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Using the Children as a Shield


I’VE WRITTEN THAT MS never really did care for her children, but after the lawsuit she makes mention of them in an oh, so loving manner. She just uses them as a shield to protect her from being branded as or accused of being a “neglectful mother”.

     MS’s daughter Rebekah (formerly Iantha) wrote a long history about her life before and within the ministry. This was written while most of us moved out of Fort Freedom up to Camp Gilgal (Biggs, CA). (Unfortunately, later on, when we were being driven out of California, Rebekah defected from the ministry. However, this does not discredit the truth contained in her revealing essay.)

     Rebekah’s essay, a notarized statement called “Twenty Million Dollar Lie Exposed”, is a powerful testimony against MS’s attempt to use the children as a shield and provides us with a number of other striking insights. I want to pick out a few notarized statements from Rebekah’s essay pertaining to the nature of this issue. [Note: In the following I refer to MS’s daughter (who lately appeared on the Dr. Phil TV program) as Rebekah W., since that is the name she went by at the time she wrote her essay. In other articles she is identified as Rebekah S. Before they defected she and her husband decided to change their name to W.]


Excerpts From




with Commentary by General Jim


[Note: “bold-faced type”, “italics”, “underline” and “all caps” have been added to certain quotes for emphasis.]


REBEKAH W.: “...our lifestyle began to improve after meeting the Greens ... we began to come up out of our POVERTY and DRUG-RIDDEN lifestyle ... in French Gulch (CA).” [Rebekah describes the “mountain home”, as it was declared to be by MS in the court, as what it really was: a “small, cramped cabin”.]

     Rebekah W.: [after the family moved to Sacramento, CA] “We spent a lot of time with James and Lila [Deborah] Green who served us many meals, taught us from the Bible, and spent many countless hours helping us in our re-entry into the normal world.”

     Rebekah W.: “...my mother always had many complaints and everyone worked overtime to try and help her out of her DEPENDENT, WILFUL, SNIVELING mindset...”

     Rebekah W.: “...my mother has had a LONG HISTORY of being incapable of managing children and both he [her father] and I DREADED to see them [the other children] subject to the ABUSE and NEGLECT she was capable of.

     Rebekah W.: “...many times, she [MS] would use the Green’s daughter to babysit and do her housework because she was personally LAZY and did not find fulfillment in being a housewife.”

     Rebekah W.: “She was finally brought into employment at the Art Shops ... at one point as a manager of one of the stores owned [i.e., run] by Mr. [G., at a later point, Colonel David G.]. This is contrary to the picture she presented in court and to the newspapers that she is a ‘poor-little welfare mother’ with no job skills...”

     Rebekah W.: “...she lived such a CARELESS and IRRESPONSIBLE lifestyle for SO MANY YEARS...

     Rebekah W.: “...she was like a cripple, carried around by everyone else whilst she continued to complain and gripe. She was also frequently given to repeating her SEXUAL EXPLOITS to my stepfather and anyone else who would listen. Apparently my mother was quite proud of her SEXUAL CONQUESTS and she would pick fights with my stepfather [Captain Steve S., now Colonel Philip Jordan] by telling him all of the men she had SEX WITH...”

     One man told me personally that MS loved his p---s. Another young man told me personally that MS propositioned him.

     Rebekah W.: “Many times, her un-officer like conduct was reported to the Generals who attempted to deal with her problems in an understanding and loving manner.”

     Rebekah W.: “She enjoyed letting the younger children run wild and created havoc in the house...

     Rebekah W.: “many times, she would coerce the Green’s daughter [Sarah] into watching all the children for her and she would lay around all day long when it was her day [to babysit].”

     Rebekah W.: “She was continually JEALOUS of the other women and would undermine any of them...”

     Rebekah W.: “She would occasionally hint as to her sexual fantasies about certain men in the ministry and also infer that she had involvements with them.”

     We can bear witness to the above assessment of MS.

     Rebekah W.: “[This part of Rebekah’s testimony goes into her and MS’s trip to Africa with us—9 of us altogether.] “She [MS] complained throughout the trip and behaved many times as a child, she constantly acted strange, SHOWING OFF HER VAGINAL AREA WHENEVER SHE COULD through propping her legs and opening them in unbecoming manners. We were all embarrassed by her overtures towards certain men there (native Africans)...”

     Rebekah W.: “When my mother returned from this journey, she went from member to member and her sum conclusion of it all was how deeply she had longed to have sex with a black man.”

     We were told, while in Africa, that MS was making passes at certain African men. This was a concern to our host back then.

     Rebekah W.: “During our stay in Africa, my mother made a sexual pass at my husband and he only recently told me of this because he was so embarrassed. I am angered and saddened that my mother would have done such a thing to endanger my [new] marriage with my husband.”

     Rebekah W.: “After my mother returned from Africa, she continued to complain about everything ... she had to return to be an ‘old housewife, take care of her stupid kids, and work a dumb job’.”

     Rebekah W.: “She repeatedly gave the inference that they [a male employee at the Placerville, CA, Art Shop] were having an affair and finally my stepfather requested that she no longer be allowed to work at that store.”

     We’ve often thought that MS and the male employee were having an affair. We never had proof but she did infer it.

     Rebekah W.: “...she made an open confession before the body [ACMTC] that she was a habitual masturbator and that her husband did not satisfy her.”

     This we all here can also testify to be true. 

     Rebekah W.: “...we all wanted her to leave, but the Generals let her stay because SHE BEGGED THEM...”

     Note the next quote:

     Rebekah W.: “At one point, they even sent her to her parents’ house in Elk Grove, CA, WITH HER SON STEVEN.”

     Even the newspapers claimed “After the divorce, Deborah Green said, she wanted [MS] to leave the Sacramento compound but allowed her to stay in the children’s ‘playhouse’, because ‘she begged me’” (Yuba-Sutter Appeal Democrat, by Gordon Sullivan, May 6, 1989).

     MS LIES about being “locked up” for six months (Let me just elaborate again on this subject for one moment here!), for I personally sent her home to her parent’s house, as Rebekah, her own daughter, even testifies. MS stayed there a while and came back to Fort Freedom. The following is MS’s very own words under oath:

     MS (TUO): “That evening I called my folks ... and my mother came and picked Steven and me up. I was terrified beyond being terrified. I thought that Steven was, along with me, being kicked out, never to be reunited with the rest of our family.”

     Note the following:

     MS (TUO): “The following day, in fear, I called Lila Green PLEADING with her to let Steven and me return. She said she would have to think about it. The following day she gave her consent...”

     MS (TUO): “When we arrived back at the camp, we were given a room under the Citadel [H.Q. building] ... for a few weeks both Steven and I felt contentment. Steven was being exceptionally good [he was a real case to deal with!] ... he was the perfect son. For the first time in almost 6 months I laughed and felt joy...”

     Isn’t this just great? This woman for nearly 20 years now has accused me and my wife of locking her up, forbidding her to even see or talk to ANY of her kids, and here she told the court a different story.

     Rebekah W.: “While she [MS] was there [at MS’s mother’s house], she called [camp H.Q.] constantly and threatened that if she was not allowed to return that she was going to walk the streets [of Sacramento] with her son in a shopping cart because she did not want to stay at the parents’ home.”

     Rebekah W.: “This occurred during the time she was according to her own testimony ‘a captive’. Also, during this time, she was allowed to work at the Art Shop a few days a week where she had full access to a phone, and also could easily have run out the front door or told a customer of her [supposed] problems.”

     When I presented the media with MS’s check stubs (with dates corresponding to the time of her supposed “captivity”) they never, not once, wrote about it. Why?

     Rebekah W.: “She was given FULL privileges to the bathrooms as she lived in the house with my husband and myself and no one restricted her at all.”

     In MS’s TUO, MS states: “The bedroom we were given was at one time my children’s bedroom. My daughter Iantha [later called Rebekah] and my son-in-law lived in this house presently.”

     MS then writes this in her TUO: “For six months from January to July with FEW exceptions I was NOT ALLOWED TO TALK TO ANYBODY and NOBODY, including my children...

     Funny how mixed up (on purpose of course!) this lady was and is. She talked to me, my wife, Sarah, Joshua, Philip, Jacque, Iantha, Mike, her son Steven, David [G.], lots of Art Shop customers, Lisa, and many others, both male and female in camp.

     Note this:

     MS (TUO): “I was ORDERED by [Lt. B., whom MS named in her lawsuit!] to get into my husband’s truck.”

     Remember, she never talked to “ANYBODY and NOBODY”!

     MS (TUO): “Often my husband passed orders down through Lt. Bernie [B., now Captain Andrew E.] who treated us like criminals.”

     See nobody? Talk to nobody?

     Check this one out:

     MS: “We were never thanked or praised for any work that we did.”

     Hold on a minute, MS. You’ve been telling ANY and ALL that you were LOCKED UP, not that you were out WORKING!

     Back Again To Rebekah W.:

     Rebekah W.: “During this time, she often claimed that she had NOTHING TO DO and would volunteer for menial tasks.”

     Rebekah W.: “My mother has always been given to fantasizing and she wrote me a letter just this last year on my birthday and in that she said that her pastor had asked her to marry him, but she had refused (she goes to New Hope church) and I was also told by one of her mutual acquaintances that she was having an affair with him.”

     This would never shock any of us!

     Rebekah W.: “When my mother was supposedly ‘locked up’, she had her OWN MONEY, access to telephones, freedom to go to the grocery store or anywhere else she wanted whenever she wanted.”

     According to media reports and her TUO, MS says the following:

     MS (TUO): “We had to get permission to leave camp and we were told to hurry back ... For four months Jacque and I had a total of $20 for spending money which was money I had in my purse when I was ORDERED to the Chop Shop...”

     Would you listen to this BULL! This lady worked at the Art Shop, earned her very own money, and did NOT have to pay rent, pay for utilities, pay for food, and so on, and she claims between the two of them that they had only $20, which makes only $10 for her! What a BLATANT LIE!

     MS (TUO): “My job at the Art Shop only lasted long enough to buy a FEW necessities—toilet paper, tooth paste, etc...”

     Really, MS? You worked several days a week a the Art Shop, got paid well, both you and Jacque. Ask Jacque.

     By the way, according to your great testimony on the Dr. Phil TV Show, you implied that we held you captive in a dirty old shed for 6 MONTHS. Let me quote you, okay?

     MS (on the Dr. Phil Show, Sept. 21, 2006): “I was not allowed to see or talk to my children for 6 MONTHS! There was a shed in the back yard. I was ORDERED to move into that shed. There were no windows in the shed and it was full of mildew, and you couldn’t stand upright. NO BATHROOM, SHOWER FOR SIX MONTHS. I was excommunicated.”

     My question, dear “captive”, is this: Why the toilet paper? If you had no access to a bathroom, as you have often implied, why waste your money on the paper? And why didn’t you use the bathroom when you were out and about, working and buying “necessities”? The whole bathroom thing is baffling. What, did you hold your bowels for 10 weeks ... 24 weeks? If 24 weeks (6 months), that is around 1086 peanut better sandwiches in your guts, if you ate 6 a day, rendering it from January. Anyway, why the toothpaste? Other places you imply that you never had any water. How did you brush your teeth? Did you dry brush them?

     MS (TUO): “[talking about the Art Shop job] ... for about 4 weeks during which time I earned about $160.00, 30 percent of which I gave back to the ministry.”

     That was real nice of you, MS! The fact is, MS, you and Jacque worked longer and had lots of money to spend. Why lie?

     Back to Rebekah W.:

     Rebekah W.: “Police officers were within the compound during her supposed imprisonment and saw her FREE, in fact she even lifted her hands to the police at one point (child abuse detectives who were there to investigate rumors of child abuse started by Virginia Gudino who claims her twenty two year old daughter is a captive), the detectives found [MS] fine, sitting in the back yard enjoying her lunch.”Everyone in the WHOLE camp was aware of this. I personally was with the police and sure enough MS raised her hands up as to show the cops she had no chains on her hands.

     In fact, several police officers volunteered to testify in court on our behalf that MS was a free woman.

     Rebekah W.: “When the Generals [it was me, Gen. Jim] asked her to leave, they [I] told her to get a job and an apartment on her own...”

     Let me quote from MS’s Letter #8 (originally handwritten), written after she left.

     MS (Letter #8): “I got a job. There were no live-in jobs as General Jim suggested but I got a job even more crucifying to the flesh, the only job available and just right for me, a job caring for old, feeble-minded, helpless, demonized, incontenent [sic] forsaken people. 7 times worse. Everywhere I look people are headed toward Hell.”

     Hell? MS says this, not the ol’ mean Hellfire-and-brimstone preachers, the Generals! And calling those people names ... tisk, tisk, shame on you, MS! That is not very loving!

     MS (Letter #8): “It appears that I am also [—she means Hellbound! Wow!]. Repentance seems so complicated to me. As much as I long for Fort Freedom, I am glad for you that I’m no longer there to problem you. If I am ever able to return (and there is nothing else I want) I will return as a help and not a burden. Could I receive Battle Cry? Tapes? Is there anything I can do for you? Paint? Clean sidewalks? Anything? Thank you again for your long suffering towards me. [Signed by MS.]”

     Shortly after this a 20 million dollar lawsuit was put against five of us plus against the whole ministry, plus the Art Shops. Thank you, MS, for your love and concern!!

     Rebekah W.: “She [MS] immediately went and got a job in a rest home and an apartment on 30th and J Streets. Then she met up with attorney Bob [B.] at his recommendation she quit the job, moved and went on welfare starting her countless lawsuits against us.”

     Rebekah W.: “...She threatened that she would sue Lila Green before it was all over and DESTROY her. She has threatened Lila [Deborah] Green ON NUMEROUS OCCASIONS and also prophecied [sic] the judgment of Gen. Lila and called her the mother of lies.”

     Rebekah W.: “She [MS] got a young man (a tough who worked for Bob [B.] to rough him [Jonah, her son whom she got custody of] up and threaten him) and she would brainwash him and harass him...”

     Rebekah W.: “The secretary of Attorney [Bob B., could see that MS’s case was full of discrepancies] ... My mother [MS] has told a story which has many discrepancies and it doesn’t even make sense that she would cause public embarrassment to me, my husband, our child, my stepfather and my brother if she had ‘no bitterness’ as she claims.”

     Rebekah W.: “The 20 million dollar lie is obviously the biggest one ever told.”

     Rebekah W.: “...the other so-called ‘banished’ woman who is more than willing to submit her story should anyone care to read it. She laughs at the absurdity of my mother’s fantasizing and imaginations as she spent time with my mother and she is aware of her (my mother’s) WEAK CHARACTER, LYING NATURE, and ACUTE SEXUAL FANTASY PROBLEM. She also knows my mother professes to TALK TO GOD PERSONALLY as is proven by her letters.”

     Read those letters now posted on our website in the Px2 Files section.

     Rebekah W.: “Thank you and I stand in truth in this ridiculous scandal and obvious perjury committed by my mother in her vindictive suit” [signed by Rebekah W. and notarized April 25, 1989].

     The full length copy of the "Twenty Million Dollar Lie Exposed" will be available in booklet #4 of the Px2 files.



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