The Gay Revolution Is Underway!


Was it your search for love that led you into bondage, and has that which promised to be the fulfillment your heart longed for led you instead into activity that has you in chains? Are you one of many who has become a slave to the lifestyle that has deceived you in your search for love? You may be questioning what is a love slave?

A Love Slave is one who has been searching for meaningful love but instead has become a slave to the deception of homosexuality and lesbianism.

The devil has and is leading thousands upon thousands of men and women, boys and girls into the sin of sexual deviation. The invitation into deception is so enticing, offering love as the bait, but what is the consequence once one is caught and bound in the chains of darkness?

Once the trap has sprung and the shackles are fastened -- where is the love? Is love one physical exhibition after another, or does love go beyond what parts of the human body can be manipulated? Is love men lusting for other men and boys and women burning with inordinate desire for other women and girls? Is it a subculture with its' own language, customs, and set of behavior patterns trying to establish its' own definition of love? Is love the continual cycle of searching through the gay crowd for that special one who will offer the night's satisfaction?

With the affected behavior, and the affected appearances, many are masquerading themselves as "gay" when on the inside, their hearts are broken, expectations are shattered, and lives are ruined.

Outside of God's order there can be no peace, no real love, no real fulfillment, no lasting satisfaction.

In this era of deception, so many are buying the lies of Satan and are burying themselves in the degradation he offers. Little do you realize when you have become a love slave to Satan that you are the slave of a hard cruel master who motivates you to lead others into the same bondage that you are in. What you are is what your master has made you, you are a pawn in his game, for not only does he have his chains upon you, he has a whip on your back and you are driven to perform as he directs.

"Know you not, that to whom ye yield yourselves servants to obey, his servants you are to whom you obey; whether of sin unto death, or of obedience unto righteousness?"

Romans 6:16



Pray Something Like This...

Jesus, this day I ask you to forgive me of my sins and come into my life. I confess that I am a slave to sin and I cannot be free. In your name, Jesus, I renounce all the powers of homosexual and lesbian spirits in my life. I curse the chains of darkness and accept the freedom of God's love, in the powerful name of Jesus Christ I am free!!!


THANK YOU for reading our tracts on homosexuality. These are only teasers, for we offer 14 FREE “GAY WAY” booklets on this subject. Let me briefly outline them for you!


The contents of each booklet:

GAY WAY #1 - 54 pgs.

-We live in a ‘GAY’ ol’ age.

-Invasion of the Sophia Women

-Romans One

-Catch the spirit

-The destruction of Sodom / Gomorrah

-Sodom and Gomorrah -a historical study

-What is a sodomite?

-Christian voyeurism

....and much more.


GAY WAY #4 -50 pgs.

-Sabotaged! -Cont.

-Confessions of former “Gay Rights Leader”

-Both sides can’t be right

-Revisioning Homosexuality

-Gloria Steinem: How the CIA used feminism

-Goodbye America

-The sexual revolution (1960s)

-Idolatry -the ruler in addictions

-Is this country going MAD?

....and much more.


GAY WAY #7 -50 pgs.

-Critiquing “Bulletproof Faith” (end of pt. 6)

-Letters to editor (Jonathan & David love affair refuted)

-Letters to editor cont. (Don’t condemn us! -our reply)

-Critiquing ‘Christianity, Social Tolerance, &

 Homosexuality 1 & 2 -John Boswell’s book

-Unjaundiced eye

-Plain ol’ double talk!

....and much more.


GAY WAY #10 -50 pgs.

-My, how things have changed!

-Internet Debate

-Law and Love

-Pink craziness!

-Godly wisdom

-Righteousness exalts a nation

-Pink tolerance

-The Billy Graham issue on same sex

....and much more.

GAY WAY #2 - 54 pgs.

-Tolerance and diversity

-One-dimensional sexual clones

-Defying their creator

-Homosexual freedom

-Take heed-listen up

-Does a ‘gay gene’ really exist?

-Is homosexuality genetic?

....and much more.


GAY WAY #5 -50 pgs.

-Homosexual balancing act

-Who’s really ignorant

-Early church quotes on homosexuality

-....But a sword

-They became fools

-Homo nomenclature

-Sex and the social life

-Thought control

-Here we go again: The (silly) food argument

-Parting shot (on the 60's revolution)

....and much more.


GAY WAY #8 -50 pgs.

-Critiquing ‘Christianity, Social Tolerance, &

 Homosexuality pts. 2-5 -John Boswell’s book cont.

 Many Hebrew & Greek words explained.

....and much more.


GAY WAY #11 -50 pgs.

-On track for change

-Homo news etc.

-Radical Faeries

-Pres. Obama’s May 2011 proclamation

 (on GLBTQs) scrutinized

-Paul’s conflation of Greek (honest exegesis)

-Rules ease -Switch for trans-genders

-Queer Theology (New book by Pat Cheng examined)

-Stark, Shocking, Skull-crushing

-Let there be light!

....and much more.



GAY WAY #3 -50 pgs.

-Hey! I’m Gay!!

-Christians help spread militant homo. message

-Romans One -Pt. 2

-Pushing putrid perversion

-Redeemed! (Testimony of ex-lesbian Charlene Cothran)

-The gay Shibboleth

-Yesterday vs. Today


....and much more.


GAY WAY #6 -50 pgs.

-Critiquing “Bulletproof Faith” 1-6

-Abomination of Homosexuality

-Defending Abominations

-Akatharsia (Greek -uncleanness)

....and much more.


GAY WAY #9 -50 pgs.

-Sexual preference is deceptive

-Adult - adult mutuality

-Decade Decay

-Homo news etc.

....and much more.




-Lots of good info.


-22 pg. Bklt.