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Excerpts from MS’s

Testimony Under Oath (TUO)

with Commentary by General Jim

[Note: “bold-faced type”, “italics”, “underline” and “all caps” have been added to certain quotes for emphasis.]

MS’s Declaration Under Penalty of Perjury that the Foregoing is True and Correct, Filed Jan. 12, 1989 in the Superior Court of CA, County of Sacramento.

MS STARTS OUT WITH, “I was with [FLM/ACMTC] for five years before being OUSTED in January of 1987.”

     MS told the newspapers and Channel 13 News that she ESCAPED. There is a BIG DIFFERENCE between being OUSTED and ESCAPING!

     MS goes on to talk about her and her family at French Gulch, California, saying, “...I and our 3 children ... left our mountain home which we had just built on our 10 acres...” She then tells the court that they “...moved to Sacramento to join with Jim and Lila Green in their newly founded [FLM].”

     MS continues later in her sad tale of woe, “...my husband ordered me into his house (barracks #1) to sign some papers. I entered wearing my black scarf and white sack dress which was all the clothing I was ALLOWED to wear.” PATHETIC! This lady chose to wear what she wanted. We never told her (sorry, ORDERED her) to wear that ridiculous garb. She had been reading too many books, like “The Escape from the Cloistered Convent” by Sister Charlotte, and Madam Guyon’s books. Guess MS saw herself as one of those “prisoners for Christ”.

     Back to her story: “...There was a notary public present and I was told by my husband to sign my 1/3 ownership of our French Gulch property over to [FLM]. I still clung to the hope that if I did everything ORDERED, that I would regain favor and be reunited with my husband and children, so, in fear, I signed the papers.”

     MS told her sad (self-contradicting) ordeal to several newspapers. Here is just one quote from the Butte County Reporter, written by Charles Gallardo (1989): “According to the suit, [MS] ‘signed over her house, unknowingly gave up legal custody of her 3 minor children and unwittingly agreed to a divorce during her CAPTIVITY.’”

     MS signed over HER “HOUSE”? Really? Please allow me to introduce, once again, Col. Philip Jordan, AKA Steve S. (MS’s ex-husband) to clarify to my readers what this “beautiful mountain house”, as she called it in another paper, really was. (The following short article on “The California Cabin” is posted after MS’s “Letter #6", but we have cited it here for the readers’ convenience.) After Col. Philip’s article I will make my final comments.



The California Cabin

by Colonel Philip Jordan (AKA Steve Schmierer)

THIS STATEMENT is concerning a cabin that I, Philip Jordan, started building in 1980. It was located approximately 37 miles west of Redding, California, on Highway 299, 7 miles northeast of the small town of French Gulch in the county of Shasta. It was on a 10 acre parcel, 3 miles up a dirt road on the east fork of Clear Creek.

     We bought the land with a partner since neither of us had enough money for a land down-payment. The land itself was generally unuseable since it was steep on both sides with a small canyon in-between in which the county road passed through. There was just enough room on the south side to put a cabin up. You drove over the creek at a shallow spot on the neighbors’ side to get on the south side. The north side was very steep and the road was cut through there.

     At the time of winter-spring of 1980, we were borderline poor. I worked jobs on carpentry and tree pruning whenever I could. It was not steady employment. I had no idea what it took as far as money and materials to build a place to live. At the time we lived in a small one-bedroom rental in French Gulch, with three children. I first started building with rough-wood lumber, cut from some trees we felled. The cabin at first was 14'x18' with a small loft over part of the room. There was one door and one window—both used materials that were given us. When we moved up there from town in the spring of 1980, we lived in a 14' dome tent while I finished the room. We cooked off a wood stove outside and used an outhouse for our bathroom needs. When it rained we got wet!—cookstove and all. We bucketed water out of the creek. It was extremely laborious living.

     We finally moved into the 14'x18' room which was kitchen, living, and bedroom for all five of us. We had a 6' picnic table to eat from with no other furniture. It was all rough-cut lumber with no finish work inside. I ran a black poly line up the creek on the neighbors’ side and got water to the room. We had a sink that drained out to the back. We had no building permit. At the time, it was an illegal dwelling.

     That summer we borrowed money from my ex-wife’s parents and started an addition to the existing room. It was a 20'x24' post and beam room with an upper loft. It took that summer and fall to put up, but by winter it still was not finished. That winter the tongue and groove boards that covered the framework shrunk back and exposed us to the elements. I finally put black plastic over the back and side to keep the wind out.

     This add-on consisted of a small stairway to the loft, a bedroom and a small living room. There was no inside bathroom. We had a bathtub in one side of the bedroom that we filled up with buckets and emptied the same way. The outhouse was approximately 30' west of the cabin. It wasn’t until late spring of 1981 that I started siding the cabin. Also, there was no electricity during the entire year and a half that we lived there.

     The Greens would come up on weekends to help us out. That was how I was able to finish the siding. The cabin ended up being 800 square feet. It was left basically with no finish work on the inside. To begin with, it was a poor location for a cabin being on the cold side of the canyon up a tiny hollow. The sun never hit the cabin in winter. We both agreed it was a very miserable spot for winter living.

     I finally got a job in Sacramento and we left East Fork Road in September of 1981—more than happy to leave and get back to the civilized world. That life was extremely toilsome. We were both just dope-smoking ex-hippies, trying to make our own dream work. God rescued us from that lifestyle. We dedicated any money from the sale of that property to the work of God. It was no big deal to us. We had escaped that lifestyle and the filth and dope and all the unnecessary toil that accompanies it. At the time, we both thanked God to be free of it. Any other story about it is a fabrication. It was a doper’s dream that God redeemed us from.



Final Comment:


     Poor MS, SHE JUST LIED TO THE COURT! Her life inside our camp Headquarters was all “up to code” and beautiful. True, we were and are a missions training corps, so we did not intend to have lush penthouses for anyone, but MS makes it sound as though she really suffered. The truth is, she insisted on staying in the “compound”, as some call it. It was her choice. Holding our members captive never entered our minds. But to get a good lawsuit going, a good sad tale must be told, and TOLD, AND TOLD AND TOLD!

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