Female Cannibals


    This day as I was praying I saw in vision a gradual procession of three women with their babies. The first woman I saw was a native type pagan woman. Her skin tones were brownish and the aura of her appearance was very dark and she was definitely wicked looking. She had her own baby in a vessel and it was being cooked in that vessel. The Lord told me she represented roots of iniquity—the iniquity of cannibalism. Then I saw a black skinned woman who was very skinny, she was cooking an equally skinny baby. The Lord said that she represented cannibalism caused by the hardship of the severity of famine. Then I saw a white woman who was fat and prosperous looking. She too was cooking her plump baby.

    The Lord said that she represented the return to cannibalism which is even now happening and will become a trend and a vogue. He said that her deeds were the most wicked in His sight because she was not bound by generations of heathen darkness as was the first woman. Nor was she driven by the ravages of famine as was the second woman. But He said that her cannibalism was the by product of a society with too much and she was as the heifers at grass (Jeremiah 50:11), choosing to feed herself on the flesh of her baby as she was so completely motivated by greed and lust. He said I was to make the declaration that this great evil is on the horizon and will become common place in a nation guilty of infanticide for over thirty years. He said that the fat woman of this vision is the depiction of the depravity of motherhood in this time of wickedness. He said this practice, as exhibited by the fat woman, is already happening in this hour and will progressively increase and that our responsibility is to cry out against it.

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