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“KIDNAPING the People of God”

More Accounts of Persecution Against the

Aggressive Christianity Missions Training Corps


[Note: Some facts reflect the date this document was written (i.e., 2004).]



IN CALIFORNIA, during the early days of the ministry, a young couple joined the Aggressive Christianity Missions Training Corps (A.C.M.T.C.). God blessed them with two healthy children, and they were all making progress in the Lord. However, the father, whose name is Don L., began secretly stealing money from the ministry, and worse, he was using the stolen money to buy prostitutes. Eventually, Don defected from the ministry and fully returned to a life of sin, leaving his wife and children behind.

    At this point, the MS lawsuit was in full swing, and, according to Don L., Robert (Bob) D. B. (MS’s attorney) approached him with the proposition to join the camp of accusers. Though Don later regretted his decision, at that time he consented under the heavy, surreptitious influence of Mr. Bob B. and company.

    Don L., influenced by the counsel of the accusers, chose to seek custody of his two children. He obtained legal custody and arrived at the ministry’s home with a group of policemen. Having been preconditioned by the lies of the accusers, the policemen entered the house with their guns drawn, ready for some imagined confrontation. Of course, the officers met no hostility. However, they still heartlessly took the children away from their caring mother, who could only weep and weep.

    Don continued in a life of sin and got worse. Besides buying prostitutes, he bought drugs. As his life went farther and farther down the gutter, the kids became less important until finally, he got rid of them and left them with other relatives.

    Thank God, one of the relatives had enough sense to bring the children back to their mother, who was elated and thankful to God, to say the least! As for Don L., his illegal habits landed him in prison for quite some time. While in prison, he wrote letters of confession to the Generals.

    The truth came out. Don L. admitted that he was a PAID INFORMANT (PAID LIAR) under the auspices of MS and Robert D. B. Don also admitted that he, inspired by the accusers, tried to use the kids to get the Generals into court in order to film the Generals by hidden cameras for another slanderous television show, which was to be aired on New York’s Fox Network. It is said the TV show was intended to incite more hatred against the ministry.

    Don also confessed his many sins and expressed his desire to make reconciliation with God, the Generals, and the A.C.M.T.C.


    All factual testimonies indict the accusers, who, to this very date (2004), are still trying to kidnap and steal members from the A.C.M.T.C. Can you see how criminal, how malicious, their means and motives are?



AN ADULT 23-YEAR-OLD MAN named Brad Shanks, A.K.A. Christopher, was a new member of the A.C.M.T.C. He loved the Lord and wanted earnestly to be a missionary. Unfortunately, his parents came under the spell of the accusers and sought to destroy his life with the people of God.

    On July 8, 1995, Christopher was enjoying a Christian biography when a car showed up at the end of the ministry’s driveway. The people in the car were frantically looking for him, apparently nervous about something. He walked to the end of the driveway and noticed his father, who beckoned him to come with them. His father acted as though he was there for a visit. His father began driving at very high speeds down the highway. Christopher noticed two other people in the car besides his parents: his aunt and a middle-aged man that he did not know.

    Christopher was taken to a hotel about one hour away from his A.C.M.T.C. home. As he soon found out, his parents—Martha (Marty) and Glen S.—had hired Rick R. to “deprogram” him. Rick R. is a self-avowed “cult catcher” and “deprogrammer.” [A “deprogrammer” is like an interrogator who uses “brainwashing” techniques to supposedly “un-brainwash” an individual.] To make matters even more interesting, and to show the INTENTIONAL CONSPIRACY TO TERRORIZE AN ADULT CHRISTIAN MINISTRY MEMBER, Mr. Rick R. was accompanied by none other than MS HERSELF!

    Christopher became the target of mental abuse and physical testing for a couple of very, very long, dark days. He was interrogated, harassed, and mentally molested from morning till night.

    On the third day, Christopher almost had to force his way out of the hotel room, but he managed to escape without a physical struggle. Thank God, he made it safely back to his home at the ministry.

    This was a blatant attempt to kidnap and brainwash a member of the A.C.M.T.C. I will leave the reader with two main questions:


1. Why did MS base her lawsuit around the idea that she was forcibly confined and brainwashed, and then proceed to take part in a scandal to forcibly confine and brainwash a member of the A.C.M.T.C.? (Note: All the facts and eyewitness testimonies prove her allegations wrong and show her to be the real criminal.)

2. Who is obviously DECEITFUL, IRRATIONAL, UNCONSTITUTIONAL, CRIMINAL? The A.C.M.T.C., who prays for their persecutors? or the accusers, who PREY on ministry members?




NOTE: In January of 2000, the ministry’s quiet northern New Mexico home was raided by a storm of policemen, led by Special Agent Pete B., who where there to take away all the children. The entire procedure was illegal. However, thank God, the children were not home at the time, and eventually, God showed forth His favor and THE COURTS DECLARED THE A.C.M.T.C. INNOCENT IN REFERENCE TO ALL ALLEGATIONS THAT HAD INCITED THE RAID. For more details on this attempted kidnaping of our children, see the article entitled “The Other Side of the Story”.




Also NOTE these points:

1. The A.C.M.T.C. still has confessions from Don L. on file, and you may read them in his letter to the Generals posted below.

2. Martha (Marty) S., Christopher’s/Brad’s natural mother, chose to join the camp of accusers and has fought against the A.C.M.T.C. for years. She has been one of the most tireless in her efforts to aid MS and the rest of those who want nothing less than the complete DESTRUCTION of the ministry.

3. For more details on Christopher’s kidnaping, request a copy of his testimony, which was published in our Battle Cry Sounding newspaper, issue 130, 1995. [Or you may now visit his website: www.judgmentismercy.info and read about it there.]



As a Christian ministry, the A.C.M.T.C. continues to pray for those who have persecuted and continue to persecute the ministry.      



Don L.Turned Away and Back Again


LT. DON L. finally ended up in the Vacaville, California State Prison for mental prisoners. We all regretted his actions against ACMTC, and so does he.

    The following letter is one of several (I can’t find the others right now) that were written after he had spent some time in prison. Apparently he broke parole and the police once again were looking for him. This was several years ago. We’ve heard nothing out of him since.






Dear Generals,

    Greeting in the mighty name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

    I recieved [sic] your letter Gen Jim. I was really touched by it. I look back on those days and wish it would have never happened. I’m truely [sic] sorry & repented for what I did. I’ll never forget it. I want to thank you for all your prayers, for all these years. If it wasn’t for your prayers theirs [sic] no tellin were [sic] I would be right now (probably in Hell) [sic] God bless you all at A.C.M.T.C.! I’ll continue to pray for all who’s [sic] against A.C.M.T.C. and for their conversion. Praise God!

    I have a Christian friend I work with who’s on yard 4. He’s very interested in a track pak [sic]. It’s difficult to get the literature from yard 3 to yard 4. His name is Adre [S., _-_____/__-_-_] Low [sic] He’s really hungry for the truth. I’ve [sic] enclosed a inventory [sic] list on what literature.

                                                                pressing onward & upward


I’ll write back soon and I’m working on my testimony




If only more backsliders would REPENT and CONFESS THEIR SINS and EXPOSE THE LIES as Don did!



(Late October 2007)

WHEN WE TALKED to Don over the phone several weeks prior to his horrible death, he again apologized to both the Generals and all ACMTC (and his two grown children) for having told all the lies and done all the evil things he did TO DESTROY US!! We had forgiven him years ago, but just lately he felt that he was going to die and that he needed our prayers.

     During our phone conversation, Don told us that he felt and didn’t think that God would forgive him again for his backsliding (we personally led him to the Lord 3 times ourselves). He confessed that he had a drinking/drug habit that kept him backsliding. It was these substances that caused all his internal organs to fail, especially his kidneys and liver. We’re not sure if he personally prayed thru to God, for just several weeks after we had talked with him on the phone, he laid unconscious in the hospital, dying quickly—they kept him alive on machines for a few days until his grown son and daughter, who are still members of ACMTC, got to his bedside...but it was too late for Don!! Don L. never did get to see them ever since the forced abduction he staged, which is mentioned in the above article.

     One of the BIG LIES that Don L. told, which Rick R. still carries on his website, is that General Deborah prophesied that attorney Bob B. would die by being “smashed” by a mack truck. This much publicized LIE has been read (and probably believed!) by multitudes over the years. For the record, General Deborah DID NOT prophesy Bob B.’s death as Don reported it to the media of those days. (Don did apologize for his lie!!)

     We’re sorry that Don L. had to die so young (in his early 40s) and that he was USED by both MS (“peanutbutter princess”) and Bob B., her criminal lying lawyer. We believe MS and Bob B. will both get their “just” rewards in God’s time—if not now, certainly in eternity.

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