Iím Damari Nantume, a former HIV/AIDS virus victim. My husband died by the same disease in 1996 and left me with two children who later on also died. During June 1997 I was led and accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior and Lord in a certain Christian church. The HIV/AIDS got me down during the month of April 1998. I was totally sick since that time as I was attacked by different diseases up to the time the Lord met me for total healing and deliverance from that deadly disease.

However, during this time my beloved pastor plus other Christian friends made me to escape death many times through prayers. I used different medicines from various medical specialists but the time came when all these were in vain. During that time I had developed lots of sores on my body and I was very small, almost only bones. I had also developed white sores in my mouth and tongue which brought our family to the place of having no hope for my life. Medical people had told us that once you develop sores on your tongue and mouth (white sores) we donít even bother to give our medicines to such victims because it is a waste of our drugs.

One day Lt. Sarah Namutebi encouraged me to be brought to a WIMM meeting at her home where Major John Bavuga and the team laid hands on me and rebuked the spirit of infirmity. From that time I had a nice sleep and was able to take tea with a little food. I wondered why those sores were not painful as before. After three days arrangements were made by Lt. Sarah and I was taken to ACMTC/WIMM prayer room. Different prayers were done and there would be a time when Maj. John laid hands on me and made intercessions for me. I did repentance prayers for sexual sins, and Maj. John rebuked the spirit of infirmity whereby I felt comfortable. Within 4 days all the sores were totally healed and I remained only with sore marks. These were a sign of my deliverance. Within 2 weeks I was totally free from all disease which brought up the attention of all those who knew me before.

Due to this deliverance, many from various religions and beliefs could not argue about my healing because they had known me and they could see me set free. Christians were praising God for that miracle. Many unbelievers confessed that if someone truly commits him/herself to God that God can do everything for that person. Iím now free and Iím serving God with ACMTC rescue team of watchmen. My prayers are young men and girls would come to Jesus for Godís protection. Again my prayers are to let AIDS victims join with serious men of God who will help them to grab Godís mercy in deliverance and healing. Yours in the service of the Lord Jesus.

Sis. Damari Nantume

Editor's Note: We pray that more and more Christians would seek God and believe Him for miraculous healings. God wants to move in powerful ways among His people, but we limit Him and drive Him away by our doubt and unblief.

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