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MS’s Handwritten Letters

 Typed Copy


Letter #6


Leaving Camp

Original Document DATE:

March 1987

[Note: “bold-faced type”, “italics”, “underline” and/or “all caps” have been added to certain quotes for emphasis. All added statements/notations are contained in brackets “[ ]”.]

Dear Generals,

          Thank You again for your love and your care over my soul. I’m so sorry that I’ve caused you so much grief. It was never my intention to be such a problem child. I know that I’ve grieved you beyond any point of begging you to plead with God that I might stay. Your prayers are exausted [sic]. It is as grevious [sic] for me to leave as it is for you to see me here. I’m ever swallowed up with so much sorrow.

          I do thank God for His mercy on Steven. Thank You for allowing him to stay. My motherly affections (enmity against God) again were growing very fond of the child—not the demons, but Steven, and my heart aches. But obviously God did not honor the relationship, and I’m grateful that he is able to remain under the Lords [sic] covering.

          Although I go out without God’s favor and although I go out amidst wolves, I will not give up. I will continue to seek to know Him, I will continue to seek His pardon and hope for His mercy. I am His prisoner and my face is in the dust, and there it will remain.

          My mother (?) will be picking me up at 9:00. I will not linger and suffer you to see me another day.

          As much as I know how to love, I love everyone here dearly and I pray when God is done working me over that I’ll be able to come home. I’ll always think of Fort Freedom as home.    Forsaken

General Jim’s Response to

MS’s Letter #6


[Note: “bold-faced type”, “italics”, “underline” and “all caps” have been added to certain quotes for emphasis.]


THIS LETTER EXPLAINS itself. Quite a different tone here than what she wrote in her criminal lawyer’s office!

          MS (Letter #6): “I am His prisoner and my face is in the dust, and there it will remain.”

          His (Jesus’) prisoner? Folks, she says this, even after leaving our Corps Headquarters. I guess after her lying criminal lawyer got done with her, she became HIS PRISONER! He knows good and proper that her Testimony Under Oath (TUO) is chucked FULL of lies, contradictions and lots and lots of confusion. One may need a visit to a psychiatrist after reading these files.

          MS (Letter #6): “My mother (?) will be picking me up a 9:00.”

          Notice the question mark in reference to her mother. Yes, MS hated her parents! But she freely accuses us of family hating, breaking up marriages, abusing children, etc.

          She ends with telling us how much she loves us all—then later she sues us (five of us in particular) and attacks the whole ministry and steals our five Art Shops! This is her kind of love.

          MS (TUO): “The following day my mother came and picked me up. She was kind to give me enough money to rent a small studio. I got a job ... For 3 weeks I talked to NO ONE.”

          MS (TUO): “It was at this point that I took legal action...”

          MS carries on page after page describing her legal battle with her ex-husband.

          MS (TUO): “There is not a fraction of a doubt within me that [FLM/ACMTC] and more specifically Jim and Lila Green systematically tried to turn my family against me.”

          Oh, yes, just like we held her captive for 6 months and fed her 6 stale peanut butter sandwiches a day (that comes out to 1086 sandwiches, I think, if you render it from January), and just like we kept her away from her children, and just like we made her wear that circus garb and act like an idiot, and just like we never allowed her to be around others or go to the bathroom or have any hot water (or any water), and just like we made her sleep on cold concrete floors ... BLAH, BLAH, BLAH!

          MS (TUO): “When I joined [FLM/ACMTC] with my husband in 1981, I had a family [Several kids were born out of wedlock by other men!]. I was part owner [½] of our French Gulch property. I had a car [Your car?], household furnishings [Really?], household appliances [No electric power!], household goods [You were out of food the first time I visited!].”

          It would be good to post Col. Philip’s (her ex-husband’s) Cabin account here (which clearly describes MS’s living conditions just before joining the ministry), plus his “The Truth” article.



The California Cabin

by Colonel Philip Jordan (AKA Steve Schmierer)

THIS STATEMENT is concerning a cabin that I, Philip Jordan, started building in 1980. It was located approximately 37 miles west of Redding, California, on Highway 299, 7 miles northeast of the small town of French Gulch in the county of Shasta. It was on a 10 acre parcel, 3 miles up a dirt road on the east fork of Clear Creek.

     We bought the land with a partner since neither of us had enough money for a land down-payment. The land itself was generally unuseable since it was steep on both sides with a small canyon in-between in which the county road passed through. There was just enough room on the south side to put a cabin up. You drove over the creek at a shallow spot on the neighbors’ side to get on the south side. The north side was very steep and the road was cut through there.

     At the time of winter-spring of 1980, we were borderline poor. I worked jobs on carpentry and tree pruning whenever I could. It was not steady employment. I had no idea what it took as far as money and materials to build a place to live. At the time we lived in a small one-bedroom rental in French Gulch, with three children. I first started building with rough-wood lumber, cut from some trees we felled. The cabin at first was 14'x18' with a small loft over part of the room. There was one door and one window—both used materials that were given us. When we moved up there from town in the spring of 1980, we lived in a 14' dome tent while I finished the room. We cooked off a wood stove outside and used an outhouse for our bathroom needs. When it rained we got wet!—cookstove and all. We bucketed water out of the creek. It was extremely laborious living.

     We finally moved into the 14'x18' room which was kitchen, living, and bedroom for all five of us. We had a 6' picnic table to eat from with no other furniture. It was all rough-cut lumber with no finish work inside. I ran a black poly line up the creek on the neighbors’ side and got water to the room. We had a sink that drained out to the back. We had no building permit. At the time, it was an illegal dwelling.

     That summer we borrowed money from my ex-wife’s parents and started an addition to the existing room. It was a 20'x24' post and beam room with an upper loft. It took that summer and fall to put up, but by winter it still was not finished. That winter the tongue and groove boards that covered the framework shrunk back and exposed us to the elements. I finally put black plastic over the back and side to keep the wind out.

     This add-on consisted of a small stairway to the loft, a bedroom and a small living room. There was no inside bathroom. We had a bathtub in one side of the bedroom that we filled up with buckets and emptied the same way. The outhouse was approximately 30' west of the cabin. It wasn’t until late spring of 1981 that I started siding the cabin. Also, there was no electricity during the entire year and a half that we lived there.

     The Greens would come up on weekends to help us out. That was how I was able to finish the siding. The cabin ended up being 800 square feet. It was left basically with no finish work on the inside. To begin with, it was a poor location for a cabin being on the cold side of the canyon up a tiny hollow. The sun never hit the cabin in winter. We both agreed it was a very miserable spot for winter living.

     I finally got a job in Sacramento and we left East Fork Road in September of 1981—more than happy to leave and get back to the civilized world. That life was extremely toilsome. We were both just dope-smoking ex-hippies, trying to make our own dream work. God rescued us from that lifestyle. We dedicated any money from the sale of that property to the work of God. It was no big deal to us. We had escaped that lifestyle and the filth and dope and all the unnecessary toil that accompanies it. At the time, we both thanked God to be free of it. Any other story about it is a fabrication. It was a doper’s dream that God redeemed us from.


The Truth


by Colonel Philip Jordan (AKA Steve Schmierer)

[Certain figures and info. reflect the date this document was written.]


MY REASON FOR WRITING THIS brief summary on the life of MS (my ex-wife and our chief persecutor for over 16 years), is to show you fellow Christians that to sue at the law your fellow believers for alleged mistreatment is wrong! In reality she received correction from the hand of God! She has tried to throw this correction off and has turned around to only hate her brothers and sisters in Christ for this long of a time. Since 1987, she has been at variance and in strife. She has tried to stop us and our work of God, possessed with revenge and too proud to admit she was wrong. By now she must have a mountain of bitterness towards God and God’s people. What did it all accomplish? Nothing for her except to receive her dirty unearned money. For us, it has made us all the stronger to go forward for souls and believe our God against all odds. She thought she was on the winning side but really, in eternity, she is the loser. No wonder, she is so very sick inwardly. To have to die in this condition and face God is most tragic.

          She lives separated from God by her own doings. She wouldn’t face God and face her own sins. Tell me, is it that hard to admit you’re wrong? Is it that tough to admit and confess you went too far, unless, of course, you love a lie! The one and foremost requirement for continuing on in God is TO REPENT, and this is the one thing she has not done. She is locked into a stubborn willfulness against the precepts of the Bible. We all must bow down sometimes, humble ourselves to be able to go forward, otherwise if you don’t you stagnate and die on the vine.

          It’s a sin to hate your brother, to continually slander your sister, to hide from your own personal faults and failures. She has been a shame to the very name of Christ. He died for us that we in turn would lay down our lives for others.

          The only way out for her and her great blunder is to confess and repent of all the miss-doings and stop the evil surmisings, and come out of the sexual corruptedness and fantasies. MAKE IT RIGHT WITH GOD OR BE SEALED FOREVER! How dare she drag God’s people thru some secular sinning court where the sinner judges the saint!

          The crux of the Christian life is this: be ready to repent and be ready to change. This is why she has made us here at ACMTC her life-long enemy. She has made no change and done no repentance. She has to prove she is right and we are wrong. There is something deadly wrong about being always right. I Corinthians 6 verse 7 says, “Why do you not rather take wrong? Why do you not rather suffer yourselves to be defrauded?” We followed this instruction, she did not! Verse 8 says, “No, you do wrong and defraud, and that your brethren.” She did do wrong! She tried her wicked best to defeat us all.

          I would even go further to say that if she could sue God Himself, she would. The court case would read as follows: “MS sues God for revealing her sins”, with a sub-suit of “God Almighty sued for correcting His child”. This is the reality of the whole affair. It’s ridiculous! Her sins against God’s righteousness.

          In her rebellion she has deceived many into believing we are the sinister cult and she is the poor hurt lamb. Have you considered how many souls she has hurt and kept in bondage by her lies? It’s all a cover-up for not letting God deal with her own personal sins. From the beginning she lied about her situation with me and others. The old union axiom still stands: “Once you tell a lie, you have to forever keep lying to cover for the very first one.” It is a never-ending cycle of continually defending yourself. What a sickening life!

          Now you tell me, is all this a Christian testimony or has she been derailed off the Christian path and played into the adversary's hands? When you can’t forgive and live, it’s because you won’t confess and repent. As you read this story, keep in mind there are souls trapped behind all of this deception. But the truth can and will set them free.




I FIRST MET MS when she was in the Bear Tribe. It was 1972. She had one daughter, Iantha, age 3, and the father was unknown. She was living with another man, one of the leaders—Greywolf; his real name being George K. They lived down the road from where I lived in the Elk Grove, California vicinity. They would all come over to visit and that is how I was introduced to that way of loose living. They were really just a bunch of hippies trying to live in the country. I fell for it to my own demise.

          It didn’t take me long to figure out the sexual activities of the group. One of MS’s main appetites was to take newcomers or people passing thru and make a one night stand in bed or in the field or garden or wherever. Everyone was ripe with fornication and adultery and it was passed off as all normal. So my first impression of her was that she was easy and I passed getting involved. Then there was a period of about 1 ½ years when we would see each other every now and then until we got living close together again. This time she was with a different partner, Rick C., as her previous lover had dumped her for someone else. Out of this shack up came Sarah C., born in 1973. I lived communally with them all until that winter and then I moved to Boonville, California, and they moved to French Gulch, California. It was a year or more later that Rick C. and MS had broken up and she had Iantha and Sarah and no father.

          I was the next lover in line and by late 1974 I was living with her in French Gulch at Greywolf's commune. Then Nathaniel was born out of wedlock in the summer of 1975. So by 1975 she had three illegitimate children including mine. I was highly unhappy with this lifestyle of fornication and all manner of filthiness in the flesh. I became interested in the Christian religion at this time and tried to make a hardy amending of my life. She went along with this because then she had no choice, no one would have dared to marry her and she didn’t want to be dropped again to be on another man hunt! So we were married in the spring of 1976. The other children, Iantha and Sarah, became my stepchildren.

          I tried to live a Christian life, but I really never felt the guilt of my sins roll off my back. I know now it was in my own strength. In the course of two years I was completely backslid morally and she was no different. I wanted God desperately, but never expressed my feelings to her. She was very dull mentally so I really never discussed my plans for the future with her. Marijuana was our big idol. She still had wandering eyes for other men so I don’t know what went on behind my back as many times I was away working while she was at home, at a house we rented in French Gulch. Now this point is very important! This cruel never-ending lust for the other sex, for different men, both young and old, was to be her final downfall in the Christian ministry. When we are truly converted we are expected to change all those tendencies. She did not!

          So I bought some property outside of French Gulch with very little down and with payments. It was going to be our dream, back to the land, but in reality we both were too doped up to really expend that much energy. We moved there and camped on the property. It was spring of 1980. I finally mustered up enough energy to build a kitchen with a loft, a totally illegal building as far as the building department was concerned. We lived in that and added on a larger room by that winter, but it wasn’t all finished. It was primitive: NO ELECTRICITY, NO INDOOR TOILET, NO TELEPHONE. It was an escape from facing our sins and we were most miserable. Don’t be fooled by her report of a nice home and a happy life in the great outdoors. We were broke financially and I was broken in health. We were most of all very unhappy because the back to the land dream wasn’t working out. There was no way out, except our last hope!

          In the late winter of 1980 we received a visit from Jim Green. I was down with a terrible case of poison oak, all of our cupboards were bare, I had no work and it was winter. He had been in contact with us thru letters, but it was a surprise visit. Since he was already a Christian I thought he had just come to preach at us. But instead he brought us some food, which we needed, and said very little about the Gospel and didn’t stay long. I was very impressed by his Christian charity and kindness. During this time another child was born, Lillian Ruth. Lillian was healed through Jim Green’s prayers from a bad case of pneumonia.

          Later that spring Jim and Deborah Green both came up with their children and I was miraculously set free from demon powers and soundly saved by the Lord Jesus. So you see, that is the side that you never hear. They helped us when no one would, they prayed for us when others had lost hope. They helped us to get our bills paid and encouraged us to get a telephone so we could talk to them and others. We were coming out of our old lifestyle, exactly how the Bible tells you to, saying, “put off the former conversation”, meaning, DO AWAY WITH YOUR OLD LIFE STYLE! We felt so fresh and clean, and there was no doubt in my mind they were my friends because they cared about our souls. They told me the truth about myself which no other minster would do.

          So we were finally able to leave for Sacramento. We left the rebellion, the drugs, the empty dream, the filthy lifestyle. You need to know this: it wasn’t a good life like she made it out to be. We were more than happy to ESCAPE French Gulch. That’s the truth on how we left. We could not have cared less about the property, and thru the Green’s advice we were able to sell it all. Now I see her motive was just to move; my motive was to forsake all and follow Him.

          In late summer we moved to Sacramento, California, in FULL AGREEMENT that if the property sold we would vow all profits to the Lord. The Lord deserved every bit of it in my view, for it was nothing but a work of rebellion built on shifting sands, and why should we get anything out of it personally? But to her it became a bone of contention, and later she was always looking back as if we had it better. She didn’t have it better because she was most miserable. We lived like animals and it was our own doing.

          The first year in Sacramento we were able to pay all our debts. This was due in part to the counsel of our overseers Jim and Deborah Green and the fact that we wanted to obey God. I had my first real job I ever had since I became a hippie. It had been 10 years. The Lord was very merciful to us in providing a way of escape and a way to earn an income while we first moved to town. We started to receive some steady jobs, making sure the bills were paid, being faithful to the Bible study we had. These were things we just didn’t know how to do and it was of course due to our own lost lifestyle. The Greens were a very good example to both of us. They were sacrificial and thrifty with their finances and we were trying to learn to do the same. It was an uphill battle and they were most patient and encouraging in helping us both adjust to a steady sane life.

          The property sold that first year and we both vowed to give any proceeds from the sale to the Lord. Later she was to take that vow back and say the Greens just wanted our property. HOW ABSURD! They led us to the Lord and salvation and we didn’t have any money then. That lie stems from her undealt-with covetousness. Let me note here that most all hippies coming out of their lifestyle are very covetous. Why? Because they felt that they lost out on getting in on the good things that money could buy. Even though we rebelled against the materialism of the 60's we wanted to make up for lost time. I saw many of my old friends sell out their ideals for the materialism of the late 70's and early 80's. We were no different and that mentality could not be brought over into the Christian life. We were doomed to miss the real treasures in Christ if the root was not cut back.

          I can’t state enough how this was one of the prime factors in her phony lawsuit against me and the rest of the ministry. She was covetous of what everyone worked hard for and in time she wanted to get at it. Since we all worked for a living and did not beg donations, we all had to be diligent and hard working. She, though, was a very lazy person by nature and had to be prodded along to get busy in her own tasks at home. This was the underlying root that eventually brought her downfall from grace.

          Remembering this fact about her downfall, let me also say that you just don’t sue those that fed you, nurtured you, got you out of the extreme lifestyle that you were in; and you don’t sue those who stay in good standing with the Spirit of the Lord! It just doesn’t work that way. She is reaping what she sowed (in not dealing with her covetousness)! Whatever happened to being grateful and thankful to the Lord for sending someone to help you in your time of need? This she would not do! Instead she wrote out her evil report and gave it to the ungodly and went out persecuting us with all her might.

          I might add she never served God zealously when I knew her. Basically she was unconverted down in her heart, like many professed Christians of today.

          There were two major attitudes that led to her correction: a lust for strange flesh, flesh other than her own husband, and an overwhelming desire to have the material abundance that God poured out to us at Fort Freedom.

          In the Fall of 1982, we moved into the new Headquarters of the future Fort Freedom. Steven was born at this time, and that put us with four Children: Steven, Lillian Ruth, Nathaniel, and Iantha. One incident that stands out in my mind was the rebellion that we were both festering in our lives, still lingering from the past. God dealt with me and I’m forever thankful to Him for exposing my attitudes and giving me His correction. But as God is correcting you, you have two choices to make. Go with God, knowing He has the best in mind for you, or go with your own understanding and ride with yourself. She started to entertain self-pity and stubbornness towards God. But really God had pulled us out of a Hell-hole. It just goes to show you how easily you can be deceived by looking back at the former lifestyle. She wanted to keep the rudiments of the past lifestyle and serve God too, but you can’t mix the carefree life with the duty and responsibility for the souls of others. You can’t have both and be a true Christian.

          She was being a poor example and would not do what she was told to do. Here is an example of that kind of attitude. Steven, a 1 month old baby, became seriously constipated and had to have an enema every day. This went on for a week. Lillian Ruth, a 1 ½ year old was terribly sick and had a high fever that would not go away. I became very desperate and I cried out to God for mercy. She would not even offer up a prayer for them. Why all the serious problems? She would not move with God and was lagging behind, looking back. She was not a good example to the children. Still, God was merciful to us and our children, as the Greens prayed for them and they recovered from sickness. These are no small matters—how our actions or inactions can cause our children to suffer tremendously. How long would she be so stubborn against the change for a better life? She needed to come out of the old life of “easy-and-sleazy”. I wanted an upright life with discipline, order and depth. I knew right then we were parting in our ways. She was holding on to what would sooner or later kill her spiritually.

          In 1984, ‘85, and ‘86, we had a wonderful move of God with many young people being saved and delivered of demons, taken off drugs and the street life. Soon our small complex in downtown Sacramento was full. The work and the burden became international. There were many missionary trips during this time and much fruit was being reaped. We all had more responsibilities to carry and could not afford to live in any hidden sins, as its effect is so devastating on any new converts. God was on the move and He wanted holiness in our camp. In the Fall of 1986 the Spirit of God finally exposed her and her sins.

          We were all in our regular teaching meetings one evening. We were in praise and worship to God, lifting up our hands to God in thankfulness. Right after the praise was over God had a Word that someone in the meeting was lifting up unholy hands. It was a shocker to us all. In the rest of the meeting God was searching us out ... there was a very uneasy feeling. Later that night in our house, she admitted to me it was her. She said she had been masturbating in our bathroom for who knows how long. It was just the tip of the iceberg as to what she was capable of.

          Here is a mother of 5 children, a supposed dedicated Christian, masturbating to all her sexual fantasies. I told her to confess her sins to our leaders. The next day she went up to our leaders to tell them about her sin. Instead of confessing her sins to them she fell down on the floor and began to crawl like a reptile. It was a demon manifestation of all her sexual perverseness.

          Over the years she had demons, no doubt, it was so vile and disgusting. She was showing her true colors. But God was still very merciful in the situation. They could of asked me and my family to leave, considering the situation and our being in close contact with the other members. But God was very merciful to us.

          Still the question ... what to do with a continual sex offender? We prayed and looked to God. Maybe she would repent, maybe there would be a turnaround in her behavior? In the meantime I was still living with her and it was very hard on all of us. Her same habits from when I had first met her in 1972 were still doing deadly damage. She did not repent but continued in her old ways, in more than one way, and was infecting others terribly.

          The matter had to be judged since she was not going to listen to me or our leaders. A meeting was called for the whole body to judge, and we followed the Biblical command of Jesus in Matthew 18:15-17. In that text Jesus says, “If your brother wrongs you, go and show him his fault, between you and him privately. If he listens to you, you have won back your brother.” (The gender here is referring to both male and female.) This first step was done with no resulting repentance. Going on in verse 16 it says, “...but if he does not listen, take along with you one or two others so that every word may be confirmed and upheld by the testimony of two or three witnesses.” Verse 17 says, “...If he pays no attention to them, refusing to listen and obey, tell it to the church; and if he refuses to listen even to the church, let him be to you as a pagan.”

          So, this was done and we held that meeting to get her vile things out in the open. She was put on trial for her sins, so to speak. It went that way because she would not listen to me nor any of the leaders. She was lewd and would not come clean. All God really wanted was for her to repent and be washed—how merciful is our God! But without repentance it was not possible. At the trial she confessed to plenty of abnormal behaviors but without the sorrow of her sins. Yes she was caught in her sins but had no remorse, like the whore who wipes her face and says, “I have done no evil”. I Timothy 5:20 says, “Them that sin rebuke before all that others also may fear.” It was a timely judgment, that we all would truly fear and not play such vile games with God. Hidden sin is so very deadly on fellow believers, it is infectious. One bad apple can spoil the whole barrel. It’s only common sense.

          MS later called her separation from the rest of us “mistreatment”, but at the time she was not being held against her will. How do you hold someone against their will without physical restraints? There was no physical violence nor restraints in our Christian camp.

          First Corinthians 5:9-13 states clearly what to do in disciplining a sinning Christian. “When I wrote to you before I said not to mix with evil people. But when I said that I wasn’t talking about unbelievers. What I meant was that you are not to keep company with anyone who claims to be a brother or sister that indulges in sexual sins, or is greedy, or is a swindler, or worships idols, or is a drunkard or abusive. Don’t even eat lunch with such a person.” Verse 12: “It isn’t our job to judge outsiders, but it is certainly our job to judge and deal strongly with those who are members of the church who are sinning in these ways. God alone is the Judge of those on the outside. But you yourselves must deal with this man and put him out of your church.” How could anyone ignore the instructions given in these verses when it’s all too clear?

          God did judge her for her actions.

          But the Generals ended up letting her stay in the Chop Shop, and then, upon her request, for a short time in the two-story clubhouse, among other places; but she was not to eat directly with the body because of her sins.

          That was the crux of her suit—that she was separated from her family. She chose to go along with the judgment. She could have left then if she wanted to. She was not being held against her will. As I stated before that’s impossible unless there is physical violence involved and there was never any of that mentioned in her pack of lies. She accepted her judgment for her penalty of sin. She willingly stayed in the camp but still hung on to her stubborn willfulness. She is a willful child.

          She lived apart from me for several months. Most of the time, she had our youngest child, Stephen, with her. Our daughter Lillian Ruth chose to remain with me and her older brother Nathaniel. It was a trying time for all of us. She was given fair treatment. It was a great shame for all of us concerned. Actually I felt God was very merciful to both of us considering we should have been kicked out of the fellowship altogether. But they wanted to see us come thru, for her to change for the better. But not one time during her last few months at Fort Freedom did she show that she was truly sorry for all the distress. There was no real apology with change.

          Finally she left, hoping that time might change things and she could find work somewhere else. Instead, she went straight to the lawyers, the sinners, and got me in a legal battle over the three young children. We were already legally divorced and I had been primarily taking care of the children for over 9 months. I could not have done this myself as I received a lot of help from everyone in the camp. I turned the children over to her instead of fighting it out in court. I thought it best not to use the children as a go between in such a shameful problem.

          The next thing we knew, papers were being served and she was out for blood! The rest is all history, how we were sued by her “testimony”. NO WITNESSES, NO PROOF, JUST HEARSAY. We didn’t even show up in court for various reasons, and we just kept trusting in our God. So, the sinners agreed with her case full of lies and half-truths. She received a large settlement in court and we all left at the direction of God who had a much bigger plan in mind. Everything we had worked for was confiscated. We lost all the houses, property, businesses ... but God was most merciful to us in preparing a place for us to go and we are very much the better today for all the persecution we received. Those that live Godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution. The Bible is so very true. MS became the Judas, the betrayer. Psalms 41:9 says, “Yea mine own familiar friend in whom I trusted, which did eat of my bread, hath lifted up his heel against me.” I myself could not betray the truth and ever side with her.

          She was spirituality and naturally fed by this ministry for years. She was taught the precepts of the Bible. She knew the truth. There is no excuse for her actions. It is inevitable that some will turn on the truth, no matter how much you try to help them. What was so disgusting about the whole affair is she used the sinners of the legal world to twist the truth of her dirty, filthy sins. We Christians are not of this world, we are supposed to judge our own, and if there is sin in the body it must be purged. If not, it will kill the whole body.

          Some call us a cult, and all that hogwash. Read our literature! It’s basic Bible teaching and God protects His own. She has continued to spread lies about us to this day, and God has continued to protect us from the attacks of misled people. After a full sixteen years she is still locked into her bitterness. That is her cup, that is her payback! Does she have a ministry? No. Does she have any outreach? No. Does she give out Bibles free of charge? No. Does she teach the younger women? No. Here is what the Bible says about aged women: “...that they be in behavior as becometh holiness, not false accusers.” Did you hear that? NOT FALSE ACCUSERS! "...that they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children. " Ask her yourself, is she doing any of these commands herself? She would not obey me, I didn’t hear one word that hinted at the fact that she was willing to change her ways. No humility at all.

          The Amplified version says in Titus 2:3, “...bid the older women to be reverent and devout in their deportment as becomes those engaged in sacred service. Not slanderers, to be teachers of what is right and noble.” How noble is it to continue to spread lies and sue at the law under false pretenses, to live a bitter life?

          And finally, Titus 4:2 says, “Not to slander or abuse, to speak evil of no one, to avoid being contentious.” She makes this her whole life: her own testimony is one giant evil report speaking evil of us all.

          If you are supporting her way of doing things YOU ARE UNDER A CURSE! For cursed is the man that relies on the arm of flesh. The tonic for her poison is to ask her WHAT ABOUT HER OWN SINS!

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