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Dear General James and Deborah Green-Soldiers in Christ!

 Greetings in the name of Jesus from Uganda. My church congregation is now AWAKE, THIRSTY, and HUNGRY TO WIN LOST SOULS TO JESUS CHRIST. Thank you for your booklets! Daily we are preaching God’s Living Word. Many men, women, and youth are added to the church of Jesus. In our church no one is to preach the gospel to the rotting sinners. Matt. 24:14 is driving us to say that time is running out. We are ready to join you in the FRONT LINES! Please hurry and supply us with lots of free tracts, booklets, cassettes, Bibles, and other Aggressive Materials. WE LOVE JESUS!

We need to be with the true and pure forces of Jesus Christ daily. This is Jesus’ spiritual army that sheds no blood! Your ACMTC communications is our Revival Revolution to enter offensive spiritual warfare. We received those copies and read, read, and read! Then we prayed and fasted...then “Go...Mark 16:15-20." We are no longer church goers but soul winners! The message in the booklets was after our own hearts. Before, our routine was to meet only on Sundays: praise, worship, offerings and then go home weak and fearful! Now in our church today holiness and obeying God is the only way. Our cry is now “God change hard hearts to believe in Jesus Christ.” The dead religion is gone forever in our church services. Please send me free copies and Bibles to help others and myself as a lending library and to distribute materials. We pray for your ministry. I salute Jesus Christ! Thank you.

A servant of Christ our Lord,

John Apalu

UGANDA, E.Africa


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