Set 11

-Naked Before God

-At The Gate

-Scorners Scorned

-Blinded By Pride

-Blood Of Jesus Invincible

-Self-idolatry Is Serpentine

-Beggars Beautiful Before God


Today in vision I saw a vast multitude who were congregated together, they were talking and laughing, carrying on in the most normal fashion. But the strange thing is that they were all naked. They were not aware of their nakedness but instead they carried on as though they were fully clothed. Some of them were grossly ugly in their nakedness yet they acted as though they were beautiful, handsome, etc. Not wanting to see this at all, I asked the Lord what it meant. He told me that they were all liars and deceivers, who thought their deceptions and lies were not known. In other words, they had so clothed themselves in deception to the extent that they believed in the protection of their lies. But the Lord said that before Him they were all naked and all of their ugliness is revealed. He said that is why it is so foolish for men to carry on in lies and deceptions, for all of their sins are evident to God. He said that their nakedness is the state in which He sees them, and they will not be covered in any of their falsehoods, but that all of their deeds will be evident.


Today in prayer I saw a large crowd of people milling around a gate, some appeared to be very important as they were dressed expensively. Others appeared to have servants and gave the impression that they thought quite highly of themselves. Many appeared to be irritated and angry. There was a large iron gate and there were guards at the gate. Few were being allowed entry, yet most were being refused. Some of those ones who were refused became quite belligerent and angry and were full of cursings. It appeared as though a few lone, weary, worn travelers were being allowed entry. The strange thing was that some of them who were accepted were poorly dressed, yet they gained the place forbidden to the rich ones outside of the gate. Some were just arriving at the gate in fancy cars obviously with all that money could buy. Others arrived weary and well-worn, enfeebled and shaking, walking the last miles on feet that had traveled many a mile. These ones were like the ones who gained entry through the gate, they seemed to emit light which was the glory of God. They too seemed to have favor with the guard of the gate and several of them gained immediate entry. As I asked the Lord, He told me that the ones who gained entry were the ones who were willing to walk the strait and narrow, and they therefore were given entry. He said the ones who were denied entry were the ones who had chosen to walk in the broadway and that they were not worthy to enter in. He told me to notice that the ones who were so sure of themselves and their own importance were rejected and very angry over the same!


Whilst praying I saw in vision a group of people who carried about them the aura of pride. They were full of arrogance and conceit and they seemed to emit contempt for almost everything. They were especially spiteful towards the Christians and used every opportunity to literally spit upon the Christians, who they regarded with the utmost contempt. They were continually seen with a self-righteous smirk on their faces and they were very distanced from anything and everyone they considered beneath them. Then I saw the same group in hellfire, and of course they were in grievous torments: screaming, ranting, cursing, pleading, moaning. Some were yelling out for the Christians they had scorned and mocked, pleading with them to pray for them in order that they could be released from torment. Others were insanely laughing and crying at the same time. The scene of insanity just continued. The Lord told me that they were receiving the recompense for their scorning and scoffing attitude towards Him and His true people. They could not escape the place of torment that they were locked into.


In vision this day I saw men and women falling all over the place. They would trip, fall, stumble and just keep going down. But they would not stop and ask any for help, nor would they inquire of the way, but they just continued in their foolery and vain exhibition. They were apparently the victims of pride. For it was pride that insisted that they knew the way when they did not, it was pride that caused them to refuse councel and guidance in the way of life. So they went on and on and on but they made no progress in the spiritual journey. Then I was shown another group of men and women marching forward, who were making great progress, they were constantly looking upward, and asking the Lord for His direction. The Lord told me that such ones who sought His direction were the ones who were well-pleasing. He said that obviously the others were displeasing because they were bound by and blinded by pride, and they loved it so, because they would not humble themselves and cry out for help.


Today as I was praying I was shown a huge camp of enemies plotting the destruction of Godís true people. However the Lord spoke to me and told me that the blood is invincible, that it stands as a wall of protection around those who are trusting in the Lord. He also told me that we can ask for new cleansings, sanctifyings, and protection through the power of the blood daily. He said to make full use of the blood that has been given, because He said without that power there is no way that the enemies can be prevented from executing their destructive plots.


In vision this day I saw a number of people writhing like snakes, they were hideously ugly and covered over in grotesqueness. As I looked at them, I was shocked at how much they resembled snakes in the way that they contorted and twisted their bodies in the movements they made. As I inquired of the Lord, He told me that they were hell bound, but that they would continue in deceit in this life, and in the torments of hellfire they would be continually in the presence of the serpents of hell who would defile them, bite them, coil themselves around them, and cause them much vexation and torment. The Lord said that this was their inevitable end because many of them had blatantly rejected Him, the others had done so more discreetly but they had neglected Him nonetheless. He said that the reason that they were in such wretched condition is because they had abandoned themselves to the sin of self-idolatry and were greatly deceived.


I saw many people kneeling, some were crawling, some were pleading with God. But all had one thing in common, they were in the position of beggars before God. As I saw this vision the Lord told me that these ones were His honoured ones, because they were beggars before Him. He said that the ones that He loves are the ones who will recognize their needs and cry out to Him, not demanding, but just presenting the urgency of their need unto Him. He said that their humility, while a vomitous thing to proud men, was really what gave them favor with God. He said the beggars in Spirit are beautiful in His sight.

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