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Recently, while passing out literature in a large city, two of our Junior Cadets had the opportunity to witness to a United States Senator and member of the United States Electoral College (name withheld for security reasons). Jnr. PFC Isaiah Green (8 yrs.) and Jnr. CPL. Josiah Green (10 yrs.) had quite an interesting conversation with this high level politician who wasn't quite sure what to make of these young soldiers. The Cadets quickly explained to him that the goals of our army were to print Christian literature and send it, along with Bibles, freely around the world to those who ask for it. By this time the Senator's curiosity got the best of him and he began asking the boys a few doctrinal questions in order to determine just how "Christian" they really were. God helped the boys to respond clearly and with sufficient force that any doubts Mr. Senator may have had concerning the genuineness of their relationship with Jesus were quickly put to rest. Towards the end of the exchange the father of the cadets, Lt. Col. Peter Green, was able to join them and give Mr. Senator a more detailed explanation of who we are and what we do, along with some of our literature, which he readily accepted. When it was all said and done Mr. Senator gave each of the boys his card, telling them he would be disappointed if he didn't hear from them by E-mail soon. With that he shook their hands, looked at the father and said, "Well-trained". We give glory to God that in the midst of a wicked and perverse generation God has enabled us, by His wisdom and guidance, to train our young people into strong Christian soldiers, ready to be a bold witness to any and all they meet--even politicians. Thank God for His covering over our lives.

P.S. --If you are interested in the system God has given us to train our children into strong Christian soldiers, please write and ask for samples and description of Tribal Curriculum.

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