WOMEN OF ALL NATIONS! Women's International Mobilization Movement is designed to motivate and mobilize women as a strong, spiritual special force in the ranks of Almighty God. Paradoxically in our times, women are either one extreme or the other, they are either boxed up and put away in the "silent in the church" class or they are "liberated, jezebelized, lesbianized?" Unfortunately neither of these categories are God's. God desires women to be alive in Him and using all of the potential that He put within them for His kingdom. This is the hour of revolution, and as Satan is brutalizing, mesmerizing, and destroying, God is calling forth WOMEN to stand up for HIM AND HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS. This is the hour of revolution and God' Spirit is moving--energizing, and purifying whosoever will come unto Him and be subject to His authority. There is nothing more glorious than a woman arrayed in the beauty of holiness, the wonder of God. True God anointed women are vessels of strength and power, calling for revolution, reform and a return to the standard of God. Women of all races, creeds, colors and nations are being called, saved, unsaved, all are being stirred by the Spirit of God. When the Holy Ghost moves upon you, let God have His way, write to us and we will join together in a force of love, bonded together for the cause of Christ Jesus, in a love force that is able to overcome, disarm and convert even the very emissaries of Satan. The love of God's women shall come through in our generation as a great spiritual power, bringing forth fruitfulness and abundance in spiritual blessings.

This is the hour of revolution and all around the world the cry is going out. We are speaking today of the women's mobilization movement, which is being brought forth by the unction of the holy ghost. Long enough have women been delegated a degraded position, now the spirit of god is crying out to women to "soldier up and be strong" for this is the hour when god will show forth his mighty power through the daughters of zion and those women of force, the mothers in israel. Now as never before there is a need for women to return to their place of dignity which was originally given to them by god. It is time to throw off the shackles of the devil and the oppression of demon powers. It is time for women to rise up in the full authority and power that god intended. This is not the call to a "perverted liberation" but this is the call to a movement a world wide movement of women taking an active & aggressive stand for god.In an hour when satan has sought to devour to destroy, to demolish, god is calling forth to the daughters of eve that they be converted unto righteousness, transformed unto holiness, going forth boldly proclaiming and standing in the truth calling forth once again for the standard of god to reign triumphant. As are the women, so are the children and so are the nations. Let us move with the power of god and join ourselves unto prayer and see our god prevail. Women around the world, this is the time to rend our hearts before god and cry out, cry out, cry out for the souls who are perishing, for the weak, for the dying, for the youth who are wasted, the men who are addicted, the children molested, cry out cry out to the almighty for his strength, for his mercy, for his delivering hand!!! cry out till he uses us to change our selves, to change our lives to change our generation. It is time to cry out unto god until we see satan put under foot and his powers brought to naught.It is time to pull down the degraded banner of the devil and lift up the holy standard of god once again. It is time that women put the feet on the image of being "sexy" and cried out to the lord to become "holy". For even christian women have failed god and become as harlots in the house of god. This is the time to repent, to return, and to revolt and to join god's mobilization movement of women, the most untapped natural resource left in the earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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