By: General James Green

“. . . .Now the body is not for sexual immorality (or fornication) but for the Lord, and Lord for the body.” --1 Corinthians 6:13

Verse 18 of 1 Corinthians 6 tells us to “Flee fornication. Every sin that a man does is outside the body, but he (or she) who commits fornication sins against his (her) own body.” If you look up the word “fornication” this is what you find: “porneia (Greek)=harlotry (including adultery and incest)(fig.=idolatry), to indulge in unlawful lust” (see the Holiness Code in Leviticus 18). This word also includes same-sex sexual activity of all kinds, along with other nuances that can mean a whore-male or female, to sell, prostitute, a debouchee, and a whoremonger.

Look up the words fornication, fornicator, and fornications in your Bible and you will see there are plenty of texts that speak plainly about this sin. The Hebrew word, “taznuuit” means both idolatry and harlotry or whoredom. The Hebrew word “zanah” is a primary root which means highly fed and therefore wanton. One indictment the LORD had against the daughters of Zion was that they were haughty and had wanton eyes (Isaiah 3:16). In other words they were sexually seductive in order to satisfy their desire to fornicate.

First Timothy 5:11 says, “But refuse the younger widows, for when they have begun to grown wanton against Christ. . . ." Also read 2 Peter 2:18 where it speaks of the lust of the flesh, through lewdness. Some versions use the word wantonness in place of lewdness.

Back to the Hebrew word “zanah.” Besides meaning wanton, it also means adultery/fornication and to play the whore both figuratively and literally. Why has the preaching/teaching against these sins almost vanished from America? The Movie/entertainment industry has been pushing sexual sins in a big way and has been working hard to “de-sin” or normalize them for decades. Just look at the new movies coming out on an almost daily basis. LGBTQ is in your face! Sex, being oversexed, is paramount, supreme. The “ladies” love to show off their breasts and the men are salivating dogs. The language is liberally sprinkled with the “F” word loud and clear. One prominent actor has said, “In these F-cking dark and scary times it's easy to adopt a 'what difference does it make' attitude.” Well, first of all, God hates filthy communications and He hates unlawful, unbridled, sexual activity! These things do make a difference in God's eyes.

There is something abhorrent about the mix of nihilism, self-love, and the love of what is unlawful in the eyes of God. These days Hollywood and everything connected with it EATS both male, female, and “others” alive. If you won't conform they angrily scream DO IT! Paranoia runs deep, into your bedroom it will creep! Why has America become so obsessed with all this? The music and movie industries spin sex and violence including homosexuality, lesbianism, and porn with all kinds of kinky decadence which they believe benefits and befits the “New America.”

The “tragically straight” have an ever shrinking place in today's American culture. XXX rated is the “real deal” so we are told. Yet what about the skyrocketing amount of suicides in our nation? And what about all these occult oriented movies and supernatural spooky thrillers? Oh, it's satan at work. Even the entertainment industry admits this. Whereas those lost in church la la land think its just more fun stuff to keep them occupied. LIKE HELL! Those who script all this “entertainment” are following an agenda. As someone rightly pointed out, “They draw on their own neo-lit, self-consciously trashy tropes.” These macabre souls that feed off this trash are twice dead.

Oh sure, some shows are funny and some are real cliffhangers, but what do they do for the health of our nation? Twisting and mixing the precious with the vile makes good entertainment, but in real life too often people take their own lives because they can't cope. The extraterrestrial may intrigue us, but again, what has all this to do with the now? Take another pill, use more marijuana, snort more coke, try some meth, have more sex―then what? Oh yeah, watch the latest sci-fi thriller while you're high. Truly, all this is by design. . . .to cause some hyper-real apocalyptic ANXIETY. More pills please!

And then you have the scary so-called “climate change” catastrophe to worry about―ice bergs melting, global warming―all kinds of menacing things coming at us. But don't worry, another movie will settle it all and help us calm down. America has become a kind of masochist, taking pleasure in pain. Queerness and all manner of strange things have flattened our nation like a rolling pin. We've got the doomsayers vs the “everything will be all right” folks fighting for the soul of this nation. In the middle are the fingernail biting, vague but pervasive folks that can't or won't join either side in this war. And on the outer fringe of it all are the free spirited, freedom loving youth (and some old folks too) that will party through the panic. Obnoxious and obstinate, these avant-garde revolutionaries will sex it up, live it up, and eat it up, not caring what tomorrow (or today) brings. All the while HELL is enlarging itself! (Isa.5:14)

Munchhausen syndrome by proxy. This is America's newest disease in which people fabricate or cause illness to someone under their care. This, my friend, is what has happened to America via the entertainment industry to the level of a toxic phobia! America has been raped with seducing gestures and expressions of love to the point where we've been caught in a terrible net of deception. Unless people turn to Jesus in repentance there is no way out.