Set 5

-Reaching Out

-No Oil

-Missed Timing

-Crawling People

-Poor Hungry For God

-Graves Outnumbered By Dead


Today I was praying and I saw several men and women in vision. They had one thing in common, they were all reaching out. Each one was reaching out for someone or something that was missing. One man was reaching for his wife, but she was gone, another woman was reaching for her husband but he was dead, another woman was reaching for her child, but the child was gone, another man was reaching out for his mother but she was dead. Every one of them was reaching, reaching, and only gaining emptiness. The Lord told me that they were reaching in vain because all that they thought could comfort them was gone, and He wanted to comfort them, but instead of reaching out to Him, they continued to reach out to only memories of those things they imagined were comforting. The Lord told me that if His people would reach out to Him that He would delight in comforting them in every circumstance. He said that when people reach out to Him, they are filled with His comforts to such a degree that they are able to give those comforts to others.


Today when I was praying I saw a woman sitting in the middle of a bunch of clay pots. But as I looked closer, all of the pots were empty. They had no oil in them. I asked the Lord what it meant, He told me, "She has the vessels but no oil because she does not believe in my ability to provide. So she sits with her empty pots." He went on to explain to me that many of His people were like this woman, they had no oil, no infilling, because they did not believe in Him. They have the material provision but not the heavenly provision because of their unbelief.


As I was praying I saw a group of lonely, dejected people in a European train station. They were a sad lot, all huddled together, some were crying, some were angry, some were depressed. But they seemed hopeless, like there was nothing for them to look forward to. When I inquired of the Lord as to why they were in such a state, He told me they were in that condition because they had missed the timing. In other words they could not go anywhere because their train had come and gone, they were out of time and missed the opportunity to get on board. The Lord told me that so many of those who say that they are His do the same thing, they do not move with His timing, therefore they are the disgruntled, the disheartened, the saddened, the angry. For the most part they are lonely and dejected because of their refusal to move with God's timing.


As I was praying I saw in vision people crouched very low to the ground, crawling. They were crawling in the presence of God, because they were smitten with His humility glory, and weeping over their sins. The Lord told me that He desires a people who will crawl before Him in humility of mind and heart, realizing their utter wretchedness and need of Him. He said that too many of His people want to come to Him as the Pharisee (Luke 18:11) but He wants them as the publican (Luke 18:13). He also told me that He literally wants His people to crawl in repentance that He may bathe them in the humility waters of deeper repentance. Let us not be so haughty, so proud, so self-glorying that we refuse the crawling position before the Lord, and likewise lose out on His humility glory. The Lord told me that He literally craves a people who will see their utter sinfulness and cry out in need and desperation unto Him.


As I was praying today the Lord showed me by vision, the poor. He told me that those ones in all of their pathetic humility, when they are hungry for Him they are beautiful in His sight. He said that their rags would be transformed to beautiful garments if they would but be true to Him. He said he does not look upon the outward show of men, but upon the inward motives of the heart. He said He looks throughout the earth for those who are poor in spirit, in other words, needy. He also said that those who are physically poor yet hungry for Him are more precious than those who think they have everything together and don't need God. The Lord said that the smug who imagined they had all were really poorer than the poor, because they had nothing for the eternal Kingdom because pride shall not be there. He told me that the true riches are only found in Him and everything else shall pass away because it is vanity, and that many who are so secure in this life because of their riches will find themselves empty and destitute when His vengeance is brought forth.


Today as I was praying the Lord gave me a vision of a man with a shovel, he was working furiously digging a grave. There were countless graves all around in neat rows, thousands of them. Yet he was working with fervor to finish the job, apparently he had so many more graves to dig. The Lord told me that in the beginning the graves would be for the slain. Then He showed me a large machine like a backhoe, digging up holes in the earth, then the Lord said to me those holes were mass graves. He said that the number of dead would reach such proportions that there would not be enough single graves to hold the bodies, and that the method of mass burial would be used simply to rid the earth of the carcasses.

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