Set 8

-Bleeding Face Of Jesus

-Unreal Reality


-Before Him

-Waters Of Death


This day as I was weeping in brokenness before the Lord, He showed me by vision His face. It was so painful to look upon, and the blood poured and poured and poured from His face. The pain that was evident, the agony, the suffering broke my heart all the more. Then He asked me, "Was not this enough for the sins of my people?" Of course I told Him, "Yes." Then He asked me, "Why then do my people sin against me, why do they turn from me, why do they make me continue to bleed?" As He said that I again saw His face and the blood was flowing and flowing, it did not stop. I asked the Lord why He was showing me this vision? He told me, "Because their sins continue, and I continue in agony with them." I asked the Lord to never let me cause Him to suffer in such a way for me, because He already suffered, and I want to take the provision He has given. I was reminded again how brutal and cruel we can be towards God when we stop walking in the Spirit and pursue the lusts of the flesh.


Today as I was praying, I saw people in a huge movie theater, and they were watching a movie on a very large screen. All of the people seemed mesmerized by what they were viewing. I asked the Lord what it meant and He told me that each one of the people was trapped in an "unreal reality". In other words, they had yielded themselves over to the demon powers that were in the movie and were being filled up with the demons contained therein. The Lord told me that each one would absorb characteristics of the demons that were exhibiting themselves through the actors and actresses. He said that the viewers would begin to live in an unreal reality from the infilling of the demons they received through the medium of the movie. The Lord told me that millions of people today live in unreal realities, and that they absorb demonic powers and build up fantasy imaginations, and they live in those rather than the reality of their lives. This, He said, is what causes men, women, and children to behave in such bizarre and vile ways and to do such acts of wickedness with no apparent motive. Because in reality they have no reason for their actions, but in the fantasy imaginations they have built up through the demon powers, they have every justification for their sins and wicked deeds. He said that the infilling of demons is so tremendous in this generation that many humans are literally demon possessed and live completely in unreal realities.


This day the Lord took me again into hell and showed me people in horrible torment and anguish. They were very morose and complaining bitterly. Each one kept promising and screaming and trying to plead their way out of the hideous torments they were in. They all kept yelling about "tomorrow". When I asked the Lord what it meant, He told me that these were primarily backsliders and people who had heard the gospel, but had put off their conversion under the excuse of doing it tomorrow. He said the backsliders had told themselves for years that "tomorrow" they would return to Him, but they had waited too long and now they were in hell. Both the ones who had procrastinated about their initial salvation, and those who had backslidden and delayed returning to the Lord had one thing in common, both were in the everlasting torments of hell, and both had used the excuse of tomorrow. The Lord told me to warn all of those who use such an excuse, because He said that tomorrow is too late, and that they will not be able to put off that which should be done today. He told me that today is the day of salvation and that no man has an assurance of tomorrow. He said all of the ones in those hellish torments had thought they could put Him off just one more day. That is why they were all yelling about "tomorrow", because they had put off their salvation or return to the Lord and had consequently lost their souls. So they were in torment over "tomorrow", because that had been their excuse they had offered to God instead of obeying the calling of the Holy Spirit.


Today the Lord showed me as I sought His face, a number of people who were all attempting to hide some things. All of them were imagining that no one could see what they did, yet I could see plainly by vision what they were doing. When I inquired of the Lord He told me that they were trying to hide their sins, but that they could not because everything is seen by the Lord, for His eyes see everywhere. He told me that everything that is done before humans is before Him. He said it is foolish to try and hide our sins, because He already knows. And even though we may think those things are hidden, they are not, but they are ever before the Lord. The Lord said that if men do not repent of their sins that they cannot be forgiven, then those sins (even the hidden ones) stand against them in judgment. He told me that some of the people that I saw went to great lengths to cover their sins, but that it was all in vain, because everything they committed was before Him.


In vision today I saw myself on a very narrow levee road, on either side of the road were waters. As I first entered the road, there was an area that looked like a beach and there were multitudes there appearing to have fun in the water. They were running, splashing, and swimming. Many of them yelled to me to come over and join the fun. Some of them even attempted to run up the levee to pull me over and entice me to the area of fun. But I just kept my gaze steady on the road. As I continued to walk rapidly down the road, the waters changed, and they were swirling, rushing, and frothing. I looked closely and I saw dead bodies in the waters. I was rather shocked, but the waters had turned a murky, blackish color. The farther I got down the levee the more sinister the waters appeared. I asked the Lord where I was, He told me that these were the waters of death, and that many were drowning in them because of iniquity. He said in the beginning the waters appear beautiful and the perfect way to have fun, but that is actually a deception, for death is in those waters. As I progressed on the levee, I saw that some of the bodies being tossed about were the bodies of those I had seen at the beginning. They had thought they were having fun, but their fun ended up to be their death. I told the Lord I did not like that place, and asked Him if I would get out of there, because it was like the waters had a sucking power, like great evil, and I could feel darkness all about. The Lord told me to keep my vision single and stay on the center of the levee road, He said, don't turn to the left nor right, but keep your vision straight ahead. This I did and I finally reached the end of the road, then the waters disappeared. I asked the Lord how to keep away from the waters forever since they left such a horrid impression in my mind. He told me to stay in the waters of life as they were my protection against the waters of death. He said that many ended in the waters of death because they refused and despised the waters of life. He also told me that the levee was the straight and narrow way and that keeping in that boundary is what kept me from being sucked into and dying in those waters of death.

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