Set 9

-Tree Top

-Wilted Rose


-Breaking Through In Warfare Prayers

-Veil Of Betrothal Thrown Off

-Party Animals In Hell

-Two Women--Two Horses


Today when I was praying the Lord showed me by vision a very large tree. Its trunk was massive and the top very high, it was in fact a tree that was extremely big. He took me to the top of the tree, deposited me on a branch, then told me to look down. As I did, a horrible fighting broke out below and in that fighting men were being killed, wounded, etc. There was an extreme amount of yelling and cursing going on. I realized that I was privileged to be in the top of the tree, far above the horrible squabble that was transpiring below me. The Lord told me, "I have lifted you above the realms of carnality, and what is going on down there is not meant to affect you." The Lord further explained to me that His people are meant to dwell in those places of dominion and they are meant to rejoice in the power of Almighty God.


Tonight as I was praying, the Lord showed me several times in vision, a wilted rose. I asked the Lord what it meant and He told me this. That some of His people He desires to pick in the bud stage, that is He wants them for Himself, and He desires their presence in the eternal dimension, others He will pick in the full blossoming stage, and still others He picks in the fallen petal state. But the wilted rose is one that He wanted but there was no release, and so consequently the rose is wilted because the life stops going into it. I asked Him to make that clear to me, and He said that oftentimes there are loved ones who interfere with His will, and consequently the rose is cut off from the life flow and simply wilts while appearing to be abiding in the vine. He said that if all of His children would serve Him with the same determination of heart that there would be no wilted roses, but that He would pick what He wanted when He wanted it, and that consequently the roses would be put to use for His Kingdom.


Today as I was praying in the Spirit I was led into warfare prayers. As I prayed harder and harder against the powers of darkness, I was given vision of these terrible spirit beings who were laughing and mocking the things of God. They were very arrogant and at first one had the impression that they could not be stopped, let alone brought down. However as I was thinking these thoughts the Spirit of God rose up in me stronger and stronger, and in the same vision I saw the horrid things begin to melt, to crumble, to fall down before my eyes. As this was shown to me, the Spirit in me prayed harder, and I saw the terrible spirit beings who had appeared so strong in the beginning, just melt away and become as nothing. The Lord told me that the power of His Spirit is stronger than any demon force, and that if we will continue steadfast to allow His Spirit to have the preeminence that it will drive back any force, no matter how strong that force tries to present itself. The Lord said that oftentimes His people do not hold on long enough and yield to the Spirit to see victory, but rather they give up at the sight of the enemies. Yet we are not to give up, but to continue steadfast and see the breakthrough come through steadfast warfare prayers.


Today when I was praying I saw a beautiful church all set up for a wedding. Everyone ooh-ed and ah-ed as a beautiful bride made her way slowly to the center aisle where she met her groom. With perfect timing they made their way down the aisle. The bride was all in white with a beautiful veil covering her lovely face. Her groom walked beside her, the picture of young, expectant manhood, ready to take his wife-to-be in to his arms as the vows were completed. As the couple came to the center front where they were to position themselves before the minister, a strangeness could be felt in the room. Suddenly for no apparent reason, the bride screamed and threw off her veil of betrothal. She ran wild-eyed out of the church and down the street. Astonished the crowd did not even understand her behavior and the most shocked was her groom who shook his head in bewilderment, wondering what to do now that his bride had thrown off her veil and ran from the church. The bride had torn off her gorgeous wedding gown, leaving it in a heap on the streets. She ran rapidly down several streets, shedding all of the garments related to her wedding. At last she was only clad in short shorts and a skimpy bra like top. She raced to a street corner where she assumed the aura of a prostitute and she began to call to every man that passed by inviting them to take her, to love her, to have her. What a hideous nightmare. I inquired of the Lord and He told me, "This is what my people have done and continue to do to me, I am meant to be their husband, yet they have thrown off the veil, and now they prostitute themselves on the corner, offering what is mine to every dog who comes by." He told me that just as the groom was covered in shame and sorrow, so is He the Living God covered in sorrow and shame because of the adulterous hearts and deeds of His people.


As I was praying today, I was taken by vision down a long, long tunnel which was very dark, it went downward. When I reached the end of the tunnel a door was opened in front of me. A huge room filled with horrid noises, screams, moans, laughs, snarls, every unclean noise was before me. The room had the smell of liquor as well as cigarette, cigar, and marijuana smoke. Inside the people appeared to be out of their minds. It looked as though they were trying to have a good time and "party", yet each one had a look of torment and anguish on their faces, and they did not smile as we would recognize a smile, but a smirking grimace marked all of their faces. They were quite ugly. The noise of the place was the most unbearable factor, and it did not sound very fun at all. There were unbelievable wails and moans of pain, women screaming in the midst of rape, men laughing fiendishly, cursings and fightings. The music went on incessantly and some tried to dance to the music but they would stumble and fall and others would trip all over them as they lay sprawled on the dirty floor. It actually sounded worse than a dog fight and smelled worse than a pig pen. Yet the creatures in the room are what could be qualified as human beings. I inquired of the Lord what it meant, He told me that they were "party animals" and that they were locked into their party, He said they can never leave the room, they must stay there day and night and continue to party. He said they never know any rest, only partying, as that is the thing they loved and chose above all else in the world. He said many of them had been given the opportunity to serve Him but they had thrown it aside for this defiling room. He said their torment was great, for they could find no joy in their "partying" which was a conglomeration of confusion and debasement. He said that some of them would beat hysterically on the door from time to time, begging to be delivered from the room, but they could never leave. They had chosen their habitation for eternity and the choice was sealed.


Today as I was praying, I saw two women in vision, they had the bodies of horses and the faces of women. First I saw them when they were young. The one was golden and she had a beautiful face but her eyes were wild, and she had a graceful body, like a race horse. The other one was a dark color and she too had a nice face but her eyes were gentle. She was not nearly as graceful as the other horse, but her body was strong and had the look of enduring strength. Then I was shown the same two horses many years later. The first horse was now ugly, she ran wantonly around no good to anyone. Her once graceful body was skinny and the ribs showed on her sides. She needed to be brushed, but she was still too wild for anyone to touch her. She had sores on her body and her coat was very patchy. Her face was no longer beautiful but very old looking, and her eyes had changed from wild to mean. One look at her sent a shudder down my spine. The second horse was fully groomed and beautiful. Her beauty was a quiet beauty of an animal well trained. She wore her harness with dignity and responsibility. In fact her responsibility had made her more strong. She pulled the wagon for a large family and she was treated like one of them, she was well taken care of. The Lord told me that the first horse represented those who are determined to never be mastered, to never be harnessed, to have their own way no matter what the cost. In the end, they are lonely, ragged, torn and desolate. The other one represented the ones who allowed themselves to be mastered, and through that they had come into serene beauty and usefulness. The Lord told me that the first type of horse is useless for the master's use. The second horse, He told me, is of great value because she is a representation of servanthood and submission to the will of the master.

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