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More Facts

About MS’s “Shed” Story


Please allow me to introduce some REAL HARD FACTS taken from several old newspapers. I’ll start with the Sacramento Bee, March 16, 1988 issue.

     Be it known to all my readers, this same ol’ shed story (BIG LIE!) has been printed in many smaller newspapers as well as several large ones from San Francisco, California. Without taking too much of your time, and mine, I will now put forth some of MS’s very own words. As you will see, her story is intentionally vague. Compare her words to what she said on the Dr. Phil TV Show, Sept. 21, 2006 (you can get the DVD or printout of the show from the Dr. Phil people).


Note: My words in the quotes are contained in brackets [ ], and my initials “GJ” come before my comments/replies.



- article written by Dale Vargas (DV), with quotes from MS -


DV:    “A 39-year-old Sacramento woman is suing FLM [Free Love Ministries, former name of ACMTC] claiming the unorthodox Christian group held her captive for 6 months last year...”


          “[MS], who had been a member of the group [a Captain] since 1982, was [notice the word following] virtually imprisoned last January...”


          “[MS] said she was forced for the next 6 months to live in tiny quarters [a single place or different places?] and do menial work at the groups compound.”


GJ:    The above statement is really vague. Did she live in a single place, or different places? It sounds like she is implying that she lived in the shed (“tiny quarters”) for 6 months. (Actually, the so-called tiny "shed" was really a two-story clubhouse—a "T"-shaped building that was 8x12 ft. with two extensions: one 4x4 ft. extension with a window; one 4x6 ft. extension with a wood stove; it was fully carpeted, had electricity, and good lighting.) But how can one be “virtually” locked up and yet do work outside the “tiny quarters”? Was she really “imprisoned” as she claimed?


DV:    “During that time, her diet consisted of small, stale peanut butter sandwiches, she said during the interview in her attorney’s office. For 6 months, she said, she was not allowed to bathe or have any hot water. Frequently she did not have access to a bathroom.” [Again, this sounds like she is implying 6 months in the "shed".]


GJ:    On the Dr. Phil TV Show, Phil McGraw comes on and says, “...M says her worst punishment was being locked in a windowless shed for 10 weeks with only stale peanut butter sandwiches.”


MS (on the Phil Show):    “I was not allowed to see or talk to my children for SIX MONTHS [remember this statement]. There was a shed in the backyard. I was ordered to move into that shed. There were no windows in the shed and it was full of mildew and you couldn’t stand upright. NO BATHROOM or shower for SIX MONTHS [remember this].” [She was in the so-called "shed" for 6 months?]


Towards the end of the TV show:

MS:    “...they put me out in the shed...the door was NOT LOCKED. I COULD HAVE LEFT...”


Back to the Sacramento Bee newspaper:

MS:    “I was afraid to walk away.”


GJ:    What? MS was virtually locked up for 6 months (by implication and vagueness, in the "shed" the whole time), and she says she could have walked away?


DV:    “[MS] spent PART OF HER TIME in a 5x12 ft. shed...At times, other women also spent time in the shed...”


GJ:    The other woman’s testimony is now up on Brad Shank’s website, www.judgmentismercy.info, for any and ALL to read.




HEADLINE: “Mother of 3 sues cult—tells of life in shed” (Sacramento Union newspaper, March 16, 1988 issue)

- article written by Trinda Pasquet (TP), reporter, with quotes from MS -


TP:     “The mother of 3 said she was removed from her family and forced [not that word “FORCED”!] to live in ‘intolerable conditions’ for the following SIX MONTHS.”


          “...the organization...moved her into a workshop...”


GJ:    True about her being in the workshop. It was the very newly built workshop that had a restroom, running water, a phone, and the doors locked from the inside. It was a spacious, new 30x40 ft. workshop—she had very large living quarters! This is the very shop she never dared to mention on the Dr. Phil Show. Why? The papers said she stayed in the workshop, cause Mrs. peanut-butter princess told the reporter it was so, so why the silence about it now?


TP:     “...she [MS] was moved into a 5x12 ft. wooden shed [actually, as said above, it was really a two-story clubhouse—a "T"-shaped building that was 8x12 ft. with two extensions: one 4x4 ft. extension with a window; one 4x6 ft. extension with a wood stove; it was fully carpeted, had electricity, and good lighting]...The woman [MS] said she and another banished member [Capt. R. Johnson] shared the damp shed without toilet facilities or windows.”


GJ:    On the TV show, MS makes her audience believe that she NEVER bathed (hold your noses, folks!), NEVER went to the toilet (wow!) and NEVER saw any of her children for 6 months.


TP:     “During the 10 WEEKS [or was it 24 weeks, MS?] she spent there, she was fed an average of 6 small, stale peanut butter sandwiches every day.”


GJ:    She never tells us that her and her son ate in the kitchen/dining room—all they wanted to eat!!


TP:     “In March 1987, the suit said [MS] and 2 other female members were advised at a meeting that their husbands were divorcing them for ‘spiritual adultery’ [ha!]. The 3 women were then allegedly ordered back to the shed, where they remained for about 5 days [5 days?].”


Note the next quote:

TP:     “One of the 3 women reportedly left the compound and Sacramento police were phoned...”


GJ:    True, in one sense. The one who left (a black girl) did use our camp phone to call the police—but not because she was held captive. Did we or did we not LOCK these ladies up? If we did, how did this one escape? This “escapee” actually spent only 5 days/nights in the fully carpeted, powered, well lit, heated two-story clubhouse AT HER OWN DOINGS, then left. The police did come, looked at the two-story clubhouse, found NOTHING wrong (not even with the 2 other “prisoners”!), and left. NO report was made, no arrests, NOTHING!

          Why didn’t MS call or ask for help? Two officers were right there! In fact, why didn’t MS ever make out a police, medical, or psychiatric report to have PROOF of all her sad tales in the “shed”? Why not have us arrested? Why not?


TP:     “[MS] said she spent the next 3 weeks in a basement and then moved into a bedroom for 6 weeks.”


GJ:    Well now, isn’t this just fine! What about her story that we held her “captive” for 6 months, or 10 weeks, with no toilet, no hot water, blah, blah, blah?

          Just as I told the reporters back then: she was NOT held against her will. To hear her tell it on the TV show, she held her bowels for 6 months and never bathed. Her lies get BIGGER!! And she intentionally speaks vaguely. She said she never saw her kids for 6 months also. Really, MS?


Note the following quote:

TP:     “[MS’s] 5-year-old son...moved...into [MS’s] bedroom...”


GJ:    We allegedly ordered the move.

          Yes, dear readers, she saw her kids! (But how could she, if she implies to have been locked up for 6 months and didn’t even have a window in that dirty, wet ol’ wooden shed? Oh, maybe she peeked thru the cracks!) Her son did live with her in several locations in our camp. Don’t you remember, MS? Surely your mind hasn’t gone that bad.


Last comment in the paper:

TP:     “Jim Green, Brigadier General, finally ordered [MS] to leave the compound in July 1987...”


GJ:    True enough. I got sick of this lady acting so stupid and playing “held captive.”


* * *

     Now, dear readers, is this CONFUSION and intentional vagueness? And she has carried on with this “20 million dollar LIE” for 19 years now. I have dozens of newspaper clips that contradict over and over her own reports. And they (our enemies) still think we did all that stuff to this poor ol’ pathetic liar!

     Doesn’t she even know what “story” she told whom? Why can’t she just speak plainly about her story? This is just the “shed” story, not to mention her other extra deeds and sayings.



—General James Green


“Food for Thought”

Many times MS claims she was fed 6 stale peanut butter sandwiches a day for 10 weeks, no water was mentioned for drinking. This would add up to 420 sandwiches.

          In other places, MS seems to claim that she was fed 6 stale peanut butter sandwiches a day for 6 months, no drinking water being mentioned. This would add up to 1086 sandwiches. Not bad! At times she says she had only minimal access to a toilet, and in some places she seems to imply that she had no access to a toilet. In either case, I guess she must have released her bowels (at least somewhat) in the corner of that dirty ol’ dark shed, or she MUST have held her bowels for, perhaps, the entire 10 weeks? or even 24 weeks? If this is the case—that she held her bowels—she ought to be in the Guinness Book of World Records for holding in either 420 or 1086 peanut butter sandwiches without having to go to the bathroom!

          MS doesn’t mention what the other ladies ate. Capt. R. Johnson stayed the entire duration in the “shed” with MS...what did she eat? MS never tells us. Let us just guess—she ate the same number of sandwiches as MS. If this was true, then both of them together consumed 840 sandwiches in 10 weeks or for 24 weeks it would be 2172 peanut butter sandwiches—with no drinking water mentioned. Let us say that they did release their bowels in the shed’s corner...

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