Compass Direct News/VOM Sources

O n March 21, 2007, Christianah Oluwasesin, a teacher at a secondary school in Northern Nigeria was beaten, stoned and burned by Muslim students over claims she desecrated the Quran. According to a Compass Direct News report, Oluwasesin was supervising a final examination on Islamic religious knowledge when she collected papers, books and bags from the all-girls class and in accordance with school procedure and dropped them in front of the class to prevent cheating. According to another teacher, soon after Oluwasesin dropped the bags in front of the class, one of the girls began to cry. She told her classmates she had a copy of the Quran in her bag, that Oluwasesin touched the bag and by doing so had desecrated the Quran, since she was a Christian. This led to a riot which was joined by Muslim extremists, resulting in Oluwasesin being beaten to death. They brought old mats to where her body was, placed dirt on her corpse and then burned it. The Voice of the Martyrs has met with her husband and is supporting her family. Pray God will comfort Oluwasesin's family and for her testimony to those that killed her, that it will bring them into the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

2 Corinthians 1:5


Thanks from sheikh Hassan Muwanguzi of Mbale-Uganda,

    I am a former Moslem called Sheikh Hassan Muwanguzi, born in Budaka district, Uganda. I was highly trained by Moslems to oppose Christians in their crusades, churches, etc. I was working with Markazi Da'watul Al-Islamia of Uganda, and in addition to that, was a former director of studies at Nankodo Islamic school in Pallisa district. Praise God I got saved in 2003! I thank God for showing me this light of salvation which I was missing. However, I received some of your tracts which have been encouraging my life during the times of persecution. Therefore my request is how can I get more tracts direct from you ?.....or encouraging booklets? Otherwise I thank God for what you are doing in the world. May God bless you as you continue to serve Him. Amen!

Yours in Christ,

Sheikh Hassan Muwanguzi