Set 2

-Lot's Wife

-Sealed In Choices

-Damned Who've Laid With Beasts

-Broken and Beautiful

-Solitary Prayers

-Strength In Consecration

-Bleeding Continually

-Torment Of Thirst


Today while I was praying I was shown by vision several people in a dry, desert place. I looked closely at them and they appeared frozen. In other words, they were in the process of a journey but they were no longer moving. They were all looking back. As I inquired of the Lord, He told me, "Lot's Wife". (Gen. 19:26) He went on to tell me that what happened to Lot's wife happened because it was the time of judgment when God was vindicating His wrath. It was only by mercy that He was sparing Lot and family. When Lot's wife looked back, she became a part of (a recipient) God's wrath. She became frozen as a pillar of salt. The Lord said this is the time of His judgment, those who are given mercy to escape the wrath and then elect to look back will become as Lot's wife, recipients of God's wrath. This is not the time to "look back" lest we die under the judgment hand of God.


I saw in a vision, people encased in clear plastic-like cylindrical bubbles. They appeared to be alive but they could not come out of the encasements they were in. I asked the Lord what it meant-He told me, "They are sealed." He further explained that He is sealing people in what they want. The torment is that they cannot escape and they can see what they have missed out on by having their way. He said those ones who are sealed will be greatly troubled yet they will not be able to change anything. I saw how important it is to be careful of what we want or think we want for we could be sealed in those wrong choices.


Today when I was praying I was told by the Lord that He wanted to show me something by vision. I felt myself going down a long narrow chute, then I hit bottom. I asked the Lord, "Where am I?" He told me that I had hit "rock bottom". I asked, "What is this for?" He said, "It is the way to the bottomless pit". Then the bottom opened up and He told me to look around. I found myself going quickly down, down, and down through a hideous cylinder shaped tower. All over the sides inside of that downward tower were human beings in the most ugly, grotesque, contorted, and distorted forms. All of their faces were ugly, ugly, ugly. The peculiar ugliness they all held in common was in their mouths. Their lips were all enlarged, and drool and spittle came from all of their mouths. I really did not like looking at them at all. I asked the Lord why they were there. He told me: "These are the ones who have lain with beasts. This is their punishment and habitation." (Exodus 22:19; Lev. 18:23; 20:15-16) I asked the Lord if I could leave as it was so horridly ugly. He took me out of that place. To me, the grotesque facial features, and the unbelievable ugliness of their salivating lips remains vivid. May we shun those things forbidden by God Almighty that we do not end in that place.


I saw in a vision a number of people who seemed to radiate glory, they were "beautiful". As I looked upon them more closely, I noticed that they all were broken. As I asked the Lord what the significance of this was. He told me, "They are my broken ones, they are special to me." The Lord told me the broken ones are special to Him because they allow Him to rule and reign in their lives. All of the broken ones appeared to be broken in the area of the waist. The Lord said: "This is where they are broken because they cannot stand of their own strength, but only through Me."


As I prayed I saw in vision a solitary figure kneeling face down in a room. There was no one else to be found. The others were out doing what they wanted, while the solitary figure knelt in humility before God, beseeching God for souls, travailing and weeping. The solitary one was alone, yet in the presence of God. The Lord told me: "The solitary one praying is worth more than all of the others who are out playing."


I saw a man exceptionally strong, doing remarkable feats. He did not appear strong physically according to the western mind set of strength. Yet, he was very strong. I asked the Lord what it meant. He told me, "Samson", which He said signifies consecration. He told me that in consecration to Him is where the anointing of incredible strength lies. He said if we will consecrate to Him and live separated for His purpose that He will anoint us with great strength. We do not necessarily appear physically strong, but we are because of His glory on us. We will be strong, we will do mighty exploits, as we consecrate and remain consecrated unto Him.


While I was praying I saw in vision, Jesus. He was bleeding profusely. He was on the cross. It was like the blood just kept coming from Him. I asked the Lord, "Why is your blood still flowing, why are you bleeding?" He told me, "They cause me to bleed continually." He explained that when people backslide they wound Him to the extent that I was shone in this vision. It was hideously painful. My heart was broken at the sight of His body, brutalized, broken, and bleeding. He told me that the agony He suffers at the hand of backsliders is worse than the initial agony of the cross, and their brutalization of Him is the most painful suffering, that He undergoes. (Hebrews 6:6)


Today the Lord took me into hell by vision. There I saw multitudes who were thirsty, croaking, begging, crying for water. They were in different forms of agony, but they were all under the same oppressive thirst. They were insistent in their cries, their screams, their croaks, their moans. I asked the Lord what the vision meant. He told me that they were the ones who had refused the Water of Life. He said that the ones in this realm of torment were the ones who had willfully rejected the living waters. This particular realm of torment appeared to be very hot and dry which added to the thirst.

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