Set 7

-Rich Men In Hellfire

-True Treasures Unclaimed

-Torments Of Covenant Breakers

-Preachers In Hell

-Imprisoned To Cruel Masters

-Misery of Mockers


Today as I was praying I saw mounds of natural treasure, then I saw men screaming and moaning, beating themselves, pulling their hair out, crying, talking to themselves. The men were in hell, the treasures were their torment, they were without anything. They had sold their souls for the riches of this present world, and the Lord said that they would have to continually look at the mounds of natural treasures which would do them no good and be tormented by the same. He said they would never find peace nor satisfaction, because they had given away their inheritance and throughout eternity their torment would be continual. None of the treasures they accumulated would be of value to them. Instead they would only look at that which they had considered so valuable, which in reality has no value at all.


During prayers I was shown by vision a storehouse of real treasure. When I enquired of the Lord, He told me that the treasures were those mercies that His people had not claimed because they did not believe in Him. He said there were so many treasures that His people never claimed nor received, because they did not believe in Him. He said that those treasures would be stored up until a people would claim them and receive them, for His mercies endure forever.


Today the Lord took me, while I was praying, into hell. There He showed me a vast multitude who were in extreme agony, they kept yelling that they were on fire and that they were burning up. They complained bitterly of the pain in their heads from the voice they continually heard. The voice that they individually heard was their own, and that voice reiterated again and again the covenants or vows that each individual had made to God. At the same time they were under extreme pressure from the fire of God which would not leave them alone. Some of them were literally screaming from the pain and torment, others were cussing and yelling for relief, but there was no relief. They were such a miserable lot of human beings, locked into their own voices continually, faced up with the vows and covenants that they never kept, yet they could hear their own voices uttering those things to God. Some had literally bashed their own heads in an attempt to rid themselves of the voice which repeated the same things again and again. To say that they were greatly anguished is an extreme understatement. The torments of these ones was some of the worst I had seen, because they were continually condemned by the very words that they had spoken to the Lord and never kept. As I looked upon them I was overwhelmed with how seriously God takes our covenants and vows to Him, and how if we fail to keep those commitments that we literally set ourselves up for damnation. Let us consider, before we betray the Lord, how much He has committed to us, and how much should we be committed to Him.


As I prayed at another time, the Lord took me into hell where He showed me preachers in hell fire. Of course they were tormented and under the burning of the fires of hell. Each one of them was giving a sermon, and in the sermon, given very cunningly, they would reach the point whereby they proclaimed that there was "no hell," and that God did not punish His people. Whenever they got to that point, they would start screaming and ranting, "There is no hell, there is no hell, yet I am in hell, but there is no hell." Then each one would go off into peals of insane laughter and then that would turn to sobbing, then screaming, as they realized that they were in the very place they had preached against. And while they had pointed other souls to the slippery path of destruction, they themselves were overwhelmed and overtaken in the same deception. They were really a ridiculous lot, tormented continually as they found themselves in the agonies of the hell they said did not exist. Additionally they were constantly accused by the very ones they had convinced that there was no hell. As those ones who were there likewise were continually in torments and pain, and they were angry and continually accusing the preachers who had told them there was no hell. Over all, the preachers were even more miserable and tormented than the fools who had believed them.


Today I saw in a vision, men and women in prison cells. The Lord told me they were in those cells in this life, and also in the life to come. He said that whenever a man or woman rejects the truth, then they are turned over to cruel oppressive lies, and that the lies become their cell, their prison house, because they have rejected the truth. He let me know that many are sealed in that place because of their adamant refusal to accept the truth into their lives. He said that the ones who have once known the truth and rejected it actually have a more oppressive life than the ones who have simply never known the truth yet reject it. The Lord let me know that the torments of those who reject the truth are present in this life and also in hell fire, in other words, they can never be unharassed by the oppressive lying forces that take authority over them for their rejection of the truth.


As I prayed today the Lord took me into a horrid place in hell. There were very ugly human beings there, they were perverted, distorted, misshapen, hideous specimens of humanity. Each one was laughing hysterically, but the laughter was not of joy but of pain and sorrow and deep regret. These ones were identified as the mockers. The Lord told me that "the mockers shall be mocked." They seemed to hear other voices in the midst of their hysterical laughter for they would shake their heads, open their eyes wide, move their heads as though in agreement with unseen voices. Their faces reflected their misery, for apparently they knew nothing of sleep and rest, for they were forever tormented by the other voices and the hysterical peals of sorrow-filled laughter which went forth continually. I understood that they are listening to mockery continually, and then as they get excited about the same, it is revealed to them that they are the ones mocked because they chose to mock the Lord. Let us not be guilty of ever mocking the Lord, but rather seek to obey Him continually for He is good to us

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