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Words of the Spirit

Sins of the Fathers

November 16, 2003

I SPEAK UNTO THEE this day and I say that it is the sins of the fathers which hold the children in bondage. Therefore I say when I would command thee, repent over the sins of the fathers. For I say that it is the fathers that have brought the children into bondage, into bondage, into bondage. I say there are multitudes, vast multitudes throughout the earth, who are held in bondage. I say it is indeed because of the sins of the fathers. Therefore I say when I would dictate unto thee to repent of the sins of thus and such fathers, I say do the same. For I say you free up the children, I say you free up the children to be released, to be released unto me, for I am the God who desires them to be free. I say I desire them to be freed from the oppression, from the bondage, to come forth in me. I say rejoice even this day for the privilege to pray in cooperation with my Spirit. I say thank me, praise me, that it is me the Living God who desires the children to come free, to come unto me, to be reunited unto me, to be born of my Spirit. I say rejoice even this day that it is me the Living God who shall do great and marvelous things in this generation. For I say when the wicked one thinks that he has all in cruelty and bondage, I say that I shall move by my Spirit’s power and men shall be redeemed. I say not only will they be redeemed, but they will be released from the terrible oppression that has kept them in captivity. I say rejoice, be glad even this day, that I have spoken unto thee the key that will unlock the door to many who are currently in bondage. I say be glad.

A NOTE from General Deborah~

As I was praying on November 16, 2003, I was shown by the Lord many Muslim people. I began praying deeply for them with groanings in the Holy Ghost. Then the Lord told me to pray for forgiveness in behalf of the Muslims for the sins of Muhammad. He told me that the Muslims are cursed because of the sins of Muhammad. He said that if I would pray accordingly that He would reach beyond the cursedness that has covered those people and bring them into blessedness through Jesus Christ the Lord. As I prayed for the forgiveness of Muhammad's sins (in the sense of breaking the curse of his sins over the Muslim people), the Lord told me that he—Muhammad, the prophet of Islam—had been a backslider from Christianity and that his twisted philosophies are the result of his condition.

    The Lord said that as many people around the world pray this way, He will bring thousands of Muslims to Himself, for the Muslims will be released from the oppression and will be brought into His light.


Pray like this:

Lord Jesus Christ, I repent for the sins of Muhammad. I repent that he turned away from You and chose his own way. I repent for all the horrible sins he committed in Your sight. Lord, I am so sorry that he did that to You and then brought millions of souls into the same sins. Please, Lord Jesus, break the curse of his backsliding and free the Muslims’ souls in order that they may perceive their wrong views about You and see their need for You. I see my need for You, Lord Jesus Christ. I see that only You can forgive me of my sins and show me the way of eternal life. I repent of my own sins even right now; and in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I break any ancestral or spiritual connection I may have with Muhammad. Jesus, please wash me in Your blood which You shed for me; take me as Your own, and lead me in the right way. And please, powerfully reveal Your truth to all the Muslims around the world. Thank you, Jesus, my God and Savior! Thank You for breaking the curses of sin! Amen!

 Editor’s Note: Please PRAY for all the ACMTC officers and soldiers who refuse to submit to Islam’s aggression. We personally witnessed the rioting of militant Muslims during one of our training missions in Kano State, Nigeria, in the ‘90s. In any case, by the grace of the Lord, our teams have led hundreds of Muslims to Christ Jesus the Savior. PRAISE THE LIVING GOD, OUR COMMANDER!

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