Obama and Islam Are taking Over America


Obama is the President of the Islamic Caliphate



Dr. Laurie Roth, 2012

O bama's former pastor at Trinity United Church of Christ said that he was "steeped in Islam" when he arrived there. Where and when did Obama receive such training?

(Aug. 28, 2012) — The headlines are building about the DNC Convention. Islam is all over it. Family Security Matters says that they are expecting over 20,000 Muslims to attend. The Convention has announced there will be "Jumah" prayers for two hours before the Convention. We are told the 'purpose' for this event is to address the issues faced by the Muslim-Americans. Poor Muslims...we make it hard sometimes for them to shred our Constitution, blow up buildings and people. Usually we make it easy, however.

Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch said as bad as it is to have "Jumah at the DNC," it is dramatically worst to host radical Islamic supremacists and jihad groups there. While all the radicals are scheduled to be everywhere, praying, speaking and doing their Sharia moments, the Catholics and Christian folks apparently aren't welcome. Cardinal Dolan, the President of the Conference of Catholic Bishops, was denied his request to say a simple blessing prayer at the national convention. Can you say "Catholic and Christian insult" AGAIN?

Elsewhere in the news this week, we were reminded that our commander-in-chief and top brass are essentially neutering and dismantling our military in Afghanistan. They are being told to completely submit to Sharia. Frank Gaffney, Jr. has a great article on this, referencing the increase in "green-on blue" attacks from Muslim natives on our troops. We are told these attacks are linked to the anger that locals feel regarding our soldiers apparently breaching some form of Sharia.

Recently Marine General John Allen attributed the "green-on blue" attacks to summer heat, fast pace of missions and hunger due to the Ramadan fast. What is the answer??? Our soldiers are told to have closer relationships with the locals and observe Sharia law. That will make them more secure and solve the problem.

No more working on the wrong day, saying the wrong thing, defending the wrong person, supporting a human right, and perhaps a woman...on and on. Anyway, shut up, military, submit to Sharia, ignore your own moral common sense, and sense of right and wrong. Above all, get good and close to the locals so they can continue to attack and kill you with ease. Have we lost our entire mind!!!???

There is no reason at all in my view to keep our troops anywhere in Afghanistan or Iraq if leadership from Obama on down is planning to insert Sharia submission and danger into our U. S. military and her operations. We might as well shoot our troops in the head. Making our troops EVER submit to the unethical, evil and dangerous Sharia law is absurd and wrong on every level.

Sharia law and its use anywhere in America with any court, our military and in all 57 Muslim-controlled countries IS the problem. It is couched as the Islamic legal system, reflecting the heart and soul of Muhammad and the Koran. It certainly does reflect the heart and soul of Muhammad and the Koran; It preaches, promotes and facilitates whippings, stonings, beatings, rapes and abuse of Muslim wives, crucifixions of gays, dismembering of limbs and overwhelming controls and oppression.

The belief of most Islamic leadership, Imams/Clerics, Sharia law and the heart of the Caliphate is total takeover. Aggressive control and infiltration of Islam have been in the works since the 1920s with The Muslim Brotherhood. They taught and pushed for Jihad and a world controlled by lslam.

Their takeover plan was matched by the radical and funded Wahhabi sect of Saudi Arabia. You know...the Saudis we have always ingratiated and looked the other way with because of our use of oil??? Then, there was the long-standing relationship of the Bush family with the Saudi Royals.

The Saudis have funded Islamic centers, mosques, schools and colleges all over America and the world. The goal is simple and clear: Infiltrate and push Islam everywhere...cry "rights," issues, and Islamophobia—while getting Muslims elected into office to change laws from the top down. Only then can their beloved Sharia law Supersede our Constitution. They are right oh track.

Back to our DNC convention, denial of a Catholic Cardinal for a prayer, 20,000 Muslims showing up for 2 hours of prayer, and radical Muslim leadership everywhere.

Obama has bowed down to Saudi Royalty, said we were the largest Muslim nation on earth, denied we were a Christian nation, given nearly a billion to Hamas, spat on Israel repeatedly and gone to war with the Catholic Church. What is your conclusion folks?

 It is vividly clear to me. Obama is nothing but an Islamic pawn, backed, by the international, new world order crowd to create international - Muslim controls over America. Obama is the President of the Islamic Caliphate, not the United States of America.

...Don't submit to them!

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