one of accusation, self-pity, bitterness and hatred. She represented herself as a "Christian" but never seemed to bear any fruit of the Christian life. She continually sought to get attention for her lies and thought, of course, that the whole world was involved in her tragedy.

     MS and Bob B. were well aware of our stay in southern New Mexico. When her son, Nate, left his father in late 1994 or early 1995, Mr. Bob B. made his declaration to the El Paso Times that I was a scary person, in fact, "a Charlie Manson type." So both MS and Bob had much awareness of our whereabouts and our situations all during the 1990's.




AT ONE POINT, as the mother of the young man I previously mentioned became more and more hysterical, she and her husband came by the southern New Mexico schoolhouse. They were beating hysterically at the door, demanding entry. There was only one person home, and they did not know who it was; therefore, they did not open the door to the man who appeared half-crazed.

     The same day the man was to show up at the northern living quarters and throw the young man into their car. They then drove frantically to Gallup New Mexico where MS and Rick R. were stationed for a “deprogramming session” with the young man. He was taken into a motel room and MS and Rick worked him over. According to the young man, MS's story was contradictory, because she did not have Bob B. there to feed her the lies.

     After three days, the young man told his parents that he was leaving, whether they liked it or not. They ended up buying him a bus ticket to El Paso, where he called us from the bus station. He said that Rick R. was very cruel and abusive and that MS kept up in the tirade to deprogram him. But she was stupid, he said, because she could not even keep her own lies straight. After that episode, we realized that MS was more bitter and vindictive than ever.



THERE WAS HARASSMENT every month by the local sheriffs, especially Chris S., who at times got quite abusive and threatening towards us when we lived in southern New Mexico, Dona Ana County.

     We went through media blitzes after Waco, especially, and Rick R. was now branding us as one of the nation's number one “brainwashing cults.” Of course, at every opportunity, Bob B. was available for his slanderous comments and MS added her stories of misery, suffering, affliction and woe, often contradictory in content.

     In 1998, an official, falsely representing himself as a local sheriff investigator, came to the facility with several other law enforcement officials. They were apparently there looking for the young man whose mother was MS's clone. They conducted a search of the property. They made people lie on the floor as though they were criminals. They demanded the ID cards of all the people who were there, and they generally acted as though there was a ring of criminals present. The leader was a fat, boss-man-type, plain-clothed cop who had an eye for the ladies and liked to "get in their faces when questioning them." Of course, none of those who were so interrogated was the young man in question. It was just an incident of police harassment by the State Department of Public Safety, headed by Pete B., the lying leader of the ring who invaded our privacy and subjected us to embarrassment and harassment for nothing. They even brought along an immigration officer as though we were harboring illegals.

     Mr. Pete B. became as Bob B. had—an “expert on cults”—and even had one young woman taken away to a mountain hideaway, where he worked for three days to deprogram her from us. She had only been with us a total of three days before “Daddy” Pete took up the vanguard as “cult deprogrammer.”




AFTER THIS UNNERVING INCIDENT and subsequent advice from local attorneys, we decided to leave the area. We traveled around a bit and sought the Lord while we were witnessing. We finally settled to live at the northern camp as we had the small children and they began to get exhausted from the travels as we were camping out and they needed a place to settle. After we moved to northern New Mexico, we only had a few incidents with the sheriffs from Cibola county, who treated us with courtesy. Little did we know that Peter B., who was headquartered in Albuquerque, was plotting with MS and Mr. Bob B. to destroy us, and that he would stop at nothing to do that.

     One young woman who had a small child came to visit us. Her life was a mess. She was a drug abuser and had other sin problems. She received a touch from the Lord and became convinced that she wanted to stay with us. Then Mr. Pete B. became involved. Her father came here from another state...with the trunk to his car loaded with guns, ready to kill us if need be to get his daughter out of this "terrible cult". We invited him to lunch, and then he talked his daughter into coming with him to visit her grandmother, who lived around 60 miles away. The girl called us hysterically, saying that they were forcing her to go to Mr. Pete B.'s office the following day and that she had already talked to him and that he had threatened to have her son taken away from her if she even dared to come here again.

     The girl tried to contact us for several days. She was a mental and emotional wreck. Mr. Pete B. had her mother monitoring her every move. She would only call after her mother was gone from the house. He kept threatening her for days, reiterating to her MS and Bob's stories about us. Finally, I asked her to stop calling, because she was growing more and more hysterical and I actually feared they would catch her and take her son for calling us on the phone. We have prayed for her a lot, but she did not get her life straightened out—as they had all falsely predicted—once she was rescued from this "cult". This happened in 1998. [Her father, who had come here ready to kill us, was killed about a year later in a car crash.]



THEN, IN 1999, we had a woman who was writing to us. Her plight was pathetic. She was a Haitian who said that she loved Jesus but needed help. After a few months of correspondence, we invited her over for lunch. She never made it. She only lived about 25 miles away, but she called and said that her car had broken down and she had no means to come over. We waited a week then she called again and we invited her back. She still had no transportation, and so we offered to pick her up. She came over and spent a couple of days telling us of her plight, which seemed to be so despairing. After her tale of sorrow we offered to let her stay with us for a while till she could get her bearings straight. She was an older woman, the age of my husband and myself. She had definitely been in the world and had many stories to tell of all her adventures, but we had compassion on her because she was alone. She was allowed to stay in one of our travel trailers and she became involved with us.

     After she stayed for a while she returned to New York City to visit her mother, she claimed, but actually she went to stay with her male lover who lived in New York City. She declared that she was staying with her mother when she was not. She told us a number of lies which we did not fully realize at the time. Then she was wanting to come back here. It turns out that she was a schizophrenic who was on continual medications.

     When she returned, she grew restless after a few weeks and began to want to go to town. She was spending long hours in the library and we did not know why except that her behaviour became more and more erratic. Also, she insisted on bringing her guns to the trailer we were letting her stay in, but we had told her that we did not allow guns on the property. This set up an area of disagreement, and she started telling stories of shooting at her neighbors where she had lived before. Finally, we felt to ask her to leave as we felt that she was crazy and a threat to the safety of others. Of course, she did not want to leave because she had been receiving free food, free shelter, and free transportation.

     We moved her belongings to her friend’s place in Albuquerque, and left them there. She came out the next night in the middle of the night and started beating on the door, wanting to know where we had moved the trailer she had stayed in, for we had relocated the travel trailer to another spot on the property. She was very belligerent and angry. Little did we know that she had been in contact with Mr. Pete B., MS and Bob B..



AFTER A FEW WEEKS, we saw news helicopters flying around. We knew that we were being persecuted again. Then we received a call from the newspaper in Albuquerque, wanting an interview with us. We could not figure out what was up. Next, the TV station channel 13 ran a series of interviews with the crazy Haitian woman on the TV. She stated that we had weapons, that we were child abusers and molesters, and a number of other things which had no reality. This went on apparently for a week. The TV man, who had been a co-worker of Peter Pete B.'s, was the host of this one-sided show, debasing us and attempting to slander us one more time. Of course, the host collected plenty of false information from the “expert” Bob B. and the “victim” MS. This was on the last week of December, 1999, and the TV host was insinuating that we were an end-time cult and that we would be either committing suicide as the year 2000 came in or we would be attacking and taking over the northern part of New Mexico. Well, neither prediction came true.

     In the month of January, we felt greatly disturbed. More than once, helicopters flew over our place, circling it again and again. We did not have any idea what was happening, although we knew that something bad was up.



FINALLY, ON A FRIDAY AFTERNOON in the last week of January, 2000, we were visited by over 30 law enforcement officials on a raid. Their squad was commandeered by Mr. Pete B., the lying, scheming state official who had posed as everything imaginable in his plan to be "cult buster." The county sheriffs came to our door and we politely let them in and they identified their business. They also remarked that they did not want to participate in this raid but were forced to by Mr. Pete B., the big state boy. Then the uniformed state police came and identified themselves and voiced the same thing—their reluctance to be on this dirty business. As the afternoon opened up before us, it seems that they had come to take away our children, based on the information of a crazy woman who swore she was an eyewitness and had given her testimony on a TV show. So, MS's pattern was repeated again through another woman, Kali Jeanne Phalen, who made up a tale just as bizarre as MS's worn-out story of captivity. Seems like crazy women love to imagine evil against us.

     The showdown this time was non-violent—not because the police disarmed themselves (in fact, they came armed to the hilt and prepared to shoot) but because no one offered them resistance, and by the Lord's mercy there was no violence.

     We asked that Mr. Pete B. get off of our property, and so he was ordered off by his superior officer Lt. Jim P. Mr. Jim P. seemed quite embarrassed by the whole affair and was somewhat sheepish about everything that was happening. Finally the police left, after they had searched everywhere for the children who were on a field trip. Needless to say, this ordeal was very painful and emotionally upsetting to us. We thanked the Lord that our children were gone and had not been subject to this insanity. We sought the Lord as to what we should do from there and He directed us.

     Later, the Children's Protective Services sent their representatives to talk to us and they were literally embarrassed that they had been so wrong in their approach and that they had failed at their own work. The consequence of the ordeal was that we were to go to court. Many allegations had been filed against us from the crazy woman's testimony. The court date came and went and we did not go. They had appointed lawyers for us as we were being charged as criminals. Then the second court date was set and we were supposed to show up. We did not go and so then we were facing contempt of court. My husband and I packed our bags to go to jail as we were standing in the Lord, trusting Him throughout the whole terrible ordeal.




THEN WE RECEIVED A CALL from one of the attorneys and the case had been thrown out of court! We thanked God for His mercy and goodness to us.

     The Children's Protective Services kept us under investigation and by September of 2000 they wrote us a letter of clearance stating that the charges had no basis in reality. During those months we had to cry out to the Lord a lot of times to keep us as we felt that we had lost our peace and that the place which had been so nice to live had become the scene of terrorization unto us. So we prayed a lot to God to help us to recover and come forth in the Lord's strength again. During some of those months our children were out of the camp, traveling, afraid to return home for fear of being taken. This was very emotionally draining on the children.



DURING THE LAST FEW YEARS, we have had several instances where we have been persecuted and harassed by different individuals who have, as their source of information, MS, Bob B., and Rick R.. Apparently, after making such a fool of himself and his department, Mr. Pete B. was retired. So, it seems, he is no longer a part of the New Mexico gang.

     We receive, from time to time, threatening letters; properties have been vandalized; our people, when they go into town, are still harassed and sometimes chased by disciples of MS; and since last year, 2003, we have received many, many harassing phone calls, especially from Mrs. Christine L. of Long Island, New York. She is one of MS's latest disciples and talks with her innumerable times a week. [Just a note: Christine’s own husband, who is a medical doctor, told us that she takes a good number of prescription drugs every day.]



MS, WITH HER GANG AS SUPPORT, is currently pursuing the same old lawsuit from California. She is trying to drag it out, all these years later, and re-apply it to us here in New Mexico. She is trying to take all we have—again. She is trying to destroy us as a people.

     MS’s disciples are working hard with her. Mrs. Christine L., the mother of one of our adult members, is an active participant in the current litigation. She has repeatedly harassed our neighbors at home and at work. She has harassed the police in the same way. She has even called the judge's office with her lies and slanders. She acts out whatever venue of hatred MS feeds into her. Mrs. Christine L.’s own husband has stated that she and MS are always on the phone with each other. So the same old plot continues—crazy women, false accusations, and the goal of destroying us at hand. Where will it end? When will it end? We look to the Lord and cry out to Him.


Stay tuned—MUCH MORE TO COME...



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