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FINALLY--What friends and foes have been waiting for!

The Px2 FILES -THE OTHER SIDE OF THE STORY! Introduction to the Px2 Files with timeline covering 1970 to 2004.
MALICIOUS INTENT to destroy a people.
-Our enemies' input in the HATE campaign against us is undeniable. -NEW!
Using the Children as a Shield -Excerpts from Rebekah W.'s 20 Million Dollar Lie Exposed!. -NEW!
Psycho Terrorism!-A Discussion of the Px2 Files, with Commentary on Holding a Biblical Trial. -NEW!
Testimony Under Oath.-MSís Declaration Under Penalty of Perjury that the statement she filed was True and Correct. -NEW!
Testimony Under Oath -Part 2.-More of MSís Declaration Under Penalty of Perjury. -NEW!
Kidnapping the people of God-More accounts of persecution against ACMTC. -NEW!
MS's Handwritten Letters #1-Signed statement of choice; Confession letter.
MS's Handwritten Letters #2-ACMTC Monthly Progress Report Jan. 1987.
MS's Handwritten Letters #3-Accepting God's Judgment.
MS's Handwritten Letters #4-How I missed God.
MS's Handwritten Letters #5-Asking questions; Requesting to fast.
MS's Handwritten Letters #6-Leaving camp.
MS's Handwritten Letters #7-JUDGMENT.
MS's Handwritten Letters #8-After finally leaving ACMTC.
More Facts About The Infamous "Shed" story.-All our persecution stems back to this fabricated tale.
Weigh the Evidence! -You be the judge. Are we guilty or is it all just A BIG LIE?
KIDNAPPED! -Irate parents and infamous "cult-catcher" unsuccessful in attempt to deprogram son! Great testimony of God's sustaining power.
Setting the Record Straight. -Excerpts from letters by the "other woman" in the shed, with comments by General Jim.
Captivity or Freedom? -Really locked up or not? General Jim gives excerpts from handwritten letters. You decide.


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Judgement Is Mercy.

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