Set 6

-Thieves Driven From Temple

-Sick And Sleeping Shepherds

-The Burden


-Stone Faces

-Fire Not Quenched


As I was praying today, the Lord showed me a vision of Jesus driving the money changers and sellers out of the temple. I saw the divine anger of the Lord against those who had made the house of God, which was meant to be a house of prayer, into a den of thieves. (Matthew 21:12,13) He showed the vision to me again and again, and He said to me, "thieves". Then I asked the Lord, what does it mean? He told me that we, as His people, are meant to be the house of prayer, but that thieves in the form of demons come in and set up their tables, or do their business, in the temple (our bodies and minds). Then the Lord asked me what He did to them in the temple. I told Him, "You drove them out". He said, "You do likewise, drive the demonic spirits out of my people, those thieves that are usurping my authority and stealing that which belongs to me." So I began commanding thieving spirits and related demonic powers out of the house of God. A very strong deliverance session followed and many received deliverance.


While in prayer today I saw a huge ward, the old fashioned kind, in a hospital. There were rows of beds, filled with men. It was an open ward, not individual rooms. Some of the men were laid out very sick, some were sitting up in their beds but giving the impression of sickness nonetheless. Then I saw the same ward in the same hospital, and in the beds were the same men, but now they were all sleeping. Some were sleeping peacefully, others were tossing and turning, some were moaning, and some were groaning. But all were asleep despite whatever noises they were making. So I asked the Lord what it meant. He told me that the elders, the men who should be watching for His flock and guiding God's sheep into righteousness and holiness were sick and sleeping. He repeated it to me twice that those men who were meant to be the shepherds over the Lord's heritage had indeed given themselves over to worldliness and sorrow.


This morning when I was praying, I saw a man making his way up a tall hill. He was sweating profusely, his face was red, and he was just worn out. He carried on his back a very heavy burden, a pack. When he reached the top, he took off his pack threw it down and cast himself to the earth, totally exhausted from the trip. Then I saw a second man coming up the hill, he was running at a trot pace, his face shone with excitement, and he was exuberant. He had no burden on his back. When he got to the top, he was still full of energy and he went over to a tree where a pack was leaned on the trunk, he picked it up and swung it lightly on his back. He was ready to keep going, to continue on the journey, and he had the burden firmly strapped in place. I enquired of the Lord what it meant, and He told me that the first man was stubborn for he insisted on carrying his own burden although he claimed to be a child of God. The second man was one who belonged to the Lord and had learned to release the burden unto God. The first man was ready to quit and he literally despised the burden, the second man was ready to go forward and picked up the burden with enthusiasm. Why? Because the second man had learned the spiritual secret of turning over his burden to the Lord and finding the strength and rest that are found in the Lord.


Today while I was praying, I saw several men with mounds of stones. Not all of the men were rough looking, some were quite refined appearing, but all had the same thing in common, they had mounds of stones. Each of the men carried the aura of darkness. The Lord told me that these men used the stones for stoning the Lord's prophets. He said that they spent their lives in opposition to the truth although several of them appeared to be "loving and compassionate". The ones who had the religious covering were actually the most vehement opposers of the truth. Then I saw the same men in hell where they were in great torments and torture. Each of them was screaming, crying, yelling under the torments of the damned. They were wincing, ducking, raising their arms to ward off blows. Although nothing was visible to me, the Lord told me that they were trying to avoid the stones which were thrown at them day and night. He said they were under continual stoning with the same stones they had thrown at His prophets. He said they would forever be forced to undergo the pain that they had executed against His prophets who had stood for and declared the truth.


During my prayers, and following the vision of the stones, I saw several people in vision who at first appeared to be normal. But as I looked at them more carefully I noticed a peculiarity about them. They each had faces which were carved out of stone. It was really strange to see in as much as their bodies appeared to be of flesh, yet their faces were literally stone. The Lord told me that these people had hardened their hearts against Him and that their faces were the reflection of what was in their hearts. He told me that because of the hardening of their hearts, they had turned to stone faces, eventually He said that their bodies likewise would turn to stone, because they would not repent of their hardness of heart.


When I was praying in the early afternoon, I saw several men arrayed in the garb of fire fighters. They were fighting against a huge fire, and as soon as they gained progress, they lost it again, as the fire would not stop. They kept working frantically but you could tell it was hopeless. I asked the Lord what it meant, He told me when men fight against the fire of His jealousy, they fight in vain for they will not prevail. It was a pathetic sight as the men were desperately wearing themselves out for nothing as they could not possibly conquer the fire. The Lord said that no man can quench His fire, and that it is unconquerable. He told me that His fire shall burn forever, and those who fight against it in this life will be in the flames forever in hell fire and that they will never win against it.

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