Set 10

-Accusers In Hell

-Headlong Into Hell

-God's Hand

-Filthy Rags

-Not Following

-Unclean, disorderly children

-Eaters Of Filth


Today while I was praying I was taken by vision into hell. There I was led to a massive room, where I saw some of the most insane people I have ever seen. They were ranting and raging, stomping, screaming, yelling, in fact it was such a loud noise I had a hard time discerning any of their words. As I looked at them, I could see that they were under great torments and vexations. Their eyes were wild with pain and torment, their bodies were writhing like snakes, even the fat ones would heave up and down and writhe like snakes. Some of them appeared so viperous that it seemed very possible that they could bite me at any moment. But thanks to God, I was kept away from these creatures even though I was very close to them. Actually, it was the presence of God that kept me separated from them. As I inquired of the Lord who and what they were, He told me that these ones were the accusers of God. He said that a large percentage of them were backsliders, and hypocrites, for while they put on the song and dance for awhile when they were alive upon the earth, their song and dance was useless. He said in addition to the backsliders, that there were dangerous ones who sought only for those flesh-gratifying activities that the devil offered them.

He said many of them were the children of “Christian parents” who had never taken responsibility nor accountability for their own souls, but had somehow figured they could abuse and accuse God and not be responsible. The bitterness of the accusers is that they cannot find the joy. That is the actual basis of their continuing torment; that all joy eludes them because they have accused God. The Lord said that no matter how much they accuse, they cannot escape the horrid reality that they are in hell, and that they had every chance to serve God but rejected those opportunities. He told me that they suffer extreme mental torture and continue with their accusations incessantly.


Today as I was praying I saw by vision a long line of people. They appeared as though they were running, but some of them were fat, some old, some crippled, some wounded. When I asked the Lord who and what they were, He told me that they were the ones who are rushing headlong into hell. As I looked more closely I saw that the line was at least a hundred people across, and it appeared to stretch on for miles like a giant snake. There was a covering over them that caused them to be caught in a current that was pulling them along at a fast pace. All of them looked as though they were determined to get where they were going—hellfire! To tell the truth, I shuddered at the thought of what was facing them, and how they seemed so determined to get there. After seeing that multitude, I cried out all the more for souls to be redeemed. Oh, if only we would fear God and realize that many, far too many, are rushing headlong into hell and there they will remain for eternity.


Whilst I was in prayer today I was shown by vision, a number of very proud men sitting around a huge conference table well pleased with themselves. They had apparently finished signing a treaty agreement between nations and they felt that they had everything in total control and that nothing was beyond them. As they exhibited themselves in their pride and pomposity the Lord told me that everything that they did was foolishness in His sight. Because He said they were so conceited that they thought what they did would remain for generations. But He said they were fools, because one move of His hand could do away with everything they had thought they accomplished. I thought how that it is God who raises nations up and pulls nations down. And I praised His name!


Today as I was praying I saw in vision a line of men arrayed in filthy rags. They looked horrible yet they acted as though they were sophisticated and attired as kings. They were attempting to enter into the presence of God, and they were actually having a difficult time staying in line because they were jealous, violently jealous of each other. One would try to crowd the other out, then another would do the same, and on and on they went, quite disruptive. I asked the Lord what they were and He told me that their filthy rags were their own righteousness, and that they were deceived in believing that they would come into His presence. He said that they had cast aside His righteousness and consequently they were trying to enter in by a way that was unacceptable. He also said because they rejected His righteousness they could never be arrayed in His glorious covering. While they thought they looked so great, in the eyes of God they were actually abomination.


Today as I was praying I saw a young man who I had known who had a glorious experience with the Lord but had subsequently backslid. I saw him in the glory he had with Jesus, then I saw him fallen, then falling farther and farther down. I asked the Lord what was before the young man and the Lord told me that the young man was contemplating suicide. I prayed very hard for him in intercessory prayer. Then I asked the Lord how can we help such ones, He told me, warn all souls of the consequences of not following me, like self-destruction, murder, death, damnation. The Lord told me that the spirits of death and destruction are so hard in this generation that they are out to kill anyone they can get their hands on. The Lord told me that the more that men turn away from Him, the greater shall their punishments be in the time to come.


Today as I was praying in the Spirit I was shown a vision of a large crowd of children. The children were ugly, as they were unkempt, unclean, and very disorderly. Although they were of all age groups, they were basically the same in one regard, and that is their filthy appearance and their complete lack of obedience and manners. They actually resembled a pack of dogs in their demeanor and surly behavior. When I inquired of the Lord. He told me that they were the ones who are calling themselves “His church”. He said that in His eyes they are as the crowd of vile children. He said also that He finds no pleasure in them because they do not seek for obedience but are very contented to be disobedient, vile, and surly. He said that they are not covered in His glory because of their sins that they still actively participate in. He told me that they are not a glory unto His name but a shame.


This day as I prayed, I was shown men and women in all manner of apparel reflecting different standings in life. Yet all of these men and women had plates of food. But the food was very dirty and looked like filth that was scraped up off of a city street. Yet, the people were eating the food as though it was good and tasty. Some were even finishing it off and asking for more. I could not understand what they found to be so appetizing. I asked the Lord the significance of this vision and He told me that they were eating filth. He told me also that this is what many are doing in this generation; eating of filth and enjoying it. In other words they are eating of unclean, wicked, perverse things and they are enjoying it and asking for more. He told me that many will die of the uncleanness they take in through the eating of filth. He also said that at least half of those who were eating the filth were claiming to be His people and there was no reason nor justification for them to be partaking of such uncleanness. He said that because men choose to eat of the filth that they will die from the same.

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