Set 4

-Pig Faces

-Torture Of Man Eaters


-Fat Shepherds

-Pity Party

-Books, Books, Books


As I was praying, I saw in vision men and women with pig faces. They were strutting around, laughing, joking, slapping each other on the back. Actually they were grotesque, they were intermingled with other human beings who were normal looking with somewhat of a divine glow to their faces. I asked the Lord who these "pig faces" were. He told me they were the "spots" (Jude 12) in the feasts of love. He told me they were the swine who trample the pearls. He said they are swine in His sight because they do not fear Him.


The Lord took me by vision to hell again and showed me a horrid place where men and women were so ugly and grotesque. They were surrounded by bones, skulls, and bloody body parts of other humans. They were gnawing on parts of the bodies and looking at each other with lust for flesh and blood. The stench of that place was absolutely revolting, the creatures (humans) there were hideous. They were extremely restless and seemed as though they were in complete vexation. They were tormented with the screams and cries of those bodies that were strewn around their habitation, as the cries of the ones murdered could still be heard. These creatures could find no place of quiet or peace from the screams and cries of the murdered ones. Even though they were still eating, they could find no joy in the flesh of the men they had killed, instead, they were never satisfied and were tormented day and night by the never ending screams and cries. Plus they were in constant fear because they were afraid of being murdered and eaten by the co-inhabitants of their place of torment. So not only were they tortured by the screams and cries, but they were tormented under continual fear that they themselves would be murdered and eaten. The Lord told me that this was the place of habitation for those who were cannibals --who killed other human beings in order to eat their flesh and drink their blood. It was indeed a wicked, vile, place of habitation.


Today I saw Jesus on the cross, and He told me to look at His back. His back was horribly lacerated and bloody. It actually was a very sad thing to look upon. Then He asked me, "Do you see the pain I have suffered that you could be healed? It is finished, by these stripes it is already done." As He spoke those words and I gazed upon the agony and pain, I realized that yes, it was completed, and it is our job to stand upon that and not be shaken from it. I told the Lord Jesus that I was so thankful that He bore our infirmities to such an extent, and something in my heart broke at the pathetic sight of our beloved who has suffered so acutely to free us from the stronghold of Satan. I also realized that never again would I side with sickness or affliction after seeing what Jesus had done to free me from the same. This vision came at just the right time, as the Lord gave me a healing I had been seeking for as I stood on the vision and declared the healing completed.


Today by vision I saw several men seated at a very long feasting table. The table was laden with the finest and richest of foods. There was abundance of meat and fowl of every description, plus many, many rich and luxurious foods. The men were all excessively fat, yet they kept on eating and eating and eating. They were being served by people who were very thin and weak looking, yet they kept moving swiftly as one fat man after another would demand another dish be brought to the already over-burdened table. The men at the table carried an aura of pride and superiority, and they were especially abusive towards those who were waiting on them. Outside of the building were several of the thin people who were lying down from exhaustion and weakness. Some of the fat men had eaten so much they had vomited on the table and had fallen face forward into the same as they still retained their places at the table. Actually it was a very ugly sight as the men at the table never seemed to have enough although they were already overly fat. I inquired of the Lord what it meant and He told me that the fat ones are those shepherds who feed themselves and refuse to feed His sheep. He said that many of them were so intoxicated that they would lie in their own vomit, then rise up and keep on eating again. (Ezekial 34:2-10 & Isaiah 28:8) The Lord told me that what He had shown me is how many of the "pastors" of today's churches appear to Him. He said that they would have severe judgment when they stand before Him and that they would suffer acutely for their selfishness and greediness.


Today while I was praying I was taken by the Lord into a realm or dimension of hell. The people there were crying, and screaming, and whining, and complaining. But they were not able to have conversations with each other, as each one was completely absorbed in their own misery and they would not even listen to each other. They were a very miserable lot of people. Some had pulled out their hair in such anguish and fits of anger that they only had a few sprigs remaining, others were scratched and bleeding. One in particular kept pleading for someone, anyone to listen to him and hear his story of woe. But no one could or would listen, so they all just ranted incessantly for nothing. But they were in great torments and it seemed as though they spent all of their time in such a state of ranting, wailing, whining, etc. When I inquired of the Lord who they were and why they were in such a habitation of despair, He told me that they were the ones who loved to pity themselves and draw others into their web of self-pity. The greatest torment they had was that they could not get anyone to listen to their sad tales and therefore could not draw anyone into their web of self-pity since every one else was locked into their own pity party. He, the Lord, told me that many of the ones there had professed to be His people, but they had not followed Him. Therefore they had been turned over to the thing they loved more than Him, and that was their self-pity party. He said those who had claimed that they were His people were liars and rebels because they had refused His command to deny self. Instead they had chosen to continue to indulge self through the medium of pity, so they were locked there for eternity in hell fire to burn under the oppression of their own complaints.

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