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Open Letter About My Life



Aggressive Christianity Missions Training Corps (ACMTC)




Dear Generals, after viewing the slanderous and hateful thing the Dr. Phil TV Show aired (Sept. 21, 2006), I want to publish this open letter. I’m sorry that those claiming to be “Christian” are so vindictive and hateful towards the ACMTC and you, the Generals, especially.

     Sincerely yours,

     Brad Shank

*    *    *    


     Brad Shank is a former member of our corps. Since his letter is lengthy, I advise our readers to go to his webpage: www.judgmentismercy.info


     However, I will state a few highlights of his “Open Letter”:


> He writes about his 13 years with us—7 in camp, 6 outside. He explains why his parents thought he was “brainwashed”.

> He writes about why his parents grew to HATE ACMTC (the Generals in particular!) and how they have gone to EXTREMES to destroy us and get him “deprogrammed” (with complete failure!). Read about all the police harassments.

> He then tells about his abduction which was done by his parents along with the ex-member who claimed she was forced (by the Generals) to live in a dark 5x12 ft. shed for 10 weeks with no way to bathe or see her kids. She is the one who claims to have only eaten peanut-butter sandwiches—for 10 weeks? (But on the Dr. Phil Show she implies a different story.) Now she implies that she had no access to a toilet for 6 months.

     Wow! What a feat!—no bathing, no access to a toilet. Guess the sandwiches kept her constipated so she never needed to release her bowels. Indeed!

     Along with his irate parents, this “peanut princess” and one of the top “cult experts” and “deprogrammers” (as some claim him to be), took Brad to Gallup, NM, for 3 days AGAINST HIS WILL to “un-brainwash” his mind.

> He asks the readers to question WHY no one, especially the media (which has been heavily involved in this destructive plot), even wanted to talk to the other female who spent time in the “shed” with Mrs. Shed-head. The other female is still an active member in ACMTC. She is available to you dupes out there. She has another side of this “horror shed” story.

> He addresses the media again, asking WHY they refuse to acknowledge the check stubs from the Art Shop where this “peanut-butter lady” worked who was supposedly “locked up” for 10 weeks or 6 weeks or 24 weeks. Both her and the other woman earned their OWN money and came and went at their OWN FREE WILLS in and out of ACMTC Headquarters in Sacramento, CA. Brad asks, “Could it be a conspiracy to destroy ACMTC?”

     (My note here: I have four personal letters that this “lock up” wrote during her time in the camp which prove she was around other members, her kids at times, and enjoyed a clean environment. I have also shown these letters to the media—NO RESPONSE! She even admits about writing these letters.)

>Finally he challenges his former pastor who claims on the Dr. Phil bulletin board that he (the pastor) was responsible for extracting Brad, his wife, and another man (whom we are currently in contact with!) out of this “horrible cult”! WOW!

     There is more. You can tune in to his webpage for the shocking truth.


—General Jim


P.S.—If you like, I can send you a hard copy of his letter:


Open Letter

c/o Gen. Jim

P.O. Box 90

Berino, NM 88024


or email me: livingword@aggressivechristianity.net

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