Islamic Jihad, Moral Relativism and the Racist Americans Who Oppose it

A S MOST of us who are paying attention to the sad state of our nation are aware, A MUSLIM CONVERT BEHEADED AN INNOCENT WOMAN IN OKLAHOMA today. Apparently, he was attempting to get his co-workers to convert to Islam at his place of employment. After all, the Koran does make the little suggestion that all infidels be beheaded; so under the tenants of multiculturalism, we should just accept this as a common practice in Islamic culture. Failure to do so means we are bigots; at least that’s what Maxine Waters would have you believe. Islamic jihad moral relativism seem to mean the same thing in today’s society.

I can’t tell you how angry this makes me, America; I mean, I am at a loss for words, and I am really struggling trying to put my thoughts into the proper structure for a respectable article. I keep asking myself over and over how we got to this point where people are actually being beheaded in the name of Islamic Jihad, and yet for all practical purposes it seems the vast majority of us are still asleep at the wheel. What makes me angry is the fact that the Spokesperson for the Islamic Society in Oklahoma City, Saad Mohammad, acts as if there is a real possibility there will be a retaliation attack against his Mosque, as if we are the terrorists. There has not been one instance of Oklahoma citizens acting violently towards Oklahoma’s Muslim population, yet there have been over 20,000 Islamic terror attacks worldwide since September 11, 2001.

I guess pointing out this fact makes me a big mean, white privileged racist, doesn’t it? After all, if you were to ask our president and his leftist administration, they would tell you that America’s right-wing radicals, those backwards, rednecked-hillbillies who cling to their guns and religion are America’s real threat. They would tell you that what happened today in Moore Oklahoma is just a random act of workplace violence, and we shouldn’t jump to any conclusions. Well, they sure don’t have a problem blaming all right-wing gun they now? Anyway, I digress.

The truth is, I know exactly how we got here, and if you have been following my articles, you know too. It is because our education system has been hijacked by the radical left, and they have been using the social sciences and the tenants of moral relativism and cultural Marxism to dumb down our children. THEY HAVE VIRTUALLY CREATED AN ENVIRONMENT WHERE PEOPLE DON’T SPEAK UP OUT OF A FEAR OF BEING HUMILIATED AND LABELED AS “INTOLERANT.” Well America, I don’t know what represents an attitude of intolerance better than cutting off someone’s head because they won’t convert to your religion. Honestly, how else would you explain the level of apathy in this country, except for educational indoctrination?

WHEN I STARTED COLLEGE in a liberal university I was introduced to white privilege, heterosexual privilege and the politics of victimology. I had the type of left-wing ideological professors that could best be described as communists, who told me I wasn’t fit to be in the helping professions because of my opposition to the white privilege, reverse racism nonsense they use as a means of SILENCING OPPOSITION to their agenda. I was called racist because I voted republican. I was labeled as an lslamophobic, a racist, a sexist, and just a plain big mean man because I told the truth, because I stood up for what I believed in.

It just so happens that what I believed in was the same thing they are trying to destroy, our Country. I watched in near helplessness as these left-wing nut jobs convinced a class of people, who had already endured a leftist indoctrination in high school mind you, that America is evil, blacks have a right to be angry and hate the white man, and that the U.N. is the only hope for humanity if we are to stop global warming. In fact, in five years of higher education, I can’t recall one reference to America that was positive. No references to liberty, no mention of the fact that the world would be starving if not for us, no mention of anything good we have ever done. If you can’t see the destructive agenda here, then you have allowed yourself to be inundated with lies folks.

What makes this story even more depressing is that Oklahoma is one of the most pro-constitution, conservative states there is and yet, not one single politician cared enough to examine the text books that tax payer dollars are paying for. I have been calling Senator James lnhofe, Senator Tom Coburn and Congressman James Bridenstine for years to tell them about this, and they simply haven’t cared.

I mean if you can’t see what the destructive results of such an indoctrination will be, then you are part of the problem. Thankfully, I am blessed with the ability to see the truth for what it is. The line that is being drawn is crystal clear, you are either aware of the evil that is inundating this world, of you are lost in it.

Truth has become a funny word, hasn’t it? THE LEFT OBSCURES THE TRUTH THROUGH THE CONCEPT OF MORAL RELATIVISM. This simply means that any one ideology, or culture, is not morally superior to another because there is no inherent, universal truth. That assertion in and of itself has no leg to stand on, because the left would have you believe that the absence of truth, is in fact the ultimate truth, which completely destroys the whole idea and makes them look very foolish.

Therein lies my final point; a society cannot be free if it cannot live in truth. A SOCIETY THAT HAS BEEN TAUGHT THERE IS NO TRUTH, WILL NOT STRIVE TO FIND IT. America, this is just beginning.

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