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 MORE  Excerpts from MS’s

Testimony Under Oath (TUO)

with Commentary by General Jim


[Note: “bold-faced type”, “italics”, “underline” and “all caps” have been added to certain quotes for emphasis.]


MS’s Declaration Under Penalty of Perjury that the Foregoing is True and Correct, Filed Jan. 12, 1989 in the Superior Court of CA, County of Sacramento.


No Bathroom?

MS (TUO): “My husband ordered me to pack a few belongings, and told me I was moving out to the Chop Shop, which is a cold metal building with concrete floors in the back of the ministry grounds. It has a small BATHROOM with a TOILET and SINK...”

     We have gone over this issue before, but here is more proof that MS was never locked up without a bathroom or water available.

     MS (TUO): “I was REQUIRED to live in the Chop Shop for approximately [4 weeks]. The BATHROOM became my only BATHING facility for six months.”

     Remember what MS has repeatedly said: NO BATHROOM OR SHOWER FOR SIX MONTHS! Also, I’ve already shown that she lived in other houses with bathrooms available. She just lies!


Menial Work

Charles Gallardo reported in the Gridley Herald what the Sacramento Bee newspaper said (in the Wed., May 3, 1989 Bee issue), that MS was “virtually imprisoned”. The Bee continued, “She [MS] said she was FORCED for the next 6 months to live in tiny quarters and do MENIAL WORK...”

     All the newspapers, radio and TV shows carried this “menial work” to the hilt, as if the word “work” is a dirty word like the “F” word. Don’t forget, folks, this is a Missionary Training Corps that she was part of, not a Holiday Inn.

     In MS’s TUO, she really “puts on the dog” for her criminal lawyer—she talks about “cleaning on her hands and knees” (who hasn’t done this?), “sweeping sidewalks and scrubbing porches”. I did this all the time that we had Fort Freedom! I won’t bother my readers with all her pathetic rantings, bemoanings, cryings , agonizings, etc., etc., ad nauseam.


Attend Meetings?

MS (TUO): “During the first week of this ordeal [her supposed ‘captivity’] I was told by my husband that I could attend meetings...”

     Attend meetings? But, but...you’ve said you were 6 months in virtual captivity in our dark, dirty, damp and depressing shed with no windows, no heat, no toilet, blah, blah, blah!!

     Now hear this, folks:

     MS (TUO): “This was painful and extremely humiliating, as MY CHILDREN WERE PRESENT at these meetings.”

     My, my, my! On page 23 of MS’s TUO she says, “I used to spend hours peeking thru a crack in the door of the shed [that had no locks!] watching my children in the yard.”

     As we have said before, in some places she makes it sound like she was unable to even see her kids for six months (e.g., on the Phil Show, as we have shown). Now tell me, MS, how could you be in our weekly meetings (four meetings per week!), and SEE your kids, and be around all corps members and be LOCKED UP, unable to even see your kids? This goes right along with the point I have made about you eating with everyone on mess-hall days. Well, we’re waiting for a good explanation, MS.


A Room—NOT the “shed”

MS continues—

     MS (TUO): “ I stayed in A ROOM right next to the sanctuary, Lila Green not knowing that I was there...”

     Really? You mean to tell me that we didn’t know where you were living while you were supposedly our prisoner? Oh, yes, in the room by the sanctuary—right next door it had a bathroom, which you used. Maybe you forgot to mention ths? Absent-minded, maybe?


Chop Shop

MS (TUO): “The Chop Shop was a miserable place, very cold...”

     Really, MS? You did stay there, as you wrote in your TUO.

     MS (TUO): “To sleep was almost impossible—the concrete floors were very hard and cold.”

     Psychology? Deceitful semantics? Yes! Notice that she didn’t actually say that she slept on the concrete floors (a lawyer trick!), but she mentions sleeping and the concrete floors in the same breath, obviously implying here, deceitfully, that she and Rachel slept on the hard and cold concrete floor. In reality, both had army cots with plenty of blankets, plus the shop had electric heat and a wood-burning stove—remember her splitting wood along with hand-sawing? She used that wood in this very shop.

     MS (TUO): “I trembled physically and emotionally.”

     Touching, real touching. Did Mr. Bob B. write this?


Black Scarf, White Sack Dress

Oh, how pitiful this sounds!

     MS (TUO): “I didn’t have a coat, and I was always cold. Along with the black scarf I was ORDERED to wear a white ‘sack dress’.”

     This theme runs throughout her TUO and was carried into some news reports. Quite frankly, we were ashamed of the way she chose to dress at times. I said she CHOSE to dress like a “prisoner spook” sometimes. She obviously read this in her several books about Catholic women who were held in prison because of their faith. She read those books many times.

     MS (TUO): “We were treated like criminals. We were literally called ‘prisoners’ by the members.”

     I can feel attorney Bob B. standing over her shoulder on this one. If the corps members did call her a “prisoner”, she deserved it—for acting so stupid!!

     MS (TUO): “...the black scarf and sack dress which had by now become rags...”

     MS (TUO): “They [the mean ol’ Generals] further stated that IN SHAME I was to wear a black scarf at all times in the presence of the members.”

     “...in the presence of the members”? But, but...I thought you were FORBIDDEN to be around anybody, MS?

     MS (TUO): “I looked dirty. I had only one white sack dress which I was REQUIRED to wear at all times.”

     You forgot about your black scarf, MS.

     MS (TUO): “I went from a size 10 to a size 5 skirt in 3 months time.”

     How did you figure out what size skirt you shrunk down to if you only had one sack dress to wear? Were there skirts around that you could try on? But how did you get those skirts if you were locked up in that scary shed?

     MS (TUO): “The mess hall was right next to our quarters [which was the storage room]...”

     Here we have MS living in another location in camp, not in that dark, dirty, damp, depressing shed. By the way, that “storage room” she wrote about had lots and lots of donated clothes and shoes and other things in it, which, in fact, MS rummaged thru all the time and picked out what she wanted, though she would have us believe she only wore that horrible white “sack dress” and “black scarf”. MS, did you wear that silly “sack dress” and “black scarf” garb while working in our very busy professional Art Shop? I don’t think so! She wore clothes she received from the storage room.

     MS (TUO): “The basement was cold also.”

     Cold basement? But, but...I thought we held you captive in a 5'x12' shed for 6 months?

     Folks, all this lady does in her 26 page TUO is GRIPE! Just like what her daughter said about her in her “20 million dollar LIE” notarized essay—MS was a CHRONIC COMPLAINER!

     MS (TUO): “We remained in the basement for approximately 3 weeks...”

     Not in that ol shed, MS?

     MS (TUO): “After 3 weeks in the basement of barracks #3, we were moved into barracks #1.”


     MS (TUO): “It was approximately at this time we moved into barracks #1 that we were ALLOWED to throw away our clothing...” Do you mean the “black scarf” and the “sack dress” which you said had become “rags”? Sob ... sob ... sob! Someone pass me a kleenex, please! We were all very glad, even relieved, when MS stopped choosing to wear her self-imprisonment garb.


Here we go again (page 24, TUO)

MS (TUO): “I could take a lot more time detailing instances in which I SUFFERED EXTREME HUMILIATION AND KNIFE PIERCING HEADACHES: no bath or shower for 6 months, washing my clothes with the garden hose...”

     We’ve already covered her “no bath or shower for 6 months” bit, but washing her clothes with a garden hose? She intentionally doesn’t qualify how long she did this, and thus makes it sound like she did this during her whole “captivity”. At any rate, let me visualize this: MS has only ONE white “sack dress” and one “black scarf” to wear (at least for a while). Picture this, she has no bathroom in which to undress and wash her clothes, so she strips naked and proceeds to wash her “sack dress” and “black scarf”. This is all done in the open! ... or maybe it was all done during her six months “imprisonment” inside the shed! ... but was there a garden hose with running water inside the shed? ... and if there was running water, why not take a bath with soap, MS, or at least wash up with the running water? You made it sound like you had no access to water for washing up, but you had running water. Even if you claim it was only cold water, still, I’ve used cold water dozens of times on mission fields all over the world. Are you better than me? Are you better than all the missionaries throughout the ages, some of whom would have shouted “GLORY!” at the provision of even a trickling source of cold water? By the way, didn’t you choose to join our Missions Training Corps?


Steven Tied to MS

MS (TUO): “...having to tie Steven to my wrist...I could go on and on...”

     WAIT A MINUTE! As I’ve said before, you’ve told the public for years that we kept you from your little darlings; but you told the court, UNDER OATH, that your son was actually tied to you?


Loved Husband

MS (TUO): “I loved my husband, obviously more than he loved me. For years he was as my knight in shining armor. We never talked about divorce.”

     If you “loved” your husband, you would have remained faithful. If you loved your husband, you would not have consistently taunted him about all your former sex exploits. Most of the camp knew about this stuff, so why didn’t you mention it in your TUO? Did Bobby tell you not to? Sure he did!

     You really loved your husbands financial support. Steve (Colonel Philip) was and is a dedicated hard worker.


Iantha (AKA Rebekah)

MS (TUO): “I watched Iantha grow in pregnancy while I was under the ‘judgment’. It was excruciatingly painful to be unable to share in the joy of my unborn grandchild.”

     Sob! Sob! Sob!

     What a crock! Everybody at camp knew you and your daughter never got along. And now you’re telling my readers that you “watched Iantha grow in pregnancy”? But, but...I was told for almost 2 decades now that the ol’ mean Generals, or was it your ol’ mean husband, kept you imprisoned in a dirty shed for 10(?) or was it 24 weeks? MS, you really are tiresome with your stories.

     Please come clean.


Kids in Distress

MS (TUO): “My children also suffered extreme distress. For a total of nine months they were SEPARATED FROM ME...”

     Here we go again, that “separated from my children” stuff. I’ve already covered this BIG LIE!



MS (TUO): “All ministry phone numbers are now changed and unlisted. I cannot call Nathaniel...”

     Funny, MS, I have your voice on our answering service after Iantha (Rebekah) called you and left a message for you. The following is MS’s daughter’s original conversation over the answering service and then MS’s reply.  




REBEKAH: This is your illegitimate daughter again, the one that you don’t love, the one that was born under your own sin and lack of responsibility. Where’s Ruth? I want to talk to my sister. You’re separating me from my sister and you’re keeping her prisoner. All I want to do is see my sister. You don’t love me and you never loved me. I can’t believe you’re suing your own daughter. What kind of love is that? What kind of Christian is that? Where’s your love? I thought you were a Christian. How could you do this to me? Are you going to sue my baby too? Don’t think I’ll miss coming to court to tell the judge what a mental wreck you’ve always been. You’ve always mooched off people. Why aren’t you working, you lazy bum? All you do is sit around all day and think of ways to destroy me and my baby. I’m expecting to see Ruth this weekend and that’s the least you can do for me now.


MS: lantha, I would like to say, I love you and your baby, whatever his or her name is and Mike too. You’re welcome to come visit us but please call first, however, as I’m going to college to become qualified for a job that will support your sister and brother. Also I take Bible classes three nights a week and so I’m not home a lot. I also want to say that I understand the cloud that you’re under as I too believed it was truth until I came out from under it and saw the sunshine. And to Mrs. Jordan, I would like to say, Praise God. And to Jacque and Julie or Rachel and Elizabeth I would like to say that God hates a false witness that speaks lies and the hands of those that shed innocent blood. ...To Mike Brandon, your growl is good. You sound just like a demon. And to Lila, mother of lies and accuser of the brethren, I would like to say your fruit is evil. It is the devil that speaks through you. That I am trying to expose. The coin is turned and judgment points toward you. And Jesus Christ, my Lord and Saviour, who will never leave me nor forsake me and who wishes that none should perish and all would repent and have everlasting life, is after you to fall on your knees this time.




Forced to be on A.F.D.C.

MS (TUO): “I am now FORCED to be on A.F.D.C. [Aided Families with Dependent Children], which added humiliation...”

     Isn’t this something? MS spent years on WELFARE as a dirty hippy, and now it is so “humiliating”? Oh, by the way, everybody here knows that Bobby Boy, your criminal attorney, TOLD you to quit your job (the one I told you you should get!), since it would look more pathetic to the court. You must really think we are dumb.


On Sentiments

MS (TUO): “...members get rid of such things as family pictures in order to avoid sentiments. At one point my husband threw away all our children’s baby pictures along with everything else which could reflect on ‘yesterday’s love’.”

     How sickening indeed! I still have all our kids’ baby pictures, along with our grandkids’ photos. In fact, I’ve even got photos of you and your family before coming to Sacramento, and during, and some after.

     Your ex-husband told us that he did throw away some of your pictures because, for one thing, some of those kids were not his, they were yours done out of wedlock. Can’t blame a man/husband for this, can we? Also, he said that you posed breast-naked for a photographer. For years, General Deborah and I had a picture that you sent us which had little Sarah naked as Eve. You were very proud of that photo.

     All corps members here in New Mexico still have pictures. YOU JUST LIE!


Up and AT IT!

MS (TUO): “All members were required to be up at 5:00 am every morning for group prayer meeting.”

     Really, is this strange for 90 percent of Americans who work jobs? Not at all. But to get up early and pray, I guess, was a crime? We were raising up Christian soldiers, not running a “flop house”. Being a dope-head for years and years, five in the morning might seem extreme, though.



MS (TUO): “I was with [FLM/ACMTC] for five years before being OUSTED in Jan. 1987.”

     OUSTED? You mean when we “called you on the carpet” for un-Christian behavior?

     Remember, you BEGGED us to stay in camp. Even the news media reported this. Then, later on, you said you “escaped”, like we were holding you physically captive!

     I have in front of me as I write (Nov. 21st, 2006), a copy of a document, signed by you, MS, that states this:



We the undersigned have decided BY OUR OWN CHOOSING to STAY at Free Love Ministries.

[signed MS]


We figured you might later tell the authorities that we held you against your will. Others did it, so we got you to sign this paper. Can you, or will you deny this?

     Either you chose to stay (as you did), or you were held captive. And did you escape, or were you “ousted”? Actually, you stayed for 6 months and I eventually asked you to leave and find a job.


No Phone?

MS (TUO): “I was dumbfounded. I tried calling General Lila on the Chop Shop telephone...”

     Here we find MS admitting that there was a phone in the Chop Shop, and if you remember, she and Jacque lived in there for a little while. Let me ask this: If there was a phone in there, why not call the police, MS? They would have come to your “rescue”. Forgive me, I forgot, you were “LOCKED UP” in a dark, dirty, damp, and depressing shed in the backyard. How stupid of me to forget this! It won’t happen again.

     By the way, we had two phone lines in the Shop, and those numbers were never unlisted or changed.


Correct Children

MS (TUO): “A few days later a ‘court session’ was held ... we were told that we had committed ‘spiritual adultery’ ... of me it was said that I failed to properly correct my children...”

     So? Everybody knew back then that MS hated family life and hardly ever corrected her kids—she either let her husband do it or they were pushed off on me and my wife to deal with. You bet we found her guilty of neglect! What is a minister to do, let kids run around like wild asses and cause havoc? I don’t tolerate that. I still don’t. But correction is not beating babies with belts as was said on the Dr. Phil TV Show. Read your Bibles, folks, on how to raise children.


Barracks #3

Here we go again, MS moving from one place to another. MS and Jacque were a nuisance to our camp!

     MS (TUO): “...we were told that we were moving into the basement of barracks #3...”

     Why did we move these ladies around? MS explained this particular move.

     MS (TUO): “We were later told by Lila Green that we were moved into the basement because law officials had been receiving reports of hearing women crying in the shed...”

     Here is a little bit of truth, but MS implies that she was crying because she was locked up. Yet the true reason she was crying was because the two women were praying very loud (even both of these ladies have admitted to this, and all the camp heard them praying!). The shed bordered an alley which people came and went through. Remember, folks, our camp was in the middle of Sacramento, a large city full of people. My question is, why didn’t these two ladies call for help if they really needed it? If people could hear them praying, surely they would have heard them if these women called to be rescued from the mean ol Generals!


I’m Tired!!

Please, let me rest. This is very exhausting to pick out so many contradictions and BLATANT LIES. If my readers aren’t convinced by now that MS and Bob B. conspired to destroy us as a people, you’ve got the problems, not me. I’ve done my best to prove that what has been pushed off as TRUTH for years, is nothing short of satanic, and I still have not exhausted all my resources. I have videos, tapes, pictures, and more, and more...

     Thank you.


     Gen. Jim



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