Set 3

-Sin No More

-Love River

-Beast Men

-Haters Of Truth, Imprisoned By Lies

-Deceived And Deceivers

-Books, Books, Books


I saw by vision, the woman caught in adultery. He told me it was not His will that she commit adultery. Then He further told me it is not His will that any of His people commit adultery, or any other sins. He said He wants His people to aspire to be sinless because He is sinless, and we are meant to be as He is. He said, "It is possible". Because He had told her, "Sin no more", which means it is possible. He told me that He never asks of us what is impossible but only what is possible. He showed me some who were sinless, their faces were serenely beautiful, reflecting the holiness and beauty of the Lord. He told me this is how He intends His people to look, not cursed by the ugly oppression of sin. He said we are kept out of the realm of sinlessness by our own choices against Him and our unbelief.


Today whilst I was praying I was filled with melting love for the Lord. As I was pouring out adoration for the Lord, I was shown by vision a beautiful, beautiful river. As I asked the Lord the meaning He told me that it was His Love River. He explained to me that the melting love I was experiencing was coming from the waters of that River. The waters from the Love River come from Him. These waters fill our hearts when we are enraptured in adoration for Him. He further explained to me that the love I felt for Him was not coming from me, but from Him allowing the waters to flow through me. He told me I was not capable of the love that I was experiencing, because in all my carnality I am an enemy of God and a hater of Him. It is not possible for the "dead carnal nature" to love God as He desires. But it is through the divine flow that we communicate in such exquisite flowing. The Lord told me that I can ask Him for washing and refreshing from that River, and as He sees my need so will He answer me.


As I was praying I was shown by vision a strange troop of men. They all had the bodies of men, but their heads were of beasts. Their faces did not have the resemblance to men at all, but they were the faces of animals. I saw the following: a lion, a wolf, a bear, a dog, a tiger, there were others but the vision passed before I could see them all. The Lord then told me that these creatures were the signification of the condition of men in this generation, that they were returning to beastliness. He told me that men are becoming lower in their behavior than beasts. I was made to remember the costumes of heathen tribes when they literally deck themselves out like beasts and birds during their dances, with actual fur, horns, feathers, etc. on their heads. The Lord said the beast in some men is so rampant that it will show up on their faces.


Today in vision I saw a man with a strip across his mouth. As I inquired of the Lord, He told me the man was a hater of the truth. The strip across his mouth kept him from the truth, all he could speak and receive was lies. Then I saw the same man in a cell. The Lord said, "He is imprisoned by lies because he hates the truth." The cell is where he is locked into the lies he loves to tell and believe. He cannot free himself but is subject to the demons he has chosen.


I was praying and I was given a vision of another habitation in hell. I saw a huge dark area resembling a cave, to the back of it was a tunnel leading back to another cave-like room. The people in the first room were surrounded by and intermingled with snakes. The people were yelling, they were crying, they were screaming. Needless to say they were tormented and miserable. The prevailing empty cry or plea amongst all of them was for the "truth". They were pleading for the "truth". They were begging for the truth. The Lord told me: "These are the deceived, and they have loved it so." (darkness rather than light). He explained that they had pretended to want truth but actually loved to be deceived. In fact, they would not accept nor face the truth. They loved the deceptions of cunning false messengers. The reason that they were deceived is because they only pretended to want truth, but in reality they preferred to be deceived.

Then I was taken to the other large cave-like room. These ones were in even greater torment than the others. They were talking incessantly to themselves, lying to themselves even in their torments. Each one was literally bound by snakes which were like chains upon them. Their deceptions were actually snakes coiled and wrapped around them. They were held in captivity by these snakes which bound them. The people in this room were the deceivers who delighted in deceiving others and themselves.

Both the deceived and the deceivers were in perpetual torments because they loved deceit.


Today as I was praying I saw a man sitting alone in a large room. He was sickly looking, with somewhat of a yellowish pallor to his skin. The walls of the room were made of books. Most of the books were huge, massive volumes. The man was at a desk and he was frantically going through one of the books. The room had an old, stale, musty, smell. The man had a frantic, pinched look about him, his hair was receding and there were deep lines in his face. I asked the Lord what it meant. He told me that the man was one of those who is ever learning yet never coming to the knowledge of the truth. The Lord explained to me that His way was simple, pure, undefiled. The way of the Spirit's teaching and leading into all truth was simple. But He said many are frustrated as this man because they refuse His way, the way of the Spirit. II Tim. 3:7

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