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WHAT IF John wrote the book of Revelation in the (AD) 60's—not in the (AD) 90's as we’ve all been taught? We’ve all been taught that John wrote this “hard-to-understand” book while he was banished on Patmos. “Scholarly opinion has shifted back and forth between: 1) The early date view, which holds that John wrote Revelation prior to the Aug.-Sept., AD 70, destruction of the (Jewish) Temple; 2) The late date view...[which holds that he wrote it in] AD 95-96, in the last days of the principate of Domitian Caesar, who was assassinated Sept. 18, AD 96" (Prof. Kenneth L. Gentry Jr.).


What If?

I WAS taught the “late date” view; in fact, I was taught THE WHOLE “FUTURISH” NINE-YARDS that is rooted and grounded in Macdonald-Irving-Darby doctrine of the 1830's (and following years).

     A quick note on “Pretrib” origins: Dave MacPherson, “Pretrib Rapture” expert, spent over 25 years (up to the time of his book The Rapture Plot) in intensive research in the source documents and on-site investigation of early 19th century Dispensationalism, discovering that a young girl of Scotland, Margaret Macdonald, was the original source for the modern-born “Pretrib Rapture” theory. Dave is considered by other Bible scholars to be the world’s leading scholar on the origin of the “Pretrib Rapture” along with its history of development. After reading all his books, the last published in 1998 called The Three R’s—Rapture, Revisionism, Robbery, I can say I find his work to be quite meticulous and unquestionably accurate...and no one of the “Pretrib camp” has proven him WRONG!

     In Dave’s 1975 The Incredible Cover-Up—Exposing the Origins of Rapture Theories (which combines two previously published books), he examines the origin and effects of this “loved” “Pretrib Rapture” theory. The Rapture Plot covers more ground, and I guarantee you, you will be “caught-up” in intrigue as well as disgust by what he uncovers—the dirty tricks that famous named preachers/teachers/authors/movie-makers pull off to promote their “PET” and “cherished” doctrine. In the same book, in “Appendix A” (titled “Recent [Mis]Copying”), Dave speaks of how today’s leading “Pretrib” teachers/authors tamper with Margaret Macdonald’s original (handwritten) account of her (“Rapture”) “revelation” of 1830.

     Dave MacPherson has been a friend of General Jim and ACMTC for years, and recently Dave has agreed to help us out with anything we need in putting together these new “Rapture” materials.

     Back to Revelation: Just think, if Revelation was written before the Great Tribulation of the Jews, and the “Beast” John wrote about was ancient Rome (generically) and Nero Caesar (specifically), this would do away with all the “spook” of a future “Beast—Great Tribulation—666 mark—etc.” But, we should say, this certainly will NOT do away with a future worldwide pouring out of God’s wrath upon ALL the disobedient.


Left Behind?

GET SERIOUS! In these “Rapture-series” teachings I dispel all the MONEY-MAKING GIMMICKS that go along with this FALSE “Pretrib Rapture” teaching.

     Hal Lindsey has made his MILLIONS$$$!—off “Darbyism.” Here is one of Lindsey’s famous quotes: “We should be living like persons who don’t expect to be around much longer because Jesus is coming soon to snatch (rapture) us out of the world as it plunges toward judgment” (The Late Great Planet Earth, 1970, pp. 145, 186). He is only right on one point: The world will plunge into God’s judgment—but it is not just centered around (or for) the Jews: it is for ALL the disobedient. Thus, in this sense, we can rightly say, “God’s judgments may happen ‘AT ANY MOMENT’!”

     And then we have the UNSCRIPTURAL Left Behind series (books and movies), with the teachings that are telling us, “Why should Christians engage themselves in slow long-term cultural reconstruction IF we are soon to be raptured from the earth?” Indeed, there is no doubt in my mind that this recent (1830) teaching of a “Pretrib Rapture” has given birth to LAZY CHURCHIANITY! Live it up!! And so MOST do: lying, cheating, fornicating, playing—“Lets all have FUN!”

     But what these “FUNSTERS”/LIARS are wrong about—and they certainly are VERY WRONG ABOUT THIS!—is that an immanent coming of Christ should not make us lazy but should cause the Church to WAKE UP!!

     There is a new “leaning towards” the (AD) 60's opinion. Actually, it is said that Irenaeus, an early Church father, was one early-on who dismissed the early date for Revelation in his Against Heresies; but it is also said that Irenaeus did not settle this debate. Even “late date” (AD 90's) advocate J.P.M. Sweet says this: “the evidence is far from conclusive” (Revelation, 1979, p. 21).



BESIDES OUR booklets, I am doing teachings that are available for free on CD, DVD, cassette and VHS video—if you are interested. If you are a believer in the “Pretrib Rapture,” like I once was,—and then God plainly spoke to me and said my beliefs were “error”—you might be interested in this series. I had to humble myself and re-study all my precious eschatological viewpoints. In other words, God “RUPTURED my RAPTURE“...my Dispensational theologies. But Dispensa-tionalism’s strong resistance is still out there: the “future” building of the Jewish Temple, the “future” Anti-Christ appearing, the “future” Great Tribulation for the Jews, the “future” second coming of Christ (that is, the “second stage” of the Second Coming), the “future” 1,000 year Millennium for the converted Jews, and so on.

     Trust me, there is NO “Pretrib Rapture” ahead—it is NOT FOUND in the entire Bible. If you have been taught that this “event” is your “blessed hope,” you had better be prepared for a BIG DISAPPOINTMENT!! The evidence for a PAST “Great Tribulation” permeates Revelation, Matthew 24, and history as it is plainly evident.

     Whatever view you hold—“Pretrib,” “Midtrib,” or “Posttrib Rapture,” or otherwise—we are expected to be ready to meet Christ at any time, not like the five foolish virgins who “missed out.” And in reference to those Scriptures that speak of the ones “left behind,” hopefully we WILL be the ones “LEFT BEHIND”: for it was the unprepared that were “TAKEN”—IN DEATH. (Better re-study those verses. Tim LaHaye has them backwards!!)


BOOKS 1-3 are ALREADY AVAILABLE and BOOK 4 is in the making. We’ll let you know again (WE’LL REVISE THIS POSTING ONCE MORE) when Book 4 becomes available.




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